The House on Mango Street study questions

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					The House on Mango Street study questions

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“The House on Mango Street”

   1.     How many are in the family by the time they get to Mango Street?

   2. Why isn’t the Mango Street house the one they dreamed about?

   3. How does the nun make Esperanza feel like nothing?


1. Does Esperanza like her mother? How do you know?

“”Boys and Girls”

   1. Who are the two boys in the family?

   2. Who are the two girls?

   3. Explain the metaphor “I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor”:
“My Name”

   1. Esperanza was born in the Chinese year of the _____________

   2. Why does Esperanza think her name is a “Chinese lie”?

   3. Tell the story of Esperanza’s grandmother:

   4. What is Nenny’s full name?

“Cathy Queen of Cats”

1.Why is Cathy’s family moving?

2. Why is this fact a personal criticism of Esperanza and her family?
“Our Good Day”

1.Why do the two new girls become Esperanza’s friends?

2.What are their names?

3.Why is this a good day for Esperanza?


   1. How do the two girls from Texas look alike?

   2. Define the word intuition:

   3. Name one way Esperanza and her sister are similar that would be obvious to


   4. Name one way that has to do with intuition—a way that only Esperanza and her

       sister Nennie would understand:

“Gil’s Furniture Bought and Sold”
1. Why do Nennie and Esperanza look at the furniture in the dark?

2. The music box symbolizes: (a) Esperanza’s love for her family; (b) Nennie’s

   childhood; (c) Esperanza’s constantly shattered dreams; (d) Esperanza’s fear.

3. Explain your choice in #2:

4. List one simile (a comparison using “like” or “as”) that Esperanza uses to

describe the sound of the music:

“Meme Ortiz”

1.Describe how Meme runs:

2.What happened to Mem in the First Annual Tarzan Jumping Contest?

“Louie, his Cousin & His Other Cousin”

1. Where does Louie live?

2. What country (U.S. territory) is Louie from?

3. Describe his cousin’s car:
   4. What happened to the car?

   5. What do you think Louie’s cousin does for a living? Why do you think so?


   1. What does Marin hope will happen to her in the subway?

   2. Do you think her dream will come true? Why or why not?

“Those Who Don’t”

   1. How do strangers feel if they drive into Esperanza’s neighborhood by mistake?

   2.   Explain the quote: “All brown all around, we are safe”:

“There Was an Old Woman…”

   1. Why are Rosa Vargas’ kids so badly behaved?

   2. What happened to Angel Vargas?
   3. What do you think is ironic about her name?

“Alicia Who Sees Mice”

   1. Why is Alicia so tired?

   2. Why do you think she fears her father?

“Darius and the Clouds”

   1. In Esperanza’s ugly world, what is the one beautiful thing?

   2. Why is what Darius said so profound?

“And Some More”

   1. What happens to the girls’ friendship in this chapter?

“The Family of Little Feet”

   1. What happens to the girls when they wear high heels?

2. Why don’t they mind when Lucy’s mom throws them away?

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