Geof williams Payment terms by medicalcare79


									Dear Mr. Geof, About the payment terms, 1st We will make a primary contract with the general agreements Like (We agree to build for you The Bruce Roberts design Spray 475 B Steel, -specifications of the boat we will build is typically the specifications of the mentioned design. -Steel thickness is not less than 5-6mm for the hull and deck. -mast is built of beech (going to be according to the specifications of the design) -Sail made of nylon specifications according to Specifications of Spray -yacht surface equipments made of stainless-steel, -Engine is 75HP Daewoo Brand new. -Furniture is made of Mahogany Plywood Veneers Cotton Silk -Boat is built to the standard international specifications for building yachts. After the agreement you will pay a small deposit £500 we will buy the boat design and interior design, then we will draw out the full contract containing the full specifications and dimensions of all the parts, accessories, Yacht surface pieces, Furniture dimensions and full materials.

2 The boat total price if steel is 90000U$, if Fiberglass is 100000U$ you will pay 20 % of the total price Upon signing the full contract, after one month we will finish building the Hull, after finishing the Hull you will pay 30% of the boat total price we will build the superstructure of the th boat and the interiors before the 4 month of building the boat, Then you will pay 25% we will fix th th the motor and do the last finishing within the 5 month, after testing the boat at the end of the 5 month you will pay the rest 25% of total price.

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