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Inlet View Weekly


									                        Inlet View Weekly
                        Belin Memorial United Methodist Church
                        As the body of Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

      Newsletter of Belin Memorial United Methodist Church                                                          September 29, 2011

                                            From the Senior Pastor’s Desk
                                                      The Lord’s Table
              The longer I live, the more I appreciate my                  Church (USA). After a few years, however, the idea spread
              childhood and teenage years. Growing up in the               beyond the Presbyterian Church. Today, efforts to promote
              small town of Bishopville, SC, was a safe and                World Communion Sunday are carried out in numerous
              wonderful experience for me. I am the oldest of              denominations around the world. For sure, United Methodists
three boys. My parents were of middle-class income, and the                will join many others and gather around the Table this
church was a most important institution in our lives. I am                 Sunday.
grateful for my many experiences at Bethlehem Methodist                    May I suggest that you begin now to prepare for being around
Church. My parents worked long and hard each day to provide                the Lord’s Table on October 2. When you do come,
for their sons, and I am aware that they made sacrifices on                acknowledge that you have fallen short of the glory of God.
our behalf. Just weeks before Betsy and I moved to Belin                   No matter how good you and I think we are, no matter what a
Memorial in 2005, my father died. At this very moment as I                 fine reputation we have, no matter how religious we act, we
write these words, my mother is in the intensive care unit at              all have fallen short of God’s will for us as God’s people.
the Kershaw County Hospital, Camden, SC. Her prognosis is
uncertain.                                                                 Remember that God restores us to life around the Table by
                                                                           offering God’s forgiveness. When we come to the Lord’s Table
When I was growing up at home, a very modest dwelling                      in humility, when we come with repentance, when we come
place, the kitchen table was most special. At that table, I often          with confession, we are granted a new life. It is a life-changing
did my daily homework for school or looked at the                          moment. Around the Table, we hear God whisper to our
newspaper, especially the funny pages. Around that table, my               hearts: “I love you. You are my child. You are forgiven. Go
family would gather for some delicious meals which my                      with my strength, and sin no more.”
mother prepared. Look at me! She has always been such a
great cook. At that table, I remember seeing my mother and                 Be mindful as well that gathering around the Lord’s Table
dad sit and engage in lengthy conversations. At that table, I              helps us begin to be reconciled with one another. At the
remember seeing my dad drink unlimited cups of instant                     Lord’s Table, Christ reminds us that just as he has reconciled
coffee. At that table, I remember seeing my mother, with                   us to himself by forgiving us, we are to go and seek
beautiful penmanship, write letters. Around that table,                    reconciliation with those who have sinned against us. We are
neighbors would sit. No doubt, that kitchen table was a                    to forgive those who have hurt, troubled, and wronged us.
special place.                                                             Reconciliation with our neighbor is the direct result of our
                                                                           forgiveness. Let me be clear: there can be no genuine
The Lord’s Table is also special. Indeed, the Lord’s Table is a            reconciliation without genuine forgiveness.
place where you and I come into a personal and private
fellowship with God and one another. This Sunday is World                  I am hoping and praying that you will find the Lord’s Table to
Communion Sunday, originally called World Wide                             be a special place this Sunday. You come and receive God’s
Communion. Its origin goes back to 1936 in the Presbyterian                forgiveness. Then you go and do likewise.

                                                                                                                              - B. Mike Alexander

                   October 2, 2011: 8:45 AM, 11:00 AM                              October 2, 2011: 6:00 PM
                    “Moments that Can Change a Life”                                 “A Nurturing Peace”
                         Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9, 11                                        Romans 5:1-2
                               - Mike Alexander -                                         - Marty Nason -

     A Stephen Ministry Congregation
Our Prayer Requests                                  Deepest Sympathy Extended to . . .
Grand Strand: Marcia Massey                          - Dwight Boykin and family in the death of his brother, Philip S. Boykin, who
                                                     resided in Camden, SC.
Agapé Senior: George Hausmann
GS Healthcare: Janette Harrison, Betty               - Renie Seel and family in the death of her husband, Bill Seel, who resided in
Ross                                                 Murrells Inlet, SC.
Morningside: Gi Gi Hesselgrave
                                                     Honorariums and Memorials:                            In Memory of
NHC: Martha Becker (mother of Diana                        In Honor of Tom Barrineau
Query) , Betty Campbell, June Elliott,                                                               Genevieve "Sister" Peterkin
                                                          To the Epworth Children's Home               To the Land Acquisition Fund
Vivian Reynolds                                                     Libby West                        Mike and Debbie Strickland
Home: Kaye Baum, Jim Bowdre, Henry
Carter, Phyllis Caudell, Millie Ddudley,              In Honor of Sissy Rogerson, Jim Sellers,         In Memory of Bill Richter
Nancy Glidewell, Bob Hayes, Hazel                    Jody Watts, and the Belin Chancel Choir           To the Land Acquisition Fund
Hendricks, Dave Holliday, Wayne                               To the Worship Arts Fund                Don and Phyllis Caudell
Hudson, Karen Large, Ola McBee,                                    (Choir Chair)                     Mike and Charlotte Downey
Martha Nelson, Jim Otterberg, Jack                               Joanne McCrum                              Helen Frank
Robbins, Annette Spangler, Bill Thiele,                                                                Dick and Carol Skinner
                                                           In Memory of Edna England
Mary Lee Vaughan, Tom Vernon, Herb
                                                            To the Land Acquisition Fund                     Cathy Story
Wilburn, Linda Winter, Tom Yohe
                                                                 Joanne McCrum                        In Memory of Kevin Ridge
Other: Jean Alexander, mother of
Mike Alexander, in Kershaw Memorial                  In Memory of James Arnold Clifton, Sr.            To the Land Acquisition Fund
Hospital, Camden, SC; Darien Allen,                         To the Land Acquisition Fund                     Dorothy Hanna
son of Helen Allen, Surfside Beach, SC;                      Morgan and Lois Miller                  In Memory of Eunice Thode
Tara Barr, daughter of Millie Dudley,                                                                  To the Land Acquisition Fund
                                                       In Memory of Rose Marie Freeman
in Columbia, SC; Henry Covington,
                                                                To the General Fund                        Dorothy Hanna
father of Florence Covington, at home
in Bennettsville, SC; Billy Jordan,                          Tom and Jessica Flynn                      Dick and Carol Skinner
father of Ramona Caswell, at home in                       Charles and LaVonde Smith                  Mike and Debbie Strickland
Galivants Ferry, SC; Ellison Melton,                       In Memory of Dixie Feagin               In Memory of Mark van der Kloet
niece of Amy Wates, at Children’s                           To the Land Acquisition Fund               To the Land Acquisition Fund
Hospital, MUSC; Individuals submitted                      Mike and Debbie Strickland                   Don and Phyllis Caudell
on our prayer request and concern
cards; U.S. Military Personnel                               In Memory of Sally Kelly             In Memory of Joyce Weatherburn
 Please note, names are rotated off periodically.)            To the Family Life Center                     To the Garden Fund
                                                         Donald P. and Patricia E. Taylor            Rollie Hanna Breakfast Group
                                                            To the Land Acquisition Fund
                                                                                                 In Memory of Clayton "Bill" Williams
                                                              Dick and Carol Skinner
Welcome to our World!                                                                                  To the Land Acquisition Fund
                                                           In Memory of Aline Mobley                  Mike and Debbie Strickland
         - Congratulations to Sunny
         and McIver Leppard on the                              To the Garden Fund
         birth of their daughter,                         Rollie Hanna Breakfast Group
         Catherine “Cate” Margaret
Leppard, on September 1, 2011.                       Nursery Volunteers October 2
Congratulations is also extended to                  8:30 AM: Brantley Bates, Linda Daughtery
grandparents, Marlene and Ronnie                     10:15 AM: Heather Allen, Pattie Angel
Russ, and to Gladie Mack, proud
great-grandmother!                                   Children’s Church Volunteers October 2
                                                     8:45 AM: Jeannie Harrison (lead), Kelly Newell, Morgan Welch
                                                     11:00 AM: Jeannie Harrison (lead), Carina Furr, Christian Perry, John Sally
Note of Thanks
To our Belin “family,”
Thank you so very much for your                                                             2011-2012 Youth T-Shirts Available!
prayers, thoughts, and cards during                                                           $10 in the church office (M-F)
this difficult time. To the ladies of                                                            or at the FLC on Sundays
the church, a warm thank you for
feeding our family and our souls.                                                                Sizes: Adult M-3XL (sz. S on order)
           Love in Christ,
           The family of Pauline Pope
                                                                                              Help support Belin’s Youth Ministry!

Page 2                                                                       Inlet View Newsletter September 29, 2011
                                                        BASKETBALL, BUM BASH, BBQ, ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                                           Grief Support Workshop
                                                                                           We are so pleased to be able to
                                                                                           announce the offering of a six-week
                     Boys and Girls, Grades K - 8                                          Grief Support Workshop that will begin
                                                                                           October 12, 2011 at Belin Memorial
                 BASKETBALL REGISTRATION IS TWO DAYS ONLY                                  United Methodist Church. This
              Sunday, October 2, 12:00 - 2:00 PM, BELIN MEMBERS ONLY                       workshop is being offered in
              Sunday, October 2, 2:00 - 5:00 PM, Open to the Public                        partnership with Tidelands Community
                                                                                           Hospice and will be conducted by
              Saturday, October 8, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM                                      Harrison    Grey,    D.   Min.    and
- Fee is $50.00 per player                                                                 Bereavement Coordinator of Tidelands
                                                                                           Community Hospice.
- Space is limited to the first forty players per grade to register
                                                                                           The weekly sessions will explore such
- Everyone makes a team                                                                    topics as realistic grief recovery,
- Weekly practice begins in November                                                       understanding the stages of grief,
                                                                                           surviving stress and loneliness,
- Games scheduled on Saturdays, January-February, beginning January 7, 2012
                                                                                           developing a supportive environment,
- Registration forms available in the Family Life Center or online,       spiritual elements of grief, and the
- Volunteer help is needed to coach, referee, and keep score                               value of memories. There will be both a
                                                                                           professional presentation and guided
- Call 843-651-9711 for questions                                                          discussion.
                                                                                           The support group is intended for any
Disaster Relief Mission Confirmed!                                                         person who has suffered the death of a
Our mission will take us to Wanchese, NC, and to Bethany United Methodist                  loved one. It matters not how long ago
Church on the Outer Banks of NC. The trip dates are November 12-19. We still               the death occurred, nor the
need volunteers! The scope of work may change by November from cleaning                    relationship of the deceased to a
and demolition to rebuilding and construction. More information will be                    participant. The workshop is equally
available soon.                                                                            appropriate for men and women. This
If God is tugging at your heart to do something, please call Joanne McCrum at              workshop will be open to Belin
651-2759 or Bill Keesee at 458-9165. These people need our support.                        members as well as our surrounding
 “All that I have spent, I have lost. All that I have given away, I shall have forever.”
                                                                                           The sessions will be held on
                                                  Your friend in Christ, Bill Keesee       Wednesdays from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the
                                                                                           Family Life Center. If you are interested
B.U.M. Bash, Ticket to an Adventure, Wednesday, October 5                                  in attending, or would just like more
                                                                                           information, please call Myra Heath,
  TIME: Dinner served 5:15 - 6:30 PM                                                                       Director of Christian
  MENU: Hamburger Steak with Onions, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn,                                        Education, at 357-
  Salad, Dinner Roll, Dessert, and Beverage                                                                5185 or email Myra at
  COST: $6.00 adult; $3.00 ages 3-11; no charge for under 3 years                                
  Family Cap: a $20 per family maximum has been reinstated!                                                Please sign up by
  Reservations are Required: reserve by Monday, October 3, at noon                                         Monday, October 10.
  - Call 843-651-5099, or send an email to Jo Bendick,, or
  - Reserve online at by clicking on the “Reservations BUM
    Bash” link. You may reserve for one week or make a standing reservation.                                             What a
  - Please contact us by Monday at 5:00 PM if you need to cancel your reservation.                                       treat …
  Thanks to our B.U.M. Bash Volunteers: The Grouper Team                                                                 a double
 Bucky Anderson           John Johnson       Alan Sipe                 Fran Wesner
 Pauline Caverly          Sherry Johnson     Barbara Stolz             Chuck Wicks                                       over the
 Richard Heath            Dennis Kolpien     Dick Stolz                Sidney Williams                                   cross at the
 Marsha Householder       Luann Kolpien      David Strickland          Eric Wilson                                       seawall!
 David Householder        Connie Liss        Sandy Swaringen           Beverly Wise
 John Jackson             Joanne McCrum      Sandy Turner                                                                -Photo taken
 Carolyn Jackson          Cheri Shaffer      Charlie Turner                                                              9/23 by
     If you are unable to work your shift or would like to volunteer on a team,                                          Lucinda
                        please call Jim Savage 843-839-3369.

Inlet View Newsletter September 29, 2011                                                          Page 3
It’s Time to Sign Up!                       BUM 101 Welcomes All Who Wish to Attend
                      L.I.F.T.              Learn more about Methodism and Belin Memorial . . . this Sunday, we meet in
             Ladies in Faith Together       the sanctuary at 10:00 AM!
            Announces its fall Women’s               Come to any or all of these remaining sessions:
                   Coffee Café                       Oct 2 - The Christian Calendar & Our Worship Practices                 Marty Nason
            Saturday, October 29, 2011               Oct 9 - What Methodists Believe & How We Are Organized                 Greg Hill
               8:30 AM - 12:00 noon                  Oct 16 - Social Principles that Guide Our Missions and Ministries      Myra Heath
Women who have attended the                          Oct 23 - Part I - Opportunities for Fulfilling P, P, G, S, W           Lay Persons
Saturday LIFT events in the past have
                                                     Nov 6 - Part II - Opportunities for Engagement at Belin                Lay Persons
been so blessed and vowed to never
miss another opportunity! The event
planned for October 29 is no exception.     43rd Annual Belin BBQ . . . PIES, CRAFTS, SILENT AUCTION, & MORE
On this day, Susan Wells will bring us      Do you remember the wonderful, mouth-watering pies your Mom used to
an inspirational message on God’s help      bake? We have a modern version prepared by the Belin Chancel Choir available
to us in the hard times of life. Then, in   at the BBQ and Bazaar on Saturday, November 5 - deep dish apple, pumpkin,
the second part of the morning,             pecan, and even a sugar-free apple. You may pre-order whole pies to take
participants can choose one of three        home, freeze for your own holiday meal, or give as gifts for those who are very
round table discussion groups to delve      special on your gift list. Of course, we will have slices available with ice cream
more deeply into challenges related to      to be enjoyed on BBQ day. To pre-order, contact Sally Hall at 843-504-8222 or
sustaining healthy marriages, parenting The cost for whole pies is $12.00, and the deadline to
in these challenging days, or dealing       order is October 26 . . . why not order right now?
with the blows that come through
illness, death of a loved one, or other     We are still seeking silent auction items as well as craft items. It is so helpful
things that might “break” our hearts.       for you to call and offer rather than waiting for someone to contact
You won’t want to miss this workshop        you. Remember, we all have an opportunity to be part of this effort which
full of encouragement for today’s           provided more than $28,000 last year for the Belin Outreach Committee to
woman.                                      help with some very real needs right here in our community. Please call!
There is no registration charge or lunch    Tickets are now available for $7.00 per plate or per pound from members of
this time. A love offering will be          UMW, the BBQ Committee, and at the church office during regular business
collected for our guest speaker. Just       hours.
sign up, bring your favorite coffee or      This will be a GREAT DAY, if you make it so. "It Takes a Village" or “It Takes a
tea mug/cup - and come be blessed           Church” working together to make it happen.
and restored! Sign up by completing a                                  CONTACT INFORMATION -
registration form found in any church
                                                                       • Silent Auction Chairpersons: Elizabeth and Jim
office, or by calling Rhonda Slough, LIFT
                                                                       Satterfield-Kay, 843-237-3342, or Barb and Don
Chair, 685-0322, or the church office,
                                                                       Horton, 843-357-8285
651-5099, or by emailing Myra Heath,                                                    • Bazaar Chairperson: Henrietta Huff, 843-357-
                                                                       • For further information or to volunteer on BBQ
                                                                       day, call David Strickland, 843-651-3121 or
                         Operation                                     Henrietta Huff, 843-357-3187.

                        Christmas           Brighten Sunday Worship with Flowers
                          Child             If you wish to arrange a date to donate flowers in the chancel or in the narthex,
                                            please contact Fran in the church office, 843-651-5099, or by email,
                                   Donations can be made in memory or in honor of
It’s almost time to turn our thoughts to    someone special or to commemorate a special occasion in your life or in the
bringing joy and hope to children in        life of the church!
other parts of the world who live in
poverty, turmoil, or the devastation
caused by natural disasters through         Meals for Youth Group Needed
our Operation Christmas Child                            If you might be interested in providing a meal for Youth Group,
ministry.                                                please contact Carla Joye at To see the
See next week’s Inlet View for details                   schedule of meals and dates still needed, please visit
of how YOU can help!                            (Note: ice, cups, tea, plates, and utensils are

Page 4                                                                  Inlet View Newsletter September 29, 2011
                                                                                      YOUTH NEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS

                                                                                            Attendance - Week of 09/25/11
From the Director of Youth Ministries
                                                                                            8:45 AM … 381 11:00 AM … 415
Sunday, Ocotber 2, Baptism Plans, and Beyond!                                               Sunday School … 296
I hope to see you at Youth Group this Sunday, October 2, at 5:45 PM! As always,             Operating Budget Report
Middle School Youth ends at 8:00 PM and High School Youth ends at 8:15 PM. The              Pledge Contributions for 09/25 ……$ 10,088
Youth Council is asked to arrive at 5:15 PM for a brief meeting.                            Non-pledge Contributions 09/25 …$   5,688
                                                                                            2011 Year to Date
A Note from Austin...
                                                                                            Received General Fund …………...... $ 883,287
When I started at Belin, I had a few youth express interest in being baptized in the        Program Revenue …………………….....$ 694,633
inlet. I was impressed that they wanted to make a public declaration of their faith.        Miscellaneous Contributions …….. $ 335,457
After having so many youth accept Christ and re-dedicate their lives to Christ at           Other Income ……………………………...$ 54,461
Youth Group two weeks ago, I thought it was an opportune time to speak about                Total Revenue …………………………… $ 1,977,279
baptism this past Sunday. By the conclusion of Youth Group, 47 youth decided they
                                                                                            Expenses YTD ……………………………..$ 1,952,093
wanted to get baptized in the inlet! We are so blessed with some amazing youth              Land Acquisition Fund
who are understanding the message of Jesus Christ and are not ashamed to tell the           Contributions to Date … $ 146,539
world! God is continuing to move! Your prayers are making a difference!                     Interest to Date ………… $ 119,968
We talked about offering youth a chance to get baptized in the inlet this Sunday;           Balance on Note ……… $ 2,947,000
however, it will be low tide and the water will be too low. When we do determine
a date, we will inform parents ahead of time so they will have the opportunity to           Rollie Hanna Breakfast
attend. Please keep this in prayer so we can make this an incredible event for all!         There will be no breakfast served on
Ground Zero Event: October 9                                                                October 5. Please join us again on
 Instead of a regular Youth Group meeting next Sunday, we will be attending a               October 12 for good food and warm
 special event hosted by Ground Zero ( at Christ UMC in                fellowship!
 Myrtle Beach (located next to Medieval Times). Gifted communicator, Clint
 Thomas, will be speaking on many issues facing youth today (such as sex, violent
 entertainment, pornography, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and other high risk           Belin Senior Lunch
 behaviors). There is no cost; however, youth are asked to bring money for dinner           Wednesday, October 5, at 11:30 AM
 at a fast food restaurant. We will meet at Belin at 4:00 PM and return at 8:15                         Please join us at the
 PM. We need drivers! If you are available to help, please contact Austin                               Family Life Center for our
 Bond. There is a special permission form that needs to be completed since we will                      next Senior Fellowship
 be driving your child to this event. It's located online at                          Luncheon. Bring your
 article205530.htm. Please print it out and bring it to Youth Group this Sunday. We         favorite covered dish to share . . . we
 will also have forms available to fill out when you arrive.                                look forward to seeing you there!
Whitewater Center and Carowinds Trip: Charlotte, North Carolina                             Travel the Holy Land
 Parents of youth and all youth attending the Whitewater and Carowinds trip are                             Reminder: contact Mike
 asked to attend a brief meeting at 8:00 PM on Sunday, October 16, in the FLC to                            Alexander immediately
 discuss final details for the trip. Please note that you will need to bring a twin air
                                                                                                            if you are interested in
 mattress on this trip. Please purchase one if you do not have one (electric air
                                                                                                            traveling to the Holy
 pumps will be available if you do not have one).
                                                                                                            Land in 2012, January 25
Ski Retreat 2012: Winterplace, West Virginia                                                                through February 4.
 The 2012 Middle School Ski Retreat is January 13-16, and the High School Ski
 Retreat is February 17-20! The total cost is $375 and the first (non-refundable)           Pearl Smith Circle Notice!
 deposit of $125 is due this Sunday, October 2! Please make check payable to Belin
                                                                                            Ladies, please note that Pearl Smith
 UMC and note MS Ski Retreat or HS Ski Retreat (and your child's name) in the
 memo section of your check - turn in to Austin Bond or the business office. Space          Circle has changed its meeting time …
 is limited to 46 youth and adults (due to number of seats on the charter bus) on a         We will now have our meetings at
 first come, first served basis (based on paid deposit).                                    11:00 AM (previously held at 2:00 PM).
                                                                                            So, please plan to join us for our next
                                                                                            meeting on Tuesday, October 11, at
                                                    TO CONTACT AUSTIN BOND:                 the new time, 11:00 AM!
                                                            Grace Circle Meeting
                                                    843-357-5179 (office)                   All women of the church are welcome
                                                    843-798-0222 (new, local cell number)   to come see what we are all about!
                                                                                              Monday, October 3, 7:00 PM
                                                    Note: Austin’s day off is Monday,         Small Dining Room, FLC
                                                    so he will be out of the office at
                                                    that time!                              For information, call Peg Otterberg at
                                                                                            651-2688 or 685-5033.

Inlet View Newsletter September 29, 2011                                                              Page 5
CALENDAR: October 2 - 8, 2011
Sun     World Communion Day                     Tue      6:45 AM Youth Prayer Breakfast                   6:00 PM   Disciple I
        8:45 AM Worship Service with Holy                        (offsite, PI)                            6:00 PM   Handbells
                Communion                                9:00 AM Senior Staff Meeting                     6:00 PM   Stephen Ministry SG 2
      10:00 AM BUM 101                                   9:30 AM “Jonah” Women’s Bible                    6:30 PM   Shag Dance Class
      10:00 AM Sunday School                                     Study                                    6:30 PM   Yoga Class
      11:00 AM Worship Service with Holy                 1:00 PM Bridge Intermediate/Advanced             7:00 PM   AA Meeting
                Communion                                6:00 PM Trustees                                 7:00 PM   Living Waters Praise Team
       12:00 PM Youth Basketball Registration            7:00 PM Men’s 40+ Basketball           Fri       5:00 PM   Wedding Rehearsal
       12:30 PM Praise Puppets                           7:00 PM Miracle Seekers Circle                             (Hendricks/Bowman)
        3:00 PM Youth Praise Band Rehearsal
                                                Wed      7:45 AM Jesse Ballew Men’s Bible       Sat     10:00 AM Youth Basketball Registration
       4:00 PM   Jesus in the Gospels
                                                                 Fellowship                              1:00 PM Wedding (Hendricks/Bowman)
       5:15 PM   Youth Council Meeting
                                                         9:00 AM Belin Gardeners                         2:30 PM Wedding (McCathern/Kelley,
       5:45 PM   UMYF
                                                        11:30 AM Belin Senior Luncheon                              Outdoor Chapel)
       6:00 PM   Worship Service with Holy                                                                5:00 PM Wedding (Knight/Bradley,
                                                         5:15 PM BUM Bash Fellowship
                 Communion                                                                                          Outdoor Cross)
Mon   10:00 AM Bridge                                    6:00 PM Disciple II
       6:00 PM “Women of the Bible”                      6:15 PM Disciple III
               Women’s Bible Study                       6:30 PM Chancel Choir
       6:00 PM Disciple IV                               6:30 PM Stephen Ministry SG 1
       6:30 PM Spiritual Growth Group
                                                Thu      9:30 AM Belin Art Angels
       7:00 PM Grace Circle
                                                         1:00 PM Disciple IV
                                                         5:30 PM Worship Committee

                   Belin Memorial UMC Office - 651-5099 Fax - 651-4179 Emergency (pastors) - 843-357-6051; 843-357-3102
                                           Mailing Address: P. O. Box 528, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
                               Office Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM E-mail:
                                              VISIT US ONLINE ANYTIME: WWW.BELINUMC.ORG
                                                      - A Stephen Ministry Congregation -

                                                                                                          BELIN MEMORIAL
                                                                                                       United Methodist Church
                                                                                                           Sanctuary located at:
                                                                                                       4183 Highway 17 Business
                                                                                                      Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
                                                                                                         Sunday Worship Services
                                                                                                        8:45 AM, 11:00 AM
                                                                                                  6:00 PM (first and third Sundays monthly)
        Youth Basketball Registration!                                                                         Sunday School
                                                                                                                10:00 AM
        Sunday, October 2, *12:00 - 5:00 PM
           *Priority Registration for Belin Members Only 12:00 noon - 2:00 PM)

        Saturday, October 8, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
          See page 3 in this newsletter for additional information.

                                                                                            The Inlet View is published weekly. Please
                                                                                            submit, in writing, information to be included in
                                                                                            the current week’s issue of the newsletter by
                                                                                            noon on Tuesdays to Wendy Zulanch in the church
                                                                                            office. You may email submissions to

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