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△△△△△△△                                                                                                              3. A. Tom survived the accident
               ○                   哈尔滨学院 2004 年秋季学期期末试卷                                                                  B. Tom was killed in the accident.
准考证号和姓名必 学
准考证号、 姓名、                                                                                                                C. Someone saved Tom’s life.
须由考生本人填写      ○                      课程名称:04 级新视野大学英语 B 级 C 卷                                                            D. It did little damage to Tom’s car.
本人填写                                 考试时间: 120 分钟  考试方式:闭卷                                                           4. A. The train is crowded.
 准 考 证 号                                  (卷面总分 100 分,占总成绩的 60 %)                                                        B. The train is late.
  姓 名         ○                                                                                                          C. The train is empty.
                                  题号      一      二     三      四     五       总分                                           D. The train is on time.
                                                                                                                     5. A. No, all the room are taken.
                                  题分      20     15    40     10    15     核分人
   姓   名                                                                                                                 B. Yes, there is a double room.
                                  得分                                       复查人                                           C. Yes, there are some spare rooms.
   学   号
                                                                                                                         D. yes, there is a single room.
      得分 评卷人    ○   得分       评卷人                                                                                     6. A. Go over the list.          B. Do some shopping.
△ △ △ △ △ △ △评卷人
               装(                        一、听力理解 题(每小题 1 分,共 20 分)                                                        C. List everything her friend needs.            D. Go for an outing.
      得分 评卷人
△ △ △ △ △ △ △评卷人
      得分学院                                                                                                           7. A. The man did most of the talking.
      得分 评卷人   订    (此题答案涂在答题卡上)Section A                                                                                B. The man and the woman robbed the bank.
该考场是 专业   课混                                                                                                             C. The woman was wearing a black sweater..
      得分 评卷人   线                                                                                                         D. The man and the woman had dark hair.
考场。 △ △ △ △评卷人
△ △ △ 得分        线                   Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the
△△△△△△△             end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. Both the                 9. A. The rent is too high.                      B. He can’t afford the high taxes.
混编考场代号:        内    conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After each question there will be             C. He doesn’t want to live in the suburbs.      D. It’s too far away from his office.
              不     a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and              10 A. Because Maria doesn’t like football.
                    decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet               B. Because Maria fell ill.
考 场 代 号:      要     with a single line through the center.                                                                C. Because he didn’t have the time.
                    Example: You will hear:                                                                               D. Because he can’t stand football.
              答                                                                                                      Section B
               答               You will read: A. At the office            C. At the airport
                                                 B. In the waiting room D. In a restaurant                           Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage,
               题    From the conversation we know that the two were talking about some work they had to              you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only
               )    finish in the evening. This is most likely to have taken place at the office. Therefore, A.      once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices
△△△△△△△        ○
                    “At the office” is the best answer. You should choose [A] on the Answer Sheet and mark           marked A, B, C and D. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a
                    it with a single line through the center.                                                        single line through the center.
                    1. A. To keep his old car and get a new one.                                                     Passage One
              ○        B. To leave it in the garage to be repaired.                                                  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard
  座 位 序 号      ○
                       C. To sell his car for a new one.                                                             11. A. For protection against other animals.        B. For protection against other dogs.
                       D. To get his car repaired later.                                                                 C. just for fun.                            D. For the purpose of guarding the house.
               ○    2. A. She feels that he won’t accept anything.                                                   12. A. Because they did not eat other animals.
                       B. She’s sure he already has a pocket calculator.                                                 B. Because they were useful for protection.
              ○        C. She thinks he has almost everything he wants.                                                  C. Because they were good hunters.
△△△△△△△        ○
△△△△△△△                D. She’s afraid he wants more than she can afford.                                                D. Because they always obeyed their masters.
                                                                                                            第1页 (共 6 页)
13. A. For companionship.                  B. For amusement.                                   build our new society.
    C. For protection against robbery.     D. for hunting.                                     A normal          B moral           C mental        D physical
                                                                                               22. The doctor will work out the date when your baby is ______ .
Passage Two                                                                                        A due            B accurate         C fixed           D arbitrary
Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.                               23. After three days’ bitter argument, they ______ reached an agreement.
14. A. Lake of electricity.          B. lake of clean water.                                       A final            B ultimately       C eventually       D thoroughly
    C. Shortage of books.             D. Shortage of experts.                                  24. A huge fire warning stopped the train, as the railway ______ ahead had
15. A. A system which trains doctors.                                                              been out of order.
    B. A group of experts who can provide professional advice.                                     A tails             B platforms         C trails           D tracks
    C. A computer program which can provide professional advice.                               25. We all hope that our next generation will be better trained and better
    D. A system which trains doctors.                                                              ______ to meet the needs of a better future.
    B. A system which trains computer experts.                                                     A acquainted       B quoted           C educated        D nourished
16. A. It’s not easy to see the shortage of experts in the villages.                           26. It has been a big task to make school courses and tests ______ to real
    B. Many doctors and engineers are sent to the villages to make up for the shortage of             world situations.
        experts.                                                                                   A potential         B connected      C sufficient        D relevant
    C. Experts medical systems are widely used in developing countries.                        27. We cannot do big things but it is possible for us to develop some ______
    D. Expert systems are owned by wealthy farmers and businessmen.                                responses to global problems such as pollution (污染).
                                                                                                   A delicate          B sensitive       C local            D rigid
Passage Three                                                                                  28. It is reported that the police have caught the murderer; in fact the
Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.                                   police have ______ him for five years.
17. A. It is completely flat.           B. It has few rivers.                                      A released         B investigated     C tailed            D enlightened
    C. It has many large lakes.         D. It is hilly.                                        29. The results should be offered in a ______ way leading to more fruitful
18. A. The soil has been overworked.               B. The climate is cold.                         work.
    C. The weather is too dry.           D. The soil is sandy.                                     A optimistic        B negative        C positive          D pessimistic
19. A. By raising cattle.                  B. By working on farms.                             30. If so, our sense of the true and the ______ is too easily cheated or
    C. By working in factories.                D. By raising sheep.                                deceived.
20. A. at school.                               B. From their parents.                                A false            B wrong          C abstract         D concrete
    C. From books.                               D. In factories.                              31. The local tourist office organizes a number of ______ walks to let you
                                                                                                   have a good look at the downtown area.
                                                                                                   A guiding          B guide          C guided           D being guided
得分     评卷人         二、词汇与结构 题(每小题 0.5 分,共 15 分)                                                 32. The machine is difficult to ______ ,but easy to operate.
                   (此题答案涂在答题卡上)                                                                       A install           B perform        C locate           D yield
                                                                                               33. It is said that ______ birds are better fed, more healthy, and live longer
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are            than their fellows in the wild.
four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the                      A) caged           B covered         C enclosed        D attached
sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single lime            34. It has been recorded that the National Security Agency was ______ on
through the center.                                                                                4 November 1952.
                                                                                                      A invented         B founded         C discovered      D. assembled
21. On the basis of the highest ______ standards that could be set, we will                    35. Make sure the new machines are checked and ______ by those who know what
                                                                                      第2页 (共 6 页)
to do and how to do it.                                                            50. He was at a ______ for word.
       A observed        B promoted        C operated       D inspired                   A desire          B failure                C lack              D loss
36. The thief ran away but he was ______ eventually.
      A obtained         B sought        C captured       D seized
                                                                                   得分      评卷人
37. The fire was the worst ______ ever to hit the town.                                               三、阅读理解 题(每小题 2 分,共 40 分)
      A incident         B accident      C disaster       D event                                          (此题答案涂在答题卡上)
38. His actions were ______ that he was telling the truth.
      A evidence         B certification      C proof      D document                       Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by
39. That’s ______ the Party called on us to learn from.                            some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked
      A what             B which         C that           D why                    A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter
40. Joseph’s car has a flat tire ______ now is to walk to the nearest              on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
    telephone.                                                                                                  Passage One
      A all what he can do                  B all that he can do                          Every year millions of us fall victim to the common cold. As the
      C that he can do                      D he can do something                  symptoms include coughing and sneezing, it is widely assumed that colds are
41. ______ ,the boy stood there still.                                             spread through the air to be breathed in by other sufferers, but research
      A Greatly shocked     B shocking C Being shocked D Having shocked            has shown that cold viruses can survive for a limited time on a number of
42. They were all ______ that his plans were realistic and so they decided         surfaces, include human skin. So they can also be passed on through physical
    to accept his proposal.                                                        contact. The only efficient way to avoid spreading or catching a cold is
      A believed          B conceived       C convinced       D realized           to isolate yourself completely, though this is hardly practical. Colds are
43. “Just by looking at the ______ on the wall, you will see that is already       rarely serious as anti-bodies are quickly produced to counter the effects
    Nov.24th.”                                                                     of the cold-producing virus, which may be any one of hundreds. There are
      A chart             B diary           C schedule        D calendar           many commercially produced cold cures and they provide an important source
44. He was pleased to have the ______ to hear such a fine musician play his        of income for medicine-making companies, who would no doubt regret the loss
    favorite piece of music.                                                       of the common cold. No less numerous are folk remedies, some stranger than
      A opportunity       B possibility     C fate            D occasion           others. I prefer to try and drown the cold germs in alcohol. It may do little
45. We’ll make this machine work, even if we have to ______ all night for          for the cold but it certainly cheers me up.
    it.                                                                                  51. Which of the following statements is correct?
      A stay with         B stay up         C stay in         D stay out                     A The spread of the common cold is virtually unavoidable
46. The thing that ______ is not whether you succeed or fail, but that you                   B Physical contact will definitely spread a cold
    at least try.                                                                            C Colds are spread only through the air
      A minds             B affords         C cares           D matters                      D Cold viruses can live for a short time
47. This is one of ______ interesting books on your subject.                             52. From the sentence "Colds are rarely serious as anti-bodies are
      A the more          B the most        C more            D most                     quickly produced to counter the effects of the cold-producing virus...",
48. ______ it is you’ve found, you must give it back the person it belongs               we know that ________.
    to.                                                                                      A colds fight against our bodies quickly
      A What              B That            C Whatever         D However                     B the effect of the medicine is countered
49. He has a ______ habit of biting his lips when he is puzzled.                             C we have natural defenses against colds
      A peculiar          B specific                                                         D cold-producing viruses will appear quickly
      C particular        D characteristic
                                                                          第3页 (共 6 页)
     53. Why would drug manufacturers regret the disappearance of the common                    D The value of exports versus imports
     cold?                                                                                57.   According to the passage, when does a trade imbalance occur?
         A Cold cures serve as their source of wealth                                           A When country has a serious economic problem
         B They don't care about their own health                                               B When country sells more products overseas than it imports
         C They are glad to see others catch a cold                                             C When value of the products a country imports is greater than
         D They don't have sympathy for others                                                   the value of the products it exports.
     54. What is the author's attitude towards cold remedies ?                                  D When country cannot develop its natural resources.
         A All of them are very useful                                                    58.   The passage states that many underdeveloped nations have trade
         B Alcohol may be better than them                                                       deficits because ______.
         C They are better than alcohol                                                         A they find themselves in this position
         D None of the above                                                                    B they have to import most of their natural resources to other
     55. The passage is mainly about _______.                                                    nations
         A cold remedies                                                                        C they have failed to meet debt payments
         B how the common cold is spread                                                        D they have to import most of their natural resources or
         C cold-producing viruses                                                                manufactured products
         D both A and B                                                                   59.   In line 19 "those" refers to _______.
                                                                                                A industries
                          Passage two:                                                          B workers
      Many countries face a somewhat more serious economic problem in the                       C products
form of an unfavorable trade balance with other nations. Such an imbalance                      D trade deficits
exists when the total value of a country buys $25 billion in products from                60.   Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible cause of
other countries, yet sells only $10 billion of its own products overseas,                        a trade imbalance?
its trade deficit is $15 billion. Many underdeveloped nations find                              A Low labor and material costs in Asian countries
themselves in this position because they lack natural resources or the                          B A lack of natural resources
industrial capacity to make use of these resources, and thus have to import                     C An undeveloped industrial base
raw materials or manufactured goods.                                                            D The high cost of exported items
      One effect of a trade deficit is the flow of currency out of a country.
In the case of an underdeveloped nation, this can cause many financial                                  Passage three:
difficulties, including failure to meet debt payments and obstacles for the                  In America, where labor costs are so high, "do-it-yourself" is a way
creation of an industrial base. Even in the case of a fully developed nation             of life. Many people repair their own cars, build their own garages, even
such as the United States, a large trade deficit is reason for alarm. American           remodel their own houses. Soon they may also be writing their own books.
products, made by well-paid workers in U.S. industries, cost more to produce             In Hollywood there is a company that publishes children's books with the
than those made in places like Asia, where labor and material costs are much             help of computers. Although other book companies also publish that way,
lower. Money spent on foreign products is money not spent on items produced              this particular company is very unusual. It "personalizes" the books by
by domestic industries.                                                                  having the computer make the reader the leading character in the story.
     56. What does the passage mainly discuss?                                           Here is how they do it. Let us say your child is named Jenny. She lives
           A Several worldwide economic problems                                         on Oak Drive in St. Louis, has a dog named Spot, a cat named Tabby, and
           B The causes and consequences of trade deficits                               three playmates whose names are Betty, Sandy, and Jody. The computer uses
           C Lack of resources in underdeveloped countries                               this information to fill out a story that has already been prepared and
                                                                           第4页 (共 6 页)
illustrated. The story is then printed with standard equipment as a           my first day here very clearly. My friend was waiting for me when my plane
hardcover book. A child who receives such a book might say, "this book        landed at Kennedy Airport at three o’clock in the afternoon. The weather was
is about me "; the company therefore calls itself the "Me-Books               very cold and it was snowing, but I was too excited to mind. From the airport,
Publishing Company."                                                          my friend and I took a taxi to my hotel. On the way, I saw the skyline of
   Children like the me-books because they like to see in print their         Manhattan for the first time and I stared in astonishment at the famous
 own names and the names of their friends and their pets. But more            skyscrapers and their man-made beauty. My friend helped me unpack at the
 important, "personalization" has been found to be an important tool in       hotel and then left me because he had to go back to work. He promised to
 developing enthusiasm for reading. Me-books are thus helping a child         return the next day.
 to learn how to read, by appealing to that natural desire to see his               Shortly after my friend had left, I went to a restaurant near the hotel
 own name in print.                                                           to get something to eat. Because I couldn’t speak a word of English. I couldn’t
  61. In America, people do most things by themselves because                 tell the waiter what I wanted. I was very upset and started to make some
       A they don't trust others                                              gestures, but the waiter didn’t understand me. Finally, I ordered the same
       B they can do better than others                                       thing the man at the next table was eating. After dinner, I started to walk
       C nobody is ready to help                                              along Broadway until I came to Times Square with its movie theatres, neon
       D it is expensive to hire labor                                        light, and huge crowds of people. I did not feel tired, so I continued to
  62. "Me-Books Publishing Company" is named by ________.                     walk around the city. I wanted to see everything on my first day. I knew
       A a child                                                              it was impossible, but I wanted to try.
       B Jenny                                                                      When I returned to the hotel, I was exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep
       C itself                                                               because I kept hearing the fire and police sirens during the night. I lay
       D the government                                                       awake and thought about New York. It was a very big and interesting city
  63. This company differs from others in that ________.                      with many tall buildings and big cars, and full of noise and busy people.
       A it publishes books only for children                                 I also decided right then that I had to learn to speak English.
       B it publishes books about people's pets
       C it uses computers to make up stories                                 66.    On the way to his hotel, the writer ________.
       D it makes the young readers characters in the stories                           A. was silent all the time
  64. "Me-Books" are books________.                                                     B. kept talking to his friend
       A written by children themselves                                                 C. looked out of the window with great interest
       B published with the help of computers                                           D. showed his friend something he brought with him
       C printed with standard equipment                                      67.   He went to ________ to get something to eat.
       D relating stories about the reader                                                  A. a tea house
  65. Me-books are helping children to learn ________.                                      B. a pub
       A reading effectively                                                                C. a café room
       B writing beautifully                                                                D. a nearby restaurant
       C the adults world                                                     68.    He did not have what he really wanted, because ________.
       D their hometown's history                                                        A. he only made some gestures
                                                                                         B. he did not order at all
                                                                                         C. he could not make himself understood
                 Passage four:                                                           D. the waiter was unwilling to serve
  I arrived in the United States on February 6, 1966, but I remember          69.    The waiter ________ .
                                                                     第5页 (共 6 页)
           A. knew what he would order                                                              72.   A   best          B length         C least         D   large
           B. finally understood what he said                                                       73.   A   frank         B hard-working C polite          D   reserved
           C. took the order through his gestures                                                   74.   A   at            B on             C of            D   over
           D. served the same thing the man at the next table was having                            75.   A   described     B submitted      C written       D   presented
70.    After dinner , he _________.                                                                 76.   A   made          B addressed      C taken         D   received
           A. walked back to the hotel right away                                                   77.   A   fact          B occasion       C case          D   truth
           B. had a walking tour about the city                                                     78.   A   at            B with           C on            D   about
           C. went to the movies                                                                    79.   A   if            B though         C as            D   whether
           D. did some shopping on Broadway                                                         80.   A   satisfactory        B unsatisfactory
                                                                                                          C   satisfied           D dissatisfied
                                                                                                    81.   A   interfered          B discouraged
                                                                                                          C   disturbed           D interrupted
                                                                                                    82.   A   sounds       B pronunciation C voices         D gestures
得分     评卷人        四、完型填空 题(每小题 0.5 分,共 10 分)                                                        83.   A   hold          B give           C drop          D leave
                  (此题答案涂在答题卡上)                                                                      84.   A   mustn’t       B shouldn’t      C couldn’t      D wouldn’t
                                                                                                    85.   A   avoid         B prevent        C refuse        D prohibit
Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four             86.   A   Until         B Unless         C Once          D However
choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.            87.   A   keep          B discuss        C argue         D remember
Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the               88.   A   not           B or             C and           D yet
center.                                                                                             89.   A   desired       B required       C revised       D deserved
        For the past two years. I have been working on students’ evaluation                         90.   A   but           B how            C only          D about
of classroom teaching. I have kept a record of informal conversations
                                                                                                   得分     评卷人
___71___ some 300 students from at ___72____ twenty-one colleges and
universities. The students were generally ___73___ and direct in their                                               五、作文 题(共 15 分) (此题答在答题纸上)
comments ___74___ how course work could be better ___75___. Most of their
remarks were kindly ___76___ — with tolerance rather than bitterness —                        Directions: Write a short essay of about 120 words on the topic “My View On
and frequently were softened by the ___77___ that the students were speaking                              Opportunity” within 30 minutes..
___78___ some, not all, instructors. Nevertheless, ___79___ the following
suggestions and comments indicate, students feel ___80___ with
things-as-they-are in the classroom.
        Professors should be ___81___ from reading lecture notes. “It makes
their ___82___ monotonous(单调的).”
        If they are going to read, why not ___83___ out copies of lecture?
Then we ___84___need to go to class. Professors should ___85___ repeating
in lectures material that is in the textbook. “___86___ we’ve read the
material, we want to ___87___ it or hear it elaborated on, ___88___
repeated.” “A lot of students hate to buy a ___89___ text that the professor
has written ___90___ to have his lectures repeat it.”
        71. A counting           B covering          C figuring            D involving
                                                                                     第6页 (共 6 页)


1—10 CCABA                  BBCBA

      11—20 ADA   DCA    DACB


21—50 B A C D C D C C C A C A A B C

           C C C A B A C D A B D B C A D


51—70 A C A D D B C D C D

          D C D D A C D C D B

IV. 71--90 D C A B D A A D C D

            B C B D A C B A C C

                                           第7页 (共 6 页)

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