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					                Conics Advertising Extra Credit Project
You will create an ad for a conic section. This project is worth 10 extra points.

   1. Your conic section is _________________.
   2. Use the internet and your textbook to research different real life uses for that conic section. Be sure to write
      the name/address of the website so that you may cite it in your project.
   3. Pretend that you are selling this conic section and create an ad for this conic section. Be sure to include
      properties of the conic section, a picture of the conic section, a definition of the conic section, uses for the
      conic section, and of course, a price! (See grading rubric for more details). This may be a ‘print ad’ such as
      those you would find in a magazine or on a bill board or you may make a video commercial. The video must
      be one that we can play on the DVD player in your teacher’s classroom.
   4. You may present your ad in class as part of your grade.
Due Date - I will not accept any projects after April 9.

                                                 Grading Rubric
                         Use the following rubric for a guideline as you complete the project.
                                    A detailed definition and formula    A definition and formula      No definition or
                                     are given and explained. The        are given and explained.     formula is given.
          Definition of the           explanation is accurate and          Some information is
                                      shows understanding of the           lacking or incorrect.
           conic section                     conic section.

                                                2 points                          1 point                0 points
                                      A picture is included with all     A picture is included with     No picture is
           Picture of conic                  proper labels.                 most proper labels.          included.
               section                          2 points                          1 point                 0 points
                                    At least 4 detailed real life uses    At least 2 detailed real    No real life uses
         Uses of the conic             are given, with pictures or        life uses are given with      are given.
                                                drawings.                   pictures or drawings.
                                                 2 points                         1 points                0 points
                                    The ad gives a price, is creative,   The ad gives a price, Is      The ad is very
                                     neatly put together, and would        creative, and would           messy and
                                     convince someone to ‘buy’ the        convince someone to           incomplete.
                                        conic section. Obvious           ‘buy’ the conic section.
           Overall product           preparation has been put into       The project is messy or
                                               the project.                     incomplete.

                                               2 points                          1 point                 0 points
                                      You did an excellent job of           Presentation was          Did not present
                                     presenting ad to ‘consumers’            unconvincing or                ad.
            Presentation                 and were prepared.                    incomplete.

                                                2 points                          1 point                 0 points

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