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									Dear Shady Haseeb, Thank you for the last conversation. I would be glad to give now information concerning the trawlers to be built in your company. The proposed plan for both trawlers is N 1 (cf. documents you already received with the mention ' Plan 1 preferred') Here are some of the technical details that could help you to have an idea about the fishing boats: IMPORTANT, For both trawlers : Trawlers made of marine steel lenght : 23m ( Not more because our licenses do not exceed that in lenght) widht : 6.50m weight : depending on the whole volume (cf. that with the plan) main engine : Caterpillar 900 HP with shaft propeller and propeller installed and reducer 1/6 (important) auxilary engine for electricity equipment accommodation fully furnished Fish Finder FURUNO FCV 292 L, VHF FURUNO, RADAR FURUNO, GPS FURUNO As I told you before my contract, the proformat and the technical specification sheet (in 5 copies and in French) should be under the name of : HAMDOUN ABOUBEKER SEDDIK Adress : N 115, route du Phare Ghazaouet 13400 Algerie

The second contract, the proformat and the specification sheet ( 5 copies in French) should be in under the name of my younger brother's partner: GHRIBI MOSTEPHA Adress : Rue de la Gare Ghazaouet 13400 Algerie

Since I urged my younger brother and his partner to build their trawler with your company, we would therfore keep the same price already mentionned ($240 000) but with a 900 HP Caterpillar as a main engine for both fishing boats and with the above specifications. I am sure that clients from my city (Ghazaouet) and the neighbouring city ( Beni Saf) would

follow our exemple. I have in mind two people and we will certainly do our best to convince them to turn into your company Insha Allah... You could send me the above documents to the following address: Dr. Mohammed HAMDOUN Louis MASSIGNON French School PO BOX 2314 Abu Dhabi UAE Phone number: + 971 50 816 52 51 Hope that you would accept my proposition, I would be very glad to receiving from you soon. I would be coming to Cairo on the beginning of March 2006 insha Allah. Please do not hesitate to e-mail or phone me for further info. Best regards, Dr. M. HAMDOUN

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