How to pitch your idea to investors

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					         How to pitch your idea
with confidence, conviction and clarity
    to get the investment you want.
Step 1 – Your Vision
• What is your BIG vision with your idea?
• What problem are you solving and for whom?
• Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
Step 2 – Market Opportunity
• How BIG is the market opportunity?
• How much is the market growing each year?
• How do you rank in your market?
Step 3 – Your Product or Service
• What is the problem you fix?
• What is the solution you offer your customers?
• What is unique about your product or service…
  …and is it protected?
Step 4 – Your Customers
• What is your criteria of an Ideal Customer?
• What is the average Life Time Value of a customer?
• What is it that your customers want and need?
Step 5 – Your Value Proposition
• What is your value proposition?
• What ROI can a customer expect?
• What pain are you eliminating for your customer?
• How can you quantify the impact of that pain?
Step 6 – Routes to Market
• How will you generate leads online?
• How will you generate leads offline?
• What is your PR Strategy?
• What is your Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Sale?
Step 7 – Sales & Selling Process
• How will you set the scene at the start of appointments?
• How do you identify & quantify the impact of their pain?
• How do you determine their budget?
• How do you get the commitment?
Step 8 – The Management Team
• Who is each member of your team?
• What is their experience?
• What are their skill gaps?
• How can you fill those skill gaps?
Step 9 – Revenue Streams
• How many revenue streams do you have?
• What are your revenue streams?
• What are your profit margins per revenue stream?
• What are your payment terms?
Step 10 – Stage of Development
• What is your current stage of development?
• What progress have you achieved to date?
• What results have you achieved to date?
• What are your future milestones?
Step 11 – Investment
• How much are you raising and at what valuation?
• How much have you raised/invested already?
• What will you do with the funds?
• How long will it last and what will you achieve?
• How much additional funding do you expect?
Step 12 – Competition
• Do you know who your major competitors are?
• What are their strengths and weaknesses?
• Who is your biggest threat?
• What is your competitive advantage?
Step 13 – Partnerships & JVs
• Who are your key channel/distribution partners?
• Who are your technology partners?
• How dependent on them are you?
• How will you find your ideal partners?
Step 14 – EXIT Strategy
• When do you hope to exit?
• What is the exit plan & what ROI can investors expect?
• What do you need in order to make it happen?
• Have you got 5 years Cash flow, P&L, Balance sheet?
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