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                ...End-to-End Solution
Residential conveyancing provides a key income source for law firms. With the decline in the housing market, conditions for conveyancing firms are
likely to be more difficult than in recent years. Opportunities for new entrants into legal services, following the Clementi Review, will increase
competitive pressures for solicitors. New technologies, like e-conveyancing, will enable some firms to make their operations more efficient and
price competitive. Firms that have a solid foundation in their local market and are ready to exploit IT developments with Back Office Processing,
stand the best chance of success in an environment that is becoming increasingly competitive.

   Industry Challenges                      Industry Solution

  ? Profitability
  Pressure on                             Platform
                                          ?based Legal Process Outsourcing & Transaction based Pricing Model
  ? Rate of
  Conversion                              Prospects
                                          ? Management Solution integrated with case management tool
  Prospects to Clients                    Process Reengineering with certified Case Management Tool Developers, COPC & Six Sigma
  Speed of Completion Cycle                  methodologies
  Legal Compliance                        Integration
                                          ? of in-house developed Business Performance Management system with Case
  Data Protection                            Management Tool
  Legal Knowledge Transfer                Adequate
                                          ? UK Qualified Solicitors with UK Conveyancing Experience
                                          ? Corporate Information Security system for data protection with certification from ISO
                                          27001: 2005, ISO 9001:2000, SAS 70 Compliant, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 20000:2005, OHSAS
                                          Large Talent pool with domain knowledge & in-house developed Knowledge Transfer Software Tool

  HCL Expertise in the domain / vertical / horizontal
  ? Reengineering of Case Management Tool
  Three years of experience in Software Development of Case Management Tool
  ? developed Business Performance Management system featuring SLA Tracker, Quality Tracker, and Performance Variance Analysis
  UK Qualified Solicitors with UK experience in End-to-End Conveyancing
  1500 completions per month for Remortgage across five Instructing Lenders
  ? in 95% of the Remortgage Value Chain & Leveragable Capability of 50% in Sale & Purchase Value Chain
  Back-Office Support for 2000 Completions per month on Sale and Purchase cases

    Service Offerings - SALE                                                      Service Offerings - PURCHASE
                       Preparation     Pre – Exchange Settlement &                                  Legal Review     Pre – Exchange Settlement &
      New Business     of contract                                                 New Business
                                         & Exchange    completion                                                      & Exchange    completion

                     Legal Indexing & Categorisation                                               Legal Indexing & Categorisation

                        Review          Review                                                        Review
                        Protocol                         Client                                                      Exchange          Client
       First Call                      Amended                                       First Call      Mortgage
                         Forms                         Accounting                                                   of Contracts     Accounting
                                     contract & TR

                                         Reply                                                         Review
                     Title Deeds &                      Review                                                        Review
        Case                           Additional                                     Case             Contract                        Review
                     Redemption                          Signed                                                        Signed
       Creation                         Enquiry                                      Creation       & Investigate                     Of Deeds
                       Statement                        Contract                                                    Contract & TR

         AML /                          Reply                                          AML /          Review           COT to
                       Deducing                         Transfer                                                                        SDLT
       ID Check                       Requisition                                    ID Check        Searches          Lender
                                       on Title

                                                         Redeem                                        Raise
                        Contract       Exchange                                    Acknowledge                         K16 &         Registration
          HIP                                           Mortgage                                     Additional
                         Pack         of Contracts                                 Contract pack                    OS1 Searches       HMLR
                                                       & DS1 / END                                   Enquiries

        Protocol                         HCL Direct Experience                                                         HCL Direct Experience
                                      HCL Leverageable Capability                                                    HCL Leverageable Capability

                                                 On-Site                                                             Leveragable in the Short Run
Service Offerings - HIP                                          Service Offerings - REMORTGAGE
                   Request          Review          Publish                                                                         Post -
  New Order                                                      New Business           Pre-completion             Completion
                  Documents        Documents          HIP                                                                         Completion

      Legal Indexing, Categorising & Response to Queries                               Legal Indexing and Categorising

                   Upload           Verify                                                           Call to
   Create                                     Consolidating         Case                                            Call to       Registration
                    HIP          Conveyancing                                    Review Title       Existing
  New User                                        HIP              Creation                                        Borrower        of Charge
                 Components       Documents                                                         Lender

                                   Legal                                                                                            Review
                                                                                   Review                           Client
    Initial                       Condition        Publish                                                                           of Title
                  HIP Index                                       ID Check       Redemption           TRE         Accounting
   Queries                         Report          HIP Link                                                                       Information

  Add New                          Request                         Borrower        Review           Setup
                   EPC &                                                                                          K16 & OS1
  Property                         Missing                       Questionnaire    Mortgage        Completion
                  Searches                                                                                        Searches
                                  Documents                                         Offer

  Deal With                                                                       Searches/
  Finance &                                                                       Indemnity           COT
Administration                                                                    Insurance
                 for leasehold       HCL Direct Experience

                                   HCL Leverageable Capability                                                      HCL Direct Experience

                                              On-Site                                                             Leveragable in the Short Run

  Business Benefits                                                                                      HCL Advantage
  15% Increase in the Case Volume
                                                                                           ? experience in Remortgage,
                                                                                           Five years of
  4% Savings
  ? per year with Six Sigma Project & Lean Methodology                                     Sale & Purchase of Residential Properties
  ?in the number of Instructing Lenders for Remortgage                                     Experienced UK Qualified Solicitors in End-
  ? Case Length (Days for Completion)
  Reduced                                                                                       to-End Conveyancing
  ? Conversion Rate from Prospects to Clients
  Increased                                                                                Proactive
                                                                                           ? Methodologies to New design in
                                                                                                process (Home Information Pack & Anti
                                                                                                Money Laundering Procedures)
                                                                                           ? metric-driven Solutions rather than
                                                                                                Process metrics
                                                                                           World class delivery Infrastructure with
                                                                                                disaster recovery for uninterrupted 24/7
                                                                                           ? Expertise                    spanning    BPO/
                                                                                           ? empowered                Outsourcing           –
                                                                                                Unique Engagement model

                                                                                                                         Only company
                                                                                                                    to be COPC (Customer
                                                                                                                   Operations Performance
                                                                                                                        Centre – Quality
                                                                                                                     certification for Back
                                                                                                                  office operations) certified
                                                                                                                     in the Conveyancing
Client Speaks

                                     “It was clear
                      even at this early stage that your primary
                interest was in creating a partnership based on Joint
          ownership of our overall business objectives, rather than simply
       the performance of pre-identified administrative routines to pre-agreed
                              contractual service levels.
       This is best epitomised by the Performance Management Software your                          “I would
          team designed and built, at no cost to us, and applied across the             like to say how impressed we
                 whole business. This gave us greater visibility of the          are with the Vischen system designed by
                      effectiveness of workflow handling in both                HCL to assist HCL and us with the Offshore
                                India and the UK.”                          Process. It has provided invaluable data to CPL and
                                                                                         greatly enhanced our MI on the legal tasks Offshored.
                                                                                     With the improved Vischen system just installed, we believe
                                                                                      this will only improve the data information collected and
                Managing Director,
                                                                                           workflow allocation to the offshore team greatly.
                UK based Conveyancing Firm
                                                                                                 Many thanks for the hard work to the IT
                                                                                                         specialists at HCL.”

                                                                                                  Offshore Manager,
                                                                                  UK based leading Conveyancing Firm


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