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					                                 KB News
                               September 2, 2011

    *Thank you for your support and for sending in supplies for our classroom wish list!

                               Important Dates
           Sept. 2- Noon Dismissal
           Sept. 5-Labor Day- School Holiday
           Sept. 6- Back to School Night at 7pm
           Sept. 15- Lifetouch Picture Day
           Sept. 16- Blue & Red Spirit Day ($1.00 donation)
           Sept. -29- Reading, Writing, and Listening (1:45-2:30)

    We have PE class on Tuesday and Thursday. Please dress your child in his/her PE
     uniform so that he/she can actively participate in class.
    We will have more detailed information about allergies on Back to School Night.
    When you send money or a check to school, please place it in an envelope with
     your child’s name and class clearly labeled on the envelope. Please also indicate
     what the money is to be used for on the outside of the envelope.
    Please send a lunch note if your child is buying lunch from the cafeteria. It is very
     helpful when you list the items that your would like your child to buy so that we can
     get him/her through the line in a timely manner as well as make sure that you have
     approved the lunch purchases ahead of time.
    Thank you for sending in a “healthy” snack with your child every day. Please feel
     free to send a refillable water bottle to be kept in class. We will send it home each
     night to be washed and refilled for the next school day.
    Please label all of your child’s clothing, especially sweatshirts, sweatpants, and
    Please check our classroom website each week for updates and access to
     Kindergarten information and newsletters.
    Please call the school office when your child will be absent due to illness or a family
     emergency, trip, doctor’s appointment, etc. If you know in advance, please send a
     note in your child’s folder. It is also very helpful if you can email me at to let me know as well. Thank you so much!
    Please remember to send a note if your child is going to afterschool. If your child
     goes on a regular basis, we do not need a note. This reminder is for parents who
     typically use carpool at the end of the day, and have changed their afternoon
     plans for their child on a particular day. Also, please send a note if your child is
     going home with another child or a different carpool. Thank you!
                          A Summary of Our Week
We have been very busy in Kindergarten. We have been learning about language arts,
math, science, and religion. Here is a look at the topics we explored this week.

Religion- God’s Love Creates the Universe
Language Arts- Letter Ff
Math- Basic graphs, sorting & classifying
Writing-“During a fire drill I...” and “My favorite thing I did this summer was…”

*We will also begin discussion on our new school wide behavior procedures. We have
worked hard to adapt and modify the system so that it is developmentally appropriate for
kindergarten. We will discuss this further at Back to School Night.

                           A Look at Next Week…
We have a very busy week ahead. Below you will see a list of topic areas for the week.

Religion- God’s Love Creates the Universe
Language Arts- Letters Ff and Bb
Math- Sorting, Graphing, and Patterning
Writing- “I can”…. And “I like”….
Sight Words- name, I, like, see

                                      Picture Day
The students will have their individual pictures taken on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011. Group
class pictures will be taken in the spring. Please dress your child in a colorful and bright
outfit. If you wish, your child can also wear his/her regular school uniform for the picture.
Please make sure that you are following the Spirit Day attire guidelines in the SBS

                                     KB Birthdays
                           *Addisyn Davis- August 11
                            Ava Wiggins- August 25
                           Sophia Thomas- August 30
                            Annie Redmond- Sept. 3

                        *We will celebrate summer birthdays in May.

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