PRO SHIP by medicalcare79


									DATE: 10 NOV‎‎‎ 999 ,1 TO: PRO SHIP. Fax No: 0187778400 ATT: MR.ANTONIO LUXARDO. FROM:. MR. SAMEH SIDKI Mr. MOUSTAFA ELDOUGISHY DEAR SIR, We get pleased in receiving your fax dated 5 Nov to Mr. Sameh Sidki . We would Like to know more information about your visiting :  Could you be available from 20th of Nov.  How many persons will be with you and please send to us the copy of your passports by fax a.s.a.p.  Do you like to start your trip from Milano or Roma? We have sent the required prochures by express mail. We hope more cooperation and mutual business between us. Awaiting for your soon reply BEST REGARDS YOURS M. ELDOUGISHY

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