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									               Chelmsford Mountaineering Club AGM
                         20 January 2010.

                           Minutes of AGM

                Held at The Rose, Writtle Green, Writtle.

Members Present: Simon Clark (SC), Marion Leister, Mike Campbell,
Richard Vaughan, Verity Ford, Martin Hill, David Stynes, John Meehan,
Graham Bradley, Marion Rourke, Andrew Porter, Michael Porter, Ian Pegg,
Aaron Bowley, Mike Hyde, Luke Green, Bernie Sosin, Paul Greenhead,
Kirsty Greenhead, Edward Harris, Borka Price, Ben Barton-Ross, Gavin
Phillips, Jane Phillips, Danny Crump, Tony Wood, Sarah Pentelow,
Charlotte Clark, Stephanie Winwood, Rosie Bonny, Richard Apthorpe, Luke
Fitzjohn. Dan Rawlins, Matt Hayes

Apologies received from Richard Vaughan, Sarah Wood, Piers Harley, Lisa
Bergoine, Daryl Flint & Wyn Morgan

Simon opened the meeting by welcoming all.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed as being an
     accurate record. There were no matters arising from the minutes,
     these were duly signed off by Simon Clark.

  2. Simon gave a presentation on the Chairman’s Report. Overall it has
     been a good year for the club with regards to new members, trips and
     social events. Simon thanked all and wished the new Chairman

  3. Matters arising – Simon informed the meeting that the induction
     course referred to in the previous minutes was a pre-requisite of us
     using the wall by the College. To date the club has raised £1,045
     from last year by running these courses.

  4. Treasurer’s Report – Given by Marion in Wyns absence. Marion
     reported that 2009 has been the best financial year with a balance of
     £5,034 and updated the meeting on the club’s financial position. A
     full report is available to members on request. On behalf of Wyn,
     Marion thanked all.

5. Club subscriptions.

      a) Simon reported that as there was no change in the BMC
         subscription rate therefore no need to increase the subscriptions.
         The fees are: £30 for new members; £15 for existing members;
         Juniors are £14 for new members; £7 for existing junior
         members. Simon informed the group that members were
         welcome to attend the BMC South East area meetings held
         quarterly in London..

1. Election of club officers.

   Simon reported that anyone can stand if they are a club member.

   Chairman:           Marion Leister     Proposed: Aaron Bowley
                                          Seconded: Marion Rourke

   Treasurer:          Mike Hyde          Proposed: Aaron Bowley
                                          Seconded: Bernie Sosin

   Secretary:          Gavin Phillips     Proposed: Mike Hyde
                                          Seconded: Paul Greenhead

2. Co opted committee posts.

   Meets Organiser: Aaron Bowley          Proposed: Gavin Phillips
                                          Seconded: Mike Hyde

   Newsletter/Yahoo group coordinator: Proposed: Marion Rourke
               Richard Vaughan         Seconded: Danny Crump

   It was agreed that the Club Secretary, Gavin Phillips would also have
   responsibility for the Web page.

   Club representatives:
                      Marion Rourke
                      Danny Crump

   9. Meets List 2010

         a. 22nd – 24th Brecon Beacons.

         b. 1st April to 3rd April (Easter) – Yorkshire

         c. 30th April to 3rd May – Wales, North London Mountaineering
            Club Hut.

         d. 28th May to 30th May – Gower Pennisula, Nicklestone Farm.

         e. 17th to 19th September – Wye Valley, accommodation to be

         f. 26th to 27th November – North Wales

  10. Any Other Business

      Andrew Porter suggested a new post should be created for Simon
      Clark to continue dealing with Writtle College due to his excellent
      communication skills. All agreed that Simon Clark should continue
      to liaise with the College. Various discussions took place in relation
      to opening the club to the public.

      Simon Clark has agreed to stay on the committee to help with the
      transition and also to act as CMC Wall Liaison.

      Marion Rourke thanked Simon Clark and Wyn Morgan for running
      the club.

Meeting closed at 22:08
Simon Clark


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