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                                                       Every arrow that hits the
                                                       bull’s eye is the result of one
                                                       hundred misses......

                                                                         -Buddhist Sages

Two-wheeler insurance cover as essential as the helmet
This year, there has been a surge in the two-wheeler market. The market has grown at
the rate of more than 15%. Although riding two-wheelers is fascinating and
convenient and in some case even a style statement, the one fact that cannot be
ignored is, the rider is always exposed to the risk of accidents and ill-fated events.

A valid motor insurance policy is mandatory as per Indian laws and is as critical as
wearing helmets and carrying the necessary vehicle documents. But there are only a
small percentage of riders who abide by the law beyond the first year of insurance         suspends New India
cover as they find the procedure cumbersome. It is a criminal offence to drive without     Assurance CMD M
a valid insurance policy.                                                                  Ramadoss over
                                                                                           Paramount Airways               issue
                                                                                           Higher provisioning
                                                                                           hits non-life
Cashless hospital claim deadlock ends as four state-owned                                  companies' FY11
health insurance firms and big hospitals reach settlement                                  profits

The deadlock on cashless hospital claims has ended with four state-owned health            Only 33% of vehicles
                                                                                           were insured in FY10:
insurance firms and all big hospitals, except Apollo Hospitals, agreeing on a new set of   Insurance Information
tariffs for certain procedures.                                                            Bureau

Negotiations between the insurers and hospitals ended last month with the two
parties agreeing on revised tariffs for 42 common procedures.

                       Hero Cycles to tie up with insurance firms to cover poor
                       The world's largest bicycle maker Hero Cycles on Monday said it is in talks with insurance
                       firms to provide health cover to its rural customers as part of its initiative to uplift the
                       poor. The company, which has tied up with Allahabad-based Sonata Finance for financing
                       bicycle by providing loans of Rs 100 per week in rural areas, is considering to pay health
                       insurance premium for the poor customers on purchase of the company's bicycles.

                       Hero Cycles is aiming at pushing up its revenue to over Rs 2,000 crore in 2011-12 from
                       Rs 1,650 crore in last fiscal


                       Mumbai terror attack: Terror insurance premium likely to rise
                       The serial blasts that rattled Mumbai's diamond district will not only force insurers to do a
                       rethink on cover premium, but are also a grim reminder to jewellers and diamond houses
  Government           of the risks they are sitting on. In such congested business locations with a significant
  employee cannot      concentration of risks, the insurance market in India provides no customer information on
  be denied medical    the total insurance purchased by all policy holders.
  reimbursement due
  to delay             news/mumbai-terror-attack-terror-insurance-premium-likely-to-
  Some insurance
  companies include
                       Insurance penetration
  ayurveda under
  their cover          Customers are finally looking at the insurance product not through the prism of tax
  India up 10 places   savings but for the purpose of taking adequate cover
  in 10 yrs on         With increasing awareness and the advent of online term plans and the resultant decline
  insurance chart      in premiums, more and more people are now searching for term plans and for higher
                       sums assured–the payout to the nominees on death. Customers are finally looking at the
                       insurance product not through the prism of tax savings but for the purpose of taking
                       adequate cover. Interestingly, women still don’t shop for term plans online and the
                       search is concentrated in metro cities.


                       Using emissions trading and insurance to clean up pollution
                       Insurers offer pollution liability policy as govt plans market-based regulatory
                       instruments to control pollution

                       The former environment minister Jairam Ramesh gave several industrial clusters in
                       Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal an unpleasant surprise. He said 85% of India’s
                       industrial clusters were so polluted they couldn’t be allowed to expand unless they
                       cleaned up. The report that prompted Ramesh’s action was prepared by the Indian
                       Institute of Technology, Delhi, and the Central Pollution Control Board. It found that 10
                       industrial clusters scored at least 80 out of 100 in a pollution index, or were emitting
                       effluents and pollutants at an alarming level; 33 scored between 70 and 80 (critically
                       polluted); and another 32 scored between 60 and 70 (seriously polluted).

                                  JK RISK MANAGERS & INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED

Five Ways To... Keep Your Ego in Check at Workplace

Many of us spend a majority of our time at the workplace and are in constant touch with our colleagues,
bosses and others. In a demanding and competitive work environment, tempers can rise and small issues
blown out of proportion. When ego problems crop up at our place of work, we cannot focus on the task at
hand, and this could disrupt the entire functioning of an organisation. Moresha Benjamin lists simple steps
that one can follow at the workplace to prevent ego-related tussles.

JKRMIBL is proud to be associated with Happy Days Shiksha Samiti thus sponsoring education and
upliftment for not so privileged children. A total of 12 children has been sponsored by our organisation for
a period of one year.

This institution works towards the upliftment of rural areas and tribes who are economically, educationally
and socially backward.

The Happy days Shiksha Samiti is currently running two schools. There are 1260 students in the English
medium section affiliated with CBSE Board and 615 students in Hindi medium section affiliated with the M.
P Board and a total of 95 faculty Members as of now.

                            If you have any queries or comments, CONTACT US at

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