flowchart doc (DOC) by liuhongmei


Online Quote System & General Site Functionality
                  DESIGN FLOWCHART

               New Domain Space
        Transfer hosting to SantaBarbara

           (( The domain, or host, keeps the site
                    accessible 24/7. ))

        Site Design & HTML Coding
        -About Us
        -For Agents
                -Electronic Quote
        -Contact Us

                  (( The look of the site. ))

                    Agent Login
        - ODBC Agent Database
        - Records added manually

              Quote Programming
        -ASP Quote Transmit w/ email
         confirmation sent to agent
        -Quote Save/Retrieval code

              (( The functionality of the site. ))

                   Field Mapping
        - Agent info autofill (name, addy, etc)
        -VBScript Field Validations

           (( Merging data fields between forms. ))

                                                      11/04/03 Frank Ladner
                Receiving System
       - Email polling
       - quotes@countrylivinginsurance.com
       - flag invalid email
       - forward quotes in legible format to
         rating system
                (( How the data gets to us. ))

                  Rating System
       - Underwriter loads the quote data
       - Rates for given company generated
       - Allowance given for variable overrides

                   Final Merge
       - Data fills in on given application
       - Finance Agreement filled and
         calculated, if necessary
       - Results are emailed to agent
       - Application(s) sent as attachment in
         common PDF format
       - Notification link is sent, for arrival

          (( How the agent gets the data back. ))

At this point, the agent would print the
application, get signatures, and send back
via snail mail.

                                                    11/04/03 Frank Ladner

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