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Car Seat Safety Hudd Approved


									      Young Children                         Wear It Right!!!

Weight: Over 40 lbs. to about      "Properly worn" means with both
80 lbs. or more                    straps snugly fitted to transfer the
                                   impact of the collision to the parts
Type of Seat: Belt-positioning     of your body that can take it: your
booster seat                       hip and shoulder bones. With just
                                   the shoulder strap on, you can still
Seat Position: Forward-facing      slide out from under it and be
                                   strangled, while the lap belt alone
Always Make Sure: Belt-            doesn't keep your face from hitting
positioning booster seats must     the steering wheel.
be used with both lap and
shoulder belt.

Warning: Make sure the lap
belt fits low and tight to avoid                                              CAR SEAT
abdominal injuries
                                      San Bernardino County Fire Department
                                               620 South "E" Street
                                         San Bernardino, CA 92415-0179
                                                 (909) 386-8472
                                                       San Bernardino
                                                                                  County Fire
                                                                              Community Safety Division
        Seat Belt Safety                          Child Safety Seats                                    Infants

Safety belts are the most effective        More than 80% of child safety seats are       Weight/Age: Birth to at least 1 year
means of saving lives and reducing        not used correctly. The correct installation   and 20-22 lbs.
serious injuries in traffic crashes.           of child safety seats is often very
                                           confusing to parents, grandparents and        Type of Seat: Infant only or rear-
Traffic crashes are the leading cause                                                    facing convertible
                                           caregivers. New technology in vehicles
of death to children in America. Each
                                              and child safety seats adds to this
year in the U.S., approximately 1,800                                                    Seat Position: Rear-facing only.
children ages 14 & under are killed as
occupants in motor vehicles and more                                                     Always Make Sure: Children to at
than 280,000 are injured.                                                                least one year and at least 20 lbs. in
                                          Proper Use of Child Safety Seats
Safety belts, air bags and proper child       The selection of the proper child          rear-facing seats in back seats, be
safety seats, when used consistently            safety seat is often confusing.          secured in back seat harness straps
and correctly, can significantly reduce    Parents/ Caregivers must consider the         at or below shoulder level.
the rate of injury in a crash.               weight and height of the child when
The number of lives saved could be           selecting the proper seat. You must          Warning: Do not place infants in
substantially increased if more people          look at the weight and height            the front seat of cars with air bag!
used safety belts.                          recommendations made by the child
                                                  safety seat manufacturer.                    Toddlers/ Preschool
      Life-Saving Advice
•   Always wear lap and shoulder belt.                                                   Weight: Over 20 lbs. To about 40
                                                                                         lbs. and over 1 year.
•   Never place shoulder belt under
    your arm or behind your back.                                                        Type of Seat: Convertible /
•   Always use rear-facing child seats                                                   forward-facing
    for children under 20 lbs and 1
    year old.
•   Always use forward-facing child                                                      Seat Position: Forward-
    seats for children 20-40 lbs and                                                     facing
    over 1 year old.
                                                                                         Always Make Sure: Harness straps
•   Never place rear-facing child seat                                                   should be at or about shoulders. Most
    in front seat of vehicle with                                                        seats require top slot for forward-
    passenger side airbags.                                                              facing.
•   Always place children 12 years
    and under in back seat.                                                               Warning: All Children age 12 and
                                                                                            under ride in the back seat

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