YOUNG ADULT WOMEN’S DEPARTMENT
                      ANNUAL NEWSLETTER

                     Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.

     Message from the                 Holy Spirit Leads.‖ To echo the     have a Mind, Body and Soul
        President                     words of our immediate past         Workshop. We are always so
                                      parent body president, Dr.          busy with working, studying,
                                      Major Jemision, ―the best has not   taking care of families, etc., that
                                      yet been, but the best is yet to    we often forget to take care of
                                      be.‖                                ourselves. This workshop is
                                        In concluding, I wish you         about you and for you. We will
Greetings Young Adult Women,                                              have facilitators from the Black
                                      God’s grace, God’s peace and
   I greet you in the joy of Jesus.   above all God’s love.               Women’s Health Imperative.
                                                                          The Black Women’s Health
    I am excited and humbled as         In His Service,                   Imperative is the only national
I pen my first newsletter               Denise Carter-McCormick           organization solely devoted to
message as your president.                                                insuring optimum health for
First, let me thank you for             Vice-President-at-Large
                                                                          Black women. There will be a
allowing me to serve as your                                              fitness demonstration. Rev.
president. To the officers who                                            Betty Crawford will come in her
share this journey with me,                  Annual Session
                                                                          own way to minister to the soul.
thank you for your support and
assistance. I ask all of you for                                              On Wednesday, August 8, we
your prayers and your patience                                            have a busy day planned for
as I become acclimated to my                                              you. We will have an early
duties and responsibilities.             The Annual Session will be       morning regional rally and
                                      held August 6-10, 2007 in           spiritual walk. We will have an
   I am looking forward to            Washington, DC. We will be          outreach activity with members
working with each of you. I           using the Marriott Wardham          of the Youth Department.
encourage you all to share your       Park and the Omni Shoreham          During our departmental
various skills and talents for the    Hotels. Please make your            meeting time, we will be having
betterment of our department.         reservations if you have not        a ―Sisters in the Spirit‖ open
I believe that this is a new          already done so. The theme for      discussion forum to discuss any
season and a new day. Let us          the Annual Session is ―Following    topics you choose. Sometimes
look to change. Let us think out      Where the Holy Spirit Leads:        we just need to talk it over with
of the box. Let us realize that       Firming Up Our Fellowship.‖         another sister. This will be your
we do not have to do                                                      opportunity to hear the views of
everything the way it has                Officers and members met in
                                      Houston, TX for the mid-winter      others who share your concerns
always been done. There are a                                             and may be experiencing some
lot of new, creative and              board meeting. We have
                                      planned an exciting week for        of the same feelings. There will
innovate ideas that we can                                                be no facilitator. It will be just
bring to fruition. I want the         you during the Annual Session.
                                                                          the Young Adult Women. We
Young Adult Women’s                       On Monday afternoon,            can be open and candid and
Department to dare to be              August 6, we will have a            share with each other. So bring
different. When we meet in            welcome fellowship at 4:00 P.M.     your topics and let’s talk about
August, we will begin planning        to welcome all our members          it! On Wednesday night, we will
for next year. So come                and new delegates. Plan now         again sponsor an original
prepared to share your                to join us for refreshments,        Christian play.
thoughts, ideas and plans as we       fellowship and fun.
prepare to ―Follow Where the                                                Thursday during our
                                      On Tuesday, August 7, we will       departmental meeting, we will
hear briefly from our president     leaders for President’s night           our departmental meeting on
as she shares her greetings, her    during the Annual Session. This         Tuesday. This will also serve as
vision for the department and       is big for us. The Young Adult          a regional rally. We are asking
her challenges for the young        Departments usually do not get          all our members to form teams
adult women. Since many             any time on the parent body             of other persons within your
people leave for home prior to      session. This will let the PNBC         region. Just like you would ask
our closing meeting on Friday,      family see the young adult              someone to sponsor you in a
we will have an opportunity to      departments in action and let           walk-a-thon, you can ask
do some future planning on          them know that we are alive,            persons to sponsor you for the
Thursday. Thursday’s session will   well and in full effect. It will also   regional rally. You can walk as
be abbreviated so that we can       serve as a recruitment                  many laps as you choose. Since
all fellowship on a more casual     opportunity as other young              you don’t know how many laps
basis. We hope you will be able     adults will see us in action. We        you will walk, you can just ask
to journey with us to Bubba’s       need to make a good showing.            persons to sponsor you for the
Muscogee’s Restaurant in the        So all you praise team members          walk with a donation. There is
Washington, DC area.                and anyone else who wants to            no specific amount sponsors are
Transportation will be provided.    be a part, we need you to               asked to give. There will be a
The restaurant is inexpensive.      participate on the praise team          certificate awarded to the
They are expecting us and the       for our departmental meetings           region walking the most laps as
owner asked to me tell you to       and especially on President’s           well as the region raising the
prepare your appetites to enjoy     Night.                                  most funds. Our Second Vice-
a variety of delicious southern                                             President, LaToya Wolfe from
cuisine.                                                                    the Eastern Region, has already
       Friday at 12PM, we will                                              proclaimed victory for her
meet for an overview of the             Fundraisers                         region. So talk to the members
week, Treasurers’ report and                                                of your family, your church,
                                              Regional Rally
wrap up any last minute details,                                            your state and your region.
plans, etc. Following our brief                                             Encourage them to sponsor you,
meeting, we will travel to                                                  and invite them out to cheer
Covenant House of Washington                                                you on as you walk. All funds
to deliver our donations from                                               raised will go toward meeting
our outreach project.                                                       the budget for our department.
                                                                            This will be a fun competition in
   You will find additional                                                 which we will be able to raise
details concerning our activities                                           funds for our department, get
as you read through the                During the mid-winter board          some exercise and reflect on the
newsletter.                         meeting, the officers discussed         goodness of the Lord. As with
                                    new ways we could raise funds           any exercise program, please
                                    for our department so that we           consult your doctor before
        Praise Team                 can meet our budget. We came            participating in the walk.
                                    up with the idea of an early            PNBC and the Young Adult
                                    morning spiritual walk. We will         Women’s Department of PNBC
                                    gather at 6AM on Wednesday              are not responsible for any
                                    morning to take a spiritual             injuries or illnesses that may
                                    walk. We will be able to listen         occur as a result of participation
    During our departmental         to the birds sing, look at the          in the walk.
meetings at the Annual Session,     trees and bask in the morning
we would like to have a praise      glory as we reflect on the
team to open our meetings           goodness of the Lord. This walk                 Play
each day. Also, the young adult     will take place around the
departments have been asked         parking lot of the hotel or               Last year we sponsored and
by our parent body president,       around the block. We will let           participated in a play written
Dr. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr. to serve   you know about the location at                                      Page 2
as the praise and worship
by our 1st Vice-President,             us work together to make our            As many of you are aware,
Yashika Tippett. The play was          play a success.                     the young adult departments
titled, ―Judgment Day.‖                                                    were organized for the youth
Everyone who attended                                                      who were outgrowing the
enjoyed the characters and was                 OUTREACH                    Youth Department. The young
blessed by the message                                                     adult departments are the next
conveyed. The young adult                                                  step for those youth leaving the
women and men who                                                          Youth Department. We are
participated all did an excellent                                          finding that when most of the
job. The message of the play                                               youth leave the Youth
even touched those who were                                                Department, they do not come
working behind the scenes.                                                 to the young adult
                                           Many thanks to all whom
There were a few gentlemen                                                 departments. During the
                                       attended our outreach project
who worked for the Convention                                              Annual Session we will be doing
                                       last year. In Cincinnati, we
Center waiting for us to finish so                                         an outreach for the youth. We
                                       visited First Step Home. First
that they could clean up and                                               are calling our outreach,
                                       Step Home helps
lock up. Prior to the end of the                                           “Bridging The Gap With
                                       disadvantaged women break
play, the workers asked two of                                             Our Youth.” We plan to
                                       the cycle of addiction and abuse
the cast, Rev. Clayton                                                     sponsor a fellowship for the
                                       so that they can become self-
McCormick and Rev. Tyrone                                                  youth in the age group 18-24.
                                       sufficient and provide a safe
Petty to pray for them. Thanks                                             We want to introduce the youth
                                       and nurturing environment for
be to God, one of the men                                                  to the young adult
                                       their children and families.
made a confession of faith and                                             departments. While we will
                                       While at First Step, we
accepted the Lord as his                                                   provide information on our
                                       presented a self-esteem
personal Savior. The play was a                                            department, this will really be a
                                       workshop. The ladies actively
blessing in more ways than one.                                            time for fellowship with the
                                       participated and were very
    Special thanks to Yashika          glad to have us there. We did       youth. We will have some fun
Tippett who not only wrote the         have a chance to witness to the     ice breaker exercises, games,
play but directed it as well.          young women, and one young          prizes and refreshments. We
Thank you Yashika for                  lady accepted Christ. We            will also allow time for the
rehearsing us and helping us to        donated some needed personal        youth to share their talents. We
do our best. Thank you for             items. We also made a financial     usually do our outreach on
allowing us to put on your play.       donation.                           Wednesday morning 10:30A.M.
                                                                           to 12:30 P.M. This is the time we
    This year we will again               One of the programs at First     will hold our fellowship with the
sponsor a play on Wednesday            Step teaches the residents to       youth. Dress will be casual. It is
night. The play will be titled,        become caterers. The catering       our plan to have new Young
―Altar Call—What Happens               arm of the center provided          Adult Women’s Department T-
when Church Folks Pray?‖ The           lunch for us following the          shirts available. We are asking
play will again be written by          workshop.                           the young adult women to
our talented 1st Vice-President,
                                           As you can see, it only takes   please wear your T-shirt to the
Yashika Tippett. We have
                                       a little of your time to make a     fellowship. Please plan to join
decided to stay with the
                                       difference in some one’s life.      us as we reach out to bridge the
Wednesday night time slot
                                       Thank you again to all who          gap with our youth.
because it allows more people
                                       attended. Thank you for your           Our second outreach project
to attend. Tickets will be $10.
                                       time, your donations and your       will benefit Covenant House of
We are asking all young adult
                                       talents.                            Washington. Covenant House
women to be responsible for five
tickets. Of course we encourage           During the Annual Session,       provides food, shelter, and
you to sell as many as you can.        we will be having two outreach                                  Page 3
This will be a joint effort with       projects. The first outreach will
the young adult men. The               be in-house within the
young adult men have agreed            convention walls. The second
to assist us in selling tickets. Let   outreach will be off site.
emergency services to at-risk,       that everyone has obligations              RECRUITMENT
homeless, throw-a-way and            for which they are responsible.
run-a-way youth. Covenant            We are not asking you to
House provides multiple forms        neglect anything. We are
of direct assistance including job   asking you to make a sacrifice
placement, health care,              for the benefit of our
substance abuse treatment and        department. We sincerely hope            Please recruit members of
vocational training. While we        all that are able will be able to     your church, state and region to
will not be going to Covenant        make the sacrificial offering.        become an active part of the
House to do a particular                                                   Young Adult Women’s
                                        It is important for you to do
project, we will still be making a                                         Department. If you know of
                                     a personal registration for the
donation. Covenant House is                                                young adult women who are
                                     Young Adult Women’s
always looking for new business                                            attending the Annual Session
                                     Department. If you do not
attire to outfit their youth for                                           but not coming to our
                                     specify Young Adult Women,
employment opportunities.                                                  departmental meetings,
                                     we will not get credit. So when
They are always in need of                                                 encourage them to come to our
                                     you go to the registration desk,
personal care items for their                                              meetings and participate in our
                                     please tell them you want to do
crisis shelter. They also accept                                           activities. Encourage those
                                     a personal registration for the
non-perishable food items,                                                 young women you see
                                     Young Adult Women’s
household and cleaning supplies                                            wandering around the hotels
                                     Department. For your
for the residential program. Of                                            and exhibit area to come and
                                     convenience, we will accept
course cash donations are                                                  be a part of the Young Adult
                                     your registration during our
always appreciated. So when                                                Women’s Department.
                                     departmental meetings. Our
you are out shopping, please         Treasurer will be glad to take
consider picking up an extra         your registration to the
item to donate. If you don’t         registration desk for you. I
want to worry about having to        cannot stress enough how
pack anything extra, then            important it is for you to
please prepare yourself to make      register. Registration is another
a financial donation of any          means by which we meet our
amount.                              budget. So please remember
                                                                                 NEW COLORS
                                     to register!
     REGISTRATION                                                              The colors for the Young
                                                                           Adult Women’s Department are
                                               T-SHIRTS                    royal blue and white. We
                                                                           usually wear royal blue and
                                                                           white on Thursday. Some of the
                                                                           members have expressed an
   Back in October, the                                                    interest in changing the colors
president sent out a letter              It is our plan to have Young      since royal blue can sometimes
asking everyone to support our       Adult Women’s Department T-           be hard to find during the
budget with a sacrificial offering   shirts available. The T-shirts will   summer months. The president
of $100. This $100 would             be on sale for $10. We are            has issued a challenge to the
include your $30 registration        asking the young adult women          members to come up with a
and an additional $70 to help        to wear your T-shirts for our         new color combination for our
us meet our budget. In               fellowship with the youth.            department. The colors must
October, the president               Wearing your T-shirts is also a       have a biblical reference (e.g.
suggested we start setting aside     good recruitment tool for our         royal blue represents the
$10 per month. If you started        department. If you have the           majesty and royalty of Christ).
setting aside $10 a month in         old royal blue T-shirt, bring that    On Thursday, you are
October, by July you will have       along also.                           encouraged to wear the colors
your $100. Certainly we know                                                                         Page 4
of your choice. We will vote on         Special Recognition
all suggestions submitted. The
person submitting the winning
combination will receive a prize.
                                                                         Our 1st Vice-President, Yashika
                                                                         Tippett was selected to receive
        IN MEMORY                                                        the Phi Delta Kappa Educator
                                                                          of Year Award for 2007. The
                                                                           award will be presented on
                                       The young adult women             May 17, 2007 at a ceremony at
                                    have been busy doing great          the Doubletree Hotel Ball Room
                                    and wonderful things. We                      in St. Alsip, IL.
                                    would like to take this time to
                                    congratulate you on all
    We pause to remember one        birthdays, births, promotions,
of our own Young Adult              graduations, elevations,
Women’s Department                  engagements, marriages, and
members, Ms. Crystal Michelle       any other special events. We
Harris of Atlanta, Georgia. Our     would especially like to
circle has been broken, but the     acknowledge the following:
memories of Crystal will live on.
We praise God for allowing our
paths to have crossed with
Crystal. We will always
remember her melodious voice,
her incredible talent and her       La’Shawn Doss of Chicago sings
beautiful spirit. We know she is     with the Chicago Mass Choir.
singing with the heavenly choir.     La’Shawn and the choir have
                                    been featured several times on
                                    television specials. In addition,
                                     they recently recorded a new
                                                                                    Ideas for
                                                                                    new colors
    In Loving Memory                Our past president, Gwendolyn                 Sponsors for
  We take time to remember all      Chambliss recently opened her
                                                                                  Regional Rally
loved ones who have been            own beauty college in Seattle,
                                             Washington.                          Donations for
called from labor to reward.
We are thankful for their lives                                                     Outreach
and cherish the memories they
left behind. We remember:
   Mother of Jackie Turman
                                                                             See you in
  Mother of Darlene Jefferson       Rev. Kecia Decosta, President of       Washington, DC!
      All other loved ones          the Eastern Region Young Adult        August 6 – August 10, 2007
                                        Women’s Department is
                                       expecting a new baby girl.

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