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									FAX MESSAGE To:Mr. Mohamed Gasim Date:May 28 Fax: 00-960-7374 From:Mr.Mostafa Degheshi Dear Mr. Gasim, Thank you for your last call. We get pleased in introducing ourselves as one of the greatest shipyard For pleasure &diving yachts constructions in Egypt &Arabian world and the owners of Explora tourism co. Concerning with your required boat we have a new one with the following specifications:    7 cabins.  one generator 20 K.W The price is 390000us$ including the previous equipment. We would also be very pleased to welcome you in Egypt and show you our shipyard and the ships under constructions  3 Toilets one engine 400 H.P Length: 18 meter.

Mostafa Degheshi Tel: 00-203-481-9840 Fax: 00-203-480-3707 GSM: 00-20-12-214-2138

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