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									Please tanya read this letter. The day we were in the garden. I had two plans in my head to success our relationship. The First plan is to try to make you love me, I missed understand you I thought that you meen the sense and you meen kissing, the game of language of the eyes didn't work. I failed The Second plan is try to convince you to work in the tourist company that's why I choosed meryland garden as it's neerby the Company in order to give you a bigger chance to love me "Idon't knaw what is the meaning of love that you wait for" as we need time and you told me that you will travel 25th december. that is why I was stupidly tried to delay reaching you to home as we will leive the place of the company. I couldn't react write. May be I'm stupid n the temporary or momental situations(as I cant' arrange my thoughts fastly when I'm tierd or upset, My mined stopped working when you told me we better come back. the only idea in my mined in that time Is if i let you go home we will loose the job and will never have time to make you love me and the relationship will fail, It's stupid becouse it's amomental thinking while I'm tiered and standing up not comfortable to help my mined to take a wise decisions but when there is a Distiny decisions like what you have told about to make you travel home or not I will have alot of time to think, and make the right decision (Haw you mesure a momental

reaction and a momental decision in a momental situation with a destiny situation that can take alot of time of thinking before taking decisions ??????) for example I f we Immagined that we heated each other or
there is any need to make you come back home to Ocrean and If i banded you you will heat me becouse it means that I don't care about you as you said, Haw can we be happy together if you didn't love me, If you don't love me that means that the life together will be impossible, don't measure what I'm doing naw with what our life will be after marriage, becouse naw I'm tring to be close to you, and naturally becouse you are a stranger and scared from the country you are tring to escape becouse you do not feel that everey think is OK, But when you will feel safe and every thing is OK you will start to give me love and give me happiness and satisfy me like I satisfy you. May be becouse you are sexually ignorant you think that man can enjoy making love with a woman without she loves him, And that's why you are afraid of me becouse I talk alot about sex and becouse you think that sex is eivel, and I just want a beautiful body to play with, I wan't to tell you that if the man didn't make the woman fall in love with him. she will be cold with him (of course becouse she don't love him or she is forced to do that with him and she don't wan't to satisfy him as her subcontious can't be controled and the subcontious is the master in making love) he will feel that he is just masterbating and will never reach the best fealings becouse making love is a soul connection before it's a body connection. Do you knaw what is the best way to make love and feel the top feeling? It's to feel that your life can't be without the other life and you wan't to leive with him or her forever and wan't to have children from him, that makes the woman and the man enjoy the best making love. and make every one make the phesical reaction that make the other enjoy more, Making love or sex is americale from the god becouse it's the best way to create families, just think about it If every partener didn't make the action that make the other sense

nobody will be enjoied, becouse if there is an only one who do the action he will not enjoy becouse he don't receive any actions from the other, that meens that even the pure phesical analizes for that problem leeds also that every partener should love the other in order to make a balance between sense to the other and receiveing sense from the other, it's a geniouse solution from the god. Trust me It's the trouth.
All the people that do sex without love they do onley a phesical connections not a soul connection, Do you knaw that when the man rent a hocher or have a temporer bed friend what he or she convince themselves ? they try convince thmeselves or by another world convince the subcontios that they love each other, and they are a lovely husband and wife in order to feel the soul connection but that is stupid becouse they can't completeley convice theire subcontious, and as i told you the subcontious is the master in this game and the subcontious can't be convinced with any thing but the truth, that means that they will never feel the complete happiness, The most things that make the woman exited in making love and for retune the man also is to feel that she want children from that guy that's why naturally the woman and the man want's to make love only with the best as theire subcontious controle them in order to have children only from the best, and to have children like their father or mother, I mean that when even the teenager (example for the humans who are only controled by their subcontios) they automatically got atracted to the best in every thing health body mined, then they want to make love with this choice. but they don't knaw why they got attracted, theire subcontios want the good reproduction. That is why I don't try to make any temporer relationships, Even whn I cried to you to sleep with me I was testing you you succeeded. I feer the god and didn't do that before with any girle, I didn't even hold a girle hand or kissed a girle as I consider sex is sacred and not to be with any one but my real love "my wife".

the western authores identify love as it starts with a kiss (of course it's incomplete difinition, as you should feel that your life is related to the other at the beginning not the kiss. To feel that your life is related to some one that comes after years, It seems to me stupid becouse life time is short there shoul be a faster technology to shorten this). and Identified to you love in the Islamic Ideia as it's the fastest and the most acurate, It start with the choice (1-apparent features like shape voice smartness 2- to measure haw much the other fear the god it's easy to be understood from the melody of speach, and from theire study to quran as no body will study quran if he don't beleive in quran if the other fear the god he or she will not be selfish every one will try to make the other as much happy as they can as for the god's wish) "it can be inside homes under the parental monotoring spechially for the young girles who have no experience, in order to save them from any wrong choices that will end with nothing but trubles" automatically the subcontious when you feel that your choice is the best It "the sub contious" will start to get you seduced and your subcontious will feel that this you time to be happy and you will fall in love. You were write Tania I didn't love you before like yestrday. And you couldn't love me also becouse I'm not the best choice yet becouse, you felt that there may be trubles becouse I talk in sex alot and that is dangerouse from you poin of view, becouse it's selfish ( but i see that after the analizes at the top it's ok ) and our family may make trubles becouse you are not the picture of the good mother as you may think, becouse I

wanted to hided from them that I gaved you the mobile I started to love you since yesterday.Do you knaw why yesterday?

Yesterday I sit by my self and started to remember all what you saied to me and what you did, becouse a girle in your situation can't be direct in her speach, It's hard for her. I rememberd many things that made me happy becouse I understood you, you saied a world that I didn't give an attention to, when you told me that you want to try the hejab " the complete islamic dressing ". I couldn't immagin at that time that you are talking seriously I thought that you are making fun, I started to lough but I didn't lough from my heart, I didn't understand what is your world means. If you accepted the Islamic dress that means that you can reject being wild and you accepted the sign of islam and you started to get close to me for the first time. I didn't notice that, I was maybe stupid or may be I was verry upset that I forget about convincing you with islam, As you told me that you will not change your principales(wild west) until you love me and In the wild west the love starts with a kiss, I tried to kiss you but I couldnt ( do you remember when I told you do you knaw the language of the eyes, naw I knaw why I couldnt becouse you are not realy western. I was depressed and I couldnt lough with you or have fun becouse I didn't finish smashing the obstakles between me and you, and all the doores were closed infront of me even to try to make you love me " Haw I can be funny while I feel too much pain inside, and thinking of the incuming problems? man should clear his mined and relax before he can be funny or he can make the other happy or feell the other, Haw can i still walking forward to a girle and she didn't make a single step towards me and didn't give me any hope, that is why i didn't truly loved, i just tried to love you, you were right, In the last day I was tring to reach you to the tourist company as it was near by the garden that is why I tried to delay reaching you home becouse I thout if you lost this job I may loose you forever, not only for 30 minuts, I tried to do that not becouse i need money, but becouse we may need more time to let you love me. as you have put a hard condition ( you should love me 1st) and that may need time, becouse!!!...... i don't knaw what to do. Do you knaw that in my childhood I heated the girls of the naked hair spechially the beautyful girles, (children are the best to feel what is natural and good even more than a lot of adults becouse they don't have desiers, that is why only the adults will be judjed in the judjment day becouse when the people start to have desier, they start to be difrenchiated between eivel spirits or good spirit, if they have the eivel spirit they will not be of the paradise inhabitants becouse there is no eivel there), Do you knaw when the the woman should cover her face? if she is so much beutiful, becouse not all the girles can affect the others by her face. do you knaw that this ru is for boys also if they are too much handsum and affect the girles and seduce them he should cover his face to avoid trubles. as what the messenger saied to one of his companions. Before yesterday I couldnt feel safe with you becouse you stoode willed in my subcontious till yester day. yesterday Is the first day of my tru love when I remembered your world (trying the hejab) naw you have smashed the obstackles between you and

me and the obstackle between me and my family, If you were serious (I think so) I will be the happiest creature in the earth, I told my mother and father about your world and they told me if she can realy sacrifice with her beuty and wear the hijab that means that she can be a good wife and they will help and give us the flat. I told you before that I love you but naw I want to tell you that I love you and wish to have children from you I think man can't say that If he can't fully trust the woman that he loves. that is the perfect love. If you declared islam that dosn't mean that you sacrifice for me, I dont deserve any sacrifices, It means that you sacrifice for your own benifits. and to keep a good relationship with the god who created you. You will fined the happiness in this. When I Immagin you and me in a private cruise, I remember Emad Elfayed "dody" the muslim miliardair, and lady Diana. Of course lady Diana didn't love him becouse he is handsum, Also not becouse he is reach she didn't need money, Of course becouse she found the trouth with him. she found the best way to understand life with him. do you knaw that she weard a half hejab before she died I meen covered her body and covered her neck with a scarf. instead of her usual short skirts, If she wasn't a princess she could cover her hair but she knaw that this will be an asurance to fast ending to her life by the hands of the western she knew that her love to Emad is dangerous becouse the wetern masters will not let her spoile the sign of the west ( ther English roial family ) by marring a muslim man, but she beleived in him and beleived in his faith to a degree that she can prefer death rather than to forgo her new faith ( Islam ). think about it I can give you a pictures for her last dresses with the scarf arround her neck. any way there is no woman can marry or by another expression love a man without to beleive in him. I want to give you today some miracles that you can understand easily: Do you knaw what are the best food and the most valuable food and haw the ofiicial association in food and medical classifications(I don't remember it's full name but it's the associatin that shoul give the permission to the medical companies before distibuting any new kined of medicales, It's in the states) arranged and clasified the kinds of food according to it's valuability? they put the white meet at the top(birds fish) No.1 then they put the mushroom after that No.2 then the red meet No.3 then the milk No.4 then beens and lentils(seeds) No.5 then vegitables No.6 The top of vegitables is union then fiber reach vegitables like snake cucumber>>> do you knaw when they have put this classifications? from about 5 year ago. do you knaw that quran put this classification from 1500 years ago. when the god was telling th story of the juish and moses, they were Inahbiting Sainay It was a disert and mounitins there was no plants or agriculture. the god saied that he descended upon them kined of bired (I don't knaw its name in english but it's like peagons but smaller in arabic called Man or Seman) and kined of mushroom called in arabic Salwa(notice the word descended it's a secound miracale becouse this kind of bird only come frome the hi sky dawn to the earth as for it's immigration they go to Sinai, that is why the god choosed the word descend, and the mushroom also is desecnded from the air dawn to the land as this kined of mushroom is wild and it's seeds fly in the air and plant it self after it descend) , that was theire daily food, but they got bored of it , and asked the messenger moses to ask the god to give

them another kineds of food, Moses saied are you want to change from what is valuable ( means the white meet Man No.1 and the mushroom Salwa No.2) to what is lower (means in valuabality) you should descend to Misr( Descend here is a third mericale,) (Misr means egypt and also means the vally and egypt actually is the implanted land around the vally of the nile that is where the people leive) (The miracle in descend here is that moving to the nile should be dawnwards as it's a vally) where you can eat from what the earth plants there of (notice the arranging of the food according to the valuability) beens > lentils > union > and snake cucumber (or cucumber). That is a great miracle the quran didnt even had a mistake in the arrangement. he put the same classifications that scintist have just reached nawadays. If there was asingle mistake in quran I will fight islam becouse gods dosn't make mistakes. Another mericale the god saied ( you see the mountins seems to you static but it moves like the move of the clouds ) of course becouse the earth is secular and move arround itself. haw aman can knaw this in that time?? Another one Is ( we descended the Iron upon earth, it verry hard and have alot of benifits to the humans) Scintests lately discovered that Iron is not of the original components of the earth as all the Iron in the planet descended from the outer space, with the shooting stars. haw a man can knaw in that time that Iron just descended. and not extracted from earht???? Another small one ( did you knaw that the heavens and the earth were originally in the beginning one peace then I exploded them ) It's the last prooved theory by the latest researches in nasa about the origin of the universe it's caled the theory of the ancient explosion... haw a man from 1500 years ao can knaw this ???? There is an un logic problem that you told about which is haw much are the people how are street, obey the god and pray 5 times aday? this is an indirect question for the folowing problem " what is the benifit of islam if there is no complete folowing in the society and it's impossible to make all the muslims educated and feer the god?. As I told you we can't benifit from Islame completely in the whole socity and in the streets If there is no complete Islamic government(but islam can be complete in the small socities like families), for example as I told you that muslims should be educated first befor we can say that they are muslims, as the god saied that seeking scince is a must for every muslim,( must means if the man refused totally to do that must he is not even a beleiver ) they can be beleivers easily by for example shawing to them mericales of quran, but they can't be muslims without Islamic education and will not feer the god becouse they didn't knaw even what will make the god angry, I had my islamic education in saudi arabia, and there is afew islamic educated muslims here in egypt, so every one of them can make a perfect happy family, but he cant change what is out side in the streets, At the past when there was islamic country and the leader was the best scintist and the most one to save quran (as the god told us to elect this kind of men) all the muslims trusted the government and payed the taxes(zakah or alms)and didn't escape from it like nawaday as they doubt that the taxes may be spend in ways againist the quran and islam learn us where to spend money, so they were paying taxes religiously as a way to

paradise they even pay more than the minimum some were paying most of theire fortions, and the government was verry carful to increase the number of the islamicaly educated men, and there was a group of men every where in the country theire job is to order the ignorant people by force( as they can't got convinced by a scintific way as they are ignorant "becouse they don't knaw what is write and what is wrong") to do what is good and to band them by force from doing bad things (it's a system like the police nawadayes) like to go the mosque by force in order to make them remember the god( as they are already inside the mosque) and don't give a chance to the satan. for example if there is a man was away from the god and decided to steel and by chance when he was walking in the street the prayer time came and the police saw him in the street, and didn't go to the mosque the police will force hime by even violence to enter the mosque, he will remember the god and he will never complete the robbary mission ( it's a geneious system and verry advanced sikological technology ). also the policemen should order the guys not to stand in the markets or the streets just to harme the girles by a look or by a world, also force the stupid ignorant girles to cover theire bodies, and band wine trades, and to increese invistements by abandoning benifits, as young people who need to work or make a small project, need a sum of money to borrow but they feer the increesing benifits) If we immagined that the there is a current islamic government and a single trusted islamicaly educated leadr and the all the muslims in the earth are under his aouthority there will never be any strugles between muslims and the others, for example sheshnias people they are not educated as they didn't brout up under any islamic system that can give them the chance to be educated, They are raised up in the buttel feilled, If they had a leader they will not do most of what they are doing like drug trade or raising the prices, that they made just to harm the other that they call enemeies, it's an ignorant reactions becouse it's not the way the messenger take to spread Islam. but no body can controle them (as they think that what are they doing is relegiously accepted but no one cane dare to tell them tha what they are doing is write as they think that all the educated muslim can't say the truth routinly becouse they fear the leaders or by another word the west), untill there is a trusted, fully eduaceted, free of any forign effects leader to oreder them then they will obey as if they didn't obey they will not go to paradise. But they don't obey any leader he should be elicted Islamically (by choosing the best scintist and the ones who choose should be scintists also not any one can be standed in the team who do the election at least he should save all the quran and it's hard, no ignorants can be standed like nawadayes, and no one of the schoolers elect himself like what hapens in the western elections, as if he elected himself that means that he have a material aime as if he fear the god he wil fear to have the responsibility, the one who the scoolers elect will be forced to be the leader as no scintist likes to be the leader as he fear the god ) It's the best dimocracy Islam didn't spread by forcing normal peapole to be muslims, they just changed the authoroty and leadersof some places by force actually nobody faced theire army in north africa (Tonisia Algeria Morocco till they reached spain where they fighted the kings there but didn't harmed the people or the buildidngs or the trees as it's totally forbiden in Islam they kept the cherches as most of the saints fear the god, and all they have don they learned people Islam by building mosques(mosque means schoole),

Islam reached Morechious china chechnia and indonisia just by the muslim traders who traveled by ships and just learned people Islam, the people their trusted them becouse they don't lie and don't cheet, that's why they listened to them. what ever Islame naw can just be seen inside some houses of the educated muslims. but the political islam wil not apear again till a man will come the messenger told us about called the awaited guided man his name is Mohammed also he will bring islam back. the west will not give any chance for the political islam to apear they naw want to fight Iran becouse it's the only country who do Islam It's the only uncorrupted and fully trusted government that makes the people pay alot of taxes to the government and will make the government stronger and the invistesments of all the arabians will go there instead of inviting in the states as they trust the islamic government as there money will not be stolen and the money will be invisted with a complete honest( do you knaw that most of the invists there are from the arabians I mean Petrole reach men, they gained their trust by holywood movies ) the onley way to band the flow of the money from out of their country, is to creat wars there they will fight them becouse the are just have weapons... It' a complete reason for them. as they do naw with Iraq, Actually they want to creat any war in the area, ( just like what England did before , as they fighted political islam in the begining by the direct invasion but they found that will cost them alot of power and souls, so they escaped from the usual muslims rebilions againist the forign system and, Instead of that created the cold war, they could weaken anny attempt for bringing back islam by abandoning Islamic education and helping the money lovers to controle the countreies, of course the money lovers didn't got any islamic education, and also they created Israel as for theire studies in relegions they knaw that jewish can be a good enemeies for muslims, and when Jeuish have a stratigic place between muslims there will be enough wars to weeken Islamic countries instead of the direct war between the west and Islam, If they didn't do that Islam will florish again and all their wealth will dis apear as invistesment is like bourse, for example when the world trade center attaked by the american government itself (inorder to give a reason for attaking afghanistan as it's one of the trusted Islamic countries and the arabic Invistors started to invest theire money there It's a play, there is no Bin Ladin If there is Bin Ladin he should be hidin inside the white house I swear by the god It's a play) the invistores gathered their money and the dollar reached less than quarter dollar. Tanya I want to invite you to the best places in egypt, you deserve more. what about International balling center please answer me,

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