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					HI SHERY Haw are u today, I need AT LEAST one package as a standard visit to show it to the visitors of the site that I'm making, Write to me an itinerary for a 4 star visitors double occupancy full board to Cairo for 4 days 3 knights including full day tour to Giza museum Saquara Memphis old Cairo, then give the price for this visit only including transportations of course After that customer should add one of the following destinations according to his interests : NOTE: you should give separate prices as much as possible. And don’t forget Theme Parties, Water sports, Entertainment, and Daily Activities Programs. Give a price for traveling to each of the following distinations, for the same couple (4 star visitors double occupancy full board) 1-Cairo/Luxor ( including all visits ) 2-Cruise Luxor/Aswan 3-Sharm (then give the costs of safaris with camels and horses also water sports should be included) Note: All food and drinks should be free in this kind of offers also rooms with private bathrooms Explain the meals - If u are afraid from giving low prices give a little bit high prices, - Give a price for 5 stars visitors - If u had time give me an itinerary for a student (very low prices) its important.

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