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									Hi, Shady Reply for the letter 1: - Thank u so much for the words, I like this singer too and the song actually as well. Reply for the letter 2 – Well, it must be very interesting, but maybe u forgot that I am Russian and in Russia the most of people are Orthodox. Me too. For this reason (I respect Coran and all the other religious books) I will not consider these data thoroughly. It is more interesting for Moslem girls. And – what does it mean – "we are from different rats"? This part I have not understood. Reply for the letter 3 – This part is interesting. Thank u. I will read it at least to enlarge my scope. Reply for letter 4 – I am not sure if I will be able to go to Florida on Fr. – my friend says that there is pretty much nothing to do there, because there are no many departments. Besides, one of our colleagues is leaving Fr. night and we have to see him off. Also, I do not like to take a taxi alone and go somewhere – this is not good. I am 27 by the way. Work as translator/interpreter. And – I don't think any Egyptian girl would like u talking about what u call xxx straight away. And what does it mean – "as u know"? I don't know, and I don't want to know. Sincerely, Tanya

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