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The Chronicles tell the story of a small rural historic village and parish in
 Kent, from the Bronze Age to the 21st Century. For several centuries the       Tel: ______________________________
     Manor of Westwell was a refectory farm for Christchurch Priory,            I enclose cheque payable to Headley Brothers Digital to the
Canterbury, held by somewhat dubious means. It is an account of the lives
                                                                                value of £
 of the actual people living in Westwell in all aspects – how they lived and
 worked, their struggles to cope with events local, of the wider world and      Or Debit my Credit Card for £
personal; the impact of wars and uprisings, death, poverty, their forms of
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               recreation, housing, education and transport.
 The Chronicles show the changes that have taken place over the centuries,      Credit Card No.
  the advent of local government and, in more modern times, the threat of
spreading urbanisation from Ashford, the impact of the high-speed railway       Expiry Date:
  and the motorway. Yet, thanks to the people of Westwell, much has not
changed and Westwell remains, so far, a delightful rural oasis under the lee
                   of the North Downs and Pilgrim’s Way.                        ___________________________________________
   The work is fully referenced with detailed documentation and index,          Note: You can also visit the Printers at the above address to
                    plus sketch maps and photographs.                           purchase the book. Ring the number below to arrange.
                                                                                Tel: Will Inshaw, Digital Manager at Headley Brothers Digital
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