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									Miracles of quran are counted by thouthands and we still discovering new miracles daily It's stupid to use a complicated macheen without to read the manual written by it's manufacturer becouse you will wais alot of time to know haw to use it the best way and you will spoil it, That is the same to do with ourselves we are a complicated creatures, If we read the manual of our creator which are the heaven books each according to the it's age, so we will not waist time discovering what is the best way, life is so short for that. Islamic system includes the message of Moses and Jesus peice on them. the message of Mohammed is update for theire messages. Muslims loves jesus more than any other nation ----------------------Don't forget to be aware of quran miracales, It's not made by human, We discove alot of new scintefic mericales in quran daily. It have the scince of today and the scince of future, if you don't beleive search for Quran Miracles in the net. Mohamed is not stuipid to talk about scintefic theories (which are facts now) and these theories may be proofed it's viseversa in the future, then says there is no mistake in quran, (as every body know No human made a book without mistakes), he is not stupid to say that, but that is tru the quran have no scintefic mistakes. All the scintefic miracles in quran could never be discovered without the latest scintefic equipments and knowlage, like telescope or microscope, xray etc. Examples: between { } is parts of holly quran 1- The 1st and only full discription of the human creating steps and the shapes it take till it comes full baby. till now there is no names of theese shapes by words but in quran, they name it by nombers only till now. 2- The 1st discription of the creating of the univers.(the expantion of the univers). 3- the 1st book to say that the earth is like the ball not only that it mentioned that it's not a perfect ball{ we ball the day into the night and ball the night into the day} dinamic discription. {and you sea the earth we reduce it from it's sides} 4- The 1st book to discribe the mountains not only the apparent shap above the ground but also it's shape under the ground, as schoolers discovered that most of the mountain is under the ground as it's solid materials are extended under the ground like the the shape of the nails or pins { we made the mountains like the pins} 5- The 1st book that says that there is movement for the mountains. {and you see the mountains you think that it's freezed but it moves like the movement of the clouds} that's tru the mountains move with the earth moves which are many, also it's sliding to. http://www.miraclesofthequran.com/index2.html

So if you are brilliant just post one scintefic mistake in the quran. or at least answer the mentioned mirakles not all as they are counted by hundresds of thouthands miracles. and still there is new miracles to discover. The point is haw to speak about these scintefic facts 1500years ago. Lets think deeply.

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