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Don Chase in the Morning for Apr 15


									Don Chase in the Morning for April 15, 2011

Here is your weather forecast for April 15 & 16:
Today: Partly sunny & 75
Tonight: Cloudy, chance of rain & 63
Saturday: A chance of showers & t-storms tomorrow. High 75

Congrats to those in the WKML Family celebrating birthdays:

Tammy Adams
Debbie Abbott
Juanita Barnes
Brittany Beasley
Teri Bell
Kevin Blundell
Julie Braddock
April Carter
Ellen Cashwell
Renee Cherry
James Coley
Cassidy Conley
Becky Cook
Brian Daniel
Tina Dawson
Angela Edwards
Sheila Faircloth
Darin Gallant
Robert Garner
Tricia Gurney
Penny Guyton
Connie Haithcox
Jessica Hunt
Cathy Jones
Teresa Knight
Andrew Lanterman
Carroll Junior Locklear
Kristina Locklear
Patricia Locklear
Debra McNeill
Sarah McVicker
Robbie Miller
Cheryl Nixon
Francine Norris
Tina Owens
Ramona Pegram
Jerrell Reynolds
Patsy Schroeder
Rosetta Shebelbon
Lorana Simmons
Walter Simmons
Treena Smith
Carolyn Tart
Carolyn Taylor
Carrie Taylor
Tammy Thompson
Jason Thrift
Deb Tillery
Melissa Vinson
Jeannine Watts
Jesse Witz
Happy anniversary Betty & Doug West

Roger Sykes
Ronnie Wike
Susan Wilkins, the Bride of the Mayor of Butters, Walter Wilkins
Happy anniversary Adam & Leanne Jackson

Anna Grace Boone
Joann Carter
Trooper Kyle Covington
Howard Crisp
Chad Hammonds
Judy Hart

Congratulations to Ramona Pegram on winning “Chick-fil-A” for a day.” A breakfast
biscuit, a chicken sandwich combo meal for lunch and a spicy chicken sandwich for
dinner. E-mail your birthdays and anniversaries to Don‟t
forget the name of the person celebrating the birthday and their daytime telephone
number. THANXXX! Don.

Another J&J Recall
Johnson & Johnson has announced a recall of 57,000 bottles of the prescription
anti-seizure medication Topamax following consumer complaints of an
“uncharacteristic odor.” The company said the recall represents two lots of the
Topamax 100 mg tablets made by its Ortho-McNeil Neurologics division. The
affected drugs were shipped and distributed between October 19, 2010 and
December 28, 2010 in the United States and Puerto Rico. The company said it
believes fewer than 6,000 bottles of the medicine remain in the marketplace to be
recalled. Last month, the government announced it was taking over three Tylenol
plants operated by McNeil following a wave of drug recalls and a Food and Drug
Administration criminal investigation into safety issues at the factories. The
company said at the time that the smell was caused by trace amounts of the
chemical TBA, which is applied to wooden pallets used to transport and store
packaging materials.


Aldean, Jason --- Jason Aldean knows his new single, "Dirt Road Anthem," isn't
your usual country ditty, and he's OK with that. He tells us, "Being something that
doesn't sound like everything else is a good thing." The tune was originally written
and recorded by Colt Ford, who first gained notoriety for his rapping re-make of
Montgomery Gentry's "Roll With Me."

Bryan, Luke --- Luke Bryan had an idea for a sexy video for his new single,
"Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" -- but he jokes that his wife put the kibosh on that.
Nonetheless, you can expect something off the beaten path, like his ACM New Artist
video campaign last year, which featured Luke in a leotard dancing to Beyonce's
"All the Single Ladies." He tells us, "I've got some funny ideas about it, but
sometimes those are quite scary."
Luke will shoot the video for "Country Girl" next week in L.A.

Cash, Johnny --- Johnny Cash‟s boyhood home in Dyess, Arkansas, will be restored
with funds from a music festival scheduled for August 4th in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Located in a Depression-era farming colony, the home will be purchased by
Arkansas State University. Festival proceeds will also benefit a Johnny Cash
Boyhood Museum in the New Deal Era Administration Building at Dyess. The Johnny
Cash Music Festival will feature concerts by his daughter Rosanne Cash, his son and
daughter-in-law John Carter Cash and Laura Cash, his brother Tommy Cash and his
granddaughter Chelsea Crowell. Additional performers will include Rodney Crowell,
George Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Gary Morris and bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent.
Cash died in 2003.
Duncan, Whitney --- The 20-year-old cousin of up-and-coming country star Whitney
Duncan has been kidnapped from her West Tennessee home. Holly Bobo's older
brother saw her last, as a man dressed in camouflage dragged her from the carport
at the family's home into the woods. Whitney has posted an Amber Alert on her
Facebook page with details. The 20-year-old Bob is a nursing student. A $25,000
reward has been offered for information leading to her return.

Judds, The --- Naomi Judd is admitting to some of the accusations that daughter
Ashley has made in her new memoir, All That Is Bitter and Sweet. Ashley writes
that her childhood was full of "trauma, abandonment, addiction and shame." And
Mama Judd tells Us Weekly, "I was horrible. I didn't know any better."

McGraw/Hill --- Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will read from Shakespeare's Merry
Wives of Windsor on May 9th to benefit the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles.
Other celebs taking part in the reading include Christina Applegate, Tom Hanks,
William Shatner, Eric Idle, Arte Johnson and Rita Wilson.

Most Beautiful --- Carrie Underwood is appearing in People magazine's Most
Beautiful issue for the fifth year in a row. Kellie Pickler also gets a nod in the "25
Beauties and Hotties at 25" section. The 50 Most Beautiful issue will be on
newsstands tomorrow.

Paisley, Brad --- Brad Paisley is working on a song for a big summer movie, but
he's keeping mum about which one. Brad Tweets, "It's great. So many different
elements.A collision of worlds, so to speak."

Rascal Flatts --- Rascal Flatts' former managers are suing for a cut of the group's
current tour, as well as for royalties related to TV appearances and DVDs that they
say they negotiated. The Flatts ended their management agreement with the
plaintiffs in February.

Swift, Taylor --- Taylor Swift is up for a slew of Billboard Music Awards, including
the all-genre Top Artist and Top Billboard 200 Artist. She's also up for Top Female
Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Country Artist, Top Country Album for Speak
Now and Top Country Song for "Mine." The awards air live on ABC on May 22nd.


A milk truck driver in Northern Ireland is being hailed as a hero after saving two
men in a burning car -- by spraying the vehicle with the contents of his truck.
Michael Coyle was driving by the scene of a wreck when one of the cars burst into
flames, with two men trapped inside. Fire chief Jeffrey said that it was the first time
in his 28 years of service he had seen a car fire being extinguished with milk.

Folks in Fort Worth, Texas, are angry because their property values are being
driven down by some pigs in the neighborhood. Real pigs, that is. Residents who
live on the banks of the Trinity River have reported that their homes and
landscaping are being damaged by packs of feral hogs that have moved into the
area. Animal control officers referred the matter to police, who say they'll only
respond if the porky perps are caught in the act.

The judges of the annual Scotch Tape sculpture contest have announced this year‟s
grand prize winner – an elaborate scene of a brother and sister fishing. The life-size
sculpture was made using 12 rolls of the brand‟s packaging tape. Called “The Big
One,” the sculpture, created by Kent Hathaway of Oklahoma City, depicts a young
boy reeling in a fish while his sister hangs on to the back straps of his overalls to
keep him from falling into the water. Scotch judges said the sculpture “stuck out”
from dozens of other entries, thanks to its intricate details, such as the boy‟s rolled
jeans and the bows in his sister‟s pigtails. The Scotch “Off the Roll” tape sculpture
contest‟s winning entry was chosen by a panel of experts based on creativity,
execution, presentation and more than 11,000 online public votes. Hathaway
earned $5,000 for his effort. You can see the entries at

A New Port Richey, Florida, family was shocked by their beagle‟s discovery in their
backyard pool – a 10-foot-long alligator. Annemarie Donovan said her husband,
Kenneth, came home from lunch Tuesday and spotted the gator when he went out
to see why the family‟s dog, Jake, was barking. The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission sent trapper Candy Moniz to catch the reptile. The
Donovans said the alligator managed to chip a pool tile during its struggle with
Moniz. The animal will be put down as part of Fish and Wildlife‟s nuisance policy.

Montana resident and world‟s oldest man Walter Breuning died at a Montana
retirement home yesterday. He was 114. Officials at Rainbow Senior Living
retirement home in Great Falls said Breuning died of natural causes. He was
hospitalized last week, but the retirement home did not confirm why or for how
long he had already been ill, except that he was in stable condition. Breuning was
listed as the world‟s oldest man in 2009 and was the second oldest person in the
world. He was born September 21, 1896 in Melrose, Minnesota. He moved to Great
Falls in 1918 and worked with a railroad company for over 50 years. He attributed
his long life to eating two meals a day, working hard and embracing change. The
world‟s oldest woman is 114-year-old Besse Cooper of Georgia, who was born 26
days before Breuning.
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A Florida woman triggered a bizarre high-speed chase when she ignored a police
officer trying to pull her over -- and pulled into a fast-food drive-thru instead.
Roberta Spen was about to be issued a ticket for faulty brake lights, but rather than
pull into the McDonald's parking lot as asked, she ordered lunch and sped off. Once
she did pull over, she refused to leave her vehicle, so cops smashed the driver's
side window and yanked her out. She was ordered to undergo a mental health

A Florida man might want to consider getting a job in law enforcement -- since he
managed to find the thugs who stole his car without the help of cops. Ben Gaskill
got a little bit lucky, since he randomly stopped right behind the stolen Hyundai at a
red light near his home. He recognized the car, which went missing while he and his
family were on vacation earlier in the week, by the flower sticker he'd placed on the
rear window. Gaskill did call the police to come and fetch the three teenagers
who'd pilfered the ride. They were charged with larceny and possession of

An 81-year-old Jacksonville, Florida, man used a pan full of fried potatoes and a
pitchfork to fight off an armed robber he found in his home. Bobby Smith said he
was working in his garden about 11 a.m. Saturday when his 65-year-old caretaker
came out and said there was someone inside the house. Smith went into his kitchen
and discovered a man standing next to his oven with a gun in one hand and stolen
items in the other, including ID cards and a plastic bag of money. Bobby said the
robber shoved him to the ground and took his wallet. “I grabbed the frying pan and
hit him upside the head. I knocked his teeth out ... and he went to the floor,” Smith
said. “There was a pitchfork about 6 feet away ... [and] I stuck him,” Bobby added.
Smith said the robber fled, “bleeding on the way out.” A K-9 dog discovered the
stolen wallet near the home.

Officials with a Charlotte, North Carolina, children‟s library said a man and woman
were banned from all county libraries after being caught having sex in the facility.
Police said the 20-year-old man and 18-year-old woman were caught in the act by
a library worker and a security officer in the ImaginOn children‟s library‟s teen
lounge. Tuesday afternoon. The library said there were no children in the area at
the time, but the section is not walled off and there would have been nothing
stopping library-goers from entering the lounge during the incident. The couple has
been banned from all Charlotte Mecklenburg Library facilities. Both participants
were issued citations for indecent exposure and face fines.

A Windermere, Florida, man whose wife‟s car had been stolen said he was shocked
to see the vehicle in front of him when he stopped at a red light. Ben Gaskill and his
family returned from a weekend trip Sunday to find their home had been broken
into and the culprits had taken his wife‟s 2005 Hyundai Sonata using the spare keys
from the house. Gaskill said he left work Monday and was on his way to a hardware
store when he stopped at a red light and recognized a familiar flower sticker in the
rear window of the vehicle in front of him. He called 911 and directed deputies to
the stolen vehicle‟s location. Deputies arrested three 17-year-olds and a 16-year-
old in connection with the case. Marijuana was discovered in the car, investigators

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Dr. Ralph Richardson, teacher.
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everything you gave me." What a great thought. "When I stand before God at the
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Major League Baseball scores from yesterday/last night:
Colorado 6, at NY Mets 5
Colorado 9, at NY Mets 4
Tampa Bay 4, Minnesota 3
NY Yankees 6, Baltimore 5
Philadelphia 4, at Washington 0
Milwaukee 4, at Pittsburgh 1
Florida 6, at Atlanta 5
Houston 1, San Diego 0
Kansas City 5, Seattle 1
Detroit 3, at Oakland 0
St. Louis 9, at LA Dodgers 5

Games today/tonight:
Baltimore at Cleveland 7:05 PM
Texas at NY Yankees 7:05 PM
Milwaukee at Washington 7:05 PM
Florida at Philadelphia 7:05 PM
Toronto at Boston 7:10 PM
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 7:10 PM
Minnesota at Tampa Bay 7:10 PM
NY Mets at Atlanta 7:35 PM
San Diego at Houston 8:05 PM
LA Angels at Chicago White Sox 8:10 PM
Seattle at Kansas City 8:10 PM
Chicago Cubs at Colorado 8:40 PM
San Francisco at Arizona 9:40 PM
Detroit at Oakland 10:05 PM
St. Louis at LA Dodgers 10:10 PM

Sunday at 12noon, it's the Aarons 499 from Talladega Superspeedway.

AMERICAN IDOL: With the elimination of Paul McDonald, the Top 8 became the Top
7 on last night's American Idol.
-Jennifer Lopez asked Paul to perform "Maggie May" as his swan song. He slapped
hands with the remaining singers as the curtain came down.
-Joining Paul on the bottom three were Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart.
-Kelly Clarkson performed "Don't You Wanna Stay," with country singer Jason
-Rihanna performed "California King Bed."

Bad news for soap opera fans -- All My Children and One Life to Live have been
cancelled. In a statement, Susan Lucci said, "It's been a fantastic journey. I loved
playing Erica Kane and working with [show creator] Agnes Nixon and all the
incredible people involved with All My Children. I'm looking forward to all kinds of
new and exciting opportunities." ABC execs partly blamed "the changing viewing
patterns of the audience" for the move. One Life to Live will air its final episode in
January, and All My Children's will come in September. Each show has been on the
air for more than 40 years.

Producers say they have not been talking with Charlie Sheen about returning to
Two and a Half Men. The actor claimed he was in talks to return to his old sitcom
and that there was an 85-percent chance he'd be back, but Warner Brothers
Television said yesterday (Thursday) that was a lie. In a letter to Charlie's lawyers,
Warner wrote, "Those statements are false. As you know, there have been no
discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his
(Sheen's) returning to or having any involvement with the series." In turn,
Charlie's lawyer, Marty Singer, called Warner's allegations "absolutely false." He
told TMZ, "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have
been involved -- Warner Brothers, CBS, [show co-creator] Chuck Lorre and Charlie
Sheen." Charlie was fired from the CBS comedy in March.

New Movie Releases:

“Rio” (Wide) (PG)
Stars Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan and Jemaine

“Scream 4” (Wide) (R)
Stars Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin and Anthony

Daytime Lineup:
Live with Regis & Kelly (Syn) Mike Catherwood (radio personality from “Dancing
With the Stars”) and David Arquette.
The View (ABC) Shirley MacLaine, Evan Rachel Wood, k.d. lang and Fabrice Morvan
(Milli Vanilli).
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syn) Tortured by his own family: The six-year-old who
was chained in a closet speaks out.
Dr. Phil (Syn) Teenage confessions.
The Martha Stewart Show (Syn) The Dirt Show with Martha Stewart Living deputy
garden editor Tony Bielaczyc.
The Tyra Show (Syn) The Tyra Show version of “Let‟s Make a Deal!”
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syn) Jamie Foxx, Old Spice ad guy Isaiah Mustafa and
singer-songwriter Jessie J.
Rachael Ray Show (Syn) Russell Brand.
The Doctors (Syn) 50 questions from 50 families.
The Dr. Oz Show (Syn) What would you do? Hidden cameras reveal the truth.
The Wendy Williams Show (Syn) A deserving mom gets a Family Dollar Mom Room
The Talk (CBS) Hayden Panettiere.
The Gayle King Show (OWN) Michael Fazio, David Foster and Natalie Williamson.
Primetime Lineup:
Shark Tank (ABC)
Primetime: What Would You Do? (ABC)
20/20 (ABC)
Blue Bloods (CBS)
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)
Fringe (Fox)
Friday Night Lights (NBC) Season premiere.
Dateline NBC (NBC)
Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)
American Restoration (History) Series premiere.
The Whitest Kids U‟ Know (IFC) Season premiere.

Late Night Lineup:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) John Travolta, Leslie Mann and Eliza
Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) Tina Fey, Gaslight Anthem and comedian
Tommy Johnagin.
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) Robin Wright and Dan Riskin.
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Pauley
Perrette and chef Marcel Vigneron. (R)
Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) Bill Hader, Stuart Gordon and The Morning
Benders. (R)
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Norm MacDonald, Elisha Cuthbert and Funeral Party. (R)
Tavis Smiley (PBS) Entertainment exec Peter Guber and author Sarah Vowell.
Chelsea Lately (E!) Elizabeth Berkley, Ross Mathews, Jeff Wild and Josh Wolf. (R)


AIR TRAFFIC SNOOZERS: Boss Grounds Himself
The government official in charge of air traffic controllers, a profession scandalized
by four recent reports of employees sleeping on the job, will have plenty of time for
shut-eye himself after resigning yesterday (Thursday). Hank Krakowski was director
of the Federal Aviation Administration's Air Traffic Organization, a position he'd held
since 2007. FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt accepted Krakowski's resignation,
saying, "Over the last few weeks we have seen examples of unprofessional conduct
on the part of a few individuals that have rightly caused the traveling public to
question our ability to ensure their safety. This conduct must stop immediately."
Congress passed the compromise budget for the rest of 2011 yesterday, sending
the bill to the White House for President Obama's signature. The bi-partisan
agreement cuts $38.5 billion from the federal budget. The House passed the bill by
a vote of 260-167 vote, with 59 Republicans opposing. It sailed through the Senate
by an 81-19 vote.

Verizon Wireless's "Can You Hear Me Now" guy is out of a job. Paul Marcarelli tells
the Atlantic that the cell-phone giant informed him in September that it was taking
its advertising in a different direction. He'd been uttering his catch phrase on TV
and radio for nine years, but he's glad to let the role go. Marcarelli says, "Don't feel
bad for me, but I'm definitely glad that chapter is over."

Job Seekers Should Follow Proper Etiquette
Job seekers who don‟t follow proper etiquette are hurting their chances of landing a
gig, even if they may be a good fit for the position. More than one-in-five hiring
managers say they are less likely to hire a candidate if they don‟t send a thank-you
note after an interview, according to new survey by CareerBuilder. Of those who
would dismiss a candidate for the faux pas, 86% say it shows a lack of follow-
through, while 56% say it sends the message that they aren‟t really serious about
the opportunity. Other highlights:
89% of hiring managers say it is okay to send a thank-you note in the form of an e-
mail, with half saying it is actually the way they prefer to receive them.
Once they‟ve read a candidate‟s cover letter, seven-in-ten hiring managers say they
prefer to see a career summary at the top of a résumé instead of an objective;
57% think a résumé should be two pages long.
When asked what catches their eye the most on a résumé, hiring managers said:
Bulleted list of accomplishments (51%)
Career summary at the top (40%)
Relevant key words (39%)
Résumé that is customized to the open position (36%)

The Real Cost Of Dating has new insights for singles when it comes to money and dating. A new
survey reveals a significant disparity between the expectations of men and women
when it comes to finances and dating. It also reveals how singles feel about how
much to spend preparing for dates, the cost of a first date and the effects of debt
on a relationship. Highlights include:
-Men are three times more likely to think there are expectations on how much they
need to spend on dating and more likely to consider cost a factor when planning for
a date. However, 55% of women don‟t want an expensive date, they‟d rather their
date keep it casual by meeting up for coffee. One third of women said they have
shared expenses with their date.
-46% of women said it doesn‟t matter how much their potential partner spends on
a date. In fact, 46% said they would be fine if their date used a coupon to pay for
the date.
-Over half of men are spending more than $50 on a date. Women, on the other
hand, are three times more likely to only spend $25 or less.
-Women spend more money on activities to prepare for their dates than men –
53% said they spend money in advance on new outfits and pre-date grooming,
while 65% spend more than $50 on preparing for the date.
-57% of singles say debt has an impact on how they view potential partners, and it
would cause them to reevaluate their relationships; 74% said more than $5,000 of
credit card debt is a turn off.
-82% of singles said that financially generous actions like tipping, donating and
tithing would increase their interest in their date.
-76% of singles are saving for retirement and 45% of singles are planning to use
this year‟s tax return to pay off bills/debt, while 10% are planning to invest their

Memorable Erica Kane Moments
With the announcement that two of ABC‟s long-running soap operas will come to an
end, one of the genre‟s most iconic figures, Susan Lucci, is ready to move on. Lucci,
64, has played the character Erica Kane since 1970, when the show began. “It‟s
been a fantastic journey,” Lucci said. “I loved playing Erica Kane and working with
[show creator] Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with „All My
Children.‟ I‟m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.” Over
the years, Erica Kane was:
-Married 10 times – not counting marriages that were deemed invalid.
-Accused of murder.
-Cheated on one of her husband‟s with his brother.
-Served time in prison for kidnapping.
-Facially disfigured in a car accident.
-Beat addictions to prescription drugs and alcohol following a back injury.
-Raped, and years later stabbed another husband after hallucinating that he was
her rapist.
-Secretly took birth control pills behind another husband‟s back.
-She also had an abortion – the first legal abortion on TV. Or rather she thought
she did. Erica found out later that her doctor stole the unborn child and implanted it
in another woman, who gave birth and raised the baby as her own.
-Other stars who got their big break on the soap opera include Kelly Ripa, Sarah
Michelle Gellar, Josh Duhamel and “CSI: Miami‟s” Eva LaRue.

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