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					BINGHAMTON ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS CONSTITUTION                                  V2.1


This organization is a university chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA that
provides engineering solutions to socio-economically disadvantaged communities both
local and worldwide. While utilizing engineering professionals as guides, students will
create and implement technological systems that will improve the quality of life in these

     1.0 The official name of this organization is Engineers Without Borders:
            Binghamton University Chapter.

               1.0.a This chapters name shall be abbreviated as BU-EWB.

     2.0 BU-EWB is open to all Binghamton University students, faculty, and/or staff.

               2.0.a No member shall be discriminated against on the grounds of age,
                      color, gender, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race,
                      religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

               2.0.b Any person shall be considered an ACTIVE MEMBER if he/she
                      attends more than one-half of all meetings and fulfills any external
                      duties bestowed upon him/her by BU-EWB.

               2.0.c Any person shall be considered a MEMBER if he/she is on the
                      official PAWS listserve.

               2.0.d If a member wishes to become a member of Engineers Without
                       Borders-USA’s national chapter, he/she shall pay an annual
                       national membership fee (to be determined by the current
                       executive board) to cover the National Chapter Fee.

       2.1 Membership Rights and Responsibilities

               2.1.a Members shall actively participate in BU-EWB by attending
                      meetings regularly and participating in various projects.

               2.1.b Active members shall be responsible in helping to meet the goals of
     3.0 Membership on the executive board is open to any undergraduate or graduate
            student as long as four-fifth’s of the executive board are undergraduate

       3.1 Leadership Philosophy

              3.1.a All executive board members hold equally the power to investigate
                     opportunities and endeavors they deem beneficial to the
                     achievement of the clubs goals, both immediate and future.

              3.1.b Any member or non-member who wishes to propose a project must
                     make a formal presentation to the executive board. The executive
                     board must have a two-thirds vote to approve the project. If
                     approved, the president, local projects chairman and member
                     proposing the project must present the project to the faculty
                     advisors. The advisors can then approve, dent or send the project
                     back for revisions.

       3.2 Executive Board positions are:
              3.2.a President (Open to undergraduate students only)
              3.2.b Vice President (Open to undergraduate students only)
              3.2.c Local Projects Chairman
              3.2.d Treasurer (Open to undergraduate students only)
              3.2.e Public Relations Chairman
              3.2.f Fundraising Chairman
              3.2.g Secretary
              3.2.h Webmaster

       3.3 Responsibilities of the Executive Board

              3.3.a The President shall oversee and assist in the coordination of all
                     activities of BU-EWB. He/she shall be in communication with all
                     members of the executive board to assist in the planning of all
                     events. The President shall also run all executive board and
                     general body meetings. As meeting coordinator, the President
                     shall be responsible for putting together an agenda for each
                     meeting. The responsibility of the President shall also include
                     contacting Engineers Without Borders-USA, securing an interim
                     ational project and facilitating the sequential work needed to
                     complete the project. The President shall be an undergraduate
                     student and shall pass a Treasurer Certification exam set forth by
                     the SA. The President Elect (newly elected for the next academic
                     year) shall be responsible for familiarizing the new executive
                     board with BU-EWB policies and procedures and creating the
       annual newsletter to be released no later than the start of the fall

3.3.b The Vice President shall be responsible for filling in for the
       President when the President is unable to attend meetings. The
       Vice President shall assist the President in the process of
       contacting Engineers Without Borders-USA, securing an
       international project and the sequential work needed to complete
       the project. The Vice President shall also be responsible for
       assisting the president with the administration of the executive
       board. To be eligible, the Vice President shall be an undergraduate

3.3.c The Local Projects Chairman shall be responsible for managing the
       local community service projects of BU-EWB. Responsibilities
       include, but are not limited to: acquiring projects, conceptual and
       concrete designs, budgeting, construction and project and team
       management. At least one local project should be completed per

3.3.d The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping track of all dues paid
       by members and sending said dues into Engineers Without
       Borders-USA (if applicable). In addition, the treasurer shall
       coordinate all money coming in through fund raising. The
       Treasurer shall assist in checking the SA mailbox along with the
       Secretary, and bringing any pertinent news to the executive board’s
       attention. In addition, the Treasurer shall serve as the liaison with
       the Student Association regarding the budget, Student Association
       policies, and coordinated efforts. To be eligible, the Treasurer
       shall be an undergraduate student and shall pass a Treasurer
       Certification exam set forth by the SA.

3.3.e The Public Relations Chairman shall be responsible for marketing
       the organization and constantly improving the organizations public
       image. This includes speaking on the behalf of the organization
       and third parties, advertising meetings, local projects and special
       events, keeping the BU-EWB Bulletin Board up to date and
       appealing, and maintaining the organizations Facebook Group if
       applicable. This may include, but is not limited to: organizing and
       scheduling tabling events, organizing and scheduling general
       interest meetings, organizing, designing and distributing flyers, and
       placing ads in any university media (Pipedream, BTV, WHRW,
       etc.) The Public Relations Chairman is also responsible for alumni
       relations, updating the alumni listserve and assisting with the
       distribution of the annual newsletter to alumni.
       3.3.f The Fundraising Chairman shall be responsible for all group
               activities involving fundraising, specifically the planning and
               carrying out of fundraising efforts. The Fundraising Chairman will
               meet with the executive board to discuss any issues or planning of

       3.3.g The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes of all meetings
              and making them available to anyone who is interested. In
              addition, the Secretary shall be responsible for drafting and
              distributing organization announcements on the WTSN Listserve,
              B-Line and PAWS, maintaining an accurate external contact list,
              checking the SA mailbox in conjunction with the Treasurer,
              drafting any new documents and assisting the President in
              maintaining communication with the SA regarding concerns and

       3.3.h The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining the
              organizations website with up-do-date, accurate information and
              announcements, organization news and past project information,
              accomplishments and photos.

3.4 Selection for an Executive Board position

       3.4.a Positions shall be opened for replacement annually with an election
               period at a general body meeting in the third week of March unless
               spring break falls on that week. In this case elections will be held
               the week before vacation.

       3.4.b Potential members shall submit a letter of intent specifying why
              he/she would be a good candidate two weeks prior to the election.

       3.4.c Election to positions shall be determined by a majority vote of all
               active and present members of BU-EWB.

       3.4.d The elected members of the board shall assume office subsequent to
              the termination of the current academic semester.

       3.4.e In the case that a position is vacant, midterm elections will be held in
               an attempt to fill the position(s).

       3.4.f In the case that an individual is elected to more than one position,
               he/she may choose which position he/she wishes to fill and the
               individual with the second largest number of votes shall take the
               vacant position.
              3.4.g In the case that a “write-in” wins an election, the candidate may
                      choose to decline the position. In this case, the individual with the
                      second largest number of votes shall take the vacant position.

              3.4.h If any member believes the e-board election was run improperly,
                      he/she may present evidence to the current e-board. If the involved
                      parties can work out a resolution on their own, the compromise
                      may pass the current e-board by a majority vote of those not
                      involved. If a resolution is not reached, a majority vote by
                      members of the e-board not involved in the incident will decide if a
                      reelection should take place. If time does not permit for a
                      reelection in the current semester, it will take place the following
                      semester and administered by an e-board member not involved in
                      the incident.

       3.5 Impeachment or Resignation of an Executive Board Member

              3.5.a Any member of the Executive Board that does not fulfill the entirety
                     of his/her duties shall be considered for impeachment by the
                     remaining executive board.

              3.5.b A two-thirds vote of the remaining Executive Board is needed for

              3.5.c In case of impeachment or resignation of an e-board member, an
                      interim election shall be held and the elected student shall fill in for
                      the duties for the remainder of the vacant e-board members
                      official term.

              3.5.d In case of impeachment or resignation of the President, the Vice
                      President shall fill in for the President’s duties for the remainder of
                      the President’s official term. An interim election for Vice-
                      President may take place at the discretion of the remaining e-board.

       3.6 Each e-board member has the right and privilege to form committees to help
              him/her with his/her duties.

     4.0 BU-EWB shall have an official advisory council consisting of faculty and
           professionals dedicating their time and knowledge to the BU-EWB cause.
           These people will assist, when possible, with various design modifications
           and other professional support.
     5.0 Executive Board members shall hold weekly or biweekly meetings at the
            discretion of the current e-board.

      5.1 General body meetings will be called and announced, typically biweekly or
             monthly, by the President, Vice-President or Secretary at the discretion of
             the current e-board.

     6.0 Any change in the BU-EWB constitution must be approved by a two-thirds
            vote of the executive board. The amendment suffix on the version number
            shall increase by one on the successful passing of a new amendment.

      6.1 New by-laws may be created or existing by-laws amended by a two-thirds
            majority of the members of the executive board.

      6.2 A Constitutional Overhaul consists of a line by line update and approval of the
             current constitution. This shall be minimally completed every four years
             from the date of the last version. After every constitutional overhaul, the
             version number shall increase by one on the successful passing of the
             overhauled constitution.

     7.0 The main function of BU-EWB shall be the accomplishment of at least one
            local project per semester within and around the community of

      7.1 A second focus of BU-EWB shall be the planning, application and fundraising
             for global projects with EWB-USA.

             7.1.a Global projects, once established, may occur once or for many years
                    consecutively and will involve the selection of a group of BU-
                    EWB students to form a design team. The team will utilize the
                    money raised and attained by BU-EWB as well as their
                    engineering skills to accomplish the goals of the global project.

             7.1.b Selection of these students will occur within the organization and
                    nominees will be judged based on their engineering and
                    managerial merit and work within the organization. The final
                    decision will be made by a majority vote within the executive
                    board. Multiyear design team replacements will be chosen the
                    same way, with consideration given to students recommended by
                    the remaining design team members.

             __________________________      __________________________
                      President                       Vice President

             __________________________      __________________________
                      Treasurer                    Local Projects Chairman

             __________________________      __________________________
                     Webmaster                     Fundraiser Chairman

             __________________________      __________________________
                     Secretary                   Public Relations Chairman

Date              Type             Version         Drafter             Notes
10/13/2009        Revision         V2.1            Nick Fannin         Format,
09/07/2008        Overhaul         V2.0            Kelsey Pieper       Added e-board
                                                                       membership &
09/2004           Created          V1.0                                Drafted

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