Celebrate Irvington June 25_2011 - Arts In Irvington

					                      Celebrate Irvington

                                 June 25,2011

Welcome to Celebrate Irvington, presented courtesy of the
Association of Irvington Merchants (AIM) and sponsored
by AIM and the Historical Irvington Community
Council. This annual event showcases what makes Irvington
unique and special.

This year's events are outlined in this map. A list of events
and venues is listed as well as a list of artists participating in
the 4thAnnual Irvington Art Walk.
A special thanks to..

Q Artistry for designing our posters and flyers
Moeller Printing for printing the flyers
Marti Icenogle for all she has done to help with the event
George Thomas Florists and Jockamo Pizza for helping to promote
the event
Roscoe's Tacos for the great ideas and help in this year's event
accessABlLlTY for the use of the shuttle ... it is greatly appreciated!

  accessAbility will be running a shuttle during the ART WALK with
   stops at accessabilty, Walgreens, Dufours, and Roscoe's Tacos.


 1 1 1 ~ \S?O(.l \'l'lO\   of'
 ll\\ I\(; lo\ \lKl\(:ll \\'I3
1 accessABlLlTY                      TENTS near Bookmamas
                                        Michael Arbuckle, Painter
    5302 E. Washington St.
    Wendell Lowe, Photographer         Carmen Hurt, Painter
                                       Stevn Keller, Painter
    Antique Mall of Inrington           Nicholai Shaver, Painter
    by Jack & Jill
    5501 E. Washington St           m   Dufour's In lrvington
                                        5648 E. Washington St
    Adele Schluge, Painter
                                        Wayne Kimmel Posters
                                        (See tribute with Bios)
    Artisan Realtors
    5610 E. Washington St
                                        Geneva Hair Studio
    Mark Watkins, Painter               5620 E. Washington St
                                        Body Art Demos
TENTS near Artisan Realtors
   Nicole Meisberger,                    George Thomas Florist
   Photographer                          5609 E. Washington St
   Barbara Smith, Charcoal Artist        Marti Icenogle, Jewelry Designer,
    Audubon Road Corner Store
                                    TENT near George Thomas
    202 S Audubon Rd                    Matt Krack, Painter, Photographer,
    Jan Flexon, Abstract Painter
    Black Sheep                          Help My Mac
    5626 E. Washington St
                                         5630 E. Washington St
    Kathie Sullivan, Jewelry             Rad Drew, Photographer
    Carrie Barnes, Photographer
    THE ARTISTS OF THE                      Carrie Barnes
                                                      Tent near Black Sheep
                                            Photography. My goal is to
            Wayne Kimmell                   capture real life moments that
                                            reflect your true beauty and spirit.
This year's art walk is dedicated to the    Specializing in portraits at an
memory of local artist Wayne Kimmell.       affordable price.
Wayne passed away unexpectedly on
December 27,201 0. He graduated from        John Bartlow
Manual High School in 1958 and                             Roll-With-It Bakery
attended Herron School of Art. In 2010,
Indiana State Museum Store featured         Photography, Nothing is real
Wayne's artwork on their Christmas          except what the viewer brings to
Ornament. In addition to being the artist   the mix and takes away.
for the 2007 and 2009 Halloween
Festival posters, his artwork is present    Eileen Cantin
throughout Irvington. He was a great                lrvington Iris Tea Room
friend to the community and is deeply       Watercolors
missed. You can see some of his
artwork at Dufours                          Anna Castillo-Garcia
                                                            Magick Candle
 Michael Arbuckle
          Tent near Bookmamas               Pottery, Painting, Stained
                                            Glass. In addition to crafting for
 Paintings. He grew up in                   therapeutic reasons, Anna also
 lrvington and has a degree from            teaches classes at Magick
 the Chicago Art Institute. He              Candle.
 taught for two years in South
 Korea.                                     Craft-E-Family
                                                    Tent near Jockamo Pizza
 Rebekah Arvin
            lrvington Insurance             Handmade Wooden Blocks.
                                            Wooden blocks hand crafted in
 Watercolor. Studied at Herron              Mooresville, often made from
 School of Art and has won various          fallen trees in Morgan County.
 awards including People's Choice,
 Best of Show, and Governor's               Chad Daily
 Award.                                                         Jockamo Pizza

  Dan Bailey                                Mixed Media. lrvington resident
               lrvington Insurance          who has been featured in the
                                            Indianapolis Star for his local art.
 Wood Burning. An east-sider,
 Dan specializes in wood burning            Kathryn Barnes Dart
 and carving, as well as other                                       homespun
 crafts.                                    Encaustic Art
Geoff Davis                             Elizabeth Fix
                         homespun              Tent near Jockamo Pizza

Wooden Carvings. From                   Oil. A graduate of Tri State
Noblesville, creates and sells          University and a forensic chemist,
under the name 50 Little Birds.         Beth is an artist with a
                                        concentration in oil on canvas.
Paul Drew
                Midwest Scooters        Jan Flexon
                                              Audubon St. Corner Store
Paintings. Inspired by artists          Abstract Paintings
LeRoy Nieman and Edward
Hopper, Paul has a fondness for         Candice Hartsough McDonald
baseball.                                              Roscoe's Tacos

Rad Drew                                Watercolor, Graphite. Freelance
            Help My Mac                 illustrator whose drawings have
Photography. Began shooting             been published in children's
film, transitioned to digital and has   books.
now discovered the wonders of
iphoneography.                          Carmen Hurt
                                                Tent near Bookmamas
Ronda Engle
      lrvington Math Center             Oil, Photography, Digital
Photography. Has a business             Imagery. The "Internationally
called Blue Mophead                     Unknown Artist", she makes
Photography, named after the            fantastic clocks and boxes.
color of her eyes, and her hair,        Currently exhibits at The Art Bank.
which, unfortunately, resembles a
mop.                                    Marti lcenogle
                                                         George Thomas
Emily Featherstone
                      Tiqueables        Jewelry, Art Prints. Marti says
Watercolor, Oil. Studied and            she is a jewelry designer,
painted with Marian Cassel and          printmaker, glass fuser, teacher
Pam Newell. Currently working           and trainer, organizer, and a
with Ron Mack.                          computer geek.

Adam Fix                                Trisha Johnson
          Tent near Jockamo Pizza                        tHAlRapy Salon
Caricatures, Watercolor, Pen
and Ink. Adam will be doing             Contemporary and Abstract Art.
caricatures at his tent space in        In addition to canvas and sketch
front of the old Wee-Play store         pads, Trisha is an artist of hair
front.                                  design.
Steven Keller                           Jennifer Martin
         Tent near Bookmamas                               Jockamo Pizza

Oil. An IU graduate, his art has        Mixed Media. lrvington artist.
been displayed in galleries,
coffeehouses, and at art fairs in       Brandon McDonald
central Indiana.                                     Roscoe's Tacos

Jason Kistler                           Graphic Designer. Glasses
                    Mosaic Gallery      wearing lrvington based graphic
Photography                             designer whose favorite sauce at
                                        Roscoe's Tacos is the lava sauce.
Matt Krack
      Tent near George Thomas           Nicole Meisberger
                                              Tent near Artisan Realtors
Acrylics, Graphics/lllustrations,
Photography, Sculptures. Matt           Photography Nicole's goal to
believes that artwork that is true to   capture children's precious
the artist's own sense of self          moments through the eyes of a
stands out in a world of ever-          child while maintaining the
increasing mass produced art.           fundamentals of design.

Patrizia Leslie                         Jessica Near
                    Magick Candle                               homespun

Pearls, Wrapped Stones, Glass           Plush Dolls.     From Ellettsville,
Beads. A retired teacher from           creates and sells under the name
IPS, I started working with pearls      Opposite of Far.
and wire wrapping and glass
beads.                                  Shan Parker
Wendell Lowe
                   accessAB lLlTY       Recycled Glass, Candles.
                                        Creates and sells under the name
Photography. Wendell says "I'll         Green Illuminations.
continue to work at my art to raise
awareness about the fight to cure       Dar Parsons
Parkinson's disease."                                      Mosaic Gallery

Shanon Marks                            Illustrator. An lrvington resident
                   Magick Candle        Don's murals can be found around
Sterling Silver and Gemstone            Irvington, including inside and
Bead Jewelry. Shannon says              outside Lazy Daze and at The
that creating hand-craftedjewelry       Legend Classic Cafe.
is therapeutic and helps her to
relieve stress.
Jonathan Penniston                       Michael Thompson
       Tent near Jockamo Pizza                       Midwest Scooters

Acrylic, T-shirt designs,                Photography, Digital Art. His
Photography, Oils. A 2010                work often feels raw, natural,
Warren Central graduate, he finds        eerie, haunting, soulful, and
inspiration in horror movies,            simply interesting. Uses different
comics, and cartoons.                    types of art to grow as an artist.

Nicholai Shaver                          Adele Schluge
          Tent near Bookmamas                                  Antique Mall

Paintings. He grew up in                 Paintings. Adele says "My
lrvington and graduated from the         artwork is "nai've" in style and
Herron School of Art.                    subject matter and includes many
                                         lrvington sites, gardens, and
Sister                                   churches."
                    Jockamo Pizza
                                         Sean Scott
Mixed Media. lrvington Artist                   lrvington Branch Library
Barbara Smith
     Tent near Artisan Realtors          Kathie Sullivan
Charcoal                                                 Black Sheep Gifts
                                         Jewelry. Designing fine fashion
Greg Spears                              jewelry since 2003, her favorite
         lrvington Math Center           medium is natural stones. The
                                         beads have a story to tell, she just
Oil. An lrvington artist, he is          helps them tell it.
exploring impressionism
landscapes, still life, and figurative   Kathy Thompson
painting.                                         lrvington Iris Tea Room
                                         Oils, Acrylic
Moon Stumpp
                       Bookmamas         Mark Watkins
                                                           Artisan Realtors
Watercolor, Acrylics. Her
works range from still life to           Acrylics. An lrvington resident
abstract, but her passion is mixed       Best known for his Celtic crosses.
wet media infused with color.
                                         Jared Wilson
Joe Swan                                                         homespun
                     Jockamo Pizza
                                         Recycled Glass, Candles.
Mixed Media. lrvington artist.           Creates and sells under the name
                                         Green Illuminations.
   homespun: modern                      Lazy Daze Coffee House
   handmade                             10 S. Johnson Ave  [m3
   5624 E. Washington St.               Elivis Mires, Mixed Media
   Kathryn Barnes Dart,                 Mural by Dar Parsons
   Encaustic Art                        (South side of building)
   Geoff Davis, Wood Carver
   Jessica Near, Plush Doll          5 Legend Classic lnrington Cafe
   Maker                                5614 E. Washington St
   Shan Parker and Jared
   Wilson, Glass & Candle Artists
                                          Magick Candle
                                        203 S. Audubon Rd.
   lndy Cycle Specialist
                                        Patrizia Leslie, Jewelry Artist
   5804 E. Washington St
                                        Shanon Marks, Jewelry Artist
    Mural by John Claeys
                                        Anna Castillo Garcia, Painter,
    (East wall inside shop)
                                        Potter, Stained Glass Artist

    lrvington Branch Library
                                           Midwest Scooter
     5625 E. Washington St              5541 E. Washington St14
     Sean Scott, Magician               Paul Drew, Painter
                                        Michael Thompson, Photographer
    Inrington Insurance
    4 S. Johnson Ave                      Mosaic Gallery at The Lodge
     Dan Bailey, Wood Burning            5515 E. Washington
     Rebekah Arvin, Watercolorist        Jason Kistler, Photographer
                                         Dar Parsons, Illustrator
    lrvington Iris Tea Room
     130 S. Audubon Rd        ml          Roll with i t Bakery
                                        5539 E. Washinaton St
    Eileen Cantin, Watercolorist        John D. artl low, Photographer
    Kathy Thompson, Painter
                                           Roscoe's Tacos
     lnrington Math Center               5698 Brookville Rd
    5535 E. Washington St                Brandon McDonald, Graphic
    Ronda Eagle, Photography             Designer
    Greg Spears, Painter                 Candice Hartsough McDonald,
                                         Mixed Media Artist
    Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza
    5646 E. Washington St            mstarbucks      [Zm
    Chad Dailv. Mixed Media Artist       5702 E. Washington St
    ~enniferarti in, Mixed Media
    Sister, Mixed Media Artist            tHAlRapy Salon
    Joe Swan, Mixed Media Artist         5537 E. Washington St
                                         Trisha Johnson, Painter
TENTS near Jockamo Pizza
    Craft-E-Family, Handcrafted
    Wooden Blocks                         Tiqueibles
    Adam Fix, Caricaturist               5603 E. Washington St
    Elizabeth Fix, Painter               Emily Featherstone, Painter
    Jonathan Penniston, Painter

2"dAnnual Sketchcrawl, 11 AM to 4 PM
  Registration at Bookmamas        discussion at Lazy Daze Coffee House

4thAnnual lrvington Art Walk, 1IAM to 4 PM. See listing and map.

accessABlLlTY     Open House 11AM to 4 PM
  5302 E. Washington St.

Audubon Road Corner Store
 Grand Opening, 202 South Audubon Road

Bookmamas        Book Signing, 1 PM to 3 PM
 9 Johnson Ave.
 Keith Adkins, minister of the lrvington United Methodist Church, Author
 Natural History of Scripture

lrvington Ghost Tours Soup And Spirits Curiosity Shoppe     ED,
  6 Johnson Ave, Ghost Tour 8:00 PM

Iris Tea Room Tea and Chocolates Tasting    m     130 S. Audubon Road
   Samples of tea and chocolates/desserts by J Evelyn Confections

lrvington Guild of Artists Collector's Show
  Bona Thompson Memorial Center          5350 E. University Ave.
  Open 11 AM to 4 PM, reception from 1 PM to 3 PM with free refreshments.

lrvington Presbyterian Church's Annual Fish Fry.
  Church Parking Lot behind lrvington Public Library, 11AM to 8 PM

Lazy Daze Coffee House       10 Johnson Ave
  Book Signing, 10 AM to 2 PM, Jace Epple, Author of Oddives
  Live Music
  Dancin Nancys (Acoustic Folktlndie) Noon to 1:30 PM
  Robert Rolfe Pedersen (Acoustic Folk Rock) 7 PM to 8:30 PM

Marine Barracks       Grand Opening 550 S. Audubon Rd., 11AM to 3 PM

Roscoe's Tacos    m    1st Anniversary Celebration
 5698 Brookville Road, corner of Brookville and Audubon Rd.
 Stop by for the lrvington Spin and Win Wheel to win free gifts!

Wee-Play      New Location Grand Opening
 6901 E. 10th Street, southwest corner of 10th St. and Shadeland Ave.

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