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									                                    Franklin Township Youth Association
                                                          A lan Kochans ki, Pres ident--689-2225 Bridget Klos ins ki, Secretary–689-0096

   FTYA.ORG                                               Jeff LaFrance, Vice Pres ident 329-6024 George Buniak, Trus tee-- 456-0295
                                                          Pat Banes , Treas urer--479-4898          Chris Hamler, Trus tee– 537-6198
  FEBRUARY, 2011                                          Kate Corby, VP Comm. -454-1544          M ike Kilhullen, Trus tee- 619-9188

             You can register and pay by way of
            credit card for Baseball and Softball
            online at FTYA.org from now until
                                                                                  From Desk of the FTYA President:
February 7. In person registrations w ill also be
held on January 25 and February 4 from 6:30 -                    D ear Parents,
8:00 in the Meeting Room at the Municipal
                                                                 I am happy to announce that the FTYA will be utilizing an online
                                                                 registration system for our program. For years, we have heard your

                                                                 inquiries. Over the last couple of months, we have reached out to
                                                                 find the best system to fill our needs. Now, our online system will
                                                                 be open from January 17 through February 7 for Baseball / Softball
                   The FTYA basketball season is off to          Registrations. This will allow parents to register their children at
a great start ! Our regular season games began on                the comfort of their schedules. Also, we will still hold 2 in person
January 6th and w ith playoffs our season w ill go into          registration sessions on January 25 and February 4 at our
the month of March. We have 8 teams competing                    Community Center, for parents who desire to still do this in person.
in the league this year across the various grade                 Now you can sit down at home, fill out the required information
levels. Just a few important reminders:
                                                                 and make a debit or credit card payment at your convenience. The
Please make sure your child brings in w ater only to             ease of this system is fantastic. It will allow us to enter the
any of the basketball facilities. No food or any other           information one time and we will no longer be required to fill out a
type of beverage is allow ed. This is a league wide              registration forms for each sport and for each child. As we go from
rule. No pets are allow ed in any basketball facility            sport to sport, all we need to do is verify the information, make
unless they are necessary to assist w ith a medical              your payment and you are done. Big thanks to Michael Kilhullen
condition. T here w ill be no practices o n                      for doing the research on our online registration system!
Saturday, January 29th.
                                                                 I would like to thank Ed Casey, Lee Ivanitski and Craig McGuire
W e are in search of a basketball coordinator for nex t          for stepping up and taking on the shared role as Baseball
years program. W ithout a coordinator there w ill be             Coordinator for the upcoming season. It is good to see new faces
no basketball. Please let Alan Kochanski know if                 join us and continue to make our FTYA program the best that it
you are interested in the position.
                                                                 could be. Welcome aboard! We still need more volunteers to help
I w ould like to thank Joe Flynn, Kelly O'Dell, Theresa          us.
Buniak and the follow ing students from Franklin for
their help w ith cleaning up the municipal building              Our basketball season is now in full swing. Our kids look good.
gym floor and facility over the Holiday break to get             Keep up the hard work.
us ready for the season:
                                                                 If you have any questions, please reach out to me or join us at our
Nicholas DeTore    Claire Flynn        Maggie Flynn              next FTYA meeting at the Municipal Building on February 8 at
Jack Melquist      Evan Melquist       Eddie Gonzalez
                                                                 7:30 pm.
Jake Carter        Eddie Gonzalez      Keelie Giannone
Dalton Buniak      Julia Buniak
                                                                 Thank You,
George Buniak,                                                   Alan Kochanski,
Acting Basketball Coordinator                                    FTYA President
gbuniak@ftya.org                                                 akochanski@ftya.org
                                                                                The 2011 softball season will offer teams
                   Baseball                                                     at the instructional, junior, intermediate,
                                                                                and senior levels. All levels play two
                                                                                games per week against other township
         I am very pleased to announce that we
                                                                                teams. The 8 week long season opens
   will have baseball in Franklin Township in
   2011. Ed Casey, Craig McGuire and Lee                                        April 16th. The league will also host
   Ivanitski have all volunteered to coordinate              tournaments in May for the junior, intermediate, and
   baseball. At this time I would like to thank all          senior levels.
   of the FTYA members, coaches & parents
   that helped me the past few years with                    Girls in K-2 begin at the instructional level. Here, they
                                                             learn the basic skills of throwing, catching, fielding, hitting,
   Jeffrey LaFrance                                          and how to play the game. Coaches are on the field at all
   jlafrance@ftya.org                                        times, either pitching to the girls or encouraging their
                                                             defensive skills and teamwork on the field. An Incrediball
                                                             is used which is a softer version of a softball. It's a very
                                                             casual and fun way to learn the game. At the junior level
                The next FTYA meeting                        (3-4 grade), girls continue to develop core skills and begin
                will be Tuesday, February                    playing the pitcher position. At the intermediate (5-6
                8, 2011, 7:30 p.m. at the                    grade) and senior level (7-8 grade), more softball rules are
                Municipal Building on                        enforced and the girls enjoy competitive, fast-pitch
                Route 57.                                    softball games!

                                                             Sign-ups begin this month! We encourage girls of all skill
                                                             levels to join our softball league. Please visit
                                                             www.ftya.org/Softball.html for more details.
                           Make the FTYA into the type
                           of program you want it to be by   We also need some parents to join our league as volunteer
                           volunteering your time and        coaches. Training, workshops, and ongoing mentoring
                           talents. Why not invest some of
                           your time in the youth of         will be provided. Please contact me if you are interested.
                           Franklin Township – be a
                           VOLUNTEER. We’ll be               We are looking forward to a fun and exciting 2011 season!
posting some ideas of the kind of help we need on the
web site, keep an eye out for how you could participate.     Michael Kilhullen,
                                                             Softball Coordinator

                   Have a suggestion?
                  Use the comment section
                at FTYA.org.

                 Suggestions, comments
                and praise can be given,
         all with the touch of a button!

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