Traveler's Delight by pengxuebo


									Ashish Deshpande
  Ruban Monu
  Subhav Mital
 Swapnil Shinde
•Wandering aimlessly in an unacquainted foreign location?
•Commercially motivated Travel Agents offer biased suggestions

•Wouldn’t you wish to have a helping hand at such a distressful

•Seek instant and unbiased advise from friends

•Enforcing a sharing-travel based application

•Assist the user in planning their own travel itinerary effectively
Consider Wanderer and Loner, two friends who have decided to
break the monotony and move out on a fun trip

Wanderer –
   • Pocket conscious individual
   • Requires adequate planning before he reaches NY and wants
   some assistance
Loner –
   • A happy-go-lucky individual who has left much to chance
   • Believes in ad-hoc planning when he arrives at Miami
               Loner                                     Wanderer 
Confused about possible places to visit in       Uses Wanderlust dropdown to fetch
Miami                                            locations in NY
Consults travel agents and is still as confused IMs on the place markers and gets unbiased
as before                                       information
Gets stuck in a tornado warning on his way       Checks current weather info on Wanderlust
                                                 and plans accordingly
Finds that his favorite resort is closed for     Finds a bonus offers through Yelp reviews
maintenance                                      and local tweets

Fooled into visiting locations that he was not   Checks out photos of his prospective
really interested in                             destination in Wanderlust page

Had a not so great trip                          Had an awesome trip!
Key Features
Map based UI
Weather Notification
Chat with acquaintances
Local Tweets and Yelp Reviews
YouTube Travel Videos
Related blogs and travelogues
Panoramio Photos
Future Work-
•   Hotel Reviews

•   Driving Directions

•   Creating user communities to share experiences

•   Trip pooling

•   Expert Groups
Performance evaluation-
•Most of the data is fetched from appropriate web sources
•DB only keeps track of users

•Little point of bottleneck

•Cache source URLs for mostly popular destinations
•Plan to measure average response time/Latency using query
•JMeter performance analysis tool
To conclude …
Acknowledgement –
   Prof. Ling Liu

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