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					                            The voice of north Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood                                                          JULY–AUGUST 2005

                            Temescal News & Views
                             P u b l i s h e d b y Te m e s c a l N e i g h b o r s To g e t h e r w i t h t h e s u p p o r t o f Te m e s c a l m e r c h a n t s

                            What’s New, Pussycat? Development
                            Coming to 51st and Telegraph
                            How long have you lived in the Temescal area? Do
Temescal News & Views
                            you recall what was at the corner of 51st and Tele-
  is published bimonthly
 and distributed to 3,000
                            graph in the “Roaring Twenties”? From 1914-39 the
    households, schools     site was home to The Claremont movie theater. Then
      and businesses.       it changed to the Tower Theater. In 1977 it became
                            the adult Pussycat Theater, but after considerable
                            neighborhood opposition to this X-rated use, the the-
   Our Mission              ater was shut down in the late 90s. Later it was oc-
  The mission of TNT is     cupied by homeless people until a fire caused the
to enhance the quality of   city to tear it down in 1998.
     life in our diverse        In 2000, after a series of neighborhood meetings,
   community through
                            a “Values Statement” was produced to guide future
   revitalization of our
                            thinking around development concepts for the site.
   homes, businesses,
    schools and public
                            Further neighborhood participation resulted in com-
  services by providing     munity design charettes convened in the summer of                     The rain stayed away, and fun was had by all at the second An-
  an ongoing forum for      2001. A series of drawings resulted, indicating the                   nual Temescal Street Fair! Thank you to all the local businesses,
 community education,       preferred development outcome: a mixed use project,                   artists, musicians, and nonprofit groups who participated, and
       interaction and      with housing over retail.                                             all the Fair-goers for making it a great day! Photo: Carla Koop
       empowerment.             This information was then relayed to city staff                      We are also working on and hosting two com-
                            who began discussions with the property owners                        munity projects in the next month. First, we are de-
                            as well as Children’s Hospital, owner of the adja-                    signing a free Community Resource Guide, in col-
       Carla Koop
                            cent parcel (currently an employee parking lot). City                 laboration with the Temescal Merchants Associa-
      Viki Maxwell
      Lisa McElroy
                            staff successfully lobbied both parties to sell simul-                tion and the Temescal Telegraph Community Asso-
     Dominick Tracy         taneously, and in stepped local real estate develop-                  ciation. This resource guide will be a walking map     ers Ron Kriss, Roy Alper and Pat Zimski - builders                    and a listing of local businesses, community re-
                            of the recently completed Temescal Place (48th and                    sources, and community activities that currently
      DISTRIBUTION          Telegraph). This group obtained site control for both
 Clint Powell: 658-7345
                                                                                                  support, serve and identify this district, and it will
                            parcels, and plans to create the mixed use, infill                    be available for free in local businesses. We would
 Tomi Kobara: 420-1197      development that the Temescal and Rockridge neigh-                    like your help in identifying what makes this neigh-
 Printed by KRW Printing    borhoods have sought for many years.                                  borhood unique so that these ideas can be reflected
3905 Broadway    420-1791       Though plans have not yet been developed, the                     in the publication. Please drop us an email and let
                            developers have hired the architectural firm of Van
Thank You!                  Meter, Williams and Pollack, who originally partici-
                                                                                                  us know how you feel about Temescal. What com-
                                                                                                  munity resources and landmarks do you feel are
This issue sponsored by     pated in the community design charettes (so they                      important for people to know about? Which ones
                            know the site well). The developers plan to be reach-                 have been important to you?
                            ing out for community input this summer. Stay tuned                      Second, Temescal Amity Works is hosting the
                            for future updates.                     — Bill Lambert                collaborative group It Can Change as a part of our
                                                                                                  Reading Room project series. It Can Change will be
                            Plums and Projects at Temescal Amity                                  in residence at Temescal Amity Works from June
                            Works                                                                 26—July 10. We are looking to meet people who are
  Now Open!                 The summer stretches ahead, and Temescal Amity                        interested in changing their local environment. We
                            Works is on the lookout for any surplus plums, figs                   are going to be holding meetings with interested
 Bakesale Betty                                                                                   individuals both individually and in group settings.
                            or summer produce that you don’t have time to pick
 Corner of 51st and         and can’t use for yourself. We will come pick it or                   The connections made during these meetings will
     Telegraph              pick it up! Whatever we gather will be redistributed                  determine the course of the project. Please contact
                            or made into communal preserves, jams or sauces                       us if you are at all interested in getting involved.
   Mon–Sat 7 to 7
   Sunday 7 to 3            and given back to the neighborhood.                                   Any contribution that you may be able to make is
2                                                                                                                                        July–August 2005

welcome. To schedule a meeting, contact               already in redevelopment zones, so the                  he had a break-in and a theft). Don’t leave
Anthony at 501-4466 or send an e-mail to              city has to go to the taxpayers to make                 CDs, or any items a thief might want in your                          up for missing General Fund money.                      car.
   If you would like to participate in the pro-     • Redevelopment is no magic wand for                          Know your neighbors, look out for them,
duce sharing or have any other questions              community improvements. The                             and ask them to do the same for you. That
about our projects, flag us down when you             underfunded, proposed MacArthur                         was the basis for starting Neighborhood
see our cart rolling through the neighborhood         Transit Village for 500-1000 residential                Watch, which originated in Oakland in the
or visit our website at           units may suck up most redevelopment                    1950’s. For information on forming a neigh-
            — Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves         money. Tax increment money generated                    borhood watch group call Brenda Ivey at 777-
                                                      by the escalating property values in the                8621.
Neighbors Oppose                                      proposed expansion area is the need                         Know when and how to call the police. Is
Redevelopment Initiative                              behind the expansion.                                   someone looking into cars on your street?
                                                    • Eminent domain is a real threat. There                  That’s an emergency. Here are the numbers
On May 9, over 200 residents filled the North
                                                      are only proposed protections against                   to use: from your home (landline) phone call
Oakland Senior Center for a meeting on re-
                                                      legal seizures of residences in the exist-              911. With a cell phone, call 777-3211. Give
development expansion called by the city’s
                                                      ing redevelopment zone.                                 the address first, then a brief description of
Redevelopment Project Area Committee and
                                                                                                              the problem. For non-emergency issues call
Community Economic Development Agency                 Redevelopment—with too many risks and
                                                                                                              777-3333. If it’s a neighborhood issue then
(CEDA). The scheme’s representatives were          too few benefits, and lacking a legal rationale
                                                                                                              contact your neighbors and this NCPC.
met by some strong opposition from North           in an unblighted neighborbood—is a bad idea
                                                                                                                  In other news, our local WhistleStop pro-
Oakland residents organizing against the           and will undermine gains we’ve seen.
                                                                                                              gram, led by Jennifer Oberholzer and Len
plan.                                                           — Robert Brokl and Alfred Crofts
                                                                                                              Burkhart, distributed 500 flyers and 42
   On the face of it, the plan afoot to add vir-
                                                   The authors were founding members of NOVA and are cur-     whistles in the 40th St. neighborhood along
tually all of North Oakland west of Tele-          rently active in Neighborhood Preservation (NP). Contact   with additional whistles and flyers at our
graph—including the Telegraph Avenue com-          them at 655-3841 or             March community meeting. Thanks to Coun-
mercial strip—to the existing redevelopment
                                                                                                              cil Member Jane Brunner for funding this
zone centered around the MacArthur BART            Editor’s Note:
                                                                                                              program! We’ll resume it in October, when
station seems odd. This is a neighborhood          As we go to press, CEDA plans to make addi-
                                                                                                              Daylight Savings Time begins and darkness
with housing prices doubling and tripling.         tional presentations on the proposal at two
                                                                                                              encourages more robberies, especially those
    Some of the concerns neighbors are rais-       regularly scheduled community group meet-
                                                                                                              targeting returning commuters.
ing include the following:                         ings on Wednesday, July 13: The Piedmont
                                                                                                                  Our NCPC meets on the 2nd Thursday of
                                                   Neighborhood Improvement League meeting
 • Technically, we are not eligible. Under         (653-4552) from 7:30-9:30 PM at 110 41st
                                                                                                              the month at 7 PM in Faith Presbyterian
   state redevelopment law, areas must be                                                                     Church at 49th and Webster. Upcoming dates
                                                   Avenue in the 11th floor Sky Room of Pied-
   found to be “blighted” and the city must                                                                   are July 14 and August 11. Join us and visit
                                                   mont Gardens; and the Temescal Merchants
   declare that the only way the blighted                                                                     us at!
                                                   Association meeting at the Temescal Library
   conditions can be corrected is through                                                                                — Donald Lowrey, President, NCPC
                                                   at 6:00 PM.
   redevelopment. Councilperson Brunner
                                                      According to Kathy Kleinbaum of the City
   allowed in her May 25, 2005 letter to                                                                      Summer Bounty at the Temescal
                                                   of Oakland CEDA, Redevelopment Division,
   constituents that the proposed zone in-                                                                    Library
                                                   the proposed expansion of the redevelop-
   cludes “...areas without significant
                                                   ment area will not go forward without more                 We hope that many of you got a chance to
   blight.” The market and passage of time
                                                   community support. She can be contacted                    visit the library’s new Bookmobile at the
   are creating improvements without the
                                                   with questions at 637-0247.                                Temescal Street Fair on June 18. That was
   heavy hand of government. Temescal
                                                                                                              also the first day of the library’s annual Sum-
   Place, the newly developed residential
                                                   Picnics and Tips from the Neighbor-                        mer Reading Program for children, but there
   tower in Temescal is an example an in-
                                                   hood Crime Prevention Council                              is still plenty of time for kids to sign up and
   fusion of private capital and
                                                                                                              participate! The theme this year is “Wolfin’
                                                   The NCPC Annual Picnic is scheduled for                    Down Books” and the program continues
 • Redevelopment is forever. The redevel-          Sunday, August 7 at Park Day School (43rd                  until August 13. We have some fun activities
   opment period lasts 45 years, but can
                                                   and Shafter) from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. We’ll pro-             for kids and families planned for July and
   easily be extended. Sellers must disclose
                                                   vide hot grills for barbecuing, plates, uten-              August:
   that the property is in a redevelopment
                                                   sils and soft drinks. Please bring a dish to               * Prescott Circus Theatre, Tuesday, July 12
                                                   share and food to grill.                                   at 2:00 PM - Talented Oakland kids juggle,
 • Redevelopment zones capture tax incre-              Some crime prevention tips: Assume your                clown around, and walk on stilts.
   ment money that would otherwise go to
                                                   car is always being eyed by thieves. Don’t                 * Family Reading Night, Monday, July 18 at
   the General Fund for police, fire, librar-
                                                   leave your wallet in the car (a resident called            7:00 PM - Listen to a story and read together.
   ies, sidewalk repairs, schools, and other
                                                   me to report he left his wallet in his car and             Make a wolf puppet, and enter a special raffle.
   essential services. Much of Oakland is
Temescal News & Views                                                                                                                           3

* The Museum of Children’s Art, Thursday,         by community members and city staff as well       Microbreweries Battling Breast Cancer, a
July 21 at 3:30 PM - Celebrate the new Harry      as the project architects and landscape de-       beer-tasting fundraising benefit for the
Potter book by creating your own wand.            signers.                                          Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic
* Fratello Marionettes, Monday, July 25 at            The city had advertised the public art op-    (CMCC), featuring 22 local microbreweries,
7:00 PM - Come enjoy a production of the clas-    portunity earlier this year with an Artist Re-    outdoor barbecue, live music, silent auction
sic “Peter and the Wolf.”                         quest for Qualifications (RFQ), listing spe-      and raffle. The event will take place on
* Village Rhythm with Baba Shibambo, Tues-        cific requirements and criteria. The decision     Saturday, July 16 from noon to 5 PM at the
day, July 26 at 2:00 PM - Listen to a drum-       of the selection panel in naming the four fi-     Marin Brewing Company on Larkspur
ming story and learn about musical instru-        nalists was based upon individual responses       landing.
ments from Africa.                                to that RFQ and the quality of each                  Proceeds will benefit the Charlotte
* The Blue Fairy Storyteller, Tuesday, August     respondent’s body of work. Finalists were         Maxwell Complementary Clinic. With clinics
9 at 10:30 AM - Hear songs and stories from       then asked to submit proposals specific to        in Temescal and San Francisco, CMCC is a
the fairy, her puppet Pinocchio, and her gui-     the designated site, the front yard and cen-      state-licensed primary care clinic providing
tar, Prince Charming.                             tral plaza of the 45th Street Oakland Park and    free complementary alternative medicine
   Don’t forget our regular Preschool             Recreation facility.                              treatments (acupuncture, massage therapy,
Storytime for children ages two through five,         Even as they were impressed with each         Chinese and Western herbs, therapeutic
which takes place every Wednesday from            finalist’s portfolio, the panel found the spe-    imagery), social services and educational
10:30 to 11:00 AM. And for all of you garden-     cific proposals all inappropriate for Studio      workshops for low-income women with
ers, we have a workshop on organic garden-        One, choosing instead to ask their first choice   cancer. For more information on CMCC, visit
ing planned for August 13. Stop by the Tool       Marcheschi to develop a new concept follow-
Library for more details. We look forward to      ing a proposed interaction this summer with          Admission for the event is $20 at the door
seeing our Temescal neighbors in the library      the local community and the project design        and $18 in advance. Advance tickets can be
this summer! — Sally Bean, Branch Manager         team.                                             purchased at or
                                                      An open house is being planned for mid-       at the Marin Brewing Company, located at
Artist Selected For Temescal Public               July as an opportunity for dialogue among         1809 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur
Art Commission                                    the artist, city and public art program staff,    (415-461-4677). — Lynda Hanwella, CCMC
                                                  members of the Studio One community and
Following a selection process which attracted     residents of the Temescal neighborhood. The       Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt
responses from artists all across the coun-       date has yet to be determined but will take       Public Art Proposals Displayed
try, a finalist has now been chosen for the       place at a location close to Studio One. Cork     Through July 21
lucrative public art commission associated        Marcheschi will be introduced, share ex-
with the upcoming renovation of the Studio                                                          The City of Oakland’s Public Art Program
                                                  amples of his past work and will welcome
One Art Center.                                                                                     invites the public to view and comment upon
                                                  questions and concerns. Oakland project
    San Francisco sculptor Cork Marcheschi                                                          three unique proposals for interpretive
                                                  management staff, the advocacy group
was named in early June by the City of                                                              artwork to be integrated into Phase II of the
                                                  Friends of Studio One and the project archi-
Oakland’s Cultural Arts Department as the                                                           Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt. The finalist
                                                  tectural team will also be present to provide
artist chosen by its selection panel to create                                                      proposals are on display now through July 8
                                                  context and background.
and install a yet-to-be-designed public art                                                         at the Rockridge Branch of the Oakland
                                                      In response to this meeting and after work-
piece for the Temescal neighborhood site.                                                           Public Library, 5366 College Avenue. From
                                                  ing with the project design team, the artist
The panel chose Marcheschi after reviewing                                                          July 11 to 21, the proposals will be displayed
                                                  will develop a new proposal for Studio One.
fifty-one applicants in a process of winnow-                                                        in the Dalziel Building, 250 Frank Ogawa
                                                  This proposal will be presented at a second
ing their choices to four finalists. That deci-                                                     Plaza, adjacent to City Hall in downtown
                                                  community meeting in August before being
sion was recently accepted by the Oakland                                                           Oakland. The selected artwork will be
                                                  considered by the selection panel.
Public Art Advisory Committee.                                                                      integrated into the greenbelt’s new
                                                      Both neighborhood meetings will be pub-
    The public art commission is worth ap-                                                          landscaped pathway to highlight Temescal
                                                  lic and widely announced when scheduled.
proximately $100,000, which represents a                                                            Creek and other park features. The art
                                                  To follow developments around this issue or
mandated percentage of the project’s con-                                                           project is meant to engage and intrigue
                                                  around the building’s renovation or to learn
struction budget. The $10 million renovation                                                        viewers, both young and old, in such a way
                                                  more about the history, programs and role
of the historic 1894 building, scheduled to                                                         so they are compelled to explore the entire
                                                  of Studio One in our community, visit
begin this summer under the supervision of                                                          length of the greenbelt.
Shah Kawasaki Architects, was made possible                                                             A selection panel of artists, art
                                                       — Patrick Daughton, Friends of Studio One
by Oakland voters in November 2002 with                                                             professionals, community members and
the passage of Measure DD, the $198 mil-                                                            representatives from the Rockridge
                                                  Local Nonprofit To Benefit From
lion Oakland Trust for Clean Water and Safe                                                         Community Planning Council and Friends
                                                  Microbrew Fundraiser
Parks Bond.                                                                                         of the Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt was
    The selection panel was composed of art-      The Marin Brewing Company will be hosting         assembled to jury the project. The panel
ists and art professionals and was advised        the fifth annual Fermenting Change:               requested proposals from Mark Brest Van
Temescal News & Views                                                                                                                            July–August 2005

                                                            Kempen, Mark Bulwinkle and the team of                 addition to regular camp activities likes arts
     Temescal Calendar                                      Lauri Twitchell and Tracey Cockrell, all               and crafts, sports, campfires, and hikes,
                                                            Oakland-based artists. The panel will                  Feather River offers themes each week such
                                                            reconvene on July 22 to review the three               as Family Garage Band Week, Folk Dancing
  Multiple Dates in July. The Temescal Library
  hosts several fun family activities. Check the article    proposals, interview the artists and                   Week, and Olympiad Week. Plus, there are
  on pages 2 and 3 for details. Temescal Library, 5205      recommend one proposal to be                           special supervised activities each morning
  Telegraph. 597-5049.
                                                            commissioned for the Rockridge-Temescal                for children aged two to five and six to nine.
  Saturday, July 2, 9 AM . Green Panthers                   Greenbelt interpretive art project. The panel’s        Unlike other local family camps, Feather
  beautification activity. All gardeners welcome! Meet at   recommendation must be approved by                     River has no minimum stay requirement nor
  51st and Telegraph. 655-8855.
                                                            Oakland’s Public Art Advisory Committee                designated arrival and departure days. Daily
  Friday, July 8, 7:30 PM. Poetry Saloon. Bring a           and Cultural Affairs Commission prior to               rates include lodging in rustic cabins or tent-
  poem that you have written and one by someone else
  to share, or just come to enjoy. 472 44th Street (be-     approval by the Oakland City Council.                  cabins, with or without electricity, three
  tween Telegraph and Webster). 594-2200.                      For further information, contact Steven             meals a day, and all camp activities. A five
                                                            Huss, Public Art Coordinator, at 238-4949.             night stay for a family of four runs about
  Wednesday, July 13, 6 PM. Temescal Merchants
  Association monthly meeting. Topics will include the                                       — Steven Huss         $750. Oakland Feather River also has week-
  proposed redevelopment area expansion. All are wel-                                                              long summer camp programs for children
  come. Temescal Library, 5205 Telegraph. 653-7196.         Walk Oakland For Life
                                                                                                                   age seven to eleven ($400), and Wrangler
  Wednesday, July 13, 7:30 PM. Piedmont Neigh-              A new campaign, Walk Oakland for Life,                 Camp for girls age ten to twelve who love
  borhood Improvement League meeting. Topics will in-
  clude the proposed redevelopment area expansion. 110      kicks off on Saturday, July 23 at 11:00 AM with        horses ($700). For more information, please
  41st Avenue, 11th floor Sky Room, Piedmont Gardens.       a walk from North Oakland’s Carter Middle              contact Camps in Common by phone at 336-
  653-4552.                                                 School to Lake Merritt, where walkers will             2267, by e-mail at info@featherrivercamp.
  Thursday, July 14, 7 PM. Temescal Neighborhood            enjoy an afternoon of music, exercising tips,          com or on the web at www.featherrivercamp.
  Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) Steering Commit-          healthy food, prizes, and fun! This program            com.
  tee meeting. Everyone welcome. Faith Presbyterian
  Church, 49th and Webster. 420-6974.                       is sponsored by the City of Oakland, Alameda               The Oakland Peace Camp is a two-week
                                                            County, Healthy Oakland (a grassroots non-             arts and activism summer learning experi-
  Saturday, July 16, 12 PM. Fermenting Change:                                                                     ence for Oakland youth. The camp combines
  Microbreweries Battling Breast Cancer, a beer-tasting
                                                            profit), and Councilmember Nancy Nadel,
  fundraiser for Temescal’s Charlotte Maxwell Comple-       and strives to connect Oaklanders with ex-             creative arts with nonviolence and social jus-
  mentary Clinic. Marin Brewing Company, 1809 Lark-         isting health clubs, encourage them to form            tice education programs for 90 middle and
  spur Landing Circle, Marin. 415-461-4677.
                                                            walking groups, and inform them about the              high school Oakland kids. The program runs
  Sunday, July 17, 12 PM. Jane Brunner’s Council            benefits of walking for health. Bring your             from July 5 through July 15 at Cesar Chavez
  District 1 community picnic. Food and drinks will be
  provided, also bring a dish to share. Lake Temescal
                                                            family, friends, and neighbors, and see how            Education Center in the Fruitvale area of
  North Picnic Area. 238-7001.                              fun walking can be! For more information               Oakland. Participants will learn peace and
                                                            or to sign up, call Healthy Oakland at 444-            justice skills through discussion groups and
  Saturday, July 23, 11 AM. Walk Oakland for Life
  kick-off. Walk to Lake Merritt to enjoy music, food,      9655 or check                     two arts workshops per day. The workshops
  prizes, and fun. Wear yellow! Meet at Carter Middle                                       — Viki Maxwell         are focused on one of three areas: Hip Hop
  School, 4521 Webster St. 444-9655.
                                                                                                                   (students write rhymes, make beats, record
                                                            Soak Up Summer at Oakland                              tracks, dance, and produce CDs), arts
  Saturday, August 6, 9 AM . Green Panthers
  beautification activity. Meet at 51st and Telegraph.      Summer Camps                                           (projects in mural painting, video documen-
                                                            Two local camps, one for families and one              tary, and theater), and physical movement
  Sunday, August 7, 12 PM. Temescal NCPC an-
                                                            for youth, are open for business this sum-             (salsa, soccer, and leadership development).
  nual picnic. Bring a dish to share and food to grill.
  Park Day School (43rd & Shafter). 420-6974.               mer!                                                   Applications and information are online at
                                                               The Oakland Feather River Family Camp,    , or call Oakland Leaf’s
  Tuesday, August 9, 10:30 AM. The Blue Fairy                                                                      office at 839-1200, x210.
  Storyteller performs for kids. Temescal Library, 5205     run by the nonprofit Camps in Common, is
  Telegraph. 597-5049.                                      a fun place for families to enjoy together. In                  — Terry Cullinane and Michael Siegel
  Thursday, August 11, 7 PM. Temescal Neighbor-
  hood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) Steering Com-
  mittee meeting. Everyone welcome. Faith Presbyterian
  Church, 49th St. and Webster. 420-6974.

  Saturday, August 13. The Temescal Tool Library
  presents a workshop on organic gardening. Check with
                                                               Help Support This Newsletter and TNT.                                          Volunteers are doing
  the Tool Library for times and details. Temescal Li-
                                                               the work of getting out this newsletter (and occasional fliers)—but we still need to pay the printer!
  brary, 5205 Telegraph. 597-5049.                             If you value our community efforts, please consider making a donation. Any amount will help.
                                                               Make your check payable to TNT, and send it with this form to: TNT, c/o 469 Rich St.,
  Saturday, August 27, 4 PM. Dover Street Block
  Party for the residents of the 500 block of 41st and         Oakland, CA 94609. —Thank You!                      Name
  42nd Streets and any other interested neighbors. Join
  us to meet and greet your neighbors and celebrate our                                                            Address
  ongoing progress at keeping the neighborhood clean
  and safe.                                 Yes, I want to help.                            City                            Zip
                                                              Enclosed is my contribution in the amount of:        Phone
                                                                 $10     $25      $50     Other $                     I’d like to volunteer. Please call me.
                                                                                                                                                                 7 -1-05

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