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					Modesto Downtown Vision and Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project

                               CONCEPT MASTER PLAN

                           REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

                           Proposals Due: January 15, 2002


Your firm is invited to submit a proposal for professional consultant services to develop a
Concept Master Plan for the Modesto Downtown Vision and Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation
Project. Please submit twelve (12) complete copies of a Proposal no later than January 15,

A.       Background

The City of Modesto has joined with Stanislaus County, many private companies and private
citizens to complete a major renovation of the downtown core. This renovation includes
landmark projects including Tenth Street Place, Brenden Theatres, the Doubletree Hotel, the
Modesto Centre Plaza and the Gallo Performing Arts Center. As a continuation of this
renovation, the City has embarked on a visioning project for the restoration of certain areas in the
downtown core with our focus on the complete renovation of Ninth Street and a portion of Tenth
Street which are major transportation corridors through the center of downtown.

The proposed Downtown Vision and Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Concept Master Plan is the
subject of this Request for Proposals. The ultimate goal of this renovation is to transform a
central part of the downtown into an urban environment ready for the 21st century of growth and
economic diversity. Our special focus is on Ninth Street that will be transformed into a first-
class boulevard surrounded by and being an integral part of this well-planned urban environment.
A portion of Tenth Street is also included in this renovation as a parallel corridor to Ninth Street.
This renovation will address many issues, including land-use, transportation, utilities, non-
vehicular uses, urban forestry, architectural design, the integration of water features and public
art and many other elements of a first-class streetscape.

     All of the above issues will be overlaid upon a detailed land-use strategy that will create a
                                     dynamic downtown economy.

To begin the process, a Concept Master Plan will be produced that will identify all of the
elements of this Downtown Vision with a special focus on the Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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B.     History of Downtown Modesto

The Beginning of Commerce

Modesto’s history really began more than 140 years ago around the year 1860 when a world-
wide grain shortage provided the opportunity to local farmers to plant thousands of acres of
wheat and other grains that were in great demand. The only problem was how to transport that
grain to the Port of Stockton and onto the world market. Initially, the rivers were used to
transport the grain but since water levels drop in both summer and fall preventing the river
barges from getting to Port, farmers often waited months to sell their crops.

The answer to this problem was the railroad. In 1868, the “Big Four” --- Leland Stanford, Mark
Hopkins, Charles Crocker and Collis P. Huntington --- announced their plans to construct the rail
lines down the Great Central Valley of California. With the coming of the railroad, Modesto
quickly became the regional business center of the County, providing opportunities for new
companies to serve the needs of the agricultural community. The railroad arrived and the people
soon followed. Houses and stores were built, the post office was relocated and this growing
town was in need of a name.

The first choice was “Ralston”, in honor of a San Francisco banker doing business in this area.
However, being a modest man, William Ralston declined this honor. Taking note of this, the
citizens then suggested “Modesto”, which is the Spanish word for modest. From that time
forward, the town of “Modesto” took its place on the maps of California

Modesto continued to grow. Modesto’s main street was named “Front Street” because it
“fronted” on, and ran parallel to the railroad tracks running along side the commercial center of
town. Retail stores opened up on Front Street providing every kind of service needed by the new
town’s people. Daily necessities such as groceries, clothes, plant seed, lumber and nails were
always available. As time passed, more establishments appeared selling books, farm equipment,
pharmaceuticals, furniture and stationary. As Modesto grew, additional streets sprang up around
the railroad and, eventually, the downtown streets were re-named with letters and numbers.
Front Street then became what we know today as Ninth Street.

Modesto – The center of a growing County

From the early 1900’s, Modesto has always had a lively downtown with large-city amenities.
Hotels, retail and theatres have been the cornerstone of the downtown economy. Early hotels
served travelers from up and down the valley and even from across the country. The Ross
House, opposite the train depot, was originally built in Paradise City and in 1869 the hotel was
moved to 9th & I Streets to follow the business generated by the new railroad. The Prentiss
House --- located at 11th & H Streets --- and the Merry Hotel at 12th & H --- offered free pick-up
and delivery to the local train passengers. The Tynan Hotel (later called the State) ---- located on
10th Street between H & I --- was constructed in 1890 and was appointed with extravagant
interiors, including fireplaces. It boasted an elaborate clock tower on the roof and its luxury was
said to rival that of the best hotels in San Francisco. The Hughson and the Covell hotels along J
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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Street soon followed, joining Modesto’s growing downtown. Many Modesto residents recall the
crowded wedding receptions and Christmas parties held at the Covell over the years. Another
hotel that became a large part of downtown history was the Modesto Hotel. Located at the
corner of 11th & H Streets, the Modesto Hotel was decorated in high style and offered patrons a
wonderful place to hold parties that are fondly remembered to this day.

Along with the hotels, theaters also provided entertainment. People came downtown to enjoy
live vaudeville, newsreels, western serials and full-length Hollywood movies in the theaters. As
the silent films gave way to the “talkies”, downtown Modesto --- with its five movie theatres ---
was the place to be on a Saturday night.

Regional commerce grows in Modesto

Ninth Street eventually became designated as a State highway and for many decades was an
integral part of the only north-south highway that went the full length of California. Businesses
sprang up to serve the traveling public as well as the commercial trucking industry. The
remnants of many of those businesses still exist today along Ninth Street. In the 1960’s, Caltrans
built State Route (Highway) 99 to replace Ninth Street as the main thoroughfare through
Modesto. Ninth Street was relegated to become the “Business Route” for SR99 and soon the
thriving businesses who had depended on the constant traffic passing their doors fell into
disrepair or disappeared all together.

But in Modesto, traffic wasn’t just a revenue generator. Cars weren’t just a way to get from here
to there. From the 1940’s on --- on any night of the week --- you could find the local teens
pursuing their favorite pastime --- cruising Tenth Street. You cruised to see your old friends.
You cruised to meet new friends. You challenged others to a drag race just to prove which car
was faster on that particular night. And, you cruised because it was a right of passage from your
teens to the adult world. A sculpture is dedicated downtown to the cruising phenomenon and to
George Lucas who epitomized the art of cruising in his movie “American Graffiti”. His movie
depicted a simpler time and it’s what Tenth Street was all about.

Modesto Today!

Modesto has chosen to recapture the vibrancy of our downtown. Through the efforts of the City,
Stanislaus County, the Modesto Redevelopment Agency and private investors, we are now
seeing a tremendous resurgence of downtown Modesto. Tenth Street Place includes the
City/County government building, Brenden Theatres, office buildings, a parking garage,
restaurants and retail. The Doubletree Hotel and the Centre Plaza complete the major downtown
center for commerce. It is --- once again --- the place to find entertainment, retail stores and that
unique sense of community that only a bustling city street can provide.

Modesto has always been a community rich with successful businesses. We know what it takes
for companies to build and to expand. Many companies have been in Modesto for more than 100
years. New companies can thrive in this climate of fresh opportunities, opening the way for
many companies to succeed in the future.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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But, of all the things that make Modesto unique, it’s our quality of life and our people who make
the difference. This was true in 1900 and it is still just as true today.

Modesto is unique in one very important way --- we are a large small town with a hometown
feeling that we hope will never leave. The people of Modesto have always cared about our city
and about each other. We are a community of diverse voices and opinions. We welcome these
many perspectives and our citizens feel comfortable in expressing their points of view. It is
and has always been the people who make Modesto what it is.

C.     Budget Range

At the present time, approximately $300,000 will be committed for this Concept Master Plan for
the Vision and Renovation Project. The City expects that, ultimately, the entire planning effort
in subsequent years could cost more than $500,000 including CEQA/NEPA compliance.

Staff expects that with regard to CEQA, an EIR will be required to implement this effort. Given
that federal funds/permits will be necessary for ultimate project implementation, NEPA
compliance will also be required, but the actual level of compliance (FONSI or EIR) is
undetermined. In any event, CEQA and NEPA compliance would not be expected in your
proposal, except for the Initial Study, and/or Notice of Preparation and/or Environmental
Analysis efforts described in Task 16 and Task 17 in Section D.

D.     Scope of Services Desired

There are several components anticipated to comprise the Concept Master Plan for the Modesto
Downtown Vision and Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project. These components are listed
below and have been expanded into a set of desired Tasks expected to be performed by the
Consultant Team, as follows:

       1.      Create a Concept Master Plan presenting an overall vision for the renovation of
               specific downtown core areas as identified in the attached project maps.

               Description: The purpose of the Concept Master Plan is to adopt a vision for the
               renovation of the downtown core area. This vision will include zoning and land
               use issues as well as the complete design of the urban streetscape. The ultimate
               goal is to create a world-class urban environment that will allow the economy to
               continue to grow and diversify in and around the downtown area.

               Level of Effort: Complete all tasks included in this Request for Proposal in order
               to create a viable vision for downtown Modesto which is supported by the
               majority of the stakeholders, including the City, County, Caltrans, other
               government agencies, property owners and other interested parties.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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       2.      Create a Specific Plan for the renovation of Ninth Street and Tenth Streets,
               generally extending from the SR99 Overcrossing to the Tuolumne River

               Description: This Task is the overall Concept Master Plan process that
               encompasses all the tasks that follow within this RFP. The final product will be a
               Specific Plan presenting the new Ninth and Tenth Streets that will offer an urban
               environment for Modesto for the next hundred years. The Specific Plan shall
               address elements of this RFP (i.e. utilities, infrastructure, urban design, etc.) and
               all elements as required by State Law (Section 65451).

               As noted under “History” above, Ninth Street is a major transportation corridor
               for Modesto and has been the principal north-south route through Modesto since
               the late 1800’s. Some streetscape structures still remain from that time. Over
               the last century there have been numerous land uses on Ninth Street that were
               associated with its designation as a major State highway. Many of these land uses
               have now fallen into various stages of disrepair and no longer match the City’s
               vision for the future of Ninth Street as a world-class urban boulevard.

               Running parallel with Ninth Street is Tenth Street, also a collector corridor for the
               downtown. Within the last three years, a portion of Tenth Street has been
               completely renovated between J Street and K Street with a new Police
               Headquarters at G Street and more renovations planned at adjacent intersections.
               To continue with this renovation, Tenth Street will be a companion street to the
               renovated Ninth Street urban boulevard with coordinated intersections and uses.

               Tenth Street is a closely associated venue and the ultimate Master Plan could
               include closure, an urban creek or similar water feature, pedestrian venues,
               housing and a view corridor to the Tuolumne River. The consultants shall
               familiarize themselves with the Tenth Street Project and how it might serve as a
               north anchor to a view/commerce/residential corridor along Tenth Street, past the
               planned Performing Arts Center extending to the Tuolumne River. This corridor
               could include pedestrian walkways, mini parks, street furniture, banners, etc.

               Level of Effort: This will be a major task involving considerable study of
               alternatives, opportunities and constraints and, as such, would involve a
               significant amount of the effort identified in this RFP.

       3.      Create a well-defined public process, ensure stakeholder consensus and solicit
               extensive public input for use in creating the ultimate vision and design.

               Description: The consultant will work with the Project Advisory Board to
               develop and implement a pro-active public process where the public is
               encouraged to provide input which the consultant will then evaluate and
               incorporate into the final vision plan. This will include the development of a
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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               comprehensive plan that clearly identifies and defines stakeholders, goals,
               strategies and timelines for each stage of the project.

               Level of Effort: The Consultant will be responsible for creating, administering
               and carefully monitoring the public process including, but not limited to:
                Work with City staff to identify all stakeholders including property owners,
                  business owners, charity organizations, public utilities, cultural organizations
                Prepare and conduct community workshops (total number of workshops to be
                  determined in ongoing discussions with Advisory Board). Administer each
                  workshop, facilitate the discussion and produce follow-up documentation.
                Provide alternatives to the vision that incorporate the public input.
       4.      Technology and Public Relations Program - All documents to be transmitted
               electronically and by hard copy

               Description: The consultant will work with the City’s Communication and
               Marketing Division to develop and implement a pro-active, multi-media public
               relations program. This will include the development of a comprehensive
               communications plan that clearly identifies and defines stakeholders, goals,
               strategies and timelines for each stage of the project.

               Technological requirements will also include the creation of a “virtual reality”
               presentation to provide a real-life visual experience for the viewer showing the
               existing Ninth/Tenth Corridor and the insertion of proposed new design and
               visions. This presentation should use high-end technology and should be
               available for public meetings as well as on the Internet web site.

               Level of Effort: The Consultant will be responsible for several technical
               components of the Public Relations Program including, but not limited to:
                     Development of a project website and maintenance
                     Mass mailings
                     Community workshops
                     Advertising – radio/TV/print
                     Editorial writing
                     Graphics/design and still photography

       5.      Assess the economic viability of the Concept Master Plan

               Description: As a component of this project, compute the economic viability and
               return on the investment to complete the plan considering, but not limited to, such
               factors as:
                      Job generation in Downtown Modesto
                      Hotel/convention requirement
                      Destination traffic for recreation purposes
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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                      Non-vehicular bike path trail link from Virginia to TRRP
                      Pedestrian venuesPublic
                      Parking facilities
                      Retail/commercial use

               Level of Effort: Compute the economic benefit vs. cost to implement each
               component of the master plan, as well as for completing the whole plan.

       6.      Assess needs for technology improvements, particularly related to
               telecommunications systems

               Description: Assess current level of telecommunication lines present on the
               Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Determine reasonable needs for telecommunications, given potential uses.

               Make recommendations on the type of systems that should be present and develop
               cost estimates as well as partnership opportunities.

               Level of Effort: This is a medium priority. Critical issue is that pathways are
               made available for telecommunication improvements.

       7.      Identify and evaluate above-ground utilities for consideration of placing these
               utilities underground on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: Above-ground utilities include electrical, telecommunication and
               cable television lines. Records need to be accumulated from public utilities.

               Once identified, costs for placing the utilities under ground need to be provided.
               Options for financial participation by public utilities need to be assessed.

               Impacts on other improvements need to be considered by placing utilities under

               Level of Effort: This is a high priority for this project as above-ground utilities
               limit the options for the project area and are significant components of the visual

       8.      Identify the condition of city utilities – water, sewer, storm. Develop cost
               estimates for improving the condition of those systems on the Ninth/Tenth Street

               Description: Working with city staff, identify the location, size and condition of
               water, sewer and storm drain systems. Evaluate present and future needs for
               those utilities. Develop cost estimates for improvements.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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               Level of Effort: This is a critical portion of this project as above-ground work
               cannot occur until underground utilities are improved.

       9.      Incorporate, grant requested storm drain improvements with other underground
               utilities on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: Develop detail of recommended storm drain system improvement.

               Develop initial design and construction costs (a basic design exists)

               Incorporate design, along with other developing utilities, so there is not a conflict
               with available underground space.

               Level of Effort: Incorporate existing design with other utilities and under-ground

               Incorporate each utility in relationship to the other, and develop costs for
               completion of construction.

       10.     Design and cost the replacement of the existing city sanitary sewer system on the
               Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: The existing Ninth Street sanitary sewer system exceeds 100 years
               in age. It needs to be replaced in kind, with upgrade in size. Size needs to be
               determined based on future development and increased needs of city water.

               Level of Effort: Sanitary sewer upgrades and costs should be determined based
               on use of existing space under Ninth Street for underground utility compatibility.

       11.     Identify city water requirements for future development and needs of existing and
               new water customers that will dictate significant upgrades to the existing system
               on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: Develop water needs for the future of the Ninth/Tenth Street
               Corridor to include existing customers. Incorporate water needs for new
               customers added to the existing customers. Take total needs and design for the
               increased water volume and pressure needed for high rise water use as well as fire
               suppression systems. Provide a design and construction costs to replace and
               upgrade the existing system.

               Level of Effort: The design and costs of the new city water system should be
               placed in relationship to all other underground utilities.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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       12.     Maintain fire apparatus access to building and water supplies on the Ninth/Tenth
               Street corridors.

               Description: In order to maintain a level of safety in the project area, fire
               apparatus access and water supplies will need to be maintained. The renovation
               project also provides an opportunity to retrofit pre-existing non-conforming
               business to a higher level of safety.

               Level of Effort: Coordinate with contractors and public works to provide fire and
               safety equipment access throughout the project area.

       13.     Fully developed landscaping to create a “greenbelt”

               Description – The consultant will incorporate in the Master Plan and Specific Plan
               an extensive landscape design for the 9th and 10th street corridors. This plan is to
               provide a visually attractive and comfortable atmosphere for visitors and locals to
               enjoy at all times of the day and throughout year. This design will include, but
               not be limited to, street furnishings, hardscape areas, landscaping, integration of
               existing structures and new structures, typical gateways throughout the site, major
               gateways on the north and south end of the project, public art, possible design
               variations for different blocks, cross streets and intersections.

               Level of Effort – This is a significant task, as it is the majority of the change in
               the visual appeal of 9th and 10th streets. This really is one of the tasks that will
               make or break the design and the overall success of the renovation of 9th and 10th
               streets. This plan will serve as the basis for construction documents to be
               implemented along both of these corridors and will also serve as a standard for
               new businesses that want to locate in the downtown area of Modesto.

       14.     Identify design strategies that promote a self-policing environment for all of
               Downtown Vision Area identified in this RFP.

               Description: The consultant(s) must become familiar with the basic tenets of
               Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and incorporate them
               into all proposals. The proposed area is currently frequented by a transient
               population that engages in nuisance behavior (panhandling, public urination,
               trespassing, public intoxication/drinking, loitering, etc.) Areas that are open to
               the public must be designed to discourage nuisance behavior.

               Level of Effort: At a minimum, benchmarking of similar projects should be
               utilized to determine the effectiveness of proposed strategies.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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       15.     Land Use Component on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: The consultant will develop a land use plan providing land use
               objectives, land allocation/distribution, character of development, matrix of
               permitted/conditional uses, special conditions and any other applicable land use
               criteria. As part of this effort, the consultant team must become familiar with the
               adopted General Plan land use plan and zoning code as they apply to the study
               area. This baseline information should assist in determining a recommended land
               use plan for the corridor.

               Level of Effort: This is a relatively major task as the land plan serves as a major
               unifying element of the entire master planning effort. The land use plan serves as
               a basis for determining the extent of infrastructure improvements in the area and
               the level of environmental review.

       16.     Environmental Impact Report on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: Based on the findings of an initial study, the consultant will
               determine if an EIR shall be required for the project. Based on preliminary
               assessments, staff is of the opinion that an EIR will be required. The Ninth Street
               Corridor project is not addressed in the Master EIR for the City of Modesto;
               therefore, a finding of no significant impact cannot be made. Level of NEPA
               compliance should also be examined.

               Level of Effort: This is a significant task because of the level of complexity, long
               time frame (approximately 12–month process), and cost factor.

       17.     Initial study on the Ninth/Tenth Street corridors.

               Description: The consultant will prepare an initial study to determine the level of
               environmental review required for the project in accordance with the California
               Environmental Quality Act. Level of NEPA compliance should also be

               Level of Effort: This is a significant task, as it will lead to a determination on
               what environmental documentation shall be required for the project, which affects
               project schedule and overall cost.

       18.     Ninth Street Bridge (South Link)

               Description: The consultants shall familiarize themselves with the Tuolumne
               River Regional Park Improvement Project and the planned Ninth Street Bridge
               Project. The Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project shall establish physical
               linkages to these two projects that are easily recognizable by the public. Such
               linkages might include, for example, design themes, signage, transportation
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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               systems (bike, pedestrian, bus). Construction phasing shall also be examined and
               discussed in order to identify opportunities and constraints.

               Level of Effort: This will be a relatively minor task, involving coordination with
               existing or ongoing separate projects.

       19.     Kansas Avenue Business Park (KABP) (North Link)

               Description: The consultants shall familiarize themselves with the KABP Master
               Plan. The Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project shall establish physical linkages
               to the KABP that may include, for example, design themes, signage,
               transportation systems (bike, pedestrian, bus).

               Level of Effort: This will be an important task in order to achieve commerce
               interaction between the KABP and the downtown area. Moreover, with the
               132/99 interchange, this stretch of Ninth Street becomes a key entry to the City
               for regional visitors.

       20.     SR 99 Corridor Study (Parallel Link)

               Description: The consultants shall familiarize themselves with this ongoing study
               and plan, and coordinate this planning effort with the Ninth/Tenth Street
               Renovation Project, to the extent necessary. The Corridor Plan shall be
               incorporated into the Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project, as an element, in a
               manner such that it can be detached if necessary.

               Level of Effort: This is a minor task involving coordination only.

       21.     Redevelopment Implementation Plan and Master Plan update for Downtown Area
               (Overlapping Link)

               Description: The consultants shall familiarize themselves with the
               Redevelopment Agency’s (RDA) requirement to update its Master Plan. The

               Ninth/Tenth Street Project shall have sufficient detail to comply with the
               Agency’s State-mandated requirements to the extent the study area lies within the
               RDA Project Area.

               Level of Effort: This is an important task in order to achieve efficiencies in

       22.     Evaluate Circulation Alternatives at the northern terminus of Ninth Street.

               Description: Ninth Street currently terminates at the Briggsmore/SR99
               Interchange. Develop alternative design concepts for this portion of the facility.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
Page 12 of 15

               The expected outcome of this task is identification of alternatives with conceptual
               alignments on aerial photos, with planning level cost estimates for each

               Level of Effort: The alternatives should be based on available traffic information
               for the Briggsmore/SR99 interchange and north Ninth Street, with projections to
               2025. When applicable, vertical alignment evaluations should be performed to
               confirm the feasibility of the alternatives. Each alternative should be
               accompanied by an evaluation of the pros and cons of the alternative.

       23.     Identify opportunities to reduce impacts of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)

               Description: The UPRR tracks represent a major impact to project study area.
               The consultant team will be asked to identify opportunities to reduce those
               impacts to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

               Level of Effort: The consultant should develop a list of conceptual
               improvements and provide an opinion of the effectiveness of each. Those deemed
               most effective will be incorporated into the Concept Master Plan with
               concurrence by those impacted.

       24.     Evaluate vehicular and pedestrian transportation facilities in the project area.

               1)     Determine (requirements) necessary to support the accessibility of the
                      Ninth Street corridor for a full range of motorized vehicles.

               2)      Determine feasibility of and level of safe use for pedestrians and non-
                       motorized vehicles to use in the context of State and local standards.

               Level of Effort: Major task as the Ninth Street corridor is a significant part of the
               City-wise transportation plan. Review current and recent plans concerning
               transportation along this corridor (Caltrans, transit, non-motorized vehicles,
               county, etc.) Recommendation must be compatible with other aspects impacted
               areas associated with this area.

       25.     Investigate sources of outside funding

               Description: The consultant team should have experience in researching outside
               funding sources for the project. This would include making contact with the
               funding source to determine availability of funds and the method of applying for
               any available funds.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
Page 13 of 15

               The following is a list of suggested funding sources, but should be considered as a
               starting point only:

                      Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA)
                      State Transportation Efficiency Act (STRIP)
                      Clean Water State Revolving Funds
                      EPA Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control grant
                      EPA Water Quality 104(b)(3) Grants
                      National Endowment for the Arts Grants
                      Grants for Public Works and Economic Development
                      CALTRANS (State Highway 132)

               Level of Effort: This is a fairly significant task, but it is essential to obtain funding
               to implement the project

E.     Proposal Format Requirements

       In order to effectively evaluate all Proposals, it is requested that the following format be
       closely followed:

       1.      Executive Summary of the Proposal which includes a clear description of the
               project management structure and total cost of services presented in your
               proposal. Supplemental resumes of personnel, who may not have been included
               in your Statement of Proposal may be presented in this section. A single point of
               contact for your firm should be designated in this Executive Summary, including
               his/her address, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail and fax number.

       2.      Project Approach and Evaluation
               This Section describes the overall approach your team proposes to address the
               “Scope of Services Desired”, as presented in Section D above. This section
               would also present the overall timing of your work effort.

               Your team will be evaluated on your level of expertise, your background in the
               needed disciplines and your ability to build a vision with Modesto’s citizens.

               A special note: The City reserves the right to negotiate substitutions of sub-
               contractors in order to achieve local consultant knowledge.

                Most importantly, this section should candidly present any deviations from the
                 approach contemplated thus far by staff in Section D. We are looking for
                       creative, innovative approaches to this Concept Master Plan.
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
Page 14 of 15

       3.      Scope of Work
               Following from the Project Approach, this section should present a detailed Scope
               of Work with clear descriptions of:
               a)     The tasks involved
               b)     The personnel assigned to these tasks, and their chargeable rates
               c)     The number of hours assigned to each person, per task
               d)     A total cost, on the last page, of all tasks proposed.

       4.      Relevant Example of Your Previous Work
               In this section, please describe a representative example of your firm’s work on a
               project as complex and important to its community as the Downtown Vision and
               Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project is to this community. This section of your
               proposal should describe why and how you think this past project is relevant to
               the Concept Master Plan.

               Twelve (12) copies of the actual work product should also be included in your
               proposal package; the copies can be returned, upon your request.

F.   Next Steps in the Process

       1.      Proposal due                                        January 15, 2002
       2.      Consultant interview/presentations                  January - February 2002
       3.      Consultant selection completed                      February 2002
       4.      Contract negotiations completed (approx.)           February – March 2002
       5.      Notice to Proceed (tentative)                       March 2002

G. Project Review and Approval Process (Typical)
      Once the consultant or consultant team is selected, the project review and approval
      process would typically include the following steps. Please Note: This is not intended
      to be an exhaustive list of procedures but is only included in this RFP as an informational
      item to provide a general outline of the scope of the Modesto review process.

       1.      Updates to the Advisory Board (Once per month – typ.)
       2.      Selected stakeholders meetings (Min. of two (2) meetings)
       3.      Public Workshops (Min. of four (4) workshops, but this number may increase
               based on ongoing discussions with Advisory Board)
       4.      Updates to two (2) Council Committees (Once per quarter – typ.)
       5.      When Project Draft is complete, a review will be held before:
               a. Advisory Board
               b. Key stakeholder groups
               c. Minimum of two Council Committees
               d. Full City Council
       6.      When Project is finalized, approval will be required from the Advisory Board, at
               least two Council Committees and the full City Council (Min. of 4 meetings)
Request for Proposal – November 28, 2001
Concept Master Plan – Modesto Downtown Vision
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H.     Any Questions?

       Contact: Linda C. Boston, Project Manager
       Phone: (209) 571-5179      Fax: (209) 491-5798       Internet:

       Please submit twelve (12) copies of your Proposal, along with twelve (12) copies of a
       sample of your previous work (see Section E-4, above) to:

                Ms. Linda C. Boston
                City of Modesto
                Community Development Department
                1010 Tenth Street, Suite 3300 (3rd Floor)
                Modesto, CA 95354

       Response Deadline: JANUARY 15, 2002

Thank you for your interest in the Concept Master Plan - Modesto Downtown Vision and
Ninth/Tenth Street Renovation Project. We look forward to meeting you and receiving your

Best regards,

Linda C. Boston
Business Development Manager
Community Development Department

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