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									            Direct Quotes
Quotes must be part of your sentence
–   Signal phrase and a comma
–   Colon following an independent clause
–   Integrated into the natural structure of the
            Direct Quotes
  Introducing a Quote with a signal phrase and a
 Ryan Smith, a Los Angeles Times reporter,
suggests to his readers, “Lock everything every
time you leave the house” (43).
           Direct Quotes
 Signal phrase in the middle of the sentence:

“As matters now stand,” asserts Duncan Turner,
“the outcome will be rather grim” (259).
            Direct Quotes
  Signal phrase at the end of the sentence:
 “What do you think of first when you hear the
term mixed marriage?” asks Jose Burciaga, a
distinguished publisher and writer.
              Direct Quotes
 Introducing a Quote with a Colon:

Protection of white privilege is critical to patterns of
discrimination: “Whenever a number . . .” (Williams,
              Direct Quotes
 Introducing a Quote with a Colon:

With the recent school shootings, many are concerned with
gun laws: “Banning guns from schools seems the obvious
way to keep children safe” (Lott, 473)
             Direct Quotes
 Integrated quotes:
Hermione Roddice is described in Lawrence’s
Women in Love as a “woman of the new school, full of
intellectuality and . . . nerve-worn with consciousness”
            Direct Quotes
 Integrated quotes:
More specifically, Wharton’s imagery of suffusing
brightness transforms Undine before her glass into
“some fabled creature whose home was in a beam of
light” (21).

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