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									                   Campbell Scoop
     Publisher: Campbell School              2008-2009         Edition 2
                  Mrs. Jeney                                    Lucy Campbell
              By Grace and Alanna                              By Kate and Tracy
      We’d like to welcome Mrs. Jeney back to               There’s a new hamster who hangs out in the library.
  Campbell School. She was teaching 4th grade, then       Her name is Lucy Campbell. Hew name was voted on
  she had a baby and was at home.                         by the 1st and 2nd graders. We interviewed Mrs.
  Q. How do you feel about being back at Campbell         Sulligan.
  School?                                                 Q: How old is Lucy?
  A. Happy to be here, excited. I missed teaching.        A: 4 or 5 months old.
  Q. What have you been doing while you were out?         Q. What is her favorite color?
  A. Taking care of my 17 month old son.                  A. She goes to the yellow part of her cage.
  Q. What’s your baby’s name?                             Q: What does she eat?
  A. Sean                                                 A. carrots, corn, seeds and hamster cereal
  Q. Has Campbell School changed?                         Q. Do you let her run freely?
  A. There are new faces, new teachers but mostly the     A. No, I don’t want her to get lost.
  same.                                                   Q: Has anyone been nibbled and hurt?
  It was a pleasure speaking with Mrs. Jeney and          A. No
  we’re glad she’s back!                                  Q:Are you going to get another hamster and have a
             Super Student Teachers                       A: Maybe
                 By: Hannah & Victoria                    Q: When did you get her?
      Have you ever wondered about the Student            A. She was adopted on Oct. 15.
  Teachers in Campbell School? We hope you find           Q: What was the other choice?
  interesting information here.                           A.: Clementine
      Ms.Bonner is a 4th grade student teacher for        When we watched Lucy, we observed that she is kind
  Mr.Yakowenko. She went to Kean University.              of smallish, very fast and pretty smart.
  Ms.Bonner loves Mr.Yakowenko’s class. The
  sports she likes are basketball and football.                                New Beginnings
      Ms.Protano is a 3rd grade Student Teacher for                       By Alanna, Bridget, and Christina
  Ms.Groves’ class. She loves her class.                     A lot of things have changed in Campbell School.
  Ms.Protano’s favorite subjects are Math and             2008 is a new year to everybody! Every class has
  Language Arts. She went to Rutgers University           changed in at least 1 way; here are just some of the
  and studied Italian.                                    ways.
      Ms.Marics is a 3rd grade student teacher for              1st grade- We interviewed Mrs. Kindler and she
  Mrs.Powell’s class. Ms. Marics is a 3rd grade student   told us that her class is piloting a new reading
  teacher with Mrs. Powell. She went to Kean              program, that means they’re trying it out and she is
  University. Ms. Marics loves her class, her favorite    very excited. Her class is also using a lot of Spanish
  subject is science. She studied zoology, botany and     everywhere; they are learning it during class time.
  math in college.                                              2nd grade- We interviewed Mrs. Kistler and she
      Ms. Baumgartner is a student teacher with Ms.       said she is teaching guided reading differently and she
  Keers Nolde. She went to Middlesex College and          is enjoying every second of it. This is how 2nd grade
  Kean University. She thinks gym is a lot of fun. Her    changed, but wait until you see 3rd and 4th grade.
  favorite subjects are gym and science. Ms. B.                 3rd grade- We interviewed Mrs. Deverin and she
  studied science, gym and teaching classes in college.   answered the following; "The entire 3rd grade is
                                                          having reading and language arts together for an hour
                Ask Mrs. Campbell                         and a half class." This is how 3rd grade changed.
                  By Karen and Hayley                           4th grade- We interviewed Mr. Yak for 4th grade.
Dear Mrs. Campbell,                                       It is the first year he had as student teacher in his class.
      Hi! Report cards are coming up, and I'm not         Her name is Mrs. Bonner. She has been a big help to
positive about my results. I really want good grades,     Mr. Yak, but too bad, she's leaving in December.
but I'm not sure I did well this marking period. Do you       There are so many changes this year; I wonder what
know any way I could be less nervous? I don't want        will happen next year?
my parents yelling at me because I got bad grades.
Write back as soon as you can.                                 Finding the History of Campbell’s Name
Sincerely,                                                                 By Nirmal and Christina
Albert Dumbstien                                             Did you ever wonder how Campbell got its name?
                                                            Well, 2 reporters set out to find out. Even our most
Dear Albert,                                                experienced teachers did not know. So we went to
 I understand. The best thing to do is talk to your         our last resort… the World Wide Web.
teacher about it and your grades, then your teacher can          The internet does know. We found out that the
help you next period. And your parents, well tell your      land was owned by William T. Campbell. He sold
folks you're sorry and you talked to your teacher. You      his land to the Metuchen Board of Education. They
will try better next time.                                  built a school and named it after the person who
Sincerely,                                                  originally owned the land – William T. Campbell!
Mrs. Campbell                                                    Now we all know the history of Campbell’s
P.S. It’s ok to make mistakes, you learn from them.         name.
                   Campbell Babies                                                     Guess Who
                      By Maggie                                                By Morgan and Bridget
  There are three new babies since the summer!             This person:
     Morgan Minelli                                               Doesn’t have own classroom
     Darcy Messenger                                              Has 4 daughters
     Michael Fiore                                                Played professional basketball
  We welcome them to the Campbell School family!                  Likes to read sports articles
                                                                  Directs: ACES
          Student Council Officers                         Can you Guess Who?
                   By Rachel and Guilia
  The new Student Council officers were elected a                          Mr. Yak… Inside And Out
couple of weeks ago.                                                            By Kyle and Collin
  President          Bella Stern                                Mr. Yak is a 4th grade teacher. He wins box tops on a
  Vice-President Gianna Dowd                                 regular basis. He also has a track team and runs Lego
  Treasurer          Kyle Harry                              Club. We asked him a few things about his many
  Secretary          Sam Battaglia                           activities.
  Bella is a goalie on the Metuchen travel soccer team.      Q: Do you remember your first year you won box
She is in Mrs. Fiore’s class and enjoys spelling.            tops?
  Gianna is also in Mrs. Fiore’s class. You will see her     A: 5 years ago in 2003.
in dance class, and she likes reading.                       Q: Have you seen any improvement in the students in
  Kyle is in Mr. Yak’s homeroom. He plays flag               box tops over the years?
football and thinks he’s right for the job.                  A: I think the whole school has shown improvement.
  Sam is in Mrs. Fiore’s class. He likes to make jokes       Q: What was your reaction when you recently won
and was Uncle Sam for Halloween.                             track?
              Upcoming Thanksgiving                          A: I was happy for the kids and felt that they deserved
                  By Emma and Rhea                           it from all their hard work.
      What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We                Q: Who is your fastest runner on the High School
  interviewed a few kids from each grade and this is         team?
  what we found out.                                         A: Mark Vorensky.
                                                             Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Lego Club?
                                                             A: I like when missions are complete and have
                                                             competitions for robots.
                                                             Q: What is your favorite Yak Fact (question of the
                                                             “Where do 4 states meet at one point and what is it
                                                             called?” I always ask it at the beginning of each year.

     Of the 20 people we interviewed, the most                                     Thanksgiving
  popular thing was going away. So now you know                                By Brianna and Heather
  about a good idea for next Thanksgiving.                                                 Y   P   M
                                                                                   T   V   N   O   O   Q   Z
                                                                           G   N   S   M   I   R   G   L   I   P   M
                 Superstitious Shovel                                  G   Y   O   T   S   A   E   F   O   A   A   T   X
                  By Jessica and Valentina                         G   Q   Q   S   Y   Z   P   B   L   X   A   R   L   P   E
       Have you ever seen the shovel hanging by the                Y   Q   C   C   E   F   A   M   I   L   Y   A   Y   B   H
  2nd grade hallway? It reads...Campbell School -              G   R   N   R   H   K   K   U   E   C   L   D   D   D   V   G   V
                                                               Y   R   S   L   O   R   W   V   V   Q   X   E   E   L   P   B   L
  Metuchen Board of Education capital improvement            C H   E   Q   E   O   U   W   B   O   T   E   X   A   H   N   K   F X
  project 1999. We interviewed Mr. G and found out           B D   B   U   H   L   T   H   A   N   K   S   G   I   V   I   N   G N
  some very interesting information.                         Z O   N   A   S   Y   F   S   E   I   G   G   E   V   D   E   X   I M
       Mr. G told us that he dug with the shovel around        M   A   S   H   E   D   P   O   T   A   T   O   E   S   V   S   G
                                                               L   R   H   R   E   W   O   L   F   Y   A   M   N   K   R   I   U
  the gym area. The shovel was used in the beginning               C   P   B   Z   G   N   I   F   F   U   T   S   N   Z   W
  of the construction and it’s called a ground digging.            D   M   H   C   O   R   N   U   C   O   P   I   A   D   J
  Lots of pictures were taken.                                         Q   S   D   A   E   R   B   N   R   O   C   H   H
                                                                           X   F   J   D   D   P   K   J   K   D   T
       What was not there before the construction was                              H   Y   A   R   S   W   K
  the 4th grade hallways, the gym, the art and music                                       V   V   W
  rooms, Ms, Groves’ and Mrs. Hanley’s rooms and             Mayflower             November        family
  the Science Lab. The most interesting fact is that         parade                Thanksgiving     mixed veggies
  kids in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade wrote their names under     corn                  feast          cornbread
  the gym floor in 1999. Wow! So much changed in             cornucopia            cranberry      lots of food
  the 3 years of construction. What would life be            thanks                mashed potatoes      pilgrims
  without our new gym, art, music and science rooms?         squash                no school      turkey
                                                              leaves               stuffing

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