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					                        Annual Report of Institutional Progress
                                University Libraries
                                University of Georgia

1. Summary of Major Accomplishments

Library Collections. Total holdings surpassed 3.7M volumes, placing the Libraries 35th
       among the 111 academic members of the Association of Research Libraries

ARL Ranking. Due to increased subscriptions to electronic journals, the Libraries
      continued to rank 28th in ARL membership index. In specific types of material,
      the Libraries rank 13th in sound recordings, 6th in archival and manuscript
      holdings, 7th in cartographic materials, and 2nd in film and video.

Galileo Intergrated Libraries (GIL). This marked the second full year of using GIL as
       our automated library system to support the catalog, circulation, and processing
       functions. Beta testing was completed for Universal Borrowing, a program
       whereby any system institution member can have access to materials from all
       University System libraries. We are now conducting training sessions for a
       grouping of University system libraries in the southern part of the state.

Renovation of library buildings. The re-tiling project for the entire entry floor at the
      Science Library was completed. This project afforded us the opportunity to
      reconfigure staff work areas, to redefine the public areas on the floor, and to do
      some reduction of the material shelved in that area. This project also included
      new ceiling tiles and installation of new lighting.

       Installation of compact shelving (12,765 gross lineal feet of space) in the Main
       Library was completed. This project allows for future expansion of the Media
       Archives and the Peabody Archives Collection.

Student Learning Center. Ground was broken for the Student Learning Center on
       September 1, 2000. A furniture consultant was hired and furniture has been
       selected. Work is underway to expedite the bid process. Working with UCNS, a
       Student Learning Center Prototype has been developed in the Main Library where
       we can further define programs, needs, and services for the SLC. A web page for
       the Student Learning Center has been created that includes a project history, a live
       image from a video camera, floor plans, time-lapsed video of the construction
       site, and an interior tour.

Special Collections Libraries Building. Design drawings were completed and a display
       model was built to use for fundraising. The building was presented before the
       Board of Regents this spring. Although it didn‟t make it on list of capital projects
       this year, we anticipate that it will next year.

Development. The Libraries continue to make substantial progress in fund raising. This
      past year, commitments and collections totaling over $730,000 were received.

Major New Online Resources. Spending for online resources continues to increase, with
      licenses that permit campus-wide access becoming the norm. This past year, the
      Libraries acquired access to 39 new resources, including journals, books, and
      databases. A sampling follows:
             Art Index Retrospective
             Business Cycle Indicators
             Columbia International Affairs
             Communication Abstracts
             Compendex
             Index of Christian Art
             E*Subscribe
             Index to Current Urban Documents
             International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
             New Grove‟s Dictionary of Music and Musicians
             Poem Finder
             Policy File
             Political Risk Yearbook
             Poole‟s Plus, and Tech Data Express

Libraries Homepage. Greatly enhanced the Libraries Homepage with several features
       including an interactive staff directory, 54 subject guides, and a Frequently Asked
       Question file. Sixteen departmental sites were re-worked. In addition, we
       compiled an extensive guide to Government Information on the Web as a possible
       prototype for a GALILEO government information database for the state and
       designed a new interface for the Electronic Journal Locator.

Coordinating Electronic Resources. Two positions were created to monitor the use and
      effectiveness of various electronic resources and to coordinate procurement and
      licensing of these resources. Data gathering and the design and programming of a
      Web-based system for tracking electronic resource purchases, licensing, and
      problems was completed this year. This information will be invaluable in
      assessing electronic resources

Digital Library of Georgia DLG released the Southeastern Native American Documents
        online resource to the public as part of GALILEO. Work on the Clifford “Baldy”
        Baldowski collection continued, with the successful creation of an Ultimate
        database, images, and web interface to the collection. This collection is expected

       to go live in the fall of 2001. Numerous collections from the Hargrett Rare Book
       and Manuscript Library were imaged, transcribed, and SGML encoded
       throughout the year, and moves were made to create the infrastructure to house
       these materials online under GALILEO. Summer saw the start of the first DLG
       project working with materials from outside the UGA Libraries. The Camilla
       Riot Manuscripts contains materials from the National Archives documenting the
       incident in Mitchell County Georgia during Reconstruction. Other digital projects
       such as the Georgia Books and Newspapers (mainly transcription of the Cherokee
       Phoenix) continued – an additional year of the Phoenix was added to the
       prototype Georgia Historic Newspapers Database.

Library Organization. Two AULs accepted appointments outside UGA, Merryll Penson
       to the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia and Barbara Winters to
       Marshal University. The result was a further flattening of the organization by not
       replacing that administrative tier, thus demonstrating our interdependence. The
       Department Heads Group continues to meet weekly in a facilitated fashion
       employing appropriate methods to address and resolve issues. In addition, this
       year saw the positive five-year review of the University Librarian.

Government Documents

   Processing. Automated current U.S. documents processing, began automation of
    Georgia documents processing which will result in much improved access to
    government documents in the online catalog.
   State Publications of Georgia. We digitized our first video and audio cd and added
    approximately 250 documents in electronic text to the database. As a result of a
    statewide meeting of members of the FDLP (Federal Library Depository Program)
    hosted by the UGA Libraries on May 10, a commitment was received for cooperative
    cataloging for state documents and Valdosta State University and Georgia Southern
    University committed to 100% selective depository status for Georgia documents

2. Progress in Strategic Planning

University Strategic Planning Process.

        The Libraries strategic plan was reviewed and adopted by the University‟s Office
of Strategic Planning in October 1999. A copy of this plan is included with some slight
modification to costs and timetables.

Report on 2000/2001 Goals

   Continue planning for new library space.
      The Regents authorized the use of private funds for an architect to design the
        special collections building. Design drawings have been completed (see major

     Milestones for the Student Learning Center include furniture selection,
      determining the nature of the book collection in the reading room, and finalizing
      staffing and service patterns.

   Introduce the Digital Library of Georgia. Stephen Miller joined the faculty as the
    program director for this project. In collaboration with GALILEO, books,
    manuscripts, radio and television programs, maps, and other materials are being
    digitized and made available on the Internet (see major accomplishments).

   Integrate local web resources with GALILEO. The University Libraries offer an
    increasing variety of electronic resources through the Internet in addition to those
    offered by GALILEO. This year, we integrated UGA and GALILEO offerings so
    that students and faculty can access all resources from one place.

   Evaluate the administrative organization of the Libraries. The Libraries adopted a
    flatter organization (see major accomplishments).

   Expand collection of electronic publications. 39 new electronic resources were added
    in 00/01, which include journals, books, and databases, for a total of 167. Sselect
    databases include multiple titles. For example, the EJL (Electronic Journal Locator
    currently has 24,458 items of which approximately 18,000 are unique titles.

Goals for 2001/2002

   Complete planning for the Student Learning Center. This building will be complete
    and occupied by July 2003. Many final decisions on furniture, staffing, equipment,
    and program offerings will be completed over the coming year.

   Design a wireless network in both the Main Library and the Science Library. A
    wireless network would allow students to use portable computers anywhere in these
    libraries. In addition, a program to allow students to check-out portable computers to
    use in these libraries will be explored.

   Continue planning for Special Collections Libraries facility. This building currently
    tops the University's list of capital priorities. During the coming year, it will be
    important to move it onto the Regents list of projects and to continue raising funds for
    construction and endowment.

   Complete remodel of the main floor of the Science Library. Thanks to funding from
    Physical Plant, the main floor of the science library has been re-tiled, new ceiling tiles
    and lighting was also completed (see major accomplishments). Over the coming year,
    the rearrangement of the collection and the purchase of new furniture and equipment
    will greatly enhance this space.

   Expand collection of electronic publications. This is an ongoing goal.

3.       Progress in assessing unit/area effectiveness

Access to More Information. Completed the conversion of GALILEO to version 7
       (SiteSearch version 4) with the new homepage becoming the sole access to
       GALILEO. Migrated GALILEO participating institutions to the new FirstSearch
       interface for 70+ databases. There are now 112 new databases in the GALILEO
       menus that are UGA-purchased resources. Completed the first full year of remote
       access to GALILEO by all Georgia citizens via public library passwords. Initiated
       and completed the DOOR (Database of Online Resources) project. It is currently
       in the GALILEO Demo system and will be in the production system this month.

Interlibrary Loan. The Lending Unit increased their fill rate to other libraries from 57%
        in FY 2000 to 59% for this year. The Borrowing Unit cut turnaround time for
        UGA users‟ requests, now averaging 8.4 calendar days (not working days). This
        is an improvement from last year‟s 9.8 days and a very significant improvement
        from the benchmark 14.0 days measured in a 1996 ARL study. Our web-based
        request form, electronic payment of fees, electronically transmitted articles,
        electronic delivery of articles to patrons along with e-mail notifications, all aided
        in significantly shortening turnaround time. The continued increase in requests for
        UGA materials demonstrates both how richly our collection is regarded by other
        institutions and how responsive ILL Lending is in its commitment to resource
        sharing. As a final tribute to our work in the area ILL Department was named the
        recipient of the 2001 GOLD Interlibrary Loan Library of The Year Award "in
        recognition of service excellence and commitment to resource sharing." This
        award is voted by members of GOLD (Georgia Online Database), the statewide
        organization of approximately 200 libraries of all types.

Performance Assessment.

        With the hire of the Performance Assessment Librarian, Joan Conger, and the
         Electronic Resources Coordinator, Dana Walker, we began collecting database
         usage statistics from ABC-CLIO, Bell & Howell, ISI, JSTOR, Lexis/Nexis, ISI,
         Poole‟s Plus, Project Muse, RLG Research Group and SilverPlatter databases.
         Continuing to try to procure figures from other vendors.
        Conducted an extensive comparison of the journal coverage for Ebsco and
         Proquest to assist the GALILEO Collection Development Committee assess the
         strengths of each product.
        Surveyed 500 south campus faculty and graduate students on their use of the
         Electronic Journal Locator and began tracking use of the Electronic Journal
         Locator. As a result, designed and programmed a Web-based system for tracking
         electronic resource purchases, licensing, and problems.
        Departments evaluated the effectiveness of their workflow. In addition, an
         internal workflow committee was formed to examine the processing of materials
         across department lines. The objective of both activities was to reduce the time it
         takes from receipt of material to patron availability and to be more responsive to
         patron needs. The result, thus far, has been 1) a new ordering workflow, 2) DLC

       copy cataloging upon receipt, 3) a new gift books review procedure, 4) extensive
       use of SQL and Access to support routine processing tasks and special projects,
       and 5) the use of macros. This is an ongoing activity.
      Identified the need to develop an assessment strategy for library programs and
       services. While relying on national standards such as ARL statistics, we will
       need develop our own standards of assessment in areas where there is a lack of a
       national standard.

Comparator and Aspirational Institutions. Tables comparing the University Libraries
     with our 15 comparator institutions is attached. In summary, the Libraries
     consistently rank in the top third of the comparator institutions and in the lower
     third against the aspirational institutions. However, even against the aspirational
     institutions, the Libraries compares very favorable in its special collections,
     ranking 2nd in manuscripts and archives, 2nd in video and film collections, and 5th
     in its collection of sound recordings. Clearly, these are areas of remarkable
     collection strength.

4. Not applicable

5. Overall health of the Libraries

      The following factors will affect the overall health of the Libraries and need to be
monitored closely. (These are essentially the same concerns that were listed last year.)

          Cost of books, journals, and electronic resources. More and more electronic
           resources are being published every year. However, despite this and despite
           the general impression that print is a fading medium, more books are being
           published every year. At the same time, the cost of journals continues to
           escalate at rates above 10% per year and electronic means of publishing do
           not yet provide any relief from these increasing costs. This is an especially
           critical problem because the base budget for books and journals was not
           increased for FY99, FY00, or FY01. We continue to appreciate the one-time
           funding that has been forthcoming from the Provost and appreciate her
           continued statements that the library budget for these materials is very

          Salaries. According to the most recent survey of the 111 academic library
           members of the Association of Research Libraries, the median salary for
           librarians at the University of Georgia has dropped from 63rd in FY2000 to
           75th in FY2001. It should be pointed out that the overall ranking for the
           Libraries is 28th out of these same 111 institutions in the ARL membership
           index. It is doubtful that any other unit on campus that ranks this high among
           its peers would also rank so low in median salaries compared to the same peer
           group. Additional attention to salaries would be welcome before market
           pressure begins to hamper recruitment and retention. The same applies to

    staff salaries as well as librarians. We are looking forward to guidance on this
    issue as a result of the Deloitte & Touche report.

   Information Technology. All libraries are increasingly reliant upon
    information technology and we have been very successful in providing new
    electronic resources. This has largely been accomplished through reallocation
    and through one-time funds. As with the rest of the campus, information
    technology in the Libraries needs more focused and secure funding. The
    technology fee will provide considerable relief for technology used directly by

   Library Organization. As stated above, after the two Associate University
    Librarians left for other positions, we‟ve introduced a flatter organization. Our
    goal is to have an organization that can quickly identify and respond to

                                  UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES
                                  STRATEGIC PRIORITIES

Consistently ranked in the top 30 of the 110 members of the Association of Research
       Libraries, the University Libraries are one of the University‟s greatest strengths and a
       point of pride. Surveys of students and faculty reveal that the Libraries are held in
       high regard and provide outstanding support for instruction, research, and service.

Student Learning Center

Opportunity: The library component of the Student Learning Center will allow us to
      improve library services and to build stronger partnerships with faculty and other
      campus units, especially UCNS and OISD.

Need: Staff and equipment not covered by the construction budget.

One-time costs: $1,500,000 to fully equip the facility with computer workstations and
       associated devices for opening day, July 2003.

On-going costs: 15 FTE new staff positions ($340,000 plus fringe benefits). Maintain
      and replace the computer workstations and associated devices ($500,000).

Development: The Libraries have identified $6M in naming opportunities in the
      Electronic Teaching Library that could be used to support programs for that

Special Collections Building

Opportunity: The Special Collections of the University Libraries are a major strength for
      the University. In the figures reported to the Association of Research Libraries,
      the University Libraries rank 6th out of the 111 members in archive holdings.

Need: Adequate space to house and preserve these expanding collections. The proposed
      special collections building, now second on the campus list of capital priorities,
      meets this need.

Cost: The new building will cost $36M, with one-third coming from private sources and
      the remainder funded through the Regents. As of spring 2001, the Libraries have
      raised $8.5M of its $12M goal. The President will present the building for a
      second time to the Regents in June 2002.

Development: The Libraries are seeking an additional $12M in private funding for an
      endowment to support the collections, related programs, and staffing.

The New Collection
Opportunity: The flow of recorded knowledge is as vital to the University as water
      and electricity. As the importance of electronic publications increases, the
      Libraries are seeking the appropriate balance of print and electronic
      publications. It is also supporting attempts to use the Internet to improve
      scholarly communication, but these attempts to date have not reduced costs.
Need: The cost of scholarly publications, both print and electronic, continues to
       increase each year at a significant rate, especially in bio-medicine and the life
       sciences. Other universities, notably Ohio State University, have indexed the
       library materials budget to match inflationary costs. We need a similar index
       to continue to support instruction and research. Otherwise, we will face an
       intellectual brown-out as the flow of recorded knowledge is impeded. (Note:
       the library materials budget has not been increased since FY1998.)
Cost: Experience at other Universities over the past few years indicate that an annual
       increase of about 5% is needed to keep pace. This would amount to an
       increase of about $580,000 based on the FY2002 budget.

Digital Library of Georgia

Opportunity: The technology to create a digital library of text, images, sound, and video
      is becoming increasingly powerful. Several projects are already underway.

Need: Funding for staff and equipment.

Cost: The Regents have requested funding for digital library efforts in their FY2002
       budget. This funding would be managed by the Regents office, but a significant
       portion would cover the expansion of efforts in the University Libraries and make
       us a leader in this area.

Development: State funding will be used as matching funds to leverage grants from
      federal and private sources whenever possible.

New Media Department and Digital Media Lab

Opportunity: With over 80,000 radio and television programs, the Media Archive and
      Peabody Awards Collection is the third largest such collection in the country.

Need: A facility where students and faculty can find sophisticated workstations to view
      and use the collection for research and instruction. A new Media Department
      and Digital Media Lab should be included in the building that will be constructed
      to face the Student Learning Center. The President has stated that he supports
      including this facility in this building.

Cost: The space required is about 20,000 square feet and would cost about $4M.

Fine Arts Library

Opportunity: When the School of Art occupies its new facility, most of the faculty and
      students who use the art and music collections will be grouped together on the
      east campus.

Need: A Fine Arts Library located on the east campus. The School of Art, the School of
      Music, and the Libraries have proposed that the existing Music Library in the
      Music Building be expanded to house such a library.

Cost: $7M to expand the Music Library.

Development: It is anticipated that $2M could be raised privately.

                               University of Georgia Libraries
                                     Library Accounts

                                 1998/99           1999/00       2000/01


Personal Services
                     Monthly     $5,138,930       $5,455,396     $5,489,678
                    Salaried      1,577,572        1,511,616      1,461,645
                    Students        533,219          537,921        577,366
                                 $7,249,721       $7,504,933     $7,528,639

Travel                               66,815           68,848        59,174

Operating Expenses                  365,947          174,336       211,397

Equipment                           241,535           28,433         3,852

            Total                $7,924,018       $7,776,550     $7,803,062


Operating Expenses                $124,556           125,248      $258,682

Equipment                           169,880               -0-      132,816

            Total                 $294,436          $125,248      $391,498


Personal Services                   $84,362          $91,801       $91,797

            Total                   $84,362          $91,801       $91,797

TOTAL                            $8,302,816       $7,993,599     $8,286,357

                              University of Georgia Libraries
                                       Service Activities

Reference Questions Answered                      1997/98       1998/99    1999/00     2000/01

   Main Library/Government Documents               74,139        82,236     78,137      86,236

   Science Library                                 24,839        24,405     25,864      24,076

      Total                                        98,978       106,641    104,001     110,312

Circulation – General Collections

   Main Library                                   392,371       383,603    282,820     291,302

   Science Library                                113,009       114,827     79,630      65,072

      Total                                       505,380       498,430    362,450     356,374

Circulation – Reserve Collections

   Main Library                                    55,614        48,175     39,451      33,495

   Science Library                                 14,932        10,954      6,930       5,969

      Total                                        70,546        59,129     46,381      39,464

Interlibrary Loan

   Items Borrowed                                  11,105        11,553     10,326      10,305

   Items Lent                                      38,146        36,612     39,433      40,980

Exits from Buildings

   Main Library                                 1,048,258       969,708    878,372     999,820

   Science Library                                500,925       450,865    399,877     381,466

      Total                                     1,549,183   1,420,573     1,278,249   1,381,286

Instructions in Library Use

   Sessions                                           283          299         405           386

   Participants                                     5,180         4,566      6,350       6,097
                                   University of Georgia Libraries
                                         Collection Activity

COLLECTION ACTIVITY                       1997/98      1998/99       1999/00   2000/01

Books*                                     55,366       58,001        52,767    59,323

Serials**                                  17,626       14,408        21,523    22,036

Documents                                  10,523       14,905         7,840     4,923

   Total                                   83,515       87,314        82130     86,282


   Microfilm                                2,096        2,326         2,332     1,605
   Microfiche                             129,439       66,002        95,152    89,061

       Total                              131,535       68,328        97,484    90,666

Sound Recordings

   Disc                                     1,964        1,340         1,490         1
   Cassette                                    21          188             6        19
   Compact Discs                            1,371        1,571         1,496     2,873

Video Recordings                             528           553          332       311

Laser Discs                                   28            54           13        20

Magnetic Tapes                                85            36            2         0

Compact Discs-ROM                           1,267          925         2,997     1,533

Scores                                      2,178        1,876         1,580     1,747

Broadsides                                     0             0            0         0

Photographs, Pictures, Prints                  0             0         3,768      464

Maps                                        3,303        3,843         3,275     4,973

Kits                                           0             0            0         0

** Includes Off Campus Branches Binding

                         Individual Accomplishments

Abolins, Ruta

      Director of the Board, Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA).
      Organizer, “AMIA Archival Screening Night”, Academy of Motion Picture Arts
       & Sciences, Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2000.
      Member, Women‟s History Month Committee, University of Georgia, March,
      Panel participant, “Television History of the Actor‟s Studio”, Actor‟s Studio,
       New York, New York, March 3, 2001.
      Presentation, “Meet the Archivists,” Broadcast Educators Association annual
       meeting, Las Vegas, NV, April 19-22, 2001.
      Presentation, “Special Collections: Converting a Legacy Database” at GIL Users‟
       Group Meeting, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, June 4-5, 2001.

Aaron, Linda

      Consulted with Rabun Gap Nagoochee School on setting up their archives.
      Worked with State Representative Louise McBee on the Georgia County Records

Barber, Charles

      Society of Georgia Archivists -- Member Scholarship Committee
      Society of American Archivists -- Member Publicity Committee of Preservation
      Book Review: Our Nations Archive, published in 1999 edition of Provenance.

Baxter, Brad

      Technical Coordinator, GALILEO Statewide Project.
      Member, GALILEO Technical Operations Sub-Committee.

Bishop, Carol

      Awarded the GLA Paraprofessional of the Year, 2000.
      Secretary, Paraprofessional Division, GLA.
      Library representative, the University of Georgia Academic Affairs Unit of the
       Staff Representative Group.
      Accepted into the MLIS Program at Valdosta State University.

Bridges, Danny

      Presentation, “Universal Catalog/Universal Borrowing: an overview” GIL User‟s
       Group Conference, June 5 – 6, 2001.
      Member, University Librarian Review Committee.

Brooks, Mary Ellen

      Panelist, Cortona International Symposium: A Print Odyssey 2001, Cortona,

Brown, Steven

      Chair - Georgia Library Association‟s Circulation & Access Services Interest
      Organized and moderated the group‟s panel presentation, “Circulation Across
       Georgia: PINES & GIL” at the 2000 GLA/COMO Conference.
      Completed the 2001 Georgia Archives Institute.

Brown, Jimmy

      Member, Athens Chamber Singers

Brown, Nancy

      Interim NACO Liaison to the Library of Congress

Buss, Carla

      Chair, Education Committee, Instruction Section, ACRL/ALA 2000-2001.
      Member, ACRL, Instruction Section, Preconference Planning Committee, 2000-
      Presentation, “GIL/GALILEO training”, Extension Agents‟ Winter School, Rock
       Eagle, January 19, 2001.
      Presentation, “Freshmen College Summer”, Atlanta Area Bibliographic
       Instruction Group Meeting, Kennesaw State University, May 11, 2001.
      Book review, Chase‟s 2001 Calendar of Events, Reference & User Services
       Quarterly, 40 (3) Spring 2001: 296-297.
      Book review, Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements,
       Reference & User Services Quarterly, forthcoming.

Cammon, Laura

      Attended Georgia Library Association COMO Conference, October, 2000

Cetwinski, Thomas

       Chair, Academic Library Division of the Georgia Library Association/Georgia
        Chapter of ACRL, Academic Paper Presentations. COMO/SELA Annual
        Conference, Jekyll Island, October 11-13.

Chu, Jane

       Completed 500 Level Certification for Voyager System Administration.

Clayton, Bill

       Member, Endeavor/USG Universal Catalog Task Force.
       Member, GALILEO Technical Operations Sub-Committee.
       Member, GIL Cataloging Committee, Liaison from GIL Steering Committee.
       Member, GIL Steering Committee.

Cohen, Nadine

       Chair, GLA Reference Services Interest Group.
       Presentation Coordinator, “Testing the Design of a Library Information
        Gateway.” COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll Island GA, October 11-13, 2000.

Colombo, Claire

       Member, LAMA Program Committee, ALA.
       Member, BES Executive Committee, LAMA/ALA.
       Chair, Universal Borrowing Policy Task Force, University System of Georgia
       Chair, GIL Circulation Functional User Group, University System of Georgia
        Planned agenda and chaired Circulation Committee meetings at GIL User Group
        meeting .
       Member, Universal Borrowing Development Task Force with Endeavor
        Information Systems, Inc., University System of Georgia.
       Member, Interlibrary Use Committee, ARCHE.

Conger, Joan

        “Wake up that back row: Cooperative learning in bibliographic instruction.”
        Reference Librarian No. 73 (2001): 309-322.
       Formed the Electronic Resources Librarians‟ Special Interest Group at the North
        American Serials Interest Group (NASIG), to meet at various associations‟
        conferences throughout the year. May 25, 2001.

Cooksey, Elizabeth

      American Library Association
               Attended Mid-Winter conference, Washington, January 2001
               Attended annual conference, San Francisco, June 2001
      ACRL
               Science & Technology Section
               Publications Committee
               Co-editor The Signal (Section newsletter)
      International Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers,
      Southeastern Association of IAMSLIC Librarians
               Attended annual conference, Sarasota, May 2001
      Chair, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Library Committee

Coscarelli,William F.

      Coordinator of the Organ Music Round Table of the Music Library Association,
      Vice President, Athena Grand Opera Company Guild, 2000-
          [Support organization for the joint venture between the UGA School of Music
          and the Classic Center]

Curtis, Susan

      Chair, Cooperative Reference Committee, RUSA, ALA.
      President, GOLD, 2000/2001.
      Presentation. “Bibliographic Access to Digital Objects.” GIL User‟s Conference,
       Athens, GA, June 5, 2001.
      Presentation, “Undergraduate Focus Group Results.” COMO/SELA
          Conference, Jekyll Island GA, October 11-13, 2000.
      “Listening to Generation X.” Journal of Educational Media & Library Science
       38:2 (December 2000): 122-132.

Cwiok, Jennifer

      Member, AASRG

Davidson, Jo

      Member, American Library Association, Map and Geography Round Table,
       Cataloging and Classification Committee

Dawsey, Joe

      Member, Choir of St. Stephen‟s Anglican Catholic Church

Devaney, Sheila

      Book review, Shaping Traditions: Folk Arts in a Changing South, Georgia
       Library Quarterly, forthcoming.
      Member, Membership Committee, ACRL Literatures in English Section, 2001-
      Member, Web Handbook Committee, NMRT, ALA, 2000-2001..
      Liaison to Beta Phi Mu, NMRT, ALA, 2000-2001.
      Peabody Awards Faculty Judge.

Davis, Drek

      Organized several art exhibits with US, a socio-political art group

Ellis, Christopher.

      Completed Dreamweaver (web page creation software) beginner and intermediate
       workshops, February-March 2001.

Elkins, Linda Y.

      Member, Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA). Attended annual
       conference in Los Angeles, CA, November 6-13, 2000.
      Chair, Election Subcommittee of AMIA Cataloging and Documentation (C&D)
       Committee. Presented the Election Subcommittee report at the first session of the
       C&D Committee at the AMIA annual conference, Los Angeles, CA.
      Compiler (with Jane D. Johnson, Linda Tadic, Christine Lee, and Amy Wood;
       Abigail Leab Martin, Editor) AMIA Compendium of Moving Image Cataloging
       Practice, a joint publication of the Association of Moving Image Archivists and
       the Society of American Archivists, 2001.

Field, Susan C.

      Participated in the Regional Depository Librarians meeting held in October in
       Washington, DC.
      Attended the Federal Depository Library Conference meeting held in October in
       Washington, DC.
      Participated as member of panel in presentation to the Georgia Chapter of the
       Special Libraries Association meeting in Atlanta on February 15 on topic of
       “Future of Government Documents/Depositories”.
      Attended meeting of the State Data Center held in Atlanta on March 7 concerning
       the 2000 Census.

      Planned, implemented, and conducted workshop for the Clarke-Oconee
       Genealogical Society on March 17 on the topic of “Genealogy and US
       Government Documents”.
      Conducted a Census workshop with John Prechtel for the Information Services
       staff of the Athens Regional Public Library on April 11.
      Attended the Federal Depository Library Conference meeting held in San Antonio
       in April.
      Chaired the committee to revise the Georgia State Plan for Federal Documents.
      Wrote the draft of the revised Georgia State Plan for Federal Documents
       distributed to all depositories and discussed at May 10 meeting.
      Conducted meeting at the request of the library director at Georgia College and
       State University for the entire library staff on the Federal Depository Library
       Program and made recommendations concerning Georgia College‟s inspection
      Checked list of older agriculture documents for special project for publisher
       (Congressional Information Service) against UGA‟s holdings.

Gants, Susan

      Member, GALILEO Technical Operations Sub-Committee.
      Presentation, “Innovations in Digitization: The Digital Library of Georgia and
       Georgia HomePLACE,” 2000 GOLD/GALILEO 12th Annual Users Group
       Conference, The Retreat at Lake Blackshear, August 11, 2000.
      Presentation, “Special Collections: Converting a Legacy Database” at the GIL
       Users‟ Group Meeting, Georgia Continuing Education Center, June 4-5, 2001.

Garner, Jim

      Completed 500 Level Certification for Voyager System Administration.

Griffith, Eric

      "Navigating the Web" and co-presented "Access to Electronic Journals."
       COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll Island GA, October 11-13, 2000. Co-
       presentation, "Innovations in Providing Access to Electronic Resources:
        The Electronic Journal Locator and Online Subject Guide" at UGA TechExpo,
       April 4, 2001.
      Member, GALILEO Electronic Resources Access Study Group.

Hartle, Diana

      Newsletter editor. Upper Oconee Watershed Network News.

Hawks-Bradley, Bucilla

      Status on Women in Librarianship Committee, American Library Association,
      Intern, Membership Committee, American Library Association, 2000-2002.
      Healey, Marilyn “Carolingian Renaissance” November 2000 , Art Past Art
       Present : Companion Website
       “ A Paradigm Fulfilled in Landscape Painting : Li Cheng's Painting Style and
       Technique, Buddhist Temple in the Hills after Rain” September 2000, Art Past
       Art Present : Companion Website.

Head, Gilbert.

      Member, Scholarship Committee of the Society of Georgia Archivists.
      Member, Local Arrangements Committee for the 2000 Annual Conference of the
       Society of Georgia Archivists.

Hope, Ann

      Member, ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, American Library
      Member, CMDS Education Committee, American Library Association
      Member, USG GIL Cataloging Committee
      Member, USG UC/UB Committee

Houston, Jacquie

      Chair, GLA Paraprofessional Division.
      Presentation, “Reaching the Student Assistants‟ Potential : What works for you.”
       COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll Island GA, October 11-13, 2000.

Hughes, Martha Tanner

      Member, GIL Reports Task Force, November 2000 – January 2001.
      Recognized for 1,000 volunteer hours, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic,
       Georgia Unit.

Hughes, Neil

      Member-at-Large, Executive Board, Music Library Association
      Chair, Southeast Chapter, Music Library Association
      Member, Music Library Association Education Committee (Pre-Conference
       Continuing Education Workshop Coordinator
      Co-Coordinator, Music Library Association “Best of Chapters” competition and
       program, New York City

      Chair, Music Library Association Search Committee for Editor, Music Cataloging
      Wrote successful grant application for a $500 chapter grant, awarded to SEMLA
       by the Music Library Association, for support of travel by student members, new
       professional members, or paraprofessional members of the chapter
      Volunteer recording monitor, Georgia, Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic;
       awarded certificate in April for passing 500th volunteer hour during the fiscal year

Hulett, Keith Skip

      Completed MS Access workshop, February 2001

Hurst,Anne S.

      Special Libraries Association
              Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Division
              Chair, Membership Committee
              Contributor to Food for thought (newsletter)
              Georgia Chapter, Member
              Attended annual conference, San Antonio, June 2001
      NEH/USAIN National Preservation Plan for Agricultural Literature. Wrote and
       submitted grant application, spring, 2001

Jedlicka, Beth

      Member, CONSER Operations Committee
      Chair, ALCTS CCS Policy and Research Committee, American Library
      Chair, ALCTS SS Bowker/Ulrich Serials Librarianship Award Committee,
       American Library Association
      Member, Awards and Recognition Committee, North American Serials Interest
      Co-presented at GLA a workshop: “Do you speak MARC” with Gabrielle Karras.
      Taught two SCCTP Basic Serials Cataloging workshops (Mobile, Ala. and Baton
       Rouge, La.)

Karras, Gabrielle

      Co-presented at GLA a workshop: “Do you speak MARC” with Beth Jedlicka
      Chair, Professional and Continuing Education Interest Group, Georgia Library
      Faculty judge for the Peabody Awards

Killens, Caroline

      Co-chair, Acquisitions/Serials Committee, GIL: GALILEO Interconnected
       Libraries Committees.
    Program planner/facilitator, “Now that You’re Up, What’s Next”, GIL User‟s
       Group Conference, Athens, GA, June 4, 2001.
King, Jermaine

      Elected “Fan of the Year” for 2001 UGA Lady Gymnastics Team.

Langford, Will

      Volunteer. Habitat for Humanity, Madison County.

Loughner, William
    Retired January 31, 2001 with 31 years service.
    Returned as half-time librarian/physical sciences bibliographer in March, 2001.
    NASIG, Attended annual conference, San Antonio, June 2001

Lopez, Christian

      Presentation, “Reaching the Student Assistants‟ Potential: What works for you.”
       COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll Island, GA, October 11 – 13, 2000.

Lunsford, Rachel

      Accepted into the MLIS Program at Valdosta State University.

Marquardt, Jenifer

      Moderated the April Voyager Users Group Meeting presentation “Authority
       Control in a Consortial Environment” in Chicago, Ill., in April
      Presented the program “Evaluating global Change Queue Proposals” at the GIL
       Users Group Meeting in Athens, Ga.

McAlister, Sheila

      Book review of EAD Application Guidelines, Provenance 1999.
      Passed Academy of Certified Archivists certification exam, August 2000.
      Consultant, January 2001-February 2001, Southern Labor Archives, Georgia State
       University, Encoded William J. Usery finding aid in EAD using the standards
       recommended by the EAD Cookbook and the NC-EAD Project.
      Presentation: Special Collections: Converting a Legacy Database, GIL User‟s
       Group, Athens, GA, June 2001

McKay, Mary.

      Member, Archives Week 2001 Planning Committee, Society of Georgia

McClusky, Duncan

      Special Libraries Association
              Environment and Resource Management Division
              Listserv owner
              Chair, Public Relations Committee
              Special Recognition Award
              Attended annual conference, San Antonio, June 2001
              Attended Winter Conference, Savannah, January 2001
      Society of Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society of North America
              Certificate of Recognition
      Dixie Wheelchair Athletic Association
              Special Recognition Award
      Georgia District of Kiwanis
              Distinguished Secretary
      Kiwanis Club of Tifton
              Newsletter Editor
              Historian & Photographer

McMurry, Nan

      “Future Directions for Digital Libraries,” presentation, Georgia Library Association
       Annual Meeting, Jeckyll Island, Georgia, October 2000.
      “Digital Projects,” presentation, Society of Georgia Archivists Annual Meeting,
       Athens, Georgia, November 2000.

Miley, John.

      Member, Athens Human Rights Festival committee.

Miller, Mary

      Participated in the “Mining Archival Resources on the Web” program at Georgia
       State University, October 11, 2000, for National Archives Week.
      Served on UGA 2001 King Week Committee, January 2001.
      Served on UGA Black History Month Committee, February 2001.

Miller, Stephen

      Book review of Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for
       Preservation and Access, Provenance Forthcoming.

      Presentations for Library and GALILEO staff on the Digital Library of Georgia
       and creation of exhibit along with DLG staff.
      Presented on Southeastern Native American Documents Project, EDUCAUSE,
       Oct. 12, 2000, Digital Library Federation Forum, Nov. 17-20, 2000, and UGA
       Tech Expo, April 2001.
      Society of American Archivists EAD Roundtable Vice Chair.
      Participated in UGA New Faculty Tour of Georgia, August, 2000.
      Selected to participate in the Frye Leadership Institute, June, 2001.

Mittelman, Willard

      Instructor. UGA. Independent Study. PHIL 1000 (Introduction to Philosophy)
       and PHIL 1500 (Critical Thinking).

Morris, Susan

   Committee Memberships
    GOLD Advisory Committee, representative of large academic library,
              Term ended August 2000
    GIL ILL Committee Co-chair , ongoing.
    GIL UCUB Committee, ongoing
              Endeavor Universal Borrowing Task Force
              Universal Borrowing Policy Task Force
    GLA Academic Library Division
              Vice-chair, chair –elect, October 1999-October 2000
              Chair, 2000-2001
    GLA Executive Board Member 2000-2001
    ARCHE ILL Committee representative, ongoing
    ASERL ILL Reciprocal Agreement Oversight Committee chair, ongoing
    ALA RUSA MOUSS ILL Subcommittee on Continuing Education, ongoing
   Presentations and Participation
    GIL ILL Committee: Authored and oversaw implementation of “GIL Interlibrary
              Loan Policies and Procedures, “ approved by RACL October 2000.
              GIL Annual Users Meeting June 4-5, 2001. Planned agenda and co-
              chaired ILL Committee meetings.
    GLA Annual Meeting, October 2000. Planned and coordinated six programs for
              the Academic Library Division‟s contribution to the joint COMO/SELA
              GLA Leadership Conference Dec 1. Presided over the Academic Library
              Division meeting and participated in overall planning for COMO 2001
    Updated ASERL ILL web information in cooperation with SOLINET webmaster
    Presented program at OCLC/SOLINET Users‟ Meeting, Nov. 3, Georgia
              Perimeter College, “Saying „Yes‟ to „Reasons for No‟ and other ILL

Morton, Gail

      Accepted into and began the MLS program at the University of South Carolina
       Summer 2001

Mowery, M. Kay

      Retired on May 1, 2001

Nielsen, Kristin

      President, BIG (Bibliographic Instruction Group), Georgia.
      Organized and facilitated spring meeting at Kennesaw State University, "First
       Impressions: Getting Your Freshmen Into the Library" May 11, 2001.
      Member, Board of Regents eCore Library Skills Tutorial development team.
      Intern, Membership Committee, Instruction Section, ACRL/ALA, 2000-2001.
      Member, Communications Committee, Women's Studies Section, ACRL/ALA,

Pereira, Monica

      Chair, Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Interest Group, Georgia
       Library Association.
      Organizer, “Do you speak MARC?”
      Organizer, “Dynamics of Georgia‟s Barrier Islands.”
      Organizer, “Getting what you want for your library: advocacy training for public
       library friends, trustees, and staff.”
      Organizer, “Nature walk in St. Andrew‟s Park”; “Sixty websites in an hour”.
      Organizer, COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll Island, GA, October 11-13, 2000.
      Presenter, “GIL/GALILEO Training,” Extension Agents‟ Winter School, Rock
       Eagle, January 19, 2001.
      .Presenter, “GIL/GALILEO Training,” Personnel of Savannah River Ecology
       Laboratory, May 16, 2001.
      Member, ACRL, Science & Technology Section, 2002 Program Planning
       Committee, 2000-2001.

Pollock, Rod

      Faculty Judge, 2000 Peabody Awards Screening Committee
      Member, OCLC Web Review Panel

            Participant, Library of Congress Geography and Map Division's 50th
            anniversary Special Project
       Member, OCLC/CORC Special Interest Group
       Participant, Library of Congress Classification Web, Pilot Test

Potter, William Gray

   Named editor of College and Research Libraries
   Distinguished alumnus of the year and honorary doctorate from Southern Illinois
    University at Edwardsville
   Served on search committees for State Librarian, Director of UGA Press, Director of
    the Peabody Awards, and Dean of the College of Journalism
   Elected to the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET)

Prechtel, John

       “Accessing numeric data in the social sciences at the University of Georgia
        Libraries” University Computing and Networking Services Computer Review, Fall
       Participated in the Georgia Depository Library meeting discussions, Macon, GA,
        December 13, 2000.
       Participated in the State Data and Research Center Annual Conference
        discussions, Atlanta, GA, March 7, 2001.
       Presentation and discussion of Census 2000 data products, Athens Regional
        Library, Athens, GA, April 11, 2001.

Pulley, Angela

       Presented on Southeastern Native American Documents Project at SASA
        (Southern American Studies Association), February 2001, MELUS (MultiEthnic
        Literatures of the U.S.), March 2001, GAMS-UGA (Graduate Association for
        Multicultural Studies), March 2001, UGA Tech Expo, April 2001.
       "A Reading of Rhetoric: Elias Boudinot and Cherokee Removal" accepted for
        inclusion in: Native American Rhetorical Strategies Ed. Ernest Stromberg,
       "The Cherokee Phoenix" New Georgia Encyclopedia (Online), forthcoming
       "Elias Boudinot, 1800-1839" New Georgia Encyclopedia (Online), forthcoming
       "Immigrants and the Civil War" Encyclopedia of American Immigration Ed.
        James Ciment, Publisher: M.E. Sharpe, June 2001
       Accepted as Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Yale Univ.

Reidenbaugh, Patrick

       "Recent Studies in French Linguistics", Comparative Romance Linguistics
        Newsletter, Spring 2001.

Rowland, Lucy M.

      University of Georgia SACS Self-Study. Vice-Chair and Recorder, Committee on
       Research and the Undergraduate Experience. Self-study was completed in spring,
       2001. Co-authored final Report for the Steering Committee.
      Center for Research Libraries, Science Research Materials Project. Project ended
       in December, 2000
      National Patient Safety Foundation, American Medical Association,
       Communications Program
      Special Libraries Association
           National Program Planning Committee, 1998-2000, to plan 2000 Philadelphia
           Attended annual conference, San Antonio, June 2001
           Biomedical and Life Sciences Division
           Chair, Awards Committee
           Member, Social Sciences Division
           Member, North Carolina and Georgia Chapter

      American Association of Law Librarians, “Medical research in the legal world,”
       Program J-7. Panel Member and invited speaker, Philadelphia, July 2000
      United States Agricultural Information Network, Institutional Member
      American Society for Microbiology, Member
      New York Academy of Sciences, Member
      Society of Sigma Xi, Scientific Society of North America, Member
      Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, 26th edition, 1999-2000 (Marquis
       Who‟s Who).
      Leadership Athens, active alumna, class of 1988-89
      Athens-Clarke Co. Planning Commission, appointed to five-year term effective
       July 1, 2000.
      Transition Advisory Committee on Zoning Ordinance, appointed by Mayor,
      Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee
      Clarke Co. Democratic Committee, Executive Board
      President, Board of Directors, Jeannette Rankin Foundation
      Congress for the New Urbanism
               Educators Task Force
               Made two presentations at Congress for the New Urbanism CNU IX, New
               York, June, 2001
      CNU Charter Council, Charleston SC, March, 2001 (by invitation)
      Editor, New Urban Papers
      Associate Advisor, Students for the New Urbanism, UGA. First student chapter of
       Congress for the New Urbanism, established January 29, 2001
      External reviewer, faculty promotion and tenure, for library faculty at Auburn
       University and University of South Carolina

      Guest lecturer, Third Year Design Studio, School of Environmental Design,
       Spring, 2001
      Reading Committee and Visiting Examiner, UGA School of Environmental
       Design, Masters in Landscape Architecture candidate Matt Wilder, April 27, 2001

Severn, Jill.

      “Adventures in the Third Dimension: Re-envisioning the Place of Artifacts in the
       Archival Collection.” Paper. Annual Meeting, Society of Georgia Archivists, 10
       November 2000, Athens, GA.
      Member, Steering Committee (2000-2002), Congressional Papers Roundtable,
       Society of American Archivists.
      Secretary, Society of Georgia Archivists.
      Chair, Taskforce on Publication Standards, Society of Georgia Archivists.
      Archives Week 2001 Planning Committee, Society of Georgia Archivists.
       Representative Archives Week 2001, University of Georgia, Society of Georgia

Shedenhelm, Laura, D.

      Participated in the “Mining Archival Resources on the Web” program at Georgia
       State University, October 11, 2000, for National Archives Week.
      Coordinated and participated in “African-American Research Resources in
       Athens” program at the Athens Regional Library, January 9, 2001.
      Coordinated African American film series at the Athens Regional Library,
       February 2001.
      Editor of the Latin American Information Series, an online publication sponsored
       by the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials and
       hosted by the UGA Libraries.
      and Bartley A. Burk. “Book Vendor Records in the OCLC Database: Boon or
       Bane?” Library Resources & Technical Services 45:1 (January 2001), 10-20.
      Presented paper “OCLC, Vendor Records, and Cataloging Triage” at SALALM
       XLVI, Tempe, AZ, May 29, 2001.

Shedenhelm, Richard.

      Editor, Summa Philosophiae.Cumulative index and some contents now available
      “Where Were the Counting Crows?” The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, 2(1):189-
       95. Fall 2000.
      Secretary of the Phi Sigma Tau (philosophy honor society), Alpha Chapter, and
       elected President for 2001-2002.
      Invited to participate in the 2001 Summer Advanced Seminar for the Objectivist
       Center, held in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Stanley, Deborah

      Member, 2000 Conference Program Planning Committee, New Members Round
       Table, American Library Association.
      Co-presented "Access to Electronic Journals." COMO/SELA Conference, Jekyll
       Island GA, October 11-13, 2000.
      Co-presented, "Innovations in Providing Access to Electronic Resources:
      The Electronic Journal Locator and Online Subject Guide" at UGA TechExpo,
       April 4, 2001.
      Member,GALILEO Electronic Resources Access Study Group.
      “Reference assistance to Remote Users.” The Reference Librarian No. 73 (2001):

Sullivan, Lysa

      Actor, Pulling Threads

Sutherland, Johnnie D.

      Member, North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).
      Member, Board of Directors, Committee On Southern Map Libraries (COSML)
      Moderated MAPS-L, an Internet Listserv discussion list for map librarians and
       others interested in cartographic information.

Taylor, Lisa

      Presented "A Post-Soviet Positive Hero? Sasha Pankratov in Anatolii Rybakov's
       'Deti Arbata' Novels" at American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East
       European Languages Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., December 2000
      Article, "How to Find that First Job: Tips and Techniques for LIS Students
       (InfoCareer Trends, January 2001)
      Nominated to Beta Phi Mu

Trotter, Bob

      Coordinator, University of Georgia GIL (GALILEO Interconnected Libraries)
       Service Support site.
      Member, Endeavor/USG/Keystone Universal Borrowing Task Force.
      Member, Endeavor/USG Universal Catalog Task Force.
      Member, GIL Reports Task Force, November 2000 – January 2001.
      Member, GIL Technical Committee.
      Member, GIL Universal Borrowing Policy Committee.

Tuggle, Susan

      Secretary, Government Documents Interest Group, GLA.
      Presentation, “Overview of the Georgia Government Documents Depository at
       UGA Libraries.” Meeting of the U.S. Depository Library Directors and
       Documents Coordinators in the State of Georgia, Athens, GA, May 10, 2001.
      Contributor, “The Virtual Southeast.” Southeastern Librarian 48:2(2000): 15-16.

Vogt, Sheryl B.

      Member, 2001 Program Planning Committee, Society of American Archivists.
      Editor of Provenance, the journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists.
      Member (ex officio), Executive Board of the Society of Georgia Archivists.
      Library representative, Joint Study Committee on Historic Local Government
       Records, H.R. 1011

Ware, Rodney

      Founded the Reading Aloud Program (RAP) to introduce low-income children to
       reading and books.
      Nominated for an Asset Award for Community Service Recognition and
       Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Wheeler, Carol

      Discussion facilitator, “Discussion of MARCIVE, GPO Tapes, Voyager, etc.,”
       Georgia Depository Librarians Meeting, Macon, GA, December 13, 2000.
      Program planner/coordinator, “Government Documents Processing Using
       Marcive and Voyager,” GIL User‟s Group Conference, Athens, GA, June 4, 2001.

Williams, Gayle

      ARL Coordinator of Latin American Partnerships, Title VI grant appointment,
       October 2000-September 2001.
      Book Exhibits Chair, Organizing Committee for the Brazilian Studies Association
       International Congress VI, Atlanta, Georgia, April 4-6, 2002.
      Book Exhibits Chair, Organizing Committee for the International Congress of
       Ethnobiology 2000, October 2000.

Zeeuw, Elizabeth

      Internship, Team Clermont
      Volunteer, Athens Music History Museum

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