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									DATE.‎ 1‎‎ ovember‎‎‎ 998 1 N ,1 TO: Marine Consultants. ATT: JOHN BEATH. FROM: MOUSTAFA EL-DOUGISHY. Dear Sir, We get pleased in your last visit to ALX. And we hope more cooperation together. We need a design for a wooden safari boat with the following specification:  Length: 32 meter.  Width: 8 meter.  Cabins: 8-10 cabins with a private toilet /cabin.  2 floors. We are looking forward to your best ideas for a complete design with its lines drawing. Pls. send us your best price considered that the idea still under study. We appreciate your efforts & awaiting your reply. Best regards. Yours M.El-dougishy. FAX NO. 00203-4803707

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