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• What is a blog?

• How to use a blog and why we
  would use a blog

• How to create your own
  corporate blog

• Provide Open Source Tools
      Define: Blogs
A corporate weblog is published
and used by an organization to
reach its organizational goals.
      Define: Blogs
The advantage of blogs is that
posts and comments are easy
to reach and follow due to
centralized hosting and
generally structured
conversation threads.
       Define: Blogs
All current browsers (including
Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE7)
support RSS technology, which
enables readers to easily read
recent posts without actually
visiting the blog, which is very
useful for low-volume blogs.
     Define: Blogs
A blog is a personal diary.
A daily pulpit. A collaborative
space. A political soapbox.
A breaking-news outlet.
A collection of links. Your own
private thoughts. Memos to
the world.
      Define: Blogs
A blog is a weblog where
entries are written in
chronological order and
commonly displayed in
reverse chronological order.
        Blog Usage
• Used to share the wealth
  of knowledge

• Discussion Groups

• Group file sharing:

• Daily updates and links
  to other areas
Designing your Blog
Involve your IT department
by gaining access
(Administrative Rights) to
your company’s server and
the folders on the network
located in one directory
   Designing your Blog
Software tools you will need:

   editor or Notepad
   Windows XP PRO
   Designing your Blog
Contents that you will create:

     .ASP file with html code
     .TXT file
     New Folder for uploads
     Miscellaneous assets
     .ASP file – Directory List File
   Designing your Blog
Let’s get started:

   Create a new folder called

   Create a basic html
    web page in dreamweaver
    and name it web_blog.asp
 Designing your Blog
 Download the tutorial from (Guestbook file)

 Open guestbook.asp file in
 dreamweaver 8

 Place all assets and files
 into your main folder
   Designing your Blog
.ASP File – Blog Page

• Configure some of the code
  to make it work

  – strFile =
    Server.MapPath(“guestbook.txt”) –
    the name has to be specified…
    guestbook.txt or rick.txt and etc.
   Designing your Blog
.ASP File – Blog Page

  – Move the file include with its heading
    to the top of the form code

  – Change the text on the button to
    “Publish Reply” and add a maxlength
    value to your text fields

  – Change the text for hyperlink
    as well and save it
   Designing your Blog
.ASP File – Home Page

This page will contain your html
code, css code and hyperlinks
connecting to your blog tool, file
sharing tool and any other links
that you may want to explore.
  Designing your Blog
.ASP File – Home Page

  – Import the include file: <!-- #include
    file="davidblog.txt" --> to display the
    blog (The replies)

  – Create the hyperlink that will take you
    to the web page to add your
    comments to the blog.
    Designing your Blog
.TXT File

This text file stores the actual
dialogue for each person
commenting to the blog.

Open up notepad and create a .txt file and
type <p> Hello Everyone! This is a neat tool
to use.</p> and save it.
   Designing your Blog
Upload Files to Uploads Folder

  – Create a new folder and label it

  – Download a free tool called
    freeASPUpload from
   Designing your Blog
Upload Files to Uploads Folder

  – Unzip it and place both files
    freeASPUpload.asp and
    uploadTester.asp into your folder.

  – Open the uploadTester.asp file and
    edit your path to where the files will
    reside. Ex. uploadsDirVar =
   Designing your Blog
Upload Files to Uploads Folder

  – Remove the html code within the file
    and save it.
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