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									                               PROMOTION REQUEST FORM
                                                     HR CONSULTANCY TEAM
                                                  HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION

For Teaching Staff to Grade 8 (Senior Teaching Fellow)                                    .
Please note that promotion to Grade 9 Principal Teaching Fellow is processed via the Senior
Academic Promotions Review (

Promotions are subject to available funding and a case being made by the relevant Head of
Department and supported by the Dean. Cases may be made at any time of the year. Please
ensure that you read the promotion criteria below.

Applicants are expected to provide evidence to show that they fulfil the following promotion criteria;

          Recognised expertise in learning and teaching technologies, and proven experience of
           establishing networks with other institutions with regard to your area of expertise

          Experience of teaching Masters students and taking responsibility for course delivery at
           taught graduate level

          Involvement in pastoral care within the department or relating to a specific programme
           and involvement as departmental / programme tutor (if requested)

          A significant contribution to the management and administration of a programme within
           a department / faculty including participation in teaching committees and exam boards,
           and playing a leading role in admission processes

          Leadership in curriculum design, course design and innovation in learning, teaching and
           assessment techniques. Embracing new technologies as they develop, and applying
           these to the innovative development and/or use of teaching materials

          Active participation in Subject Networks/Subject Centres and establishment of cross-
           departmental and cross-disciplinary networks and workshops in relation to teaching
           developments and their pedagogy. Sharing experience in relation to teaching and
           assessment across the department, faculty and UCL as appropriate e.g. sitting on IQR

          A proven track record of seeking funding to support teaching development from sources
           such as JISC, Higher Education Academy, Graduate School, etc

          Playing a pro-active role in widening participation initiatives e.g. sharing ideas and
           experience through organising seminars and workshops, both nationally and at
           international conferences (as appropriate)

          Developing own scholarship through the sifting, filtering and shaping of research
           outcomes for use in teaching. Senior Teaching Fellows would be expected to show
           evidence of extending, transforming and applying their knowledge from scholarship to
           teaching and appropriate external activities e.g. publishing work by means of
           conference papers relating to teaching a particular subject, or in high quality journals
           with regard to scholarship into pedagogy
SECTION A: To be completed by the Head of Department or the nominated Line Manager.

Before completing this form please ensure that you have read the promotion criteria
detailed on the front page of this document.

Name of Teaching Fellow: _________________________________________________________

Department: ____________________________________________________________________

Current:     Grade: ___________________          Point: ________ Salary: ___________________

Proposed:    Grade: ___________________          Point: ________ Salary: ___________________

Cost Code:___________________________

Proposed effective date: ________________

SECTION B :     To be completed by the Head of Department or the nominated Line Manager

Please state grounds for request in line with the promotion criteria:

N.B. If Section B has been completed by the nominated Line Manager, it must still be signed by
the Head of Department

Signed (Head of Department) ______________________________________________________

On completion of Section B please forward to the Dean / Director of Institute
SECTION C : To be completed by the Dean / Director of Institute.

I confirm that the above Teaching Fellow meets the criteria for promotion & I support this
promotion case.

Signed ____________________________________ Date________________________

On completion by the Dean / Director of Institute please forward one copy to:

HR Consultancy Team, Human Resources Division, 1-19 Torrington Place

For HR/Finance use - Finance please approve this award:

Approval has been given for the regrading of post ID   __________________ to _____________

salary _______________ with effect from __________________ cost code _______________ .

Signed for HR: __________________________________________ Date: __________________

Name: _______________________________ Tel: ____________ Email: _________________

Funding available confirmed by Planning and Management Accounts/Research Administration.

Signed for Finance: _____________________ Name: ____________________ Date: ________

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