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									The God didn't tell us why eating pegs is forbidden, Nither in quran nor Hadeeth, Muslims should never give whys if the god didn't tell us why, We just folow after we see the proofs that the quran is the word of our creator. As long as their is proofs so the one who made us know what is harmfull for us better than us. As long as the reason of not eating pegs is not mentioned in quran or even in Hadeeth so Naik did a mistake if he said that if the pegs is bad so it's a proof that quran is from the god, Becouse It's not a clear proof becouse people will never know the complete disadvantages of eating pegs. My point is what come 1st 1st to see clear proofs that quran is the word of our creator 2nd to beleive in the rest of quran and it's rulles. As the God said, (We will show them our prrofs in themselves and in the Hirizons Untill they distinguish that it's the truth from their god}

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