What Others are Saying About Jim Wooldridge by pengxiang


									  What Others are Saying About Jim Wooldridge
"This is a great hire. Jim has coached at tough places to recruit throughout his career. He has
left every program in much better shape than when he walked in. He will win at Riverside, he
will do it the right way and he'll bring stability to the program."

                                                                  - USC Head Coach Tim Floyd

"I worked with Coach Wooldridge with the Chicago Bulls on Tim Floyd's staff. I came out very
much impressed with both Tim and Jim. I recommended Jim for the Kansas State job and I
think he did a terrific job there. I think it is a great choice for the University of California,
Riverside. They have got a good man. He knows basketball, he has a personality that the
players will really enjoy. He is firm, but he is fair. So they have themselves a really great coach
in my mind."

"We ran the Triangle offense with the Bulls, and Jim used it at Kansas State with much
success in my opinion. I think he has his own ideas also, so I don't know what style he will use.
He likes to run, he likes to fast break and he likes a team concept where all five players will be

                                           - Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach Tex Winter

“I like Jim Wooldridge very much as a person and as a coach. His teams are well grounded
fundamentally both on offense and defense and they play both ends of the floor very hard.”

                                             - Texas Tech University Head Coach Bob Knight

“Jim is one of the best coaches in college basketball. He is a great person and an excellent,
excellent basketball coach. Jim was one of the best coaches I faced in the Big-12 and I have a
tremendous amount of respect for him. UC Riverside got a steal.”

                                            - Indiana University Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

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