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					There is full proofs that we are created and everything needs the god to stay in existence. After you distinguish this fact by the scintefic proofs, So you should behave with the creator and not ask from where he come, Becouse the human mind will never understand the answer of this questions. And if they can understand the quantity of information needed will not be enogh to mentioned in a book, and if quran gave answers of many whys of the rules it will be so big and will not be a mercy to the humans. And people from different levels of knowlage will say if they read a level of knowlage that is over theire knowlage that it’s crazy, Just like any body said that the earth is a ball before. There is proofs that this world is not by chance, and there is proofs that quran is the words of our creator, But the quran didn't explain many why's becouse that will make the humans will have may be to read things that will never understand and it's endless explanations that the humans may spend their life and will not understand them and will not help them, That's why the quran didn't explain most of the reasons of the rules, But only the god show us proofs that, The universe is not by chance and the quran is the word of the god. As the god said (we will show them our proofs in themselves and in the horizons until they distinguish that it’s the truth from their god) That is only what we need to know to folow the rulles of the messengers which are a mercy for the human beings after the movement of adams from the paradise (which we don't know where it is some scholars says maybe a place on earth) as the paradise have no problems and adams and eve were leiving alone without any fight or problems, when they didn't obey the god and eat from the sacred tree, the god get them out of paradise where is a small test life if the human passed he will deserve the leiving in paradise where is peace and no mistakes. The god said we will send guidance so who will folow the guidance will not be missed (either in life or after life) The messenger said (who wan't the life he should folow quran, and who wan't after life he should folow quran, and who wants them both he should folow quran)

Some of The proofs that the existence is not by chance: The Quran gave the examples and rulles that make us distinguish endless proofs that everything is not by chance. For example: 1The perfect measurements: The god said (we created every thing with amount) 2The Balance: The god sais (we created the heavens and put the balance, Don’t Tresspass the Balance)

Example for both rules is the environmental balance, All the environment and the substances in the earth is balanced, When the humans trespassed the balance by putting substances like the carbon dioxide or Ozon, He will spoile the balanced environment that the god created with measurements and balance, So on if we added or removed an animal or substances. That what the god said ( When they tell them don’t spoil the earth, they say we are building the earth, But they are spoiling the earth but they don’t feel) 3-He give us a proof for his existence by mentioning many objects or phenomena’s that their reaction together are one of the reasons for the life to be continued and all those phenomena’s or objects have no enough intelligence or well to control all these reactions by this mesured way, For example: the god said by the meaning in many verses the relation between the clouds, the rains, the dead earth, the plants, the food of the humans and cattles. All of these objects have no well to communicate with the other objects, The god refered these gifts to him, And He ask us to think. 4- The quantity of informations: The god said to us to let us imagine the quantity and speed of information that he is processing (bad expression god forgive me) The God said (say if the sea was an ink for the words of the god the sea will run out before the words are completed)
For example the atom is flow of information balances measurements more than a substance or existence because if the processing is stopped the atom will disappear as the electrons movements is the secret of the mass. And the measured and balanced guarded reactions and between the atomes is the secret of the life. The atoms are slaves for the god as the god said in Quran that {everything (in Arabic Shai2 which is used for the substances and don’t used for the humans or animals or plants) worship(praise or Yosabeh in Arabic) the god but we don’t Understand their worshipping(praising)} And that is true even the smallest piece in the universe that we know which is the Atom are alive and they get married, change theire phases, affected with the outer effects, The atoms produce waves which is may be the kind of language that they worship(praise) the god with. and praising in Islam is Tasbeih which is repeated words the worshipper repeat them continiously for 100s of times, The god choosed the word praising (Tasbeih) becouse it's action is similar to the waves and repeated actions of the everything unit (Atom). Repeated actions like the waves the movement of the electrons etc. That means that quran said to us from 1500years ago that everything is alive and have sense for worshiping. Not only the humans, animals, plants but everything.

These four rules that I mentioned if we performed them while studing anything from the electrons, atoms planets, universe. We will find the god in every where.

By the way the verses of the balance and mesurements Tell us also that these pre planed mesurements and balances, were the reason behind the developement of the universe and producing new balances till the recent phase of the heavens. The time will not help in giving examples. But after you had the proofs that we are created by the god , Don’t ask us from where the god came it’s not our business, Becouse the god didn’t tell us from where he came, He just said (He didn’t give birth and he wasn’t born and he didn’t have any body)

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