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									SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative
Working together toward enabling easier cloud solutions deployment

The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) was created to foster the growth and
success of the market for cloud storage. Members of the CSI work together to
educate the vendor and user communities about cloud storage, perform market
outreach that highlights the virtues of cloud storage, collaborate with other industry
associations on cloud storage technical work, and coordinate with SNIA Regional
Affiliates to ensure that the results of the CSI are felt worldwide.

                                                    Cloud dATA MANAgeMeNT
                                               With the backing of storage industry leaders, vendors,
                                               and the SNIA, the Cloud data Management Interface
                                               (CDMI) specification standard is aggressively addressing
                                               a total cloud storage solution before the chaos of
                                               proprietary advances and partial solution standards erode
                                               the integrity of the cloud model. over 140 individuals
                                               from more than 50 organizations are working on CdMI.

                                               CdMI serves as the communication vehicle between
                                               the various applications for accessing and managing the
delIveRINg oN The vISIoN                       data. Key to the concept is a pool of resources that can
In today’s competitive environment,            be accessed in small increments on-demand, which is
                                               made possible by storage virtualization. The result is a
businesses of all sizes are seeking ways to
                                               more robust system at a fraction of the cost of traditional
keep pace with the explosive growth of
                                               storage hardware.
information, comply with ever-changing
regulations, and monitor and manage their      To help end-users implement effective, interoperable
stored data.                                   cloud storage solutions, the CdMI is addressing the
                                               following key business drivers:
Acutely aware of this dilemma, storage
industry professionals have increasingly       •   Cost savings through the simplification of storage
turned to cloud computing solutions. Cloud         resources and data management
computing, a paradigm in which scalable, and
often virtualized, IT resources are provided   •   Ability for businesses of all sizes to manage their
as a service over the Internet, offers great       own data storage networking applied to the
potential for the storage and management
of data.                                       •   Scalability needed to rapidly respond to
The SNIA has begun development of                  unplanned storage resource demand
the Cloud data Management Interface
                                               •   Mitigation of security risks associated with cloud
(CDMI) specification standard. The CDMI            storage
specification provides for Data Storage as
a Service (daaS), allowing products based      CDMI has far-reaching benefits by providing a standard
on the CDMI specification to deliver on-       interface for communicating between the various
demand virtual storage and related data        resources and client applications to access cloud-based
                                               resources, cost reduction and simplification of storage
services over a network.
                                               resource management, flexible, easy vendor adoption, and
                                               more. get the details at
Join the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative -
The Right Decision for You - and Your Company
A variety of individual and company membership programs make it easier
than ever to belong to the SNIA CSI. If you are a cloud user, cloud service
provider, hosting vendor, cloud solution provider, cloud industry expert,
cloud product manager, cloud evangelist, industry analyst, or researcher,
join today to contribute to, and gain the benefits from, expanding cloud
storage experience and expertise. Participate in efforts for the adoption of
CdMI and cloud storage, and educate the IT and business community with
white papers, articles, deployment case studies, and technology positioning
materials that complement your company’s individual business initiatives
and projects. visit us at for more details.
 visit to learn how you and your company can experience the best that the
 SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative and the Storage Networking Industry Association can provide:

 •   In-depth data, storage, and cloud expertise from leading companies engaged in creating
     and deploying storage and networking products

 •   The latest education on critical cloud, data management, storage, and security topics

 •   Networking opportunities with service providers, technology architects, software
     engineers, security consultants, academia, and IT managers focused on cloud technology,
     best practices, and deployment projects throughout the world

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