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					                      CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
                      MAINTENANCE DIVISION NO. III(SB)

     Subject:-    TENDER NOTICE

             Sealed tenders are hereby invited on percentage rate basis from approved
     Contractors of the Capital Development Authority for the works mentioned below:

 S.        Name of Work                NIT/ Cost       Earnest     Date of      Place of
No                                                     Money       Opening     Opening
1   Renovation in the Office of                                              Director
    Chairman Senate Standing                                                 Maintenance
    Committee EX.US.AID                                                      Old Navel
    Building Islamabad.              Rs.1502556/-    Rs.45,077/-   02-3-09   H/Q

2     Renovation/Maintenance of                                              Room No.5
      Rooms in Block: P: and :S:     Rs.1044730/-    Rs.31,342/-   02-3-09   Ground Floor
      Pak: Sectt: Islamabad.                                                 “R” Block
                                                                             Pak: Sectt:
3     Roof Treatment &
      Improvement of Roof
      drainage for upper portion
      (West Wing) at EX.US.AID
      Building Islamabad.            Rs.711,947/-    Rs.21,358/-   02-3-09     -do-

4.    Renovation/Alteration work
      the Office of Minister of
      Parlimany Affairs 3rd Floor
      :R: Block Pak: Sectt: IBD      Rs.620,561/-    Rs.18617/-    03-3-09      -do-

      Construction of R.C.C Wall
5.    against Nullah Flood water
      of Pak: Sectt: Building        Rs.519,048/-    Rs.15,571/-   03-3-09     “-do-“
6.    Renovation of Office of
      minister for Food and                                                  “-do- “
      Agriculture Block-B Pak:
      Sectt: Islamabad.              Rs.432,471/-    Rs.12,974/-   03-3-09
7.    Renovation of Office of
      Minister of Staff, Chairman
      of Secretary Railway Board
      in Block-D Pak: Sectt:         Rs.309,929/-    Rs.10000/-    04-3-09   “ -do- “
8.    Repair Maintenance of
      Sewerage system in Admin
      Area Islamabad.                Rs.263,119/-    Rs.10000/-    04-3-09   “ -do- “
9     Improvement of Drainage
          System in “K” Block Pak:
          Sectt: Islamabad.              Rs.243,379/     Rs.10000/-      04-3-09   -do-

10        Providing and Fixing of
          Conference Table for M/O                                       05-3-09       -do-
          Interior in Block “R” Pak:     Rs,250000/-     Rs.10000
11        Renovation of Room No.302
          Construction of Attached
          Bath Room & Shed in “Q”
          Block Pak: Sectt:              Rs.269,603/-    Rs.10000/-      05-3-09   “      -do-    “

12        Renovation of Cafeteria. In                    Rs.10000/-
          “S” Block Pak: Sectt:         Rs.189,000/-                     06-3-09          -do-
13        Renovation Canteen Ist
          Floor/Kitchen (3rd Floor) “P”
          Block Pak: Sectt: Islamabad. Rs.154,709/       Rs.10000/-      06-3-09           -do-

     1               Tender documents can be obtained on cash payment (Non
     Refundable) of Rs.1000/- for works listed at Sr No.1,2.3 4&5 500/- for works listed at
     Sr., 6,7,8,9,10,11,12& 13 for works listed CDA Located at Ground Floor “R” Block
     Pak: Sectt:Islamabad. On any working day upto 13.00 hrs.

     2.       No tender will be sold on the date of opening of tender.

     3.      Tenders will be opened by the Director/Dy: Director Maintenance Division
     No.III in his Office as per date and time mentioned against each work. Sealed tender
     will be received at the designated location up to 11.00 (AM) as per dates mentioned
     4.      CDA , may reject all bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of
     a bid or proposal .The CDA shall upon request communicate to any supplier or
     contractor who submitted or proposal ,the grounds for its rejection of all bids or
     proposal , but is not required to justify those grounds.

     5.      CDA shall announce the results of bid evaluation in the form of a report
     giving justification for acceptance or rejection of bids at least ten days prior to the
     award of procurement contract.
     6.     Earnest money in the shape of deposit at call from any local schedule bank
     must accompany with the application, without which no tender will be issued.
     Cash/Cheque will not be accepted.

     7.     Application for issuance of tenders must be submitted on printed pad
     bearing name address and signature of Contractor, along with valid copy of
     enlistment/renewal for the current year in CDA and a copy of attested. N.I.C.

     8.       Tender can be shown on the Website of PPRA & CDA.
9.     The Contractor will provide following documents while submitting the
tender otherwise tender will be liable to rejection.

             1.     Power of Attorney.
             2.     Partnership deed.
             3.     Programme of Work.
             4.     Non relationship Certificate.
             5.     Income Tax Registration Certificate.
             6.     Non judicial paper worth Rs. 10/-.
             7.     Registration of Firm
             8.     Professional Tax Certificate.
             9.     Pakistan Engineering Counical Certificate/Registration.

                                                    Deputy Director
                                               Maint Div No. III (SB) CDA

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