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The Maritime Branchline 2008-004


									Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders	

                                 December 2008

               The Maritime Branchline

  Hampton & St. Martin’s Railway
           A walking and driving tour, with a little Geocaching thrown in

  Understanding and Modeling Pallet Loads
           Focus on pa#ets, their construction and how to load them up

           Adding a little paint to the mix works wonders!

Photo: Lou McIntyre
Photo: Lou McIntyre

Issue 2008-004
Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders	

                                                                                        December 2008

                The Maritime Branchline
Table of Contents                                                                            From the Coal
  Message From The President	

                            .......................................... 2
                                                                                                 It’s a dirty job,
                   ......................................................... 2
  Membership Report	

                                                                                            but someone’s gotta do it!
           ......................................................................... 3
  Club News	

                                .................................... 7
  Hampton & St. Martin’s Railway	

                   .............................................................. 8
  Island Rails 2009	

                                                                   It’s hard to believe that another year is winding
                  ............................................................ 8
  Lou Simard Award	

                                                                    down and new year around the corner.
                                         ................... 9
  Understanding and Modeling Pallet Loads	

                                                                                         We made a call in the last edition of the
                ............................................................... 11
  Modeling Water	

                                                                      Branchline for members to step up and con-
  2008 Convention - The Last Word	

                                 ............................... 13                      tribute, and contribute you have! If this keeps
                                                                                         up, we’ll be able to put out a quality publication
                      ............................................... 14
  MFMR General Meeting	

                                                                each quarter, so please keep the articles & con-
  Maritime Timetable	

                    ........................................................ 18          tributions coming!
  Winter on the Dominion Atlantic Railway	

                                                                                         This edition contains a nice mix of articles – a
                                                                                         little modeling, a little history. There might
                                                                                         even be a little club news in here somewhere.
Publishing Schedule for                                                                  It’s a real privilege to bring together these di-
                                                                                         verse points of view.
    The Maritime Branchline
                                                                                         Seasons Greetings,
Please note the submission deadlines for each issue is the
15th of the previous month:                                                                  Lawrence & Mike
Issue 2009-001 - March 2009	

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Issue 2010-001 - March 2010	

................ Deadline Feb 15, 2010                     Old toy trains, little toy tracks
                                                                                         Little toy drums coming from a sack
                                                                                         Carried by a man dressed in white and red
                                                                                         Little boy, don't you think it's time you were in
Can You Please Repeat That?                                                              bed?
                                                                                                        Excerpt from "Old Toy Trains" by Roger Miller
    Actual announcement given to passengers by a driver on
a London Tube train:

                                      “Ladies and Gentlemen, I do
                                      apologize for the delay to your
                                      service. I know you’re all dying to
                                      get home, unless, of course, you
                                      happen to be married to my ex-
                                      wife, in which case you’ll want to
                                      cross over to the Westbound and
                                      go in the opposite direction”

Issue 2008-004	

                                                                                                                      page 1
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                                                       December 2008

  Maritime Federation                                               Message From the President
  of Model Railroaders                                                                      Since our last Branchline, there has been a lot of hobby activity around the Maritimes,
                                                                                            including some well-attended train shows. The Truro, Saint John, Fredericton, and Dart-
  The intent of the Federation is to promote
  and enhance the hobby of model railroad-                                                  mouth shows are always well received and we should recognize the contributions these
  ing throughout the Maritime provinces of                                                  clubs and their volunteers make to our hobby. One key contributor to these shows are the
  Canada and to encourage fellowship and                                                    vendors. Like myself, I am sure most of us take particular interest in shows with vendor
  interaction among model railroaders.                                                      participation and it is our local vendors who faithfully support our annual conventions.
                                                                                            So, I think it is only appropriate, on behalf of the membership, to thank them for this.
  Executive and Appointees                                                                  At our meeting in Truro, we took on some new initiatives and I would like to touch on a
  President........................................... Jim Taylor
  Vice President................................ Jeff Skaling                               few of them:
  Secretary.......................................... Barry Wile                        • A new “show board” has been pur-
  Treasurer..................................... Pierre Lanctot                                                                     Like myself, I am sure most of us take
  Membership Coordinator.......... David Fullerton                                      chased, which will travel to the various
  Contest Coordinator................. Marc Hemphill                shows throughout the Maritimes for promotion of the             particular interest in shows with
  Branchline Editors........................ Mike Gerrits           MFMR and, hopefully, gain new members. We will have the         vendor participation and it is our
  .................................... Lawrence van der Meer        finished display ready for the Summerside convention.            local vendors who faithfu#y support
  Website...................................... Bob Boudreau
                                                                    • A group of MFMR members have volunteered to develop           our annual conventions
                                                                    a training program for new model railroaders through a
  Memberships                                                       continuing education program with the local community collages. If anyone is interested in helping write
  Send your membership application with                             some of the course material or teach the course please feel free to contact any of the executives. We welcome
  annual dues of $20.00 to the Membership
                                                                    your help.
  Coordinator. Send $5.00 per extra mem-
  ber residing at the same civic address.                           • We are also working on an initiative to allow Federation members and our local clubs to have an on-line
                                                                    ordering system for club jackets, shirts etc. Clubs can submit their own logos in addition to the MFMR logos
  MFMR                                                              and order what they need without costly setup charges and minimum orders.
  ℅ David Fullerton
  22 Harry Elliot Road,                                             • Finally, we now have an annual “Best in Show” trophy for our model contest, thanks to Don’s HO service.
  Belmont, NS                                                             In closing, I would like to thank my Executive and Board of Directors for their support in these initia-
  B0M 1C0                                                           tives, which will help us build the long term sustainability of our hobby, and the MFMR.                                            Sincerely,
                                                                    J.W. Taylor
                                                                    Membership Report
                                                                    by David Fullerton, MFMR Membership Coordinator
  The Maritime Branchline                                                 Hello, and welcome to winter. After all the snow we have received at home in the past week, I am particularly
  Official Publication of the Maritime                              glad I have a hobby that operates in a warm and comfortable basement. The membership is relatively stable with 163
  Federation of Model Railroaders                                   members now renewed for this year. There are about 30 or so that have not renewed for one reason or another. If
  Published four times per year.                                    any of you are speaking with someone who is wondering where their Branchline may be, please remind them that
                                                                    they have likely not renewed and therefore do not get any more issues.
  Editors                                                                 The next show that I will be attending and taking memberships is the Convention in Summerside, PEI from
  Mike Gerrits, Lawrence van der Meer
                                                                    May 22-24, 2009. Before then, please renew by mail (also, my e-mail address has changed to
                                                           And, remember that the dues are only $20 per year, with extra family members at the
  Printing & Distribution
  Yarmouth Model Railroad Society                                   same address at $5 each!
                                                                         Lastly welcome to our new members for this issue.
  Previously unpublished contribu-                                       Members, by Province                                   New Members
  tions are welcome. Please contact                                      NS           103          63.20%                       Robert Hamper, North Sydney, NS
  the editor for requirements. Submis-                                   PE           7            4.30%
  sions can be done electronically to                                                                                           John Chesley, Middleton, NS
                                                                         NB           47           28.80% or by                                        NL           1            0.60%                        Justin Smith, New Glasgow, NS
  mail to:                                                               PQ           0            0%                           John Mahtab, Halifax, NS
                                                                         ON           2            1.20%
  The Maritime Branchline                                                MB           0            0%
  ℅ Mike Gerrits                                                         SK           0            0%
  8 Breakwater Rd                                                        AB           0            0%
                                                                         BC           0            0%
  Chance Harbour, NB
                                                                         YT           0            0%
  E5J 2B1                                                                NT           0            0%
                                                                         NU           0            0%
                                                                         ME           2            1.20%
  DECEMBER 2008                                                          RI           1            0.60%
  Issue 2008-004
                                                                         Total        163          100%

                                                                                                                                                                               page 2
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                      December 2008

Club News
WCR GROUP (Western Counties Railway Group)                                        Our small group is growing, as Albert Nolan (member of the
                                                                             Fundy Southern Model Railroaders Assoc.) has joined us, along with
- Don Parne#                                                                 Dave Marling and Curtis Raynard. This is helping to make operations
     Activities for the members of our group have been rolling along.        better as more traffic can be
As was reported in the last Branchline, our weekly running sessions          moved during the running ses-
continued throughout the summer. Ed Cleveland’s steel and port               sions. Curtis is new to the
operations filled in nicely while the work crews of Portland Terminal         hobby, jumping in and purchas-
completed the realignment of Rigby Yard and started the construc-            ing items on-line in preparation
tion of a small yard to service operations of the Grand Trunk. Due to        for the construction of his new
a manufacturing defect between                                               layout, while Dave Marling is in
two suppliers, there has been a                                              the construction stage of his
delay in the Grand Trunk points                                              bench work.
away yard.                                                                        As mentioned in the last
                                                                             newsletter, members of our
     An Announcement from                                                    group have attended the fall
Portland Terminal                                                            MFMR shows. Ron Day and
     At 8:30 PM Friday August 29                                             your scribe joined fellow UMG
B&M 1545 (an RS-3) made the
first trip from Yard 8 to Rigby                                               members in Truro for what I
Yard over the new trackage.                                                  believe was one of the largest
     Stan Jones                                                              modular displays for our group.
                                                                             Ed, Ray and Wally Howard
                                                                             made the 6 hour round trip
     With the reopening of the          Operations are beginning for the     from Yarmouth to pick up
Portland Terminal facilities it was      morning shift at Cleveland Steel
                                                                             needed supplies. Ray and I
time to put away the Cleveland                                               sailed over to Saint John to at-
Steel & Port Terminal. In mid-                                               tend their new fall show (second
September everything was dismantled to make room for the winter              show for ‘08). The change was a
firewood supply. Operations on Ray Franzen’s EWG&S layout have                great one as far as public par-
been improving as management has begun a renumbering program                 ticipation, with a large crowd of
that has made operations a little easier. Now we can read the car            parents and children in atten-
number when making up trains and delivering the cars to their desti-         dance. We also had our arms twisted to purchase items for ourselves
nations. The Digby Sub is slowly starting to take shape and it is            and other members at home. Ray and I would like to thank Doug
hoped that traffic may be moving on the rails some time in mid-                Devine for supplying great hospitality and transportation. The Run-
spring of ‘09. Ron Day’s Lake Annis Sub should see an increase in            ning sessions on the ICR (Doug’s Layout) and Carleton Railroad
construction as traveling away declines for the winter months.               (Steve McMullin’s) were great. It was great to share the running ses-
                                                                             sions with to fellow NS modelers, Doug Whitman and Bruce Castle
                                                                             along with Wayne Bennett from Newfoundland. One of our members
                                                                             (Ed) also attended the Dartmouth show.
                                                                                  As you can see, model railroading is alive and growing in our part
                                                                             of the province. We look forward to seeing many of you in the future.
                                                                             Maybe Springfield, MA in late January ‘09, the Moncton Show,
                                                                             Summerside for the convention. For some of our group, who are
                                                                             members of the UMG, it is Moncton for Railfest and than it all starts
                                                                             over. On a final note, look for possible photos of some of our adven-
                                                                             tures in this edition on the Branchline.
                                                                                  I just got the call from the dispatcher that my time has come to
                                                                             get on the mainline and head for my next destination. TO ALL OF
                                                                             OUR FRIENDS IN THE MODEL RAILROAD COMMUNITY –
        The heavy equipment service facility is a big project on the go.     ALL THE BEST FOR THE ‘08 HOLIDAY SEASON AND ENJOY
                                                                             A GREAT NEW YEAR.

                                                                         Check out our website at
                                                                  We are at the corner of Spring Garden Road and
                                                                      Grafton Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia

                                                           Check us out first for all your hobby needs.

        Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am to 6pm

                                                                                                                                            page 3
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                       December 2008

     Club News (continued)
Saint John Society of Model Railroaders                                     Dartmouth Model Railway Club
- Bob Boudreau                                                              - Ed Preeper
     Two train shows in one year! Yes, we’ve just held our second                 Having completed the HO layout for the Musquodoboit Railway
show in 2008, this time at a new location and at a new time of the          Museum, our Club installed the 4 by 8 foot single level, two track sys-
year. The Saint John Society of Model Railroaders (SJSMR) started           tem in September. Feedback to date has been very positive . The lay-
having casual meets way back in 1984 near the end of February just to       out, power pack, timer circuitry, buildings, engines and rolling stock
assemble our new modular layout and hang around with like-minded                                                                  were donated to
individuals. A few vendors came to the early shows, and things grew                                                               the Museum by
from there; we’ve been hosting annual shows ever since. We picked                                                                 our Club.
that time of the year because there wasn’t anything else going on in                                                              After the Train
the Maritimes at the time and also as a way to get over the mid-                                                                  Show at the
winter blahs. We were only snowed out once, and have had surpris-                                                                 Dartmouth
ingly cooperation from the weather most of the rest of the years.                                                                 Sportsplex on
But the past two years, weather was a problem for our show on the                                                                 November 15th
first of March, with attendance down both years. So a search was on                                                                and 16th, we ex-
to find another site in another time of the year. Luck was with us as                                                              pect to get really
member Bob Henry contacted the Island View Lions Club in nearby                                                                   serious about
Quispamsis and we arranged to rent their building for our first                                                                    starting the new
November show. The building is a former roller skating arena, perfect                                                             Club Modular
for our needs.                                                                                                                    Layout; perhaps a
                                                                                                                                  “walk-in” this time.
                                                 Well, this fall show has                                                         The knees aren’t
                                                 come and gone, and                                                               what they used to
                                                 everyone was pleased       be...crawling under the layout countless times has taken its toll.
                                                 with the new location.
                                                 Even the weather co-             Hope to see you at the Sportsplex and future shows. All the best
                                                 operated for the show,     in Model Railroading!
                                                 with light rain and
                                                 drizzle most of the day    Truro Model Railroaders Association
                                                 – you need poor
                                                 weather to bring them      - Bernie MacDonald
                                                 in! SJSMR members               We had another successful October Fall Show in the gymnasium
                                                 put on a great model       of the NSCC - Truro Campus. This was our 31st annual show and we
                                                 railroading show for the   were again thankful with the support of everyone – modelers, vendors
                                                 public and hobby en-       and public. Based upon encouraging comments received over past
                                                 thusiasts, with large      years, we made coffee and donuts available again for all participants.
operating layouts in N and HO scale, a large Lionel display and a           We trust that they were appreciated and enjoyed by all. As well, we
small Lionel Thomas the Tank Engine layout for the wee ones. The N          hope that they gave you a morning boost to your day before the official
scale modular layout was set up in a free form manner, with small           opening of the show.
modules seemingly all over the place. The HO scale modular layout                The show featured a few familiar layouts, as well a new one.
was again set up in a large “U” shape, from one side of the arena to        TMRA displayed its own HO conventional DC layout which included
the other. It would have been even bigger had two members with              Rod Norrie’s Truro train station and town scenes, Craig Buckley’s
modules been able to participate. There were electrical teething            street car and duck under modules as well as the club’s Harold Marsh
problems at the last setup of the modules in this configuration in           bridge module. In addition, UMG’s HO, the EasterNbeNdeRRs’ N
March, but this time everything more or less worked great. We’re            scale and Dave Buck’s new table N scale layouts were on display.
using radio controlled walk around throttles, so those operating
trains in both directions could follow their trains from one loop to             A special thanks is extended to Chuck Kenny of Don’s HO in
the other; lots of mileage on the shoes at the show!                        Moncton for his donation of a Trainline City Express HO Train Set. We
                                                                            highlighted this train set for our door prize and it was won by Glenn
     To give a tie-in to prototype railroading, SJSMR President Ron         King, Shubenacadie, NS. Such prizes contribute immensely to both a
Grant displayed his restored 1915 Buda velocipede. Its bright yellow        show’s overall promotional appeal and ultimate successes. They also
colour attracted a lot of interest. VIA Rail had donated a big number       serve to continue to attract the interests of both modelers and public.
of punch out cardboard train sets at our winter show, and we still had
quite a few left for this show. They disappeared in no time, attesting           In preparation for this show, we worked continuously over the
to the interest of the attendees. Other material from Operation Life-       past few months to upgrade and refine our DC layout since it had not
saver was also snapped up quickly.                                          been shown for a couple of years. Rod Norrie added people, vintage
                                                                            vehicles and scenery to his modules. Craig Buckley refined his duck
     Dealers from all over were in attendance and reports indicate          under module by adding additional trees, painting scenery and fine
that they did very well. The show location is in or near the large bed-     tuning his track for smoother operation of both trains and street cars.
room communities of Quispamsis and Rothesay, so there were a lot            The club’s corner modules were painted for a refreshed appearance,
of families in the area with children, many who had never been to a         track ballast was added in several spots where required and wiring up-
train show. Hopefully, they will keep their interest for next year, as we   graded for better continuity. Members contributing to this work in-
plan to have our annual show in the same arena around the same time         cluded Jamie Richards, Rolf Baune. Howard MacLellan, Barry Wile,
next year. We will no longer be hosting mid winter shows at the for-        Dave Buck and Murray Wood. Les Waller was always on the job, pro-
mer location.                                                               viding his humorous demeanor and quiet genius. The completion of
     Those participating in such all day shows need nourishment, and        these tasks was truly a group effort by all members.
we were well served by the full service canteen on site. Full break-             Justin Smith, a former TMRA member, recently returned from
fasts, quite a varied menu for lunch and snacks, etc. – it was a wel-       working in BC and is now working with the Cape Breton and Central
come treat for us all, having been used to barely warm hot dogs in the      Nova Scotia Railway. We are pleased that he is back to work in the area
past!                                                                       and has rejoined our club. We look forward to his skills and valuable
     All in all it was a great 24th annual show for the SJSMR!              contribution.
                                                                                 Tex Corning, who moved to the UK about two years ago, sent us a
                                                                            message wishing us well for our October Show. He was hoping to make

                                                                                                                                             page 4
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                                                  December 2008

Club News (continued)
it over to be with us and to assist where possible. Unfortunately, his                            Although in the past this show had been the responsibility of the
work commitments prevented him from traveling this year but we are                          “umbrella” Greater Metro M.R.S. it will be fully transferred to the
hopeful that he will make it sometime in the future. Many will recall                       Capital City Club who, along with Steve Grose, have been doing the
that Tex is a former TMRA president. He demonstrated lots of energy                         legwork for a few years. We’d also like to thank other local modelers
and he liked to get the job done without delay.                                             for their help and, in particular, Pierre Lanctot, Dan Hatt, Elizabeth
     At the writing of this report, we have a number of TMRA mem-                           Crook, Alan Hemphill, Bruce Castle, and Dave Freeman (IWK).
bers who are making plans to attend several of the upcoming train                                 The Capital City club has been dormant for over a year but we are
shows in the region including Orangedale, Saint John, Dartmouth and                         getting together to discuss a way to move forward since the loss of our
Fredericton. These shows will provide lots of hobby activity and par-                       facilities in Bloomfield Centre.
ticipation before winter’s official arrival.                                                      Our new sectional layout has all the bench-work and track-work
     As always, TMRA members are looking forward to the holiday                             done and just needs some electrical work on the wiring harnesses and
season. It will provide us with yet another opportunity to celebrate                        the construction of a control panel before taking on the scenery. If you
together and we have made arrangements to have our annual Christ-                           are interested in joining us or are just curious, contact me...
mas dinner early in December. This will replace our regular monthly                                   Marc J. Hemphill
business meeting. We hope to be able to make a donation to at least
one or possibly two local organizations to assist those who find them-                                (902) 465-2983
selves in need at this time of year.                                                        
     Happy holiday season!

Capital City Modular Railway Club                                                           Nova Lego Users Group
- Marc J. Hemphi#                                                                           - Gail Meagher
     Wet and windy weather didn’t stop several hundred model train                               No one else seemed willing to do the club blurbs, so I’m back at it.
enthusiasts from enjoying the annual metro fall train show. They were                       NovaLUG is just entering our really busy season.
treated to excellent layouts from the Dartmouth Modular Railroad                                 Lawrence made a solo trip to display at the Fourth Annual Model
Club (HO), The U.M.Group (HO), the Eastern Benders (N). Errol                               Train Show presented by the Miramichi Crime Stoppers. It is his
Mitchell (Z); Joz. DeBelie (N); Capital City M.R.C. (O-27 U-Drive);                         fourth time doing a show alone, and he is getting so good at it we
Mike Hodgson & Lawrence Denham (G); and the perennial favourite:                            might let him set up everything for our next show.
the huge NovaLUG LEGO layout and robotics. All those layouts,                                    Some NovaLUG members helped out at the Discovery Centre in
many vendors and a pleasant location make this 2 day show a worth-                          September as they brought in the “Secrets of the Pharaohs” display
while endeavour!                                                                            created by the LEGO company. We helped Robin Sather, a LEGO

    Order Your MFMR Clothing On-Line!
                                                     The Canadian Linen site is now ready for you to order your MFMR garments on-line!

    Y may also order your own club garments by submitting your club image to Canadian Linen.
    Here’s how to use the Canadian Linen W Site.
         1. Go to and on the top right corner, click Login.
         2. Email address: Password: welcome1
         3. Click a category from Shop by Category section on the left side to see the items for that category.
         4. Select the item you’d like, such as T-shirts, then select a style to view product detail and available colours. Note: To order a product, a colour must be selected
            Under Size enter your desired quantity, then click Add to Workspace. The item you selected will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
         5. Next to your item, click CUSTOMIZE THIS ITEM and a new screen will open.
         6. Select Approved Logo, then click Proceed to STEP 2 at the bottom of the screen.
         7. The logos available will appear; select one and Proceed to STEP 3
         8. A third screen will appear and you would select where you want the logo to go then click Proceed to STEP 4.
         9. Step 4 is a preview screen which that shows the item you want, with the logo on it. If you like it, click Apply and Exit.
         10.The Workspace screen will reappear and all you need to do now is check the box on the left hand side and then add it to cart.
         11.Another screen will appear which will give you the option to go to checkout or continue shopping.
            Note: In order to use a credit card on their system, a billing address for the card must be entered under Billing Address.
    If you have any further questions or concerns give them a call at 902 - 468 - 07520 and ask for Gordon MacDonald or Michelle Crosby.

                                                                                                                                                                            page 5
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                  December 2008

Club News (continued)                                                       MFMR Member Honoured
Certified Professional from Vancouver, build an eight foot tall model of    For those of you who may not have heard, Jeff Skaling, our Vice
the sphinx. There is a compressed version of the build on YouTube,          President, was the recipient of Nova Scotia’s Medal of Bravery. In The display contin-             recognition of Jeff ’s achievement, the NovaLUG Lego group immor-
ues until January 4th, 2009.
      As I write this, we are in the middle of the Dartmouth Train Show     talized Jeff in their layout at the Dartmouth train show.
at the Sportsplex. We have a large town/train layout with lots of other     To read more about Jeff ’s award go to
LEGO models on display. Eight members and three guests make this
out largest group yet at a show. The Great Ball Contraption is a big hit,
even when it malfunctions and sends LEGO soccer balls bouncing all          l-Medal-of-Bravery.html
over the room. Three tables worth of strange LEGO machines move
small spheres from one end to the other, where they are automatically
loaded into a hopper car to travel back down the table and start the                            Congratulations Jeff !!!
journey again. Mesmerizing to watch. Jeff Skaling, or at least the mini-
fig version of him, made an appearance on the layout. Owen’s camera
train has now linked up with a drive in theatre on the layout to show
minifig-eye views of the layout. It is the first large show Lawrence has
organized and it seems to be going reasonably well.
      Owen is again setting up a small layout at the Aliant offices in
Scotia Square. It will be there to entertain the workers for the Christ-
mas Daddies telethon.
      For the third year running, we will be setting up a large and de-
tailed layout at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on Lower Water
Street in Halifax. The display is scheduled to start Tuesday December
9th, 2008, and run until Saturday February 14th, 2009. We will be
trying a multilevel layout with a custom built table for the first time.
Hope to see many of you and your kids or grandkids down there. A
reminder that admission to the museum is free on Tuesday evening
from 5:30 to 8 pm, and other times a CAA membership card gets you a

                                                             FOR ALL YOUR MODEL
                                                             RAILROADING NEEDS
                                                                 SPECIALIZING IN “N” SCALE AND DCC
                                                                ★ HEKI SCENERY
                                                                ★ MOCALOVA MODEL WORKS
                                                                ★ ESU LOCSOUND & DIGITAL PLUS BY LENZ
                                                                ★ ATHEARN, KATO, ATLAS, MODEL POWER
                                                                ★ DECODER INSTALLTION, MILLING & CUSTOM PAINTING
                                                                ★ MONTHLY E-FLYER SPECIALS
                                                                ★ PRE-ORDER FOR FOX VALLEY MODELS ROLLING STOCK
                                                                ★ OTHER MAKES & MODELS AVAILABLE

                                                                                 RIVERVIEW, NB, CANADA

                                                                                                                                       page 6
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                               December 2008

The Hampton and St. Martin’s Railroad
by Gary Mittleholz, foreword by Louis McIntyre                                      out of service by CN on August 1, 1940 and the railway ties were re-
reprinted by permission *om The River Va#ey News                                    moved and the bridges taken down.
                                                                                         Following the remnants of an old rail line is part history, part
                                                                                    treasure hunt. The search takes you through the countryside and into
      As many of you already know, the former Hampton and St Martin’s
                                                                                    places you’d never normally get to. The outdoor adventure part of the
Railway has been something of a passion (obsession) for me. One aspect of my
                                                                                    search took us deep in the woods to the former location of a large
interest has been to explore the route of the old line. A couple of months ago,
                                                                                    trestle over what was called the Gully. Our trek followed a trail
CBC reporter Gary Mittelhotz joined myself, Bob Henry, George Sabean and
                                                                                    through the woods on what was the raised rail bed. In places you
your Branchline Editors Lawrence and Mike on a trek over the line. The fol-
                                                                                    could still see the outline in the moss where the rail ties had been.
lowing is Gary’s account of the day produced for a local weekly magazine –
The River V   a#ey News. Gary also does a weekly Podcast. If you want to hear
the audio version of our day of exploring, see his instructions at the end of the
article. - Louis McIntyre

     “All Aboard” cries the conductor as the locomotive hisses steam
and the steel wheels begin to turn. Slowly the St. Martin’s train pulls
out of the Hampton station on its way to Smithtown, Salt Springs,
Upham and on to St. Martin’s. That was a daily occurrence from 1880
to 1940 on the Hampton to St Martins Railroad. The train carried
lumber, mail and people back and forth along the 30-mile line
through Kings and St. John counties. The tracks are long gone but
much of the original rail bed remains and following it makes for a
fabulous outdoor adventure.
                                                                                    After about half a mile of hiking we reached a steep ravine with a
                                                                                    small brook running through it at the bottom. This is where the rail-
                                                                                    road builders would have erected that first wooden trestle by hand
                                                                                    back in the 1870’s. It was later replaced by a steel structure when CN
                                                                                    took over the line. You can still see the concrete abutments from
                                                                                    both structures. Just trying to walk down that steep embankment was
                                                                                    a challenge. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be there
                                                                                    130 years ago building a rail bridge over this gully.
                                                                                         Somewhere in that ravine was a hidden cache put there by Law-
                                                                                    rence the last time he made this trek. This was Mike’s first visit and
                                                                                    he had his GPS out searching for the treasure. He found it quickly
      Earlier this fall I met up with four members of the Saint John
                                                                                    and opened the army surplus ammunition container that was filled
Society of Model Railroaders. One member, Lou McIntyre has built a
                                                                                    with little keepsakes and a logbook that Mike signed. He carefully
replica model of this rail line and is well versed on the story and his-
                                                                                    put everything back in the canister and replaced it in the exact same
tory of the St. Martin’s train. Joining him were model railroad enthu-
                                                                                    spot for the next geocacher to find.
siast Bob Henry and railroad buffs and geocachers Mike Gerrits and
                                                                                         This was a completely different kind of outdoor adventure for
Lawrence van der Meer. Together we spent a day retracing the line
                                                                                    me. I loved being down there by the stream and hearing nothing but
from its start at the old train station in Hampton, all the way to St.
                                                                                    the gurgling of the water and the occasional bird. I tried to imagine
                                                                                    what the roar of a steam locomotive would have been like as it rum-
      Much of the trip we did by car and it’s amazing how much of the
                                                                                    bled over the trestle far above. This was a magical place, in part be-
old rail bed you can still see. These days it’s incorporated into peo-
                                                                                    cause of the history that is still visible. One of the guys likened those
ple’s driveways and parts of roads. Some of it is even visible on the
                                                                                    crumbling abutments to Mayan ruins in the jungle and it felt a bit like
Hampton Golf Course. We’d drive and stop at places along the way
                                                                                    that. As Lou said of the railroad, “It existed for a little while and cre-
where Lou would point out where the line could still be seen. I dis-
                                                                                    ated a place in history”. And now we are a witness to that.
covered areas of Kings County on those back roads that I’d never
                                                                                         Some of the guys found bits of metal and spikes and even parts
seen before. As we drove, Lou would talk about the history of the
                                                                                    of an old barrel along the side of what would have been the tracks.
                                                                                    There were also a few chunks of coal lying around, probably knocked
      The railway was incorporated by an act of the legislature on May
                                                                                    out of the coal car while crossing the span. I picked up a small, shiny
17, 1871 The railway was incorporated by an act of the legislature on
                                                                                    piece of coal and put it in my pocket. It’s my memento of a part of
May 17, 1871 and was originally called the St. Martin’s and Upham
                                                                                    New Brunswick history and a memorable outdoor adventure.
Railway Company. It changed hands in 1897 and became the Hamp-
ton and St. Martin’s Railway and finally was purchased by the Domin-
ion Government in 1918 and became part of the Intercolonial Line.                        You can hear an audio version of this outdoor adventure on the
The run was never that financially successful and the train was taken                Doing Stuff Outdoors Podcast, program number 66. You can find it
                                                                                    online at

                                                                                                                                                     page 7
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                       December 2008

Island Rails 2009                                                          Lou SimardAward
May 22, 23, & 24, 2009                                                          At next year’s convention in Summerside, PEI, some talented
Summerside, P.E.I.                                                         young member will be the first to receive the annual Lou Simard
     “Come Play On Our Island”                                             Founder’s Award. Peter Mesheau has established this Award in honour
                                                                           of the late Lou Simard of Halifax, N.S.
                                                                              Lou was a designer, builder, and promoter of all things in the
                                                                           model-railroading realm. He had a penchant for narrow gauge, espe-
                                                                           cially the Colorado roads, though he also had a soft spot for the
                                                                           Maine two-footers. His Kingsport and Somerset SN3 Pike was set in
                                                                           the Annapolis Valley between the wars.
                                                                                Periodically, Lou would keep friends in the loop, so to speak, by
                                                                           posting the latest railroad happenings in the Kingsport & Somerset Re-
                                                                           cord. The Record was the official Maritime railroad publication, which
                                                                           Lou typed on his trusty IBM Selectric.
                                                                                In his desire to bring Maritime railroad modellers together, Lou
                                                                           also founded the Maritime Railroaders Federation back in the late
                                                                           1970s. He assigned himself number 1; he signed Peter Mesheau up as
      Third Summerside railway station. (Photo, Margaret E. Mallett)       number 2.
      Marking 20 years since the last train left P.E.I. in 1989, the 2009       Sadly, Lou passed away in 1989 at the young age of 55. This award
MFMR Convention in Summerside is sure to be an event you don’t            is to recognize Lou’s important contribution to Maritime model rail-
want to miss! The Convention was last held on P.E.I. in Charlotte-
                                                                          roading and to celebrate model building by younger members.
town about 15 years ago.
      The Silver Fox Curling and Yacht club will be the venue for the     Award Details
Convention. The club is located not far from Queen’s Warf where
freight cars loaded with potatoes and other produce were unloaded               •    Awarded annually at the spring convention as part of the model
into the holds of freighters headed for the U.S., South America, and                 contest.
across the Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                                •    Open to Federation members 25 years and younger.
      The room we will be using for the model contests has a wonder-
ful view. I’m sure you will have a difficult time concentrating on judg-          •    Most popular kit-built, scratch-built or bashed model as judged
ing as you gaze out over Summerside harbour.                                         by Federation members.
      The public show and clinics will be held on the curling rink’s ice
surface. The ice will be long gone, of course. A few people have ex-            •    $100 cash plus certificate to the winner; to be presented at the
pressed concern about this. Apparently, a previous Convention was                    awards banquet.
held in a curling rink, which was quite cold and damp. This rink is
used during the summer for functions ranging from multi-vendor re-
tail sales, weddings, and concerts. Aside from the size of the space,
scoreboards, and signs on the walls you would never know it was a
curling rink.
      We have chosen our “official” motel, the Quality Inn – Garden of
the Gulf, in Summerside. It’s less than 5 minutes from the Silver Fox
if the traffic is good; if not, it is about 6 minutes away. The Quality
Inn will sponsor a social event in their Courtyard on Friday evening.
      Sunday will see the local guys opening their layouts to anyone
that wants to drop by. There will be two layouts (maybe three) within
5 minutes of the Quality Inn and one that is about 25 – 30 minutes                  BLAKE’S PLATES
away. We won’t be “operating”, but the trains will be running all the               T R A I N P L AT E S O U R S P E C I A LT Y
      We look forward to hosting you all on P.E.I. from May 22 – 24,                                  18 Lobban Avenue
2009.                                                                                           Miramichi, New Brunswick
     Scott Jay
                                                                                                         E1N 2W5
     902-436-9718                                                                                      506-773-6859                                                                       or email

                                                                                                                                             page 8
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                         December 2008

Understanding and Modeling Pallet Loads
     by Jim Taylor                                                            considered and how the shipment will be protected. If the load is too
                                                                              big for a container or boxcar, it may have to placed on a flat bed truck
                                                                              or flatcar. Loads exposed to the weather may need to be tarped.

                                                                              Anatomy of a Pallet
                                                                                    Now, let’s talk about the anatomy of a pallet. The sole purpose of
                                                                              a pallet is to provide an efficient means of storage, transportation and
                                                                              protection of the products being shipped. There are billions of pallets
                                                                              in use today; they are the fundamental method of product distribu-
                                                                                    Pallets are made
                                                                              up of three basic com-
                                                                              ponents: the upper and
                                                                              lower decks and
                                                                              stringers, or runners.
                                                                              Construction varies
                                                                              but there are basically
                                                                              three main configura-
                                                                              tions of pallets:
     No freight warehouse is complete without an assortment of                      The two-way pal-
loads. Freight loads can include anything from pallets, crates, boxes,        let is the simplest of pallets. These are lightweight and usually dispos-
drums, spools and bins. These loads can vary in size and shape. With          able. This only allows the forks of a lift truck to enter from the back
the exception of pallets, there are few standards pertaining to size.         or front of the pallets.
     Much of the early freight was loaded by hand and moved by rail                 A four-way pallet allows the forks to enter from any side which
to horse-drawn wagons. Today, freight is moved in a number of ways,           makes the pallet more versatile but more expensive. Most reusable
including rail cars, containers, trucks and airplanes. However, the           pallets are of the 4-way type.
basic configuration of freight loads has not changed in 200 years.                   A skid is a pallet with no bottom decking. The skids rest right on
                                                                              the floor and is generally for one time only use.
      Pallets are one of the most common types of freight loads. One          Modeling a Pallet
of the first Companies in the USA to manufacture pallets was                        We will now look at modeling aspects of several different types
Menasha Corporation. They began producing wooden containers in                of pallet loads and some other unique wooden shipping containers for
1849 and are still producing pallets today. Pallets sizes were standard-      your layout.
ized in the 1990’s as a result of a need to ship goods around the world            First of all, we will need to build a number of pallets. I have
in a common manner. Today’s standard pallet sizes are:                        found the easiest way to build large numbers of pallets is to do it in

  40” x 48”	


      42” x 42”                                     stings of ten or twelve depending on the scale.

  42” x 48”	


     44” x 44”                                          1. Draw the outline of the pallets you want on your computer
      Pallets are constructed mainly from wood. Disposable pallets are             including the location of the stringers leaving about a quarter
made of spruce or pine and tend to be lightweight, with minimum                    inch between them. You could also do it the old fashioned way
decking. Many companies today use reusable pallets, which are heav-                with a ruler and paper. Make sure all the outlines are aligned in a
ier and usually constructed of hardwood. The tops, or decking, of the              row. Then placed the drawing on my building board and covered
pallets are fuller, or solid. Many reusable pallets are painted different           the drawing with wax paper.
colours on the sides of the stinger. They will usually carry the initials
of the owner, rating etc. Deposits are typically charged for the pallets
and a refund is given upon their return. It would not be uncommon to
see a stack of empty pallets strapped together ready to be returned to            2. Place strips of scale lumber over the drawing to represent the
their owner.                                                                      top decking of the pallet. I secured the ends of the strips with
                                   Today, most exports and imports of             masking tape.
                                   goods do not allow natural wooden
                                   pallets due to the possibility of infes-
                                   tation of insects; wooden pallets
                                   shipped abroad would be held in cus-
                                   toms for fumigation. For this reason,
                                   many of today’s international shipping         The spacing of the top deck boards should represent the type of
                                   pallets must be certified or be con-            pallets you are building.
                                   structed with processed woods like             3. Cut the stringers and glued them to the deck boards at 90 de-
                                   plywood, pressboard or other materi-           grees to the deck boards, as they are located on the drawing.
als like steel, aluminum or plastic.
      In addition to pallets, all wooden shipping containers must follow
strict rules for pest control.
      Shippers have to consider a number of factors when preparing
their loads. The weight of the load is important when deciding on
what mode of transport you are going to use and what type equip-
ment is available to load and unload the shipment. The size of the
load will also be a determining factor as to the type of transport being

                                                                                                                                               page 9
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                      December 2008

Understanding and Modeling Pallet Loads
    4. Glue the bottom deck boards to the stringers; let the glue dry.            First cut up a wooden block or
    5. Finally, cut the pallets apart and trim them up. Remember to          plug the size and shape you want you
    paint and decal the outside of the stringers if they are reusable        load to be. Wrap the wood with some
    pallets.                                                                 brown Kraft paper and, presto, you
                                                                             have a cardboard crate.
                                                                                  If you want to build on this idea,
                                                                             you can emulate stacks of cardboard
                                                                             boxes: Make a template similar to the
                                                                             photo to the right. Draw your template
                                                                             with your favorite computer drawing
                                                                             program and print on the some brown
                                                                             Kraft paper. Note that most cardboard
                                                                             box loads are stacked like a brick wall to help lock the load together.
                                                                             You can also add printing or logos on the sides of the boxes to repre-
                                                                             sent the brand of product being shipped. Now cut out the template
                                                                             and glue it to the wood plug. Place the seam to the back or against the
                                                                             mast of the fork truck to hide it.
Tarped Loads
                                                                      Wooden Crates and Wire Spools
      Our first pallet load will be a tarped load. This is a nice looking
and effective load to place on the back of a flat bed truck or on a flat      Some other freight loads you can build are wooden crates and
car. Find a unique part from your detail parts tray with a nice profilewire spools. Most crates are custom built to
or carve one up from balsa                                            suit the goods being shipped. Wooden crates
      Glue the part to the pallets and then wrap the part and pallets are easy to build and add variety to the
with a single ply commercial type toilet tissue. Next, wet down the   scene. To build crates made from boards,
tissue with a 50/50 mix of white glue and water, or soak it with thin simply take some scribe basswood sheet
CA. After the glue has dried trim away the excess paper and paint     material and glue it a wooden plug. Trim
with a light gray paint or a color of your choice.                    with scale lumber and add some decals.
                                                                      Don’t forget to add the corner bracing for
Drum Loads
     Steel drums are also a very common load found in freight ware-        Build lots of these in different shapes
houses or on the backs of delivery trucks. Most drums are reusable    and sizes. Add 4” x 4” skids under the crates every 3 to 4 feet. Modern
and also require the purchaser to pay a deposit for them. To help the
                                                                      crates can also be built from plywood. Therefore, you can just cut
shipper determine who owns the drums, the vendors will usually paint some basswood to size and add trim.
their drums in a unique color scheme.                                                          The odd wooden spool or reel is a nice addi-
     The most common way to                                                                    tion to any freight yard. Most spools are built
paint a drum is in three differ-                                                                in even size increments. Diameters like 12”,
ent bands around the outside.                                                                  24”, and larger are very common. Because of
The top and bottom bands are                                                                   the size and cost, most spools are again reus-
usually the same color and the                                                                 able and have a deposit on them. Both empty
middle band is painted in dif-                                                                 and full spools should be part of your freight
ferent color. Drums painted a                                                                  business. To make full spools wrap some black
solid color are most likely dis-
                                                                                               thread around the spool to represent industrial
posable drums.                                                                                 cable or gray to represent steel cable.
     So, let’s paint four drums                                            To give your pallets and spools a weathered look, simply give
in your favorite’s colors and                                         them a brush with a light ink wash.
glue them to a pallet. The traditional way to secure the drums is to
wrap steel straps around the drums to hold them in place. These            Happy shipping!
bands tend to be about a half inch wide and black. Some fine nylon
thread will do the trick.
Stretch-Wrapped Loads                                                                             Jim has been a model railroader on and off
      Modern shipping techniques use clear stretch wrap to secure the                             for the past 35 years, mainly in N scale.
loads. You can simulate stretch wrap by cutting some narrow strips                                His interest in the hobby stems from a long
from a thin sandwich bag. Wrap the plastic around the drums and glue                              family history of railroading as well as
it in place. I like to coat the plastic with some Kristal Clear to give it                        growing up and hanging out at Dominion
that milky look.                                                                                  Atlantic Railway's Kentville Yard and
                                                                                                  shops. Jim's grandfather was a conductor
Cardboard Crates and Box Loads                                                                    on the D.A.R. and his father managed a
     Cardboard crates or box loads are a bit more of a challenge but                              lumber treatment plant in the early 1960's
not that difficult to make.                                                                         which had its own short line, as well as
                                                                                 being an avid model railroader during Jim's younger years.
                                                                                 Jim currently serves as President of the MFMR.

                                                                                                                                          page 10
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                               December 2008


                                       25 Teakwood Way, Moncton, NB          E1G 1T3
                                          Phone (506) 384-3355 Fax (506) 853-0550
                                      Wednesday 7pm to 9pm Saturday 9am to 5pm
                                                (closed Saturdays in August)


                                                 Digital Command Control

        We Stock:
              ✓     North Coast Engineering DCC systems and decoders. Other brands and decoder installation
              ✓     Regular power packs by Model Rectifier Corp.
              ✓     HO track, turnouts, turnout motors and rail joiners for Code 100 and 83 track by Atlas and
                    Peco. Other brands and codes are available.
              ✓     Roadbed by Midwest and Woodland Scenics
              ✓     Detail parts by Detail Associates, Details West and others
              ✓     Replacement wheelsets by Intermountain and Kadee
              ✓     Full line of Kadee couplers with McHenry also available
              ✓     Building kits and built-up buildings, liquid cements, paints, decals, scale rules, pin vises and
                    miniature drill bits
              ✓     Locomotives and cars by Athearn (kits and RTR), Atlas, Kato Pro 2000 and Walthers

                               Orders accepted by email, phone or fax
          We are an authorized Walthers dealer and have orders arriving weekly

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The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                      December 2008

Modeling Water                                                               WA N T E D
by Justin Maguire and Andy Small

The technique we use to model water is as follows:
     Pour (yes, pour!) some white, or off-white, latex paint (ordinary
house flat wall paint) near the center of the area to be modeled.
                                                                             MFMR ARCHIVAL
Spread it out a little and squirt some black-green into it and some
Payne’s Gray. At this point, armed with a spray bottle of “wet water           MATERIAL
(water with a few drops of dish detergent), spray all of the shore or
riverbank areas, as well as any pilings, structures or causeways. In
short, wet any thing that will come in contact with the “water” to          The MFMR Secretary is looking for old files,
ensure that the water colour bleeds softly into the edges with no           minutes, reference material, etc in order to com-
dark, hard lines.
     For harbours and deep water, another option is to substitute a         plete an archive of material dealing with the
colour such as lamp black house paint for the white and add the             MFMR. At the present time, there is very little
white as you would the black-green and Payne’s gray. Using the lamp
black will make the pilings, rocks and pier contact areas dark. Also        continuity in records from one administration to
looks good with barnacles. Small oil spills (oops!) may be added with a     the next, which can lead to items being lost over
very tiny drop of iridescent acrylic paint (purple/lavender and lime
green). Stir it right in with the water color.                              time. Members who believe they can contribute
     Continue adding black green and, to a lesser extent, Payne’s gray,     to this archive can contact him for more informa-
swirling BUT NOT THOROUGHLY MIXING these colours with
the white. The intent here is to produce a varied series of dark to         tion.
medium grays with no pure white showing. While doing this, con-
tinue spraying the entire water area and begin to push the color to-
wards the edges; the area should be thoroughly soaked. The colours                        Barry Wile, Secretary MFMR
should be so wet that they begin to run, puddle and swirl. Many times                
when painting water, the paints become so wet that they begin to run
off the layout or module. When you are pleased with the appearance,                               902-860-1221
cease spraying and allow the colours to dry.
     When dry pour a thin layer of Envirotex® to seal and level the
surface. A thickness of 1/16” to 1/8” is sufficient. Follow the manufac-
tures directions for mixing, bubble removal and curing. Make sure the
surface is level.☺
                                            Once the Envirotex® is
                                            cured, texture the surface
                                            with Gloss Medium Gel. You      Hands-On Railroading
                                            can use either a soft brush,
                                            or even a pallet knife, to      I don’t know how it works on your railway but on mine, this sort of thing
                                            apply. A suggestion: observe    happens a# the time:
                                            actual water before applying
                                            this coat. Create just enough   PATNA, India (Reuters) - Hundreds of Indian rail passengers
                                            texture to remove the           got more than they had bargained for when the driver of their
                                            smooth glass look of the        train asked them to get out and push.
                                            plastic layer. When dry,
                                            touch a few edges and           It took more than half an hour to move the stalled electric train
                                            “waves’ with a very small       12 feet so that it touched live overhead wires and was able to
amount of white, or light gray acrylic for less contrast. Do this very      resume its journey, officials said on Wednesday.
sparingly, with just a suggestion of foam. Otherwise, you will have
created storm conditions. For water foam near the beach, try “dry           The incident occurred in the eastern state of Bihar on Tuesday
sock” – stippling with an old sock dipped in the white or light gray.       after a passenger pulled the train’s emergency chain and it halted
                                                                            in a “neutral zone,” a short length of track where there is no
                                                                            power in the overhead wires.
 •   Latex wall paint, white
 •   Black-green (chrome green deep), acrylic craft paint 2-oz bottle       “In so many years of service in the railways, I have never come
 •   Payne’s Gray, acrylic craft paint, 2 oz bottle
 •   Iridescent Purple/Lavender and Lime Green acrylic craft paint, 2 oz    across such a bizarre incident,” said Deepak Kumar Jha, a
     bottles                                                                spokesman for Indian Railways.
 •   Envirotex® (Available at craft stores such as Michael’s.)
 •   Gloss Medium Gel, 16 oz bottle (brand names include: Liquitex®,        A train’s momentum usually allows it to continue moving
     Goldlen®, Utrect®)                                                     through neutral zones.
 •   Titanium White/Light Gray, Acrylic artist’s colour 2 oz tube
 •   “Wet” water in spray bottle                                            India’s rail network carries more than 15 million people daily —
 •   Soft Brush/Pallet Knife                                                more than the combined population of Norway and Sweden —
                                                                            but its safety record often comes in for criticism.

                                                                                                                                             page 12
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                          December 2008

2008 Convention – The Last Word
by Doug Murray, 2008 Convention Chair

                                                            talent we have in the Federation. Hopefully we’ll see
                                                            more clinicians stepping forward for the 2009 PEI
                                                            Convention. It’s the Clinics, Contests (and Banquet)
                                                            that help make it a Convention rather than a two day
                                                            model train show.
                                                                Speaking of the Model (and Photo) Contest, we
                                                            had strong participation in virtually all categories
                                                            and particularly in the peer judged Snapshot photo
                                                            category. As always Marc Hemphill managed yet
                                                            another smooth running Contest. I think he worked
                                                            longer and harder than anyone else at the
                                                            Convention- as he does for us Convention after
                                                            Convention. For the organizers, a real highlight was
                                                            the level of contest and door prize sponsorship we
                                                            received from our local dealers. Per the back page of
                                                            the May 2008 Branchline, virtually all of them
                                                            provided prizes, and our two biggest hobby shops –
                                                            Don’s HO and Maritime Hobbies and Crafts - each
                                                            made contributions of $1,000.00 plus!! If that’s not
      Our President, Jim Taylor, recently reminded me       a reason to support your local hobby shop, then I
  that I hadn’t done a wrap-up article for the 2008         don’t know what is.
  Convention in Amherst. He was quite right, and I
                                                                Thanks the rest of the team for a job well done –
  apologize. Summer procrastination led me to miss
                                                            Bruce Castle (main floor layouts and dealer
  the September deadline for Branchline submissions.
                                                            participation); Doug Whitman (registration and
      I think all 59 delegates and attending spouses will   general admission); Colin Burke (our local (Sackville)
  agree that we had a great time. By all appearances, so    man on the ground and assembler of delegate
  did the local area general public who turned out in       packages); Jim Taylor (our webmaster); and Peter
  droves for what was for them a unique event. We           Mesheau (for local advice and significant advertising
  rented out over 30 rooms for the convention and           sponsorship). Although not officially on the
  many of us didn’t leave the hotel from Friday night       organizing committee, thanks to Dara Legere and
  until Sunday checkout. The staff at the Wandlyn            Andy Small who brought in laptops and projectors
  made us very welcome, and it was great to have an all     for Power Point Clinics. Of course having stepped
  in one convention location. It was a bit of a hike        up they each got roped in to doing more at the last
  getting back and forth between the three exhibit          minute. Dara, who lives in Amherst, arranged
  rooms, but well worth it given the great operating        additional display tables at short notice to cover off
  displays and the many dealers willing to improve our      Bruce’s enthusiastic over booking of tables, and
  quality of life by providing that one more item we        Andy ended up as our primary Power Point IT
  didn’t know we needed. Kudos to the presenters of         trouble shooter throughout the Convention. On a
  our full slate of Clinics - all of which had full house   final note, thanks to all of you who registered,
  attendance – and to Don’s HO for hosting their            participated and attended. That’s what makes all of
  (catered no less!) NCE digital command and control        the work worthwhile. Hope to see all of you and
  hospitality suite Friday night. The Clinics, like the     more in PEI in 2009.
  Model Contest, really highlighted the knowledge and

                                                                                                             page 13
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                      December 2008

MFMR General Meeting
by Barry R Wile, Secretary MFMR


The following minutes are DRAFT and must be approved
                 at the Meeting in Summerside.

  Readers should also note Item 8.a., in reference to future Convention Contests, for both
  entering and judging contests.

  Location: TMRA 31st Annual Fall Show Truro
  Date:     18 October 2008

  1.      The General Meeting was called to order at 11:00 hrs by the President with 16 members present. The
  sign in sheet is attached to the original of these minutes.

  2.      The Minutes of the MFMR Annual General Meeting dated 17 May 2008 were reviewed with two
  Moved:        Barry Wile
  Seconded:     Marc Hemphill
  Motion Carried

  3.      The Financial Statement as of 07 October 2008 shows a balance of $5,234.11. A copy of the Finan-
  cial Statement is attached to the original of these minutes.
  Moved:         Pierre Lanctot
  Seconded:      Glen LeLacheur
  Motion Carried


  4.a.    Marc Hemphill made a report on the status of the Special Resolution. He has the Financial State-
  ments he needs and he and Barry Wile will be making an appointment with the Register within the next few
  weeks. Due to the fact, that when our registration is brought up to date, the Election of Officers must take
  place at the Annual General Meeting. The following motion was made. That the present slate of Officers
  be maintained until the Annual General Meeting in 2008. (The present Officers are willing to serve.)
  Moved:         David Thompson
  Seconded:      Don Parnell
  Motion Carried

                                                                                                         page 14
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                      December 2008

MFMR General Meeting (continued)
  4.b.    Jim spoke about an arrangement with Canadian Linen and Uniform Service that could be put in
  place using their catalogue, to allow members to order and pay for their own Federation clothing with the
  MFMR Logo added or their own Club Logo. This would allow a standardized item at no cost to the Federa-
  tion. (we would not have to carry an inventory). There will be a table at the 2009 Convention with samples.
  It was moved that this arrangement be put in place.
  Moved:         David Fullerton
  Seconded:      Bernie MacDonald
  Motion Carried

  4.c.  After a discussion on a lapel pin for the MFMR it was moved that Jim Taylor is authorized to
  spend up to $800.00 on an order of Lapel pins.
  Moved:        Barry Wile
  Seconded:     Marc Hemphill
  Motion Carried

  4.d.   Marc stated there have not been enough entries in previous contests to warrant dividing the Structure
  category into On line and Off line Structures.

  4.e.  Pete Mesheau will be asked to speak; at the Convention in Summerside; on His proposal of a Yearly
  Award to be named after Lew Simard.

  4.f.   A discussion took place on a Best in Show Trophy. It was decided that there should be a large trophy
  which will have each winner’s name engraved on it and a keeper trophy for the winner. Jim Taylor has spo-
  ken to Chuck Kinney reference the trophy and will follow up on this matter.

  4.g.  A motion was made to pay the Federation’s Yearly Insurance Policy. The premium is $1350.00.
  Moved:       Pierre Lanctot
  Seconded:    Marc Hemphill
  Motion Carried


  5.a.  A motion was made for Jim Taylor to obtain/ produce a High End Professional display for the
  MFMR cost not to exceed $700.00.
  Moved:       Bernie MacDonald
  Seconded:    Glen LeLacheur
  Motion Carried

  5.b. A discussion took place on a multi scale display for our conventions and club shows such as the
  same freight car in each scale. No definitive decision was made.

                                                                                                         page 15
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                     December 2008

MFMR General Meeting (continued)
  5.c.   Jim Taylor spoke on having a Clinic Day run by the MFMR. It would be some time during the sum-
  mer. He will do up an article for the branch line outlining his idea.

  5.d. A presentation was made in reference to the MFMR producing a Model Railroading training pack-
  age. The end state would be an Introduction to Model Railroading for Youth and Adults. A rough outline is
  given below:
         (1).    a half day intro to Model Railroading and/or;
         (2).    a ten week course of one night a week;
         (3).    have each participant build a 1’ by 2’ module;
         (4).    have one track and one switch (if wanted) on each module;
         (5).    the MFMR would produce four corners;
         (6)     at the end of the ten weeks the modular layout would be set up and
         (7).    each night would deal with a different facet of the construction ending up
  with completed modules at the end of the course;
         (8).    there should be minimal cost to the participants (remember this would be a
  way to generate interest in model railroading);
         (9).    possible topics are: planning a model railroad, planning and construction of
  bench work, laying track, wiring, ballasting, scenery, buildings, rolling                 stock, engines,
  and operation;
         (10). once the training package was produced and tested it would be available to
  clubs and individuals to present in their own locations; and
         (11). the plan would be to set up a committee to produce the training package.

  Remember the idea is to get both adults and youth interested and involved with Model Railroading

         The following members have stepped forward to form a committee to develop this training package:
  Jim Taylor, Jeff Skaling, Glen LeLecheur, Dave Thompson, and Barry Wile.     It is planned to use the
  Branchline to keep members informed of the progress.

  6.     Status of the 2009 MFMR Convention in Summerside. Ron Day spoke on behalf of the Summerside
  group and a motion was made to forward a $750.00 cheque to them as seed money for the convention.
  Moved:         Barry Wile
  Seconded:      Don Parnell
  Motion Carried

  7.      A report on the 2010 Convention in Saint John was not available.

                                                                                                       page 16
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                   December 2008

MFMR General Meeting (continued)
  Other Business

  8.a.   A discussion on access to the Contests at the Annual Convention took place. The following motion
  was made; a person must be a member of the MFMR and a delegate at the Annual Convention in or-
  der to enter a contest and/or to judge the entries.
  Moved:         Ron Day
  Seconded:      Pierre Lanctot
  Motion Carried

  8.b. A short discussion took place on a Life Membership Category. It was decided not to proceed with
  this matter.

  Marc Hemphill moved the meeting be adjourned at 12:45 hrs.

  Jim Taylor                                     Barry R Wile
  President                                      Secretary

NB Southern rail washout , Grand Bay, NB. September 9, 2008 10:37 AM – Mike Gerrits

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The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                        December 2008

             Signal Graphics                                                       Maritime Timetable
                                                                         April 4 & 5
                Quality Canadian & US Books and Videos.
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                  Visit me at the shop or call Bill Linley,              Shearwater Aviation Museum, Dartmouth, NS
               902-457-2457. Email,                May 22, 23 & 24
                           Visa and Mastercard accepted                  MFMR Annual Convention, Summerside, PE
                                                                         (see article on page 8)

A passenger train is creeping along, very slowly. Finally it creaks to   Email your event information to:
a halt. A passenger sees a conductor walking by outside. “What’s   
going on?” she yells out the window.
                                                                         Or send mail to:
“Cow on the track!” replies the conductor.
                                                                             The Maritime Branchline
Ten minutes later, the train resumes its slow pace. Within five min-          ℅ Mike Gerrits
utes, however, it stops again and the woman sees the same conduc-            8 Breakwater Rd
tor walk by.                                                                 Chance Harbour, NB E5J 2B1

She leans out the window and yells, “What happened? Did we
catch up with the cow?”

Each Friday night, I drove my wife to the train station so she could
go visit her sister who was ill. Ten minutes later, MY sister arrived
by train so that she could help with the house and kids over the
weekend while my wife was gone. On Sundays this procedure
worked in reverse, with my sister departing by train 10 minutes
before my wife arrived.

One evening after my sister left and while I awaited my wife’s arri-

val, a porter sauntered over.

“Mister,” he said, “you sure have some system going! But one of
these days you’re goin’ to get caught!”

           P arnellrail
      Fu# line Digitrax system dealer
      with decoder insta#ation service!
                    Phone: (902) 749-8981

                                                                                                                         page 18
The Maritime Branchline	

                                                                                                            December 2008

 Winter on the Dominion Atlantic Railway
                           Additional photos and information on the D.A.R. can be found at the
                       Dominion Atlantic Railway Digital Preservation Initiative website,

                                                                                                                    VIA Yarmouth - Halifax Train
                                                                                                                    152 pauses at Annapolis Royal at
                                                                                                                    9:05 a.m. on its last run on Satur-
                                                                                                                    day, January 13, 1990. Foreground
                                                                                                                    is RDC 1 6143 built for the Lehigh
                                                                                                                    V a#ey as an RDC-2 in June 1951
                                                                                                                    and sold to the CPR as 9116. The
                                                                                                                    lead car is 6119, built for CNR as
                                                                                                                    D303 in June 1957. Sunday’s trains
                                                                                                                    154 & 157 would close out VIA’s
                                                                                                                    passenger operations on the former
                                                                                                                    DAR. Both RDC’s were sold to
                                                                                                                    Industrial Rail Services in
                                                                                                                    Moncton. Photo, Bi# Linley.

Kentvi"e - Troops, likely sta-
tioned at Camp Aldershot, as-
semble at the station in Kentvi#e,
sometime between 1914 and 1918.
Photo, A.L. Hardy, courtesy of
the Kings County Museum Ar-

                                                                                                                     Middleton - CP Dayliner No.
                                                                                                                     9059 at Middleton in January
                                                                                                                     1977. Photo, Gary Hadfield.

A helping word to someone in trouble is like a switch on a railroad... Only an inch between a wreck and smooth, rolling prosperity.            page 19

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