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Success                      Walmart

Story                       “When you meet a student at a career fair it can be very two-dimensional. You receive a resume and
                            have conversations that you then have to convey to a hiring manager back at headquarters or in the
                            field. HireVue's video interviewing solution brings three-dimensional life to the candidate and gives
                            managers instant access to top talent.” - Cody Horton, Director of Recruiting, Diversity, and
    What HireVue            College at Walmart
     Stands For
                            The Challenge
“Walmart created a
virtual interviewing        Better Assess Top Candidates and Improve Hiring Speed
room to complement
career fair activities.     Employing over two million people worldwide and receiving recognition as number one in
Once a recruiter            the retailer category in Fortune Magazine’s 2010 Most Admired Companies, Walmart has a
identified top
                            lot of experience attracting great employees. As such, the company is always seeking new
candidates in the
                            and innovative ways to improve what they do – and recruiting is no exception.
Walmart booth, they
immediately invited         When looking at their college and diversity recruiting, the company realized that each
them to complete a
                            additional moment in the interview process matters – and each day the process extends
HireVue video”
                            means that Walmart could lose out on great hires from this highly sought after candidate
                                                                           “When HireVue is used to record
                            With that in mind, the company sought a
                                                                           interviews remotely, travel costs can
                            solution to streamline events-based
 Benefits of HireVue                                                       be significantly reduced. A user at a
                            recruiting and improve the candidate
                                                                           major publisher of financial data in
“For Walmart, the           experience while consistently promoting
                                                                           New York city used HireVue to
HireVue solution            the Walmart brand. And, any solution the
immediately                                                                eliminate $50,000 in travel costs.”1
                            company chose had to produce financial
streamlined their           results while enabling off-site, dispersed     1
                                                                             Source: “L1-Research Note-Assessing the Value
recruiting activities and   team members to be involved in the             of HireVue,” Nucleus Research, 2011
enabled them to lead
                            interview process.
the competition in
attracting top talent.”
                            The Solution
                            Captured Video Interviewing, Candidate Evaluation and Assessment
   Convenience of
     HireVue                Walmart created a virtual interviewing room to complement career fair activities.
“Using HireVue’s            Once a recruiter identified top candidates in the Walmart booth, they immediately
innovative solution         invited them to complete a HireVue video. This flexibility was especially important
helped the company          as many companies compete for talent at events – and, as such, students were
speed up the hiring         driven by their schedules with other hiring companies throughout the day. As soon as video
process and elevated
                            interviews were complete, trained evaluators at corporate headquarters reviewed each
Walmart as an
employer brand.”            candidate based on Walmart’s competency models without the need of coordinating
                            schedules or arranging candidate travel.
The Results
Quality, Speed, Better Candidate Experience

 For Walmart, the HireVue solution immediately streamlined their recruiting activities
                                                 and enabled them to lead the
 “By reducing both the number of                  competition in attracting top talent.
 candidates per position and the                  Instead of coordinating phone and
 length of time required for each                 additional in-person interviews with
 interview, HireVue can reduce                    candidates, Walmart was able to have
 the amount of time spent on                      internal managers review recorded
 interviews by an average of 50                   interviews asynchronously and give
 percent.” 1                                      their input quickly. In many cases,
                                                  feedback was so fast that the events-
   Source: “L1-Research Note-Assessing the Value
 of HireVue,” Nucleus Research, 2011
                                                  based Walmart team was able to
                                                  connect with the top candidates before
                                                  they even left the career fair to advance
them to the next step! HireVue also enabled Walmart to project a progressive image to
this savvy group of potential talent – college students that have grown up in a
technology-oriented world. Using HireVue's innovative solution helped the company
speed up the hiring process and elevated Walmart as an employer brand. And, rather
than just looking for “cost per hire” savings Walmart believed the real savings come
by attracting, finding and hiring top talent earlier in the process.

More importantly, Walmart improved the quality of hires because they were able to
get “the best of the best” through their hiring process faster than other companies.
They were also able to reduce risk due to a more technical interview assessment and
standardized selection criteria. All key decision-makers – from recruiters at the events
to managers at headquarters and in stores – were able to give feedback on candidates
quickly and easily using HireVue, accomplishing what typical phone and in-person
interview processes could not.

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