Recluse by Alexis Long The first time I saw him_ he was naked

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                                             by Alexis Long

        The first time I saw him, he was naked. Seeing naked men in my apartment was not something I
was accustomed to. Normally, the naked men tended to stay hidden away in Jessica's room, the only
evidence to their existence the various noises that made sure I listened to my MP3 player while I
worked that night. This one, however, was in my room. He was being led in on a leash attached to a
blue collar with a tag dangling from it. Jessica had a huge smile on her face.
        “I found our new roommate!” she said in a sing-songy voice. She pointed to the man like I
didn't notice him. “Look look!”
        I was actually trying not to look, as I figured it would be rude. Then again, this wasn't a
situation to which I knew the social rules. “Jessica, what are you doing. Who is this guy and where are
his clothes.”
        “I told you, this is our new roommate! And a good number of his clothes are put away in my
room. He'll get the rest of his stuff over here before the first of the month when he has to leave his old
        “Okay.” I looked up into his face. He gave me a little apologetic smile. “Explain to me why he's
        “I told him to take his clothes off.” She gave the man a huge hug. “Isn't he awesome?”
        “I... suppose so.”
        “Oh, you know he is.” She turned to him. “You are, aren't you? Yes you are...” I averted my
eyes as she gave him quite a big, long kiss. “Mmm... he is!”
        I focused my attention very attentively on my monitor, thinking that a good strategy after that
display. “Yes, well.”
        “Anyway, now that you're introduced, I'm going to play with my new pet! Don't work too
        “If you need a break, we'll be in...”
        “I won't need a break.”
        “Oh-kay then! Bye! Come on, pet, let's give you a thorough trial.” She started walking out of
the room, listing things she was going to do that I gladly let my mind block out, to save me from
mental imagery. The man smiled at me once more before the leash began to tug on his collar and pull
him out the door. The tag on his collar made little metallic jingling sounds as he left.
        I stood up and closed the door just as I heard a sound I assumed was someone flopping down on
Jessica's bed. I pressed the button down on the knob, an additional measure to try to keep the noises I
knew would be coming out of my little closet of an office. I threw on my headphones and stared at the
monitor with the intensity of someone who needs to cut off their own leg with a butter knife. The
soothing sounds of very loud music flowed over me, and I got back to typing. Every time I attempted to
slide off my headphones and go to bed, I heard a moan, and my hands went right back to the keyboard.
It was 4:38 before I finally made the transition into bed, and even then, I stared at the ceiling, waiting,
positive I would hear something, and have to go back to the computer.

       I woke up at 7, as per my usual routine. I opened my eyes and listened for a bit. Nothing. After I
was mostly sure the coast was clear, I pushed myself out of bed and out of my room, stripping as I
walked into the bathroom and stood in the shower. After letting the hot water pour on me for a long,
long period of time, I got out, dried off, brushed my teeth, ran a brush through my hair. I picked up my
clothes on the way back to my room, before throwing something on there. Then it was off to the
kitchen. I pulled out a skillet and dropped it on the stove. I was searching the refrigerator for the eggs
that should be there when I heard a voice behind me. A male voice.
        I grabbed ahold of the egg carton and pulled it out, setting it on the counter. “Excuse me?”
        “My name's Patrick. I'm sorry I didn't get to introduce myself last night, but, you know. Wasn't
allowed to talk unless told to.”
        “Not really something I know much about.” I pulled out the milk as well, and then shut the
door. I didn't turn around, as I admit I was a bit worried he was still naked. This constituted the longest
conversation I had ever had with any of Jessica's guests. They were normally gone by the time I woke
up, or at least snuck out without me knowing.
        “What's your name?” I could feel him staring at me.
        “I'm going to assume that's a nickname?”
        “It's because I'm always so bright and cheery.”
        He laughed a little. “Oh, right. Of course.”
        “It's a pen name. Short for Sunflower. I hope you like your eggs scrambled because that's all I'm
        “Oh, you don't have to make me anything...”
        “Too late, I already broke too many eggs.” I added some milk, then started whisking the eggs in
the skillet.
        “Oh, well, okay then. If you're sure it's no trouble.”
        “Why are you still here?” I turned on the stove, and a flame popped into being below the skillet.
        He took a moment. I suppose the question was a bit abrupt. “Well, you know, I was planning on
being your new roommate, like Jessica said.”
        “Oh.” I moved the eggs a bit so they wouldn't burn with a spatula.
        “Jessica seemed to think she could convince you of anything, and that it would be fine.”
        “I'm sure she thinks so.”
        “ it bad that I'm here? You seem bothered by me.”
        “No more than normal.”
        “If you don't think it'll work out, I'm not going to force myself on you. I know you could use
another roommate, but I don't want to create problems.”
        “I know you don't. Get out some plates and pour me a glass of milk.”
        “Hm? Oh, okay.”
        He walked over near me. As he searched for plates, I caught a bit of fabric in my peripheral
vision, and breathed an inner sigh of relief. I flipped off the stove, playing with the eggs for a little bit
        “Okay, all set. How are the eggs?”
        “Done.” I turned around, carrying the skillet with me, sliding half of the contents into each
plate. Patrick was wearing a suit. Not anything too elaborate, but a suit. “Nice to see you wearing
something.” I dropped the skillet on the stove and sat down. “I'm sure you'll find clothing is an amazing
        “Heh, again, sorry about all that...” He played with his tie nervously as he sat down. He looked
a decent bit uncomfortable, and I assumed he must have looked similarly throughout most of the
        “I'm simply not accustomed to much interaction with Jessica's... companions other than various
sounds filtering through the walls, that's all. It's not like I haven't seen a naked man before.” I took a
bite of egg.
        “I know, but... well, it's not a good way to be introduced.”
        “I'm sure some would think it a very good method.”
        “Well, I suppose some would, but I have a doubt you're one of them.”
        “I suppose if you're planning on staying here, you'll find out, won't you.”
        “Well, yes, I suppose I will.” He smiled across the table at me. I focused down on my eggs.
They were yellow, which is what I expected, but I treated them as if they required further study.
        It took four bites before he attempted to speak again.”What do you write?”
        “Any particular type of stories?”
        “Good ones.”
        “Well, I sort of assumed that before I asked.”
        “You shouldn't. There are a lot of bad stories out there.”
        “Well... I can't argue with that...”
        “And just because you're trying to make a good impression does not mean I am in the small
minority that writes good ones.”
        “Again, I can't argue with that...”
        “So why did you assume that?”
        “Well...” I glanced up from my eggs long enough to notice him thinking for a
moment.“...because I don't know of anyone else who tries to write who gets up this early. To me, that
implies you work pretty hard at it.”
        “So people who don't wake up early don't work hard?”
        “That's not what I mean... I mean, I work with plenty of people who don't work hard. But you
don't have to get up early, and yet you do, and, I don't know, that shows, to me, a commitment to your
        “I see.” I stood up, and dropped my now-empty plate and glass into the sink, and headed for my
        “Well, um, have a good day, then.” I felt him watch me as I left the room. I didn't respond.

         It was 6:13 PM when I heard a knock on the door to the apartment. This was a strange
occurance. Jessica does not get home from her job until sometime between 9:11 and 9:18 PM, and, of
course, is equipped with a key. Jessica's friends know better than to stop by at this hour, and any
packages or mail that might be hand-delivered to the door for me would have been sent to the magazine
office for me to pick up on Tuesdays at 2:45 PM. I decided to ignore it, thinking maybe someone had
mistaken this apartment for another. However, 48 seconds later, there was another knock, followed by
another in 23.4.
         I walked out of my room and went to the door. “Hello.”
         “Hello, Sun. I, heh, I'm sorry to bother you but I haven't gotten a key yet...”
         I opened the door. Patrick was standing in the hallway, looking embarrassed. I took a step
backwards so that he could enter.
         “Thank you.” He set a briefcase down on the floor next to the door, and started taking off his
suit coat. “I didn't mean to be a bother.”
         “Wait here.” I said. I turned and walked back to my room, picking up my key from it's place
and carrying it back out with me. When I got back to him, he had his tie off, and was unbuttoning his
shirt. “You may use this until Tuesday.” I held the key out in front of him.
         “Oh!” He said, taking a long look at the key as he removed his shirt and threw it onto the back
of the couch where his coat and tie currently were. “Are you sure you won't need it? I can live without
it until everything gets set up...”
         I just stared at him, and gave the key a little jingle. He took it and put it in his pocket. “Thanks...
I really appreciate it.”
        “I need it back on Tuesday.” I said. He started to undo his pants. “What are you doing.”
        He blinked, taking a moment in which I assumed he was searching for an explanation as to what
he was doing. “I... heh, well, Jessica told me to undress and wait for her when I got home from work,
so... well...” He was in his boxers now, pants pooled at his feet. The boxers were striped red and
orange. He looked embarrassed.
        “Jessica doesn't get off work officially at 9:00 PM, and it takes approximately 15 minutes to
travel back to the apartment.”
        “Ah...” he said, his eyes wandering the room, supposedly to keep from coming into contact with
mine. “So I'll have a bit of a wait, then.”
        “So... I suppose you're suggesting I not get all ready yet?”
        “It just seemed like a fact that it would benefit you to know.”
        “Um, yes... that's true...”
        “Why do you do what she tells you to do.”
        “...what?” His eyes moved to me, trying to read my face to find an explanation as to the nature
of my question.
        “Why do you do what she tells you to do.”
        “Well...” He scratched the back of his head, trying to find an appropriate response. “It's fun...
you know... I enjoy it.”
        I stared at him, waiting for more.
        “I mean, you know... it's a game. Sexy game... it's... very appealing to have someone totally in
control. It's something I enjoy. And Jessica likes being the one in control, so it's... mutually beneficial, I
        “So you'd be happier without having a will of your own?”
        “It's... not that... it's... sort of the act of giving that up for awhile... and giving yourself so
completely to someone... that's so appealing.” I waited a little longer. “Well, for me... anyway... does
that make sense...?”
        “I would never want that.”
        “Oh...? Why not?”
        “Who knows what would happen.” I turned and started heading back towards my room.
        “That's the point, Sun.”
        I closed the door behind me.

        That night, once again, I put on my headphones. However, even as I kept gradually increasing
the volume, I still felt like I could hear them. In another part of the apartment, I knew what they were
doing. I knew Patrick was wearing very little. When I finally laid down in bed at 3:39 AM, it took me
awhile to get that knowledge out of my mind.

         “Pancakes?” Patrick had walked up behind me. It was 7:32 AM.
         “Yes.” I flipped a pancake over on the griddle. “The ones on that plate are for you.”
         “Really?” He seemed surprised.
         “The syrup is in the refrigerator. Pour me a glass of milk to drink with mine.”
         “Oh, of course.”
         7 minutes longer and I flipped off the stove, carrying my plate of pancakes over to the table. He
was cutting his pancakes in a very precise manner. I picked up the syrup bottle, squeezing it over my
plate. It slowly oozed onto the stack.
        “Heh, I guess I owe you for breakfast twice now...” Patrick said, picking up his first bite of
pancake and putting it in his mouth. “Mm, not bad at all.”
        “No, you don't.” I chopped off a piece of pancake with my fork.
        “No, I insist. I'll get up a little earlier and make breakfast for you tommorow.”
        “I don't need you to make breakfast for me.”
        “Heh, I know you don't...”
        I chewed on some pancake for about 8 seconds.
        “Well, um...” Patrick searched for something to say. “Did you... get any writing done
        “Oh? What about?”
        “A bunny.”
        “A bunny...?”
        “He wanted to be on the basketball team.”
        He seemed a bit confused. “I see.”
        We ate pancakes in silence for 1 minute, 12 seconds.
        “I, um... hope we didn't ke...” I gave him a look that attempted to express a desire for him to
stop this line of discussion. He seemed to pick up on this message, looking embarrassed and quickly
taking another bite of pancake.
        We finished the meal in silence. I soon stood up and went towards my room.
        “Have a nice day...?”
        I closed my door.

        I did not get much work done during the day. My mind would not stay on task, instead deciding
to focus on various imagery from the past few days. Frustrated, I sat down on the couch outside my
room at 6:00 PM. When Patrick knocked on the door at 6:16 PM, I opened it immediately.
        “Wow,” he said, “that was quick. Were you waiting for me?”
        “Why does Jessica get to have all the fun?”
        He seemed extremely surprised at this question. “Well, um...”
        “Don't I deserve to have fun?”
        “O-of course you do...”
        I grabbed him by the collar of his suit and pulled him in the door. The door made a loud slam as
I closed it. My fingers fumbled with buttons. “Always... every night...everyone likes her... always...
and... and what... what... where is mine... where is my fun... where are my guys... every night...” I
pushed him back onto the couch, pulling his pants off as fast as I could, followed by his boxers, leaving
him as he was the first time I saw him, although with a significantly more surprised and shocked look
on his face.
        “N-not... not fair and... and fuck it, I am going to get some, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” My
pants and panties dropped to the floor, and I climbed on top of him straddling him, forcing him to
become hard, mounting him. My cheeks felt wet as I worked him inside of me, hard, exactly how I
wanted, had been wanting every night. In between his stutters, he made the noises I had heard so many
nights before. I came, finding myself sobbing as I did, and soon after I felt him come as well, spasming
inside of me. I collapsed on top of him, breathing hard, hiding my face.
        “G-god... Sun... y-you... heh... were really pent up... weren't you...” I could feel him smiling at
me as he tried to catch his breath.
        I got up, grabbed my clothes, and ran into my room, locking the door with a click.
         There was a knock on my door. It was about 7:38 AM. I knew who it was. I kept silent.
         “Sun? Are you there?” he said. I could sense his presence outside the door. “I know you're in
there... say something...” I stayed quiet. “I made breakfast... an omelet... It's... I put some peppers in
there, and ham...” I still stayed silent, eyes fixed on the screen in front of me. I heard him sigh. “Well,
I'm leaving. I... have a good day, okay?” He paused for 4 seconds. “Bye...”
         I listened to him walk away from the door to my room. I heard the squeak as he opened the
front door, and the click as he closed it again. I turned back to the screen, and my work. My vision was
blurry, all watery, and I couldn't make out the words.
         “I've been staring at this screen too long.”

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