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         Fiber To The MDU (FTTM)
                10 Hour Battery Back-up

Cable operators experience increased VOIP reliability and QoS for all advanced digital
services in MDU's where traditional standby power is not an option. Traditional FTTM
with UPS consisted of bulky expensive outdoor equipment mounted indoors. Lindsay
Broadband developed a low cost high performance 1 GHz fiber node solution complete
with a 10 hour battery back up system with 0 ms power transfer time all housed in a
small lockable wall mount polycarbonate enclosure.

         Up to 1003MHz high output with GaAs technology               Green LED – Normal AC Power
         High RF output 50dBmV                                        Red LED – Standby, battery power
         Dimensions 14 x 10 x 4.25 (inches)                           Power transfer time 0ms, AC > Battery > AC
         6KV surge protection for RF I/O ports                        WDM technology options available for two-way
         I/O optical level test points (1V/mV)
                                                                      Low power consumption
         -20dB directional coupler test points for forward
         and reverse                                                  Integrated Fiber Splice Tray

                                 Test Point       SC/APC Ports                       4 corner
                   RF IN/OUT
                                                                                  mounting bossed

                                                                                                                    Fiber Node
    Fiber Splice Tray

                                                                                                                    Test Point
                                                                                                                     Power Port

                                                                                                                     Battery Backup

Small lockable
 wall mount

                                         Ventillation            POWER CONTROL
                                                                                                      Cable entry
                                                                 Green LED – Normal AC Power
                                                                                                     bottom panel
                                                                 Red LED – Standby, Battery power

  Receiver Specifications                                 High Output                               Flat Output
  Optical Specifications
  Input Wavelength, nm                                   1200 to 1600                              1200 to 1600
  Optical Input Power, dBm                                  -3 to +2                                  -6 to +1
  Optical Power Test Point, V/mW                                1                                         1
  Optical Indicator On, dBm                                   >-4                                       >-6
  RF Specifications
  Frequency Bandwidth, MHz                             54/70/85 to 1003                          54/70/85 to 1003
  Impedance, Ohms                                              75                                        75
  Flatness, dB                                                +/- 1                                     +/- 1
  Output Return Loss, dB                                      <-16                                      <-16
  RF Output Stability, dB                                     +/- 2                                      NA
  Operating RF Output Level, dBmV                      35.3/50 @ -1dBm                            35/35 @ -1dBm
  77 NTSC Channels Loading
  Link Performance (15 Km fiber + attenuator, optical input power -1 dBm, 77 NTSC channels, OMI=3.5%
  CTB, dBc                                                    <-64                                      <-64
  CSO, dBc                                                    <-61                                      <-64
  CNR, dB                                               >51 @ -1dBm                                >51 @ -1dBm
  Transmitter Specifications
  Optical Specifications
  Output Wavelength, nm                                  1310 +/-20, 1550+/-20 or ITU CWDM Ch. +/-3 (at 25ºC)
  Optical Output Power, dBm                                          FP 1, 2 mW     DFB, CWDM 2 mW
  Optical Test Point, V/mW                                      1                                         1
  Optical Indicator On, dBm                                   >-3                                       >-3
  Link Performance * 6dB Optical Loss, 10 Km fiber + Attenuator
  CNR, dB, 6dB Optical Path Loss                                          >48 dB @FP, >51 @ DFB
  CSO, dBc                                                              <-51 dBc @ FP, <-55 @ DFB
  CTB, dBc                                                              <-55 dBc @ FP, <-55 @ DFB
  RF Specifications
  Frequency Bandwidth, MHz                               5 to 42/55/65                             5 to 42/55/65
  RF Input Levels, dBmV                                        20                                        20
  Return Loss, dB                                             <-16                                      <-16
  Flatness, dB                                                +/-1                                      +/-1
  * Two tone test, 13 & 19 MHz, optical loss 6dB (10Km fiber and attenuator)
  Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical Specifications
  General Specifications
  Power consumption, Watts                                    <22                                       <20
  Powering, Vac                                             120 Vac                                   120 Vac
  Operating Temperature, ºC                              0ºC to +40ºC                              0ºC to +40ºC
  Humidity, %                                                 < 95                                      < 95
  Dimension, Inches                                                        LXHXW, 14 X 10 X 4.25
  Weight, lbs                                                                     20 lbs
  Battery                                                                       12V, 17AH
  Power Transfer Time                                                              0ms
  Stand by Time                                                                   10 Hrs
                                             Going the Last Mile
Tomorrow’s architectures for sending or receiving information around the world or down the street will require a new
era of communication equipment … now available from Lindsay Broadband Inc.

Lindsay is a leading manufacturer and global provider of RF distribution products for the CATV and wired
communication industries. With our 20,000 square foot North American manufacturing facility, experienced and
dedicated employees, and a worldwide distribution network, we are committed to the growth and advancement of
your business.

Lindsay Broadband is based in Peterborough, Ontario and manufactures a diverse range of last mile communication
products. Lindsay's product offering includes Wi-Fi and mesh wireless systems with integrated device provisioning,
hard line passives, trunk and distribution amplifiers, free space optic systems, headend and subscriber passives, a
range of MDU amplifiers and UPS systems, mini optical nodes, WDM fiber optic equipment, and NEBS/MEF compliant
media converters. Lindsay markets and sells to the worldwide telecommunications market.

                                          2035 Fisher Dr, R.R. #5, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X6
    Ph: 705-742-1350 / 800-465-7046 Fax: 705-742-7669 Email: sales@lindsaybroadbandinc.com    Web: www.lindsaybroadbandinc.com

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