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In order to move here, please contact your Housing Authority currently paying your rent to determine if
you are eligible to move. Your Housing Authority will need the following information:

1.   We are not absorbing.
2.   A voucher with more or less bedrooms may be issued depending on who is in your household.
3.   Payment standards are based on our subsidy standards.
4.   Your faxed or mailed portability documents will be accepted.

Your Housing Authority must forward a cover letter voucher (Form 52646), Form 52665, and Form
(50058) for your last annual or interim recertification to:

                  Pat Davis, Administrative Specialist
                  Housing and Community Development Division
                  525 East South Street
                  Orlando, FL 32801-2817
                  Fax 407-836-5188

Please call Pat at 407-836-5142 to schedule an appointment.

An application will be mailed to you; please bring your completed application to your appointment.
Please also bring the following documents to your appointment:

1.   Birth Certificates for the entire family
2.   Social Security cards for the entire family
3.   Photo IDs for all adult household members- all adult members must come to the appointment.
4.   Current proof of all income (AFDC, wages, SSI/SS, etc.)
5.   Medical expenses if head of household is over 62 years of age or disabled
6.   Checking and Savings account statements for most recent three months

A portability briefing is required the Friday morning following your appointment. The briefing lasts
approximately two hours. Please do not bring children to the briefing.

A voucher and request for tenancy approval will be issued at the briefing.

If your Tenant ID number begins with a “V”, please come to our office, and complete the “Request to
Transfer” form. We will contact the Housing Agency where you want to transfer and determine your
eligibility. If eligible, your portability paperwork will be mailed to the receiving Housing Agency. Please
contact the receiving Housing Agency for an appointment.

If your Tenant ID number begins with a “PV”, we will send your paperwork to your initial housing agency
to determine your eligibility to move.

If your Tenant ID number begins with an “H” or a “SPC”, you may not transfer.

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