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					                                                                     CANINE PARTNERS FOR LIFE

          Spring 2006
                                          Life Line           The Newsletter for the Friends of Canine Partners For Life                                                    Issue 18

He’s lying on the bed, one eye open, trying to be nonchalant          heartbreak is there for her, and all
while he watches his partner put his harness on another dog,          those that love her.
and a yellow dog at that! He sees the yellow dog help his
                                                                      Nelson, a special find at a shelter has
partner walk and go down the stairs and leave for work.
                                                                      earned his retirement. Knowing that
Nelson can no longer work comfortably, but he smiles to               this time would come, the puppies in
himself when she walks out the door. He can go back to sleep          the program for the past year have
and dream of days gone by, trips they have taken, places              been looked at with new eyes, as every-
they have been, plane rides to Europe, winery tours, black tie        one searched for that new special
dinners and more. He has been by her side, helping her walk,          friend. Ripley, a puppy raised in our
giving her a hand and helping her balance, carrying her cell          prison program, has the pull in a
phone, and being the kind of friend we need, love and                 harness that Darlene was looking for.
depend on. The ten year partnership between Darlene                   This Yellow Labrador is learning the
Sullivan, Founder and Executive Director of CPL and Nelson,           ropes at Darlene’s side, with Nelson
has come to an end. These two have shared the past 10 years           looking on with approval. They will go
together. They shared the ups and downs of life, fighting to          through three weeks of team training
stay healthy, working to keep a young non-profit organization         this summer and graduate with the             Darlene and Nelson before his retirement.
strong, giving every spare moment and bit of energy back to           Summer Class of 2006.
                                                                                                                                         While we place successor dogs with those who have lost
the organization.
                                                                      Darlene’s wardrobe will need to be revamped. She’ll need           their partners or need to retire their current dog, the waiting
It’s the end of an era. They both realize that his pain was           khakis to disguise the yellow dog hair—no more dark                list grows longer. It is a heartbreaking dilemma we face, and
holding them back, and now with her new partner, she                  color pants!                                                       the need for more and more dogs to serve those who want to
can become active once again. The time has come to retire                                                                                live independently, is daunting. Your support is needed now
                                                                      Successor dogs are becoming a critical need at CPL. Nearly
Nelson. Age has taken a toll on this big black dog, and now                                                                              more than ever before.
                                                                      20% of our service dog recipients will need a successor dog
it’s time to relax.
                                                                      in the next few years. Recipients needing successor dogs are       Make a donation in honor of this team, and help support CPL
After 16 years of counseling recipients when the decision             placed at the top of the waiting list, hoping a suitable dog       in years to come. If you have not yet included CPL in your
needs to be made to retire their service dog, Darlene has to          will be found quickly to provide them with the means for           will, we can help you with that. Nelson thanks you for your
look inside her heart for strength when it is time to say “all        independence they have grown accustomed to. This means             support, and sends a tail wag your way. He’d be happy to eat
done” to her savior, her partner, her very best friend. The           that we will have fewer dogs available for new recipients.         a dog biscuit or two in your honor.

WITH CPL                                                                                     homes for yellow puppies
                                                                    Needed: Soft spot for a cute little yellow lab puppy in training.
It’s easy to make a gift of securities! Contact your broker
                                                                    These puppies are completely housebroken, do not like food,
indicating the number of shares of each security you wish
                                                                    never need to go outside in the middle of the night, don’t play
to give and instruct your broker to telephone Dodi Nolly
                                                                    in the mud or shed at all. They come with lots of love to share
at O’Brien Greene & Co. at (610) 891–7880. CPL’s account
                                                                    and a training cape. Created by CPL and made by the Charity
number is 479–765309, DTC #226. Also, please let CPL know
                                                                    Bear company, these collectable pups are first in a series and
that you have made a gift as once the securities are
                                                                    are ready to live with you for $12.00 plus $4.95 S/H. Hurry before
transferred, it is impossible to identify the donor. If you
                                                                    they are all adopted!
have any questions call (610) 869–4902 x 16.

                                                                                                                                         Adopt me! Contact Fran at (610) 869–4902 x 14.

                                                                      P.O. Box 170 Cochranville, PA 19330–0170 / phone (610) 869–4902 / fax (610) 869–9785
                                                                      email info@k94life.org / web www.k94life.org

                        Canine Partners For Life is a 16 year voting member and a newly accredited member of Assistance Dogs International
    Fall 2005
                                                                                                Full service dogs provide assistance to their partners 24 hours per day in all home and
                                                                                                public environments. Recipients are aged 12 and older. Seizure alert dogs, a sub category
                                                                                                of full service dogs, detect and alert to upcoming seizure activity.

                                 CARLA AND BONZ                      a sweet and sensitive dog and she quickly won her new                                           KRYSTALEVE AND RIKKI
                                                                     mom’s heart and respect. By day three Nadine was walking
                                 On the first day of training,                                                                                                       Rikki is a successor dog to
                                                                     again—and she worked hard to increase her endurance
                                 Carla said that Bonz was the                                                                                                        Krystaleve’s first dog, Chester.
                                                                     throughout the training. DeeDee will help Nadine stay at
                                 perfect dog for her because in                                                                                                      Chester had a long and
                                                                     work and will keep this busy woman on track.
                                 her life she had broken or                                                                                                          successful working career as a
                                 messed up more bones than                                        BILL AND MONTANA                                                   CPL service dog, but as he
                                 she could count! Carla learned                                                                                                      began to slow down Krystaleve
                                                                                                  We explained to Montana early
                                 to drive the electric wheelchair                                                                                                    realized that it was getting hard
                                                                                                  on that to be matched with a
                                 during team training—it wasn’t                                                                                                      for him to do his job.
                                                                                                  marine, who pilots sail planes
                                 always pretty—but she learned!
                                                                                                  and bikes in huge marathons           As Chester had slowed down so had Krystaleve. She said it
    She was a good class cheerleader – always urging her
                                                                                                  was going to be a challenge—          was exciting to be walking again for long distances and at a
    classmates on and cheering when they experienced
                                                                                                  he said that he was up to it. We      good speed. Once she and Rikki started walking there was
    success. She lost her father during the training, but she and
                                                                                                  were always under the impres-         no stopping them! Krystaleve had a wonderfully positive
    Bonz got to visit her dad in the hospital for a final
                                                                                                  sion that the folks in the military   and focused attitude through the training and worked hard
    goodbye—it was nice to know that Bonz was there to help
                                                                                                  were trained to follow the rules—     to share her experiences with her classmates.
    her get through—and we broke the no petting rule so that
                                                                     but Bill has shown us that this is not always the case. The
    dad could have Bonz visit and be a part of his life also .                                                                                                       TERRI AND JACKSON
                                                                     day that we found him perched, resting in his chair against
    They’re going to do super!
                                                                     a wall on which a “no parking” sign was placed, should                                          Terri made a big transition
                                 MIKE AND DANSKO II                  have been our first hint. They head home to New Jersey                                          within CPL during team
                                                                     where Montana may be enjoying sail planning —and he’s                                           training. She made the leap
                                 Mike has a lot of grit and
                                                                     looking forward to the bike marathons because his dad                                           from being a successful puppy
                                 determination! He didn’t miss a
                                                                     is buying him a special little tented cart so that he can                                       home (she has raised many
                                 day of training and entered
                                                                     ride behind the bike.                                                                           puppies for us—the last just
                                 each day looking forward to
                                                                                                                                                                     entered the kennel) to being a
                                 the challenges that it held. He                                  JOAN AND FAITH
                                                                                                                                                                     recipient. It wasn’t an easy
                                 had a happy good morning for
                                                                                                  Joan has kept us laughing,                                         decision to make but as her
                                 all and was completely
                                                                                                  hopping, and on our toes for          diabetes progressed, her fatigue levels increased, her
                                 committed to making his
                                                                                                  the entire team training              difficulty ambulating grew, and her pain got worse, she
                                 partnership with Dansko a
                                                                                                  session. Joan informed us that        realized she needed assistance. Jackson’s support while she
    success. The first few days were rough as learning to walk
                                                                                                  we might have to deal with” her       walks will help to alleviate the fatigue and pain, his
    with a dog always is. By the second week the walking had
                                                                                                  arm” which“ sometimes has a           retrieval and tugging skills will do the same. In addition he
    improved 100% and to our delight—Mike is now walking
                                                                                                  mind of its own.” She showed          has begun to alert her to her sugar levels—something
    almost straight up and down as opposed to bent in half.
                                                                                                  us how to restrain her arm and        which may take a while to fine tune, but which will prove
    We’ve heard that when Mike’s mom watched him walk with
                                                                                                  body by holding the arm               valuable in her health management. Perhaps Terri’s biggest
    Dansko for the first time, there were tears in her eyes!
                                                                     behind her back and up with the wrist pointed down. We             concern entering into this partnership was whether the
                                 CHASE AND SHERMAN                   all nodded our heads wondering what we were in for. What           dog and harness would fit into that snazzy little sports car
                                                                     we didn’t realize was that when her arm decided to have a          that she zips around in—a big sigh was heard the day that
                                 Sherman was a refugee from
                                                                     say—it would take four women to restrain her for quite             Jackson loaded in successfully and settled down for the
                                 the Florida hurricanes of ‘04.
                                                                     some time before the muscle spasms stopped and we could            ride—We think he’s going to love his new sports car! Look
                                 Right away Sherman knew that
                                                                     let loose. We all had a workout—especially Joan and Faith.         for them on the streets of Wilmington, or headed to a
                                 he loved Chase and that his
                                                                     But…amazingly, Faith began to alert to these “spasms”              Phillies game—or even at Disney World—those will be their
                                 favorite place in the world was
                                                                     letting us know they were coming. When she got the alert           favorite haunts.
                                 to be up on his lap. When he
                                                                     early, Joan could tuck her arm and lean on it herself—
                                 came to meet Sherman for                                                                                                            DIANA AND HAMILTON
                                                                     preventing the spasm from taking control. Joan celebrated
                                 the first time, Chases’s mom
                                                                     with her whole heart every small measure of progress and                                        In this class, Diana won the
                                 commented that she hadn’t
                                                                     success she and Faith made.                                                                     award for traveling the furthest
2   seen him walk so well, or so long—in a very long time. Chase
                                                                                                                                                                     to get to CPL—coming from
    took a while to find that high pitched (what we call a girly)                                 BARBARA AND ERIC
                                                                                                                                                                     California. She has loved and
    voice that will really get Sherman’s tail wagging—but he
                                                                                                  This was our quiet team. Eric                                      owned poodles before but she
    found it and has really improved in his ability to motivate
                                                                                                  began alerting to Barbara’s                                        didn’t realize how big the poodle
    Sherman with praise. They head back to MD where Sherman
                                                                                                  seizures very early on. His                                        that we were going to give her
    will be sporting a bright orange vest as he travels on Chase’s
                                                                                                  strategy was simple—refuse to                                      would be—and she spent most
    ATV to go hunting, fishing, and hanging out.
                                                                                                  let her move! If she’s standing                                    of the first week referring to
                                 NADINE AND DEE DEE                                               or walking – get in her way. If       him as a pony instead. “Hammy” as Diana calls him has a
                                                                                                  she’s sitting refuse to allow her     keen sense of humor which Diana enjoys, yet he focuses
                                 Several months ago, Nadine
                                                                                                  to get up. Basically, become          on his work in a serious manner. One of Diana’s goals was
                                 lost her first service dog Fife.
                                                                                                  difficult and keep her still—         to be able to get rid of her crutches (which she did immedi-
                                 Her grief was profound and her
                                                                     exactly what Barbara needs! His support and guide work             ately upon meeting Hammy) and begin walking more
                                 loss of independence was
                                                                     while walking kept her grounded and safe as they learned           successfully using his support. Despite the physical pain
                                 staggering. Quickly, without
                                                                     to move together. So the lady that “didn’t like big dogs” said     and fatigue, Diana didn’t miss a day of training. She heads
                                 Fife’s assistance, Nadine’s
                                                                     that Eric was a “JOY “and that she still couldn’t believe that     home to share the word about how CPL and service dogs
                                 health began to deteriorate at
                                                                     she would get out of bed that early in the morning to walk         can change peoples’ lives. We think she’ll probably end up
                                 an alarming rate. Luckily, Dee
                                                                     a dog—but that for Eric it was worth it! They head home to         being one of our official California PR people because she
                                 Dee was a great match for
                                                                     MA and a busy life working on a college campus and                 loves to share her success stories.
    Nadine. The first week of training was tough—Nadine’s
                                                                     negotiating public transportation.
    health was poor, her grief was still raw, and it was hard
    not to compare this sweet newcomer to her wonderful
    predecessor. But Dee Dee was patient and kind—she is
Home Companion
                                                                          For those individuals needing less assistance than a full-service dog, CPL provides home companion
                                                                          dogs. They are well trained companions in the home environment and are suitable for all ages. Home
                                                                          companion dogs do not provide physical assistance, so any form of disability will be considered.

Fall 2005
                             BRIAN AND MYERS                                                     TALEA AND TERP
                             After Myelitis left Brian                                           Talea and her parents were                HOME COMPANION
                             needing to use a wheelchair, he                                     looking for a dog that could
                             applied for a home companion                                        help Talea get up when she fell,          MOMS SAY THANKS
                             dog. Before Brian’s illness, he                                     pick up items she dropped and            We wanted to share the joy that Becky has brought
                             was a very active 14 year old                                       just be her friend. Talea is a           to our family. Becky is a companion dog for our
                             who enjoyed playing sports                                          very active little girl and we           youngest child Danny who just turned nine. Danny
                             and riding his bike. Brian                                          knew that her dog would need             has a rare genetic disorder called Hunter Syndrome,
                             thought a home companion dog                                        to enjoy a busy life and playing         which will cause his health to deteriorate as he gets
                             would brighten his spirits and                                      outside. Terp had all of these           older. At nine, he is a very active, high energy boy
boost his confidence so he could move on in life and have a       qualities. He could assist her as she got up from the floor,            who cannot talk. He communicates with gestures
constant companion. Myers was matched with Brian. To              he loved to to play outdoors, he could retrieve dropped                 and his face. When we brought Becky home, she
know Myers is to love Myers. For more than a year he had          items and would enjoy being Talea’s constant companion.                 was immediately drawn to Danny and communicates
served as the unofficial ambassador for CPL, traveling            These two are learning to work together and Talea is                    differently with him than the rest of the family. When
everywhere with his puppy home. Thousands of people met           increasing her independence around the home.                            he watches TV, she climbs into his lap and kisses him;
Myers during that time and he charmed them all–just as he                                                                                 it is almost like she knows he can not call to her, so
                                                                                                 KYLE AND LANDER
charms Brian every day.                                                                                                                   she goes to him. Danny has had two incidents where
                                                                                                 Kyle was searching for a dog that
                             ISAAC AND COOPER                                                                                             he needed to have stitches, and each time Becky was
                                                                                                 would be his very best friend and
                                                                                                                                          right by his side and laid at his feet until we could
                             Isaac and his family wanted a                                       companion. Kyle enjoys playing
                                                                                                                                          calm him down enough to take him to the hospital.
                             dog that would alert to Isaac’s                                     outside and especially playing
                                                                                                                                          Becky enjoys swimming and lounging on a raft with
                             low blood sugar drops. Cooper                                       ball. He loves to have stories
                                                                                                                                          Danny and playing with him on the sliding board. We
                             is a dog who bonds strongly                                         read to him, and asked that we
                                                                                                                                          could not have wished for a better dog, thank you for
                             with the person that is caring                                      find a dog that would also enjoy
                                                                                                                                          making our family whole!
                             for him. A true “velcro” dog, he                                    having stories read to him. When
                             just wants to be with his                                           Lander became available, it was
                             person. Knowing that Cooper          obvious that the match with Kyle would be perfect. Rumor has                      “it is almost like she knows
                             had the ability to bond so           it that Lander loves listening to those stories, and playing ball.                   he can not call to her,
                             strongly, he was placed with         Kyle has his own very best friend!                                                     so she goes to him.”
Isaac in the hopes that this intense affection would take
                                                                                                 VINCENT AND RUDOLF
place with Isaac. The bonding between Issac and Cooper
                                                                                                 Vincent came to his interview
has resulted in Cooper’s ability to detect changes in Isaac’s
blood sugar levels. The process, which can be a gradual one,
                                                                                                 with a big smile on his face,
                                                                                                 hoping that CPL could find a
                                                                                                                                       Dogs in Coach Class!
continues. What a cute pair!                                                                                                                                                      CPL dogs get around!
                                                                                                 dog who liked to be outside
                             SHAWN AND CHRISTY                                                                                                                                    One puppy actually
                                                                                                 and play as much as he did. The
                                                                                                                                                                                  met her pilot and co-
                             Shawn wanted a dog to be his                                        dog needed to enjoy going for
                                                                                                                                                                                  pilot after a recent
                             buddy. Shawn’s dog of 16 years                                      car rides, and must love to be
                                                                                                                                                                                  flight to California.
                             had passed away and he missed                                       petted. Rudolf was chosen to
                                                                                                                                                                                  Service dogs ride in
                             the companionship and                                               be Vincent’s companion. Rudolf
                                                                                                                                                                                  the plane with their
                             unconditional love which a dog       enjoys playing outside, and being loved with plenty of
                                                                                                                                                                                  recipients, so when
                             provides. Shawn told us he           petting. He just loves hanging out or going for car rides.
                                                                                                                                       the opportunity came up for a puppy in training to travel by
                             loved his job, country music,
                                                                                                 ACACIA AND STAR                       plane, we were thrilled. The dogs must fold themselves
                             watching sports on TV, going
                                                                                                 Acacia and her mom were               under the seat in front of their person, but it is an easy task
                             places and being outside. We
                                                                                                 looking for a seizure alert dog.      for our dogs. Shiloh only wished that she could ride in First
knew that the right dog would have to enjoy all of these
                                                                                                 Having a dog that would warn          Class…maybe next time!
things. Christy was a perfect match. She thrives when she is
active and really wanted to have her own person to love
                                                                                                 Acacia of an impending seizure,
                                                                                                 would allow Acacia time to get
and take care of. Shawn and Christy are now inseparable.
                                                                                                 to a safe place before it hap-                   We mourn the loss of
                             WARREN & SARAH AND                                                  pened. Star seemed like a good
                             MERLOT                                                                                                               these team members
                                                                                                 match. Much to our surprise,
                             Warren and Sarah’s parents                                          Acacia has not had a single                                       ACORN
                             were looking for a dog that          seizure. Since the placement, we still don’t now if Star will
                                                                                                                                                        Service dog to Gloria Myers
                             would add love and companion-        alert or not, but she has certainly done something special
                             ship to their childrens’ lives. It   for Acacia.                                                                                       BRICE
                             had been observed by Warren’s                                                                                            Service dog to Patricia Morgan
                                                                                                 CODY AND LACEY
                             therapist that Warren absorbs
                             and assimilates much more                                           When Cody and his family came                                       BOB
                             material after having contact                                       for the interview, Cody was very                     Service dog to Melissa Wheeler
with an animal. This was such a positive accomplishment                                          interested in all of the dogs that
                                                                                                 he met at CPL. Cody’s parents                                     RESCUE
that his parents wanted to build on it by adding a dog to
                                                                                                 thought that a dog would give                          Service dog to Marge Booth
the family. Merlot is a very loving dog who offers all the
attributes that we felt important in placing a dog with                                          him the companionship he
Warren and Sarah. Mom reports that the children are now                                          needed. They also hoped that
                                                                                                                                                  Home companion dog to Daniel Stolte
sleeping through the night—because “Merlot was there to                                          the dog’s unconditional love

take care of them.” What a wonderful family Merlot is                                            would help motivate Cody to
helping!                                                          talk. Cody enjoys playing outside, throwing a ball, going for
                                                                                                                                                Home companion dog to Jeanne Clemmer
                                                                  walks and cuddling. Lacey was chosen to be Cody’s dog be-
                                                                  cause she and Cody enjoy the same activities. What a nice team!
    T hanks to the generosity of our puppy sponsor veterinarians, we are able to save money on veterinary visits, procedures,

    and medications that we would otherwise have to raise through donations. Many of our veterinarians provide all necessary

    routine visits, vaccinations, heartworm pills, and flea control at no charge to our puppy homes. A heartfelt thank you to all

    the doctors and staff at these offices:

    Animal Care Hospital                                            Crest View Animal Clinic                                         Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital

    Animal Hospital of Waterford                                    French Creek Veterinary Hospital                                 Sanatoga Animal

    Albion Animal Center                                            Greener Pastures Veterinary Services, Inc.                       Schwenksville Veterinary Medical Arts, Inc.

    Animal Medical Center of Watkins Park                           Graysland Clinic                                                 Society Hill Veterinary Hospital

    Applebrook Veterinary Hospital                                  Highgrove Veterinary Hospital                                    Spring Mill Veterinary Hospital

    Atglen Veterinary Hospital                                      Hockessin Animal Hospital                                        The Animal Clinic

    Blackwood Animal Hospital                                       Kennett Square Veterinary Hospital                               Twinbrooks Animal Hospital

    Centreville Veterinary Hospital                                 Dr. Jane Latta                                                   Union City Pet Hospital

    Chadds Ford Animal Hospital                                     Limerick Veterinary Hospital                                     Walnut Hill Veterinary Clinic

    Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Surgery                          Longwood Veterinary Hospital                                     West Chester Veterinary Medical Clinic

    Churchville Veterinary Hospital                                 Loyalsock Animal Hospital, Inc.                                  Windcrest Animal Hospital

    Cochranton Veterinarian Hospital                                Nonantum Veterinary Clinic                                       Wintergreen Animal Hospital

    Colebrook Manor Animal Hospital                                 North Laurel Animal Hospital                                     Woodcock Dam Animal Clinic

    Concord Pike Veterinary Hospital                                Penn Animal Hospital

    Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital                               Quakertown Veterinary Clinic

    Dear Friends,                                                   On a personal note, many of you, nine years ago, read my
                                                                    letter in the Life Line explaining my struggle with Chronic
    I hope that the Spring of 2006 finds you healthy and
                                                                    Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, and my decision
    healthy. Hopefully you have a canine friend to share the
                                                                    to be partnered with a CPL service dog. Nelson, quickly
    joys of the outdoors with you. We made it through winter
                                                                    became the primary CPL canine ambassador. No one saw
    once again with the incredible assistance of Mr. Jim Ferver
                                                                    me without Nelson and the two of us educated the public
    (Mr. Mulch) who donated his company’s snow plowing
                                                                    about the work of CPL, and educated our students as they
    services, and John Pulinka who was able to get a snowblower
                                                                    learned to work with their new service dogs. Nelson made
    donated! With the paved drive and sidewalks, and all of
                                                                    it possible for me to continue working and to avoid going
    that help, we didn’t have to cancel any of our services or
                                                                    on SSI disability. His antics brought laughs and smiles to so    Darlene and Nelson – a partnership of a lifetime
    classes due to winter weather.
                                                                    many people. He wasn’t the “perfect” service dog – but he
                                                                                                                                     And the journey continues. So if you see me in public—but
    We were able to send three staff members and one Board          was the best service dog for me. Recently Nelson’s arthritis,
                                                                                                                                     you’re not really sure it’s me because that handsome black
    member to the Assistance Dogs International conference          after nine working years, has slowed him down. And so he
                                                                                                                                     lab isn’t next to me—you know why. Nelson, who now
    in San Diego in January. We enjoyed some wonderful              and I made the difficult decision together, for him to retire.
                                                                                                                                     doesn’t wear the harness welcomes visits, belly rubs, and
    workshops and participated in committee work which will         While he was physically ready for this change, mentally he
4   focus on the restructuring of ADI. The most exciting aspect     hasn’t been so sure. He will continue to live with me and
                                                                                                                                     much spoiling from anyone who is so inclined—and yes,
                                                                                                                                     he does taunt Ripley with the fact that he is now “pettable”.
    of the conference however, was when all of us were called       be my “house buddy”. He sometimes comes to CPL in a
    to the stage to accept our plaque honoring our recent           nonworking capacity, many days he goes to my parents’            Spring is exciting! I hope that you will join us for our
    accreditation! What a proud moment for everyone at CPL!         home where they happily dog sit their grand-dog.                 fundraisers and new volunteer opportunities. We continue
                                                                                                                                     to greatly need your financial support and hope that you
    Years ago, winter was a “less hectic” time at Canine Partners   This leads me to another exciting transition in my life.
                                                                                                                                     can help, however feels most comfortable to you.
    For Life. Now, it is as busy as the rest of the year. With      Ripley, a beautiful female Yellow Labrador has been chosen
    ambitious fundraising goals, a large summer graduating class    to be my partner. As I will actually be finishing her second     Thank you for your support and belief in the work that we
    approaching, a new prison puppy raising program starting at     year of training myself, she and I are already learning and      do. CPL changes and touches so many lives every day—
    SCI Albion, the breeding program flourishing, and plans for     working together. True, I will now have to sell all of my        thanks to you!
    future development, we were all kept on our toes!               black pants and invest in khaki colored clothing due to the
                                                                    change in dog hair color, the match is a good one. Nelson
    We mourned the loss of our patron Mr. Bill Schutt who
                                                                    and Ripley get along well. She is willing to allow him
    passed away in December. Having just been featured in our
                                                                    certain privileges which retirement has earned him (like
    fall newsletter for the tremendous contributions he made                                                                         Darlene Sullivan
                                                                    more bed time, being allowed to load in the car first, etc)
    to the organization, our grief was immense. He will forever                                                                      Executive Director/Founder
                                                                    and he tolerates her youthful goofiness. Sometimes, when
    be remembered within the organization as the generous,
                                                                    she doesn’t do a task as quickly or as well as she should
    funny, giving, puppy-loving soul whose visits brought many
                                                                    (she’s still learning) Nelson will jump in, and you can hear
    a smile and whose support was so greatly appreciated! CPL
                                                                    him thinking “good grief, here’s how you do it”.
    simply will not be the same without him.
$20,000 dogs!
We always say our dogs are worth at least $20,000 and              9. A bond with its partner that can never be broken. Your
                                                                                                                                       A MESSAGE FROM THE

people wonder how a dog could possibly be worth so                    friend to the end.                                              Francine Darragh joined CPL’s Board of Trustees in

much. One of our recipients listed a dozen reasons why                                                                                the Fall of 2005. Francine has been a relationship
                                                                   10. A Spirit that won’t give up on you, even if you give up on
these dogs are so valuable to our recipients. We think he                                                                             manager for American Express Corporate Services
                                                                       yourself, no matter how many attempts, or how long it
puts it succinctly:                                                                                                                   for the past seven years—responsible for managing
                                                                       takes to get it done.
                                                                                                                                      a portfolio of 25 corporate clients. During 2003 she
1. A nose that can detect the undetectable disabilities, that      11. Silent vigilance while you sleep and a confident presence      was awarded a sabbatical to work for the global non
 make life difficult.                                                 while you are awake.                                            profit organization, the World Monuments Fund.
2. Eyes that can look into your soul and touch your heart.         12. Sixth sense intervention, anticipation and dedication,         During her tenure with WMF, she was responsible
3. A back that is unbreakable and a stance that never wavers.          coupled with the ability and training, to sacrifice and        for creating a Corporate Giving Program Strategic

4. Ears that leave nothing to imagination and listen to every          deliver on demand, whatever is required, with a single         Plan for the organization. She is also a strong donor

  word that is spoken.                                                 command.                                                       to CPL. We look forward to utilizing Francine’s expertise

                                                                   Now you know! So recipients, the next time you harness             in the development of our corporate giving program.
5. So Smart, that understanding is never misunderstood.
                                                                   your service dog, take a moment to let them know how               Her quiet manner and thoughtful comments are
6. Loyalty unparalleled by any other animal on earth.                                                                                 already working their magic!
                                                                   much you appreciate them. Don’t do it because they are so
7. Four paws that take on any journey , no matter what the         intelligent, or that they have incredible ability. Don’t do it
                                                                                                                                      In August CPL successfully completed the process
  circumstances are, or where the path leads, securing its         because they remain at your side ready to respond. Do it
                                                                                                                                      of accreditation with Assistance Dogs International,
  partner’s independence without ever turning back.                because they are the warriors of our new independence,
                                                                                                                                      the national organization for the service dog industry.
8. Unconditional love.                                             that we take for granted every day.
                                                                                                                                      ADI accreditation was a key part of the Long Range
                                                                                                                                      Plan approved by the board in the Summer of 2005.
                                                                                                                                      The ADI accreditation process was a major under-
                                                                                                                                      taking involving countless hours of staff preparation.
In Kind Donations                                                                                                     Long T
                                                                                                                                      The successful outcome of this endeavor is a tribute
                                                                                                                      Sponso e        to all of the staff and volunteers who make CPL
Ken-Care/Brampton Company                   PLANCO                                                                           r!
                                                                                                                                      possible. Kudos to EVERYONE who played a role in
Sentinel/Novartis Animal Health             Pfizer
                                                                                                                                      this intensive process!!!
Little Utopia, Inc.                         Mr. Mulch
Gargoyle Designs                            Shore Consultants                                                                         Tory Diffenderffer, Secretary of the Board of Trustees,
Breaking Space                              McGovern, Inc.                                                                            attended the Assistance Dogs International Conference
GTC Graphics                                United Spinal Association/
                                            Wheelchair Services
                                                                            Ultra Premium Dog Food                                    in January with Darlene Sullivan and several members
Premier Pet Products                                                                                                                  of the CPL staff. Tory’s experience was deeply moving,
                                                                           “Official dog food sponsor of CPL”
Whiskazz & Pawzz                                                                                                                      inspiring her to write, “the whole conference was
                                                                                                                                      extremely fascinating, really an ‘eye-opener’ to see
                                                                                                                                      so many people with such a range of disabilities—
                                                                                                                                      and over sixty assistance dogs ranging in size from

Why can’t I pet a service dog?                                                                                                        a HUGE Great Dane to a Yorkie, carried in a
 Everyone knows that you can’t pet a guide dog, so why             PUPPIES IN TRAINING
 do people think they can pet a service dog? We always                                                                                As spring begins, the Board is exploring the possibility
                                                                   If you feel that you must pet that beautiful puppy at the end
 encourage people to “ignore the dog, talk to the person                                                                              of a capital campaign for a new training center. More
                                                                   of the leash, ask first. Don’t feel offended if the handler says
 WITH the dog.” Remember, service dogs and dogs in training                                                                           on this important step for the future of CPL as our
                                                                   no. The pup might be having a bad training day and needs
 are not pets. These dogs are trained or are in training for                                                                          plans and timelines progress. Until then, may all your
                                                                   to stay focused, or maybe the person is in a hurry. Some-
 very important work.                                                                                                                 days be ‘good’ dog days!
                                                                   times a puppy handler might ask you to pet their dog; using

 SERVICE DOGS                                                      the experience as a training tool. If the handler answers          Margaretta Frederick, President
                                                                   your request to pet the puppy, please refrain
 Our dogs are trained to work through distractions, but it is
                                                                   from rough housing with the dog, or getting the puppy too
 really hard for them to work while being distracted. People
                                                                   excited. Our puppies need to sit before they are allowed to
 often see a working dog that is lying next to their person and
                                                                   be approached by the public, and they must remain calm
 assume that the dog is “not working”. The dog is lying down,
 but is actually waiting for the next command or the movement
                                                                   during these social visits. This is a part of their training. If   W H AT D O E S
 of the wheelchair to get back to work. If you were to watch
                                                                   the handler says the pup has had enough, please respect
                                                                   that request. The puppies have a lot to learn in their first
                                                                                                                                      Accredited by ADI
 these dogs at “rest” very carefully you would see that their
 ears are listening for the next command, and their eyes may
                                                                   year, and they will learn better when they can remain calm         MEAN?                                                       5
                                                                   and focused on their handler.
 be watching their person for the slightest movement.                                                                                                    It means that CPL is at the top
                                                                                                                                                            of our industry. We have met
 Even though these dogs are not “pets”, they are loved by
                                                                                                                                                            or exceeded all professional
 their recipients, and they have a more enjoyable life than
                                                                                                                                                            standards and requirements
 any pet. They get to be with their person 24/7! These dogs
                                                                                                                                                          necessary to achieve full accred-
 may be in better shape than the family dog because they are
                                                                                                                                                    itation from Assistance Dog International.
 working, and many receive better care than the family pet
                                                                                                                                      This represents a significant achievement by CPL and
 because the recipients can’t afford for their partners to be
                                                                                                                                      is indicative of our strong commitment to upholding
 sick! These working dogs get plenty of playtime when they
                                                                                                                                      the highest professional standards of excellence
 are at home with their person, so don’t think that because
                                                                                                                                      within the service dog industry. CPL is one of only
 they are working dogs they never have fun. The partnerships
                                                                                                                                      15 organizations nationwide and one of only 23
 would not be successful if the dogs were unhappy.
                                                                                                                                      organizations in the entire world to become accred-
 Dogs like to work; in fact the breeds we use are the working                                                                         ited. Congratulations to everyone who works to
 breeds, so work is what really makes them happy. Never call,                                                                         make CPL an organization of excellence.
 talk to, whistle to, and attempt to pet or otherwise distract a
 working service dog. Our recipients will thank you! One           Hmmm—I wonder when this will fit
 second of distraction could be enough
 for their person to fall or trip, and be injured.
    Events and Happenings at CPL

                                                                                                The 8th Annual Wine Auction
      Nick in the Neighborhood!                                                                 and Benefit a Big Success!
      Satellite TV comes to CPL!                                                                Everyone who attended this year’s Une Célébration du Vin
      Live, from Cochranville, Pennsylvania, it’s CPL! It started at 5:30am and ended           wine auction had an opportunity to play the name game.
      around 9:00am but boy was it fun! It looked like something out of a science               The first two lots in the live auction were very “alive”—two
      fiction movie—a 20 ton truck parked on our lawn with huge antennas reach-                 black lab puppies. By the end of the bidding, Churchill and
      ing up into the sky, (scared the neighbors) but it was worth it! Nick in the              Velvet had names and a lap to sit on for the evening.
      Neighborhood came to CPL and filmed three live segments on our kennel, our
                                                                                                The event was successful once again thanks to our
      puppy classes and our training practices. Puppy homes, volunteers and staff
                                                                                                sponsors: Event Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. C. Rich
      were all here on campus before dawn to make this media event a success!
                                                                                                Diffenderffer, Gold Sponsor: an anonymous friend of CPL,
      Nick Smith from Fox Channel 29 could not have been nicer or more energetic
                                                                                                Bronze Sponsors: Ms. Mary Alice Malone, Mellon Financial,
      and made everyone feel comfortable. Nick has volunteered to be one of our
                                                                                                and Wolf-Block Philadelphia, Patron Sponsors: ING
      co-chairmen of the 9th Annual Wine Auction—we can hardly wait to see the
                                                                                                DIRECT, Mr. Jeff Dillman, and an anonymous friend of CPL.
      gusto he brings to our event!
                                                                                                Thank you to all who donated goods, trips and wine to make this our most memorable and
                                                                                                financially successful event. Over $79,000 was raised for our program thanks to the generosity of
                                                                                                our bidders, donors and sponsors.

                                                                                                While tasting the many fine wines provided by Moore Brothers, Greenville Wine & Spirits,
                                                                                                Paradocx Vineyards and Hockessin Wine & Spirits, everyone got an eyeful of the heavily laden
                                                                                                silent auction tables. They also had many a mouthful of tasty tidbits presented by Hadfields
                                                                                                Seafood, The Melting Pot and Creative Catering by Tammy.

                                                                                                Dinner and the live auction began and ended with California wines. Buchli Station Chardonnay
                                                                                                got it started followed by an Italian Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay and a French Fleurie Burgundy.
                                                                                                Barefoot Bubbly champagne was an excellent finish with dessert.

                                                                                                The lots in the live auction were also broad and inviting. From excellent wines to fantastic
                                                                                                vacation spots, attendees were able to find a definite “had to have.”

                                                                                                Thank you to all who attended this wonderful event. We hope you had an opportunity to meet
      CPL staff, volunteers and puppies are TV stars for the day!
                                                                                                some of our recipients whose tables were sponsored by Mrs. Christopher L. Moseley and Ms.
                                                                                                Martha Meile. In addition, thanks to our magnificent auctioneer, who donated his time, Mr.
                                                                                                David Yearsley—what an entertainer! Our annual dinner and wine auction will continue to be
     PAWSAmerica is Coming                                                                      an entertaining way to spend an evening, come join the fun. You will be able to see puppies

       to Your Hometown                                                                         begin their journey as well as our graduated teams.

                                                                                                Please mark your calendars for our 2006 Wine Auction on November 18, 2006.

         for the 16th year!
                                                                                                        9th Annual Une Célébration du Vin
    Bring the kids, bring the dog, bring your                                                                   D O U B L E T R E E H OT E L , W I L M I N GTO N, D E L AWA R E
    friends to the nearest PAWSAmerica and
    have a fun time helping CPL! PAWSAmerica
                                                                                                                              RESERVATION FORM
    is a pledge-sponsored walk on a short                                                          NAME
    course that is designed with our recipients
6   in mind. The CPL local event is scheduled for May 6th at the Upland Country Day

    School in Kennett Square, PA. Other scheduled sites are: May 20th at Roche Park in             CITY                                             STATE                      ZIP

    Meadville, PA, and September 23rd at the Cedar Lake Campground in York, PA. PAWS               HOME PHONE                                       WORK PHONE
    has already been successful in New Waverly, Texas and other sites.

    If you want a walk scheduled in your town, at your school, local park or church, call
                                                                                                      $125 PER PERSON         $250 PER COUPLE
    us and we will help you with the plans.
                                                                                                   I WOULD LIKE TO SIT WITH THE FOLLOWING GUESTS

    CPL Welcomes the Class of 2008
                                                                                                   ENCLOSED IS CHECK NUMBER                         FOR $
                                                                    Marlee, our newest
                                                                    mom has given us ten           CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD FOR $
                                                                    Labradors to begin
                                                                                                   CARD NUMBER
                                                                    puppy training. We are
                                                                                                   CREDIT CARD TYPE (CIRCLE ONE) VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER DINERS CLUB
                                                                    hoping for great size and
                                                                    temperament from all           EXPIRATION DATE
                                                                    eight boys and two girls.
                                                                                                   NAME ON CARD
                                                                    Watch for them in the
                                                                    classes of 2008!
                                                                                                            Please make checks payable to Canine Partners For Life and send to:
                                                                                                             Canine Partners For Life • P.O. Box 170, Cochranville, PA 19330 – 0170
                                                                                                   Annual Open House
TURNING SIX                                                                                        and Cow Bingo Event
but Acting Like an Adult                                                                           SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH, RAIN OR SHINE!
                                                                                                   12:00–4:00 P.M.
                                                                       When Abby was               AT THE CPL FACILITY
                                                                       planning for her sixth      334 FAGGS MANOR ROAD, COCHRANVILLE, PA
                                                                       birthday, she wanted
                                                                                                   Mark your calendars and practice your “mooves”— this is one day when you can party till
                                                                       to do something special
                                                                                                   the cows come home and that is no bull! Cow Bingo returns to CPL—you gotta pay to play!
                                                                       and decided that CPL
                                                                                                   Each ticket is $10.00 for your chance to go home with $5,000. The more tickets you buy, the
                                                                       puppies needed toys
                                                                                                   better your chances! While we are waiting for the cow to doo her thing, enjoy
                                                                       more than she did. Abby
                                                                                                   the puppy kissing booth, service dog demonstrations, tours, hay rides, BBQ lunch and more!
                                                                       had the idea to have a
                                                                                                   Come out and enjoy this steaming combination: Cow Bingo and a great fun-filled day!
                                                                       party and hayride with
                                                                       her friends and their       Fill out the order form below and mail it to us for a chance to be the Grand Poop Bah of the day.
                                                                       families and have all
                                                                       the guests bring toys for
                                                                       dogs in the CPL kennel.
They invited a CPL puppy in training to join the party and be the honorary guest. A great                                                  TICKET ORDER FORM
time was had by all and CPL gained many new supporters. Thank you Abby!


Service Kitties at Work                                                                                                                 CITY                          STATE         ZIP

DON’T LET THEM DISTRACT YOU!                                                                                                            HOME PHONE

                                                                                                                                        WORK PHONE
After the loss of our wonderful kennel cat Gus, the CPL staff was devastated. When the opp-
ortunity to adopt two orphaned 4-week old kitties arose, we jumped at the chance. These little                                          EMAIL

guys were bottle fed faithfully by our Kennel Manager, Cindy and her staff. What began as two         PLEASE SEND ME            TICKETS @ $10 EACH
little balls of fur have developed into two rather naughty kitties! Lana and Louie spend their
                                                                                                      ENCLOSED IS CHECK NUMBER                        FOR $
days in the kennel with the dogs, attempting to distract, intimidate, harass or in other words
“bug” the dogs as much as possible. The trainers work with the dogs around the company of             CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD FOR $

the two cats who bat at the dogs’ tails and lay in wait for an opportune moment to leap into          CARD NUMBER
the air or zoom by to see if they can get the dogs in trouble. Both of them love the water and
                                                                                                      CREDIT CARD TYPE (CIRCLE ONE) VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER DINERS CLUB
have taken a liking to any opportunity to play with water. One of our board members pur-
chased a kitty condo, which is larger than most foreign cars, for the kitties to play on. Come        EXPIRATION DATE

by and meet Lana and Louie, they love the company!                                                    NAME ON CARD


                                                                                                                                     Canine Partners For Life
                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 170, Cochranville, PA 19330 – 0170

                                                                                                            WIN LOTS OF MOO-LA!!!

                                                                                                                    Who let the
Lana (left) and Louie (right).
                                                                                                                    DOGS OUT?
                                                                                                   The 2nd Annual Canine Carnival was held on April 8th at the Unionville High School in
                                                                                                   Kennett Square, PA. Over 250 dogs and several hundred of their partners joined in this

 Yappy Hour~What a “Paw”ty!                                                                        festive event. It was an educational and entertaining time for the entire family. Highlights of
                                                                                                   the day included interactive games, such as Musical “Mats”,Toss-a-Treat, and Wheel of
                                                                                                   “Fur”tune. There were contests for best costume, tail waggin’, and doggy trick, but perhaps
                                                         Three exciting Yappy hours are
                                                                                                   the most fun was our wet t-shirt contest, in which wet shirts were put on the dogs by their
                                                         coming up this summer at the ING
                                                                                                   masters. What a howler!! The audience enjoyed the demonstrations of service dogs working
                                                         DIRECT Spaarpot Café in Wilmington,
                                                                                                   with their partners to show off their skills.
                                                         DE to benefit CPL. June 22, July 27 and
                                                         August 24th. Come out and join us for     Educational seminars included Clicker Basics for Obedience, Train-a-Trick, and Basic Grooming
                                                         an evening of funny drinks with a         & Health Care. A particularly popular part of the event was the testing for certification of
                                                         dog names like a Cosmo”paw”litan          therapy dogs (TDI and CGC). An array of nearly two dozen vendors, numerous prizes, and
                                                         and yummy yapetizers by local             face-painting for the kids rounded out the atmosphere and fun. We’re already looking
                                                         restaurateurs. Join us and “Paw”ty        forward to next year’s Canine Carnival! Stay tuned for more information!
                                                         from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Info at
    TO CANINE PARTNERS FOR LIFE                                                               Gifts selected with date range from August 31, 2005 through March 17, 2006.

                                               Thank you to the donors who have supported us in the last year.
                                           Your donations will be listed in our annual report published in December.

    Ms. Joan Schick                                        Mr. and Mrs. John A. Good, Jr.                                  TANYA MACKEAND
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Goodhart                                 Mr. Gary B. Rhinesmith
    Mr. Joshua Beeman                                      Ms. Patricia A. Gordon                                          GIFTS IN HONOR OF MR. AND MRS. ROY W. THIERWECHTER
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Griest                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Stark
    Ms. Laura J. Allred                                    Ms. Alta Grosh                                                  GIFTS IN HONOR OF LISA TODD AND ROMAN KYSHAKEVYCH
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Gruber, Jr.                              Mr. and Mrs. David G. French
    Ms. Sharon A. Boland                                   Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hawthorne                                   GIFTS IN HONOR OF ROBIN TRUITT
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. L. Edwin Hixon                                     Anonymous
    Mrs. Helene J. Villanueva                              Mr. and Mrs. John A. Horst                                      Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Birmingham, III
                                                           Ms. Shonna A. Ilgenfritz and Ms. Susan R. Newcomer              Mr. Scott J. Meikle and Ms. Patricia A. Carpino
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bowman                          Dr. Bruce D. Klaskin                                            Mr. Roger A. Roth and Ms. Darlene Friedman
    Mr. Darwin L. Mowery                                   Mr. and Mrs. Brad M. Kopcha                                     Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Smith
    Wakefield Lions Club                                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lamb                                    Ms. Peggy J. Truitt

    GIFTS IN HONOR OF EDWARD CRANE AND “CHARITY”           Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Liskey                                     GIFTS IN HONOR OF DONNA TURCHI
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Markus                         Ms. Lois E. Marshall                                            Ms. Donna Filanda
                                                           Mrs. Lois G. Martin                                             Mr. and Mrs. David G. Knox
    Dr. and Mrs. James Bercaw                              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Miller                                  Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Misenti

    GIFTS IN HONOR OF CHASE CULLEN                         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mitchell                                  GIFTS IN HONOR OF WENDY TWING
    American Legion Post 16                                Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Mohr                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Krancer
    Crisfield Lioness Lions Club                           Mount Calvary Church of Elizabethtown                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF DIANA WARD
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Laird                             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Nuzzo                                    Mr. John P. Costere
    Stanley Cochrane Post 16, Sons of American Legion      Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Parsons                                    GIFTS IN HONOR OF DIANA WARD AND “HAMILTON”
    VFW Post 8274                                          Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ressler                                       Mr. and Mrs. James D. Arner

    GIFTS IN HONOR OF RACHEL DIETER AND PETER REINHART     Salem Lutheran Church, Helping Hand Fund                        GIFTS IN HONOR OF KYLE AND “LANDER”
    Ms. Katherine Kerkman                                  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Schaub                                  Mrs. Ethel Wohlhagen

    GIFTS IN HONOR OF JESSICA AND GIFFORD ELDREDGE         Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Shearer                                     GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “ALL MY DOGS”
    AND “MOCCA”                                            Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Shive                                        Ms. Sue Stronk
    Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher Fichandler                     Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Shue                                       GIFTS IN MEMORY OF ROBERT BOYNTON
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF JAMES GIER                           Mr. and Mrs. I. James Slothower                                 Ms. Laura Langbein
    Ms. Bettemae Weiss                                     Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith, III                                 Mr. and Mrs. William Gasperow
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF LAUREN M. GILES                      Ms. Vicki L. Stein                                              Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barnes
    Publix Super Markets                                   Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sweigart, Jr.                             Mr. and Mrs. Doug Vincent
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF MICHAEL GRIM                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Thompson                                GIFTS IN MEMORY OF ALLISON BOYNTON AND “MOLLIE”
    Ms. Shirley Batdorf                                    Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Tyson                                     Mrs. Dolores Boynton
    Bayada Nurses                                          Ms. Karen L. Wagman                                             GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “BRICE”
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF LAUREN E. HENDEL                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Weir                                     Mr. Harold Morgan, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs Mark A. Kachmar                            Mr. Leroy Wentz                                                 GIFTS IN MEMORY OF INKY BRIGHTWELL
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF CRAIG HILLBERRY                      Mr. H. L. Winters, Jr.                                          Ms. Jennifer Kriesel
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hillberry                                                                                         GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “BRUNO”
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF JOAN PATTERSON AND “FAITH”
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF ROSANN HINDMAN                       GFWC The New Century Club                                       Shore Consultants
    Ms. Janet Begnoche                                                                                                     GIFTS IN MEMORY OF LESLIE C. DELLAQUILLA
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF LEE PEETOOM
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF MATTHEW HOLLIN                       Fancy Friends 4H Dog Club                                       Ms. Ita Cosgrove
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Marion                                                                                          GIFTS IN MEMORY OF FRANK ELLERS
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF THE POSH PET
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF OLIVER C. HUTAFF, JR.                Mrs. Jeanne Koehler and Kyle                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Sterling
    Ms. Margaret Hutaff                                                                                                    GIFTS IN MEMORY OF VIRGINIA FORKER
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF JESSIE REIFSNYDER AND “ALGEBRA”
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF JILL LINGARD AND SCOTT JANTZ         Ms. Mildred A. Johnson and Ms. Nancy L. Durham                  Ms. Harriett S. Fitts and Ms. Carolyn F. Bowman
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Spain                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Philip Forker
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF KRYSTALEVE SNOW AND “RIKKI”
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF CINDY MARX AND “MONTY”               Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Miller                                      GIFTS IN MEMORY OF ETHEL GREGG
    Ms. Sarah J. Marx                                      Ms. Phyllis Kryven                                              Mrs. Marie C. Gregg
    Ms. Harriott K. Silliman                               Attorneys Title Services                                        Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Losowski
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF NADINE LOANE AND “DEEDEE”            John W. Dettwyler, Ph.D.                                        GIFTS IN MEMORY OF ROBERT HART
    Commonwealth of PA Labor, Educ. & Comm. Svcs.          Pathmark Stores, Inc.                                           Campbell Soup Co. Credit Department
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stubbs                                                                                         Ms. Virginia F. Linder
                                                           GIFTS IN HONOR OF CHUCK AND TERRI SNYDERMAN
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF MICHAEL MARTIN AND                   Ms. Sandra P. Lubaroff                                          Ms. Lori A. Steigerwald
    MARGARETTA FREDERICK                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Turner
    Ms. Rebecca Frederick and Ms. Trina Tjersland          GIFTS IN HONOR OF MR. AND MRS. JOHN SPAIN
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Wong
8   Mr. Andrew A. Peters and Ms. Heather A. Barrett
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. E. Elliott Kaebnick
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. William J. D'Amato
    GIFTS IN HONOR OF DAMIEN MARTA                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. H. James Kelleher, Jr.
    The Vanguard Group Foundation
    Ms. Jennifer Kriesel
    Mr. and Mrs. John Childress
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lipper
    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. McQuade
    Ms. Joan Schick
    Ms. Janice L. Clarke
    Mr. Jason Nadeau
    Ms. Catherine Nagle
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Bennage
    Ms. Margaret E. Cousler
    Ms. Cathy J. Dettinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay K. Eshleman
Hay Electric
                                                    Mr. Francis A. Linsalata
                                                    Mrs. Clara B. Mackie                                  NEW WAYS TO GIVE
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Heliker, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. James E. Meneses
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Isham                       Ms. Dorothy K. Miller                                  Do you shop Online?
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Joyce                        Ms. Helen Miller
Ms. Sylvia Maki                                     Mrs. Sarah J. Mohr                                     If you do, you could have up to 26% of the value of
Mrs. Diane K. Marose                                Mr. and Mrs. John J. Morrison                          your purchase sent to CPL.It’s easy and free! Just sign
Mr. Steven W. Messervey                             Mr. and Mrs. Leslie N. Moxon                           up with the online community called iGive.com. It
Ms. Bonnie J. Richards                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Orner, Jr.
                                                                                                           doesn’t cost the shopper anything and once you
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Warsop                         Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Orr
                                                                                                           become a member, every time you shop through
Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. York                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Pelosi, Jr.
                                                    PEO Sisterhood Chapter AR                              iGive.com a percentage comes to CPL. There are over
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pitts                       Ms. Kathryn W. Ramsey                                  500 familiar online merchants that participate like

GIFTS IN MEMORY OF MARGARET KILMER                  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Reeves                         Barnes and Noble, Lands’ End, Eddie Bauer and
Mrs. Marie Gregg                                    Ms. Diana M. Richmond                                  PETsMART. Join www.iGive.com, choose CPL as your
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF DAVID KLOCK AND “CANDY”          Mr. and Mrs. Jay Seeley
                                                                                                           favorite charity, and start shopping!
Mr. William McMahon, Jr.                            Mr. and Mrs. William S. Sims
Ms. Helen Miller                                    Mrs. Betty Jean Battan                                 Buy the stuff you really need
                                                    Mr. James Battan
Mr. and Mrs. T. Clinton Marple                      Mrs. Georgina M. Bissell
                                                                                                           and help CPL!
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “MAX” SIMPSON ALLAN AND          Brandywine Foot Care P.A.
                                                                                                           Genuardi’s, Safeway, and other stores make it easy
“MURPHY” COUTURE                                    Dr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Bussard
Ms. Pam Harley                                                                                             for you to give to CPL when you shop. All you need
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. R. R. M. Carpenter, III
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF JAMES G. MCCLOSKEY               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark                             to do is sign up with e-Scrip, select CPL as your charity,
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Singleton                   Dr. and Mrs. Don W. Coats                              insert the CPL number and shop! The money will
Mr. Justin Ettore                                   Ms. Nancy E. Corroon                                   come to us automatically. Many other stores are in
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “MERLIN”                         Ms. Elizabeth T. Dean                                  the e-Scrip family. Go to our website and click on
Wendy Lee Forman                                    Mrs. Tory Diffenderffer
                                                                                                           e-Scrip to sign up, or go directly to e-Scrip at
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF HAROLD MORGAN,                   Mrs. Charles F. duPont
PATRICIA MORGAN AND “BRICE”                                                                                www.escrip.com. The CPL number is 148948356.
                                                    Ms. Marilyn Flaherty
Mrs. Margaret K. Morgan
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Millard G. Gamble, III
                                                    Mr. George S. Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crossfield
                                                    Mrs. Sarah S. Harrison
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Hawkinson, Jr.
Chatham Community Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk
Mrs. Patricia F. Richardson
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hessler
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hoopes
                                                                                                        ODE TO BUTLER
                                                    Ms. Susan Knoll Horty                               We are gathered here to celebrate Butler’s departure
Mr. Buford D. Wilcox
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Husbands
Skrogg/Wilcox Reunion Golf Tournament                                                                   As he begins his next new great adventure
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ivy, Jr.
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF MARTA PADILLA                                                                        Lynn’s life has been blessed from the beginning to the end
                                                    James Rice Jr. Construction Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Conlon
                                                    Mrs. Greta B. Layton                                By her hairy, black, devoted canine friend
Covance Laboratories Inc.
                                                    Dr. Midge L. Leitch                                 You will be missed by all that you sniffed
Mr. Michael Hopmeier
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Long                           None more than your master, her spirits you could lift
Ms. Kelli B. Hill
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Mand
Mrs. Barbara G. Kafin                                                                                   A trusted friend in good times and bad
                                                    Mr. Edward B. Maxwell, II
Mr. Jason W. Levin                                                                                      A sidekick with a personality, who could be sad?
                                                    Ms. Lea Purcell
Ms. Amy Sue Plotnick
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. C. Porter Schutt, Jr.                  Your partnership is a sight to behold
                                                    Mr. Harlan Scott                                    In her mind you’ll never grow old
Mrs. Marie Gregg
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Simon
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF JOHN PORTER                                                                          From law school and a clerkship
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. James O. Simon
Mrs. Marie Gregg                                                                                        You worked tirelessly for that endless trip
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Bayard J. Snyder
GIFTS IN MEMORY OF KAREN PORTER MANFREDI                                                                To Trenton, the State House and OLS
                                                    Sydney C. Spruance
Mrs. Marie Gregg
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sudell, Jr.                 You gave your all and never any less
                                                    Mrs. Stephen A. Trentman                            You’ve made friends wherever you went
Mr. Stewart M. Krug
                                                    Mrs. George T. Weymouth
Mrs. Dolores Pancoast
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wiley
                                                                                                        Especially in the department of Environment
                                                                                                        With you her life has been interesting and above all fun
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Prest, Jr.
                                                    GIFTS IN MEMORY OF JOHN THOURON                     You are the best friend under the sun
                                                    Mrs. Marie C. Gregg                                 So on this first day of December 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ames
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Artz                          GIFTS IN MEMORY OF NORM VOGEL                       We hope that Lynn can survive
                                                    Mr. and Ms.David Kriesel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Benedict                                                                         Without her trusted “B” by her side
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Bennett                      GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “LION LEE” WAITZMAN
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Waitzman                       Thank you Butler it’s been a great ride
Ms. Marilyn W. Best
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Waitzman                        We salute you and your service to Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Borig
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Franklin                       Butler the “Wonder Dog” let your retirement begin!!!
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent W. Ciacci
Mr. and Mrs. Ian H. Crabb                           GIFTS IN MEMORY OF FRANCES K. WHYTE
                                                    Ms. Drinda Edge
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Custer
Mr. George W. Dawson                                GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “WINSTON”
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Boston
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Dolphin
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fledderjohn                      GIFTS IN MEMORY OF “YODA” SHULMAN-FOLEY
                                                    Mr. Dennis Foley
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gillespie
Ms. Betty A. Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Haack
Ms. Margaret A. Hamil
Ms. Ruth B. Hower
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic J. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Huttinger
Mr. Jack and Tony Kasznel                                                                               Spending money is hard work!
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. King
     on a Paws-a-tive note
     PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY STUDENT                                                                     CYBERONICS
     lends a helpful hand                                                                                and a dog named CYBER
                                                                                                         CPL places seizure alert dogs in every graduating class. These special dogs have an even
     I’ll never forget the rewarding experience I had with the full service teams of the summer
                                                                                                         greater significance to the 30,000 people worldwide who use a novel treatment, vagus
     class of 2005. As part of my fieldwork training in occupational therapy, I was very fortunate
                                                                                                         nerve stimulation therapy (VNS Therapy), to control their epilepsy. A vagus nerve stimulator
     to have been given the opportunity to attend the three week training program and have
                                                                                                         is a small device implanted in the chest that sends mild electrical pulses to the brain via a
     been introduced to such a wonderful and inspirational group. As I watched the whole
                                                                                                         nerve in the neck. These pulses are often able to reduce/control seizures. Patients using VNS
     process unfold from each recipient’s initial acquaintance with their service dog until the
                                                                                                         Therapy also have a special magnet that can activate the device when they are alerted to an
     final joyful and tearful day at graduation, I quickly realized that I could not have spent my
                                                                                                         impeding seizure. Having a service dog that can sense an oncoming seizure allows patients
     summer days any better.
                                                                                                         to be alerted to use their magnet, and possibly stop the seizure before it even starts!
     As an occupational therapy
                                                                                                         Cyberonics, the Houston-based manufacturer of VNS Therapy, which is currently approved
     student at Philadelphia
                                                                                                         to treat pharmacoresistant epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression, believes so
     University, I am aware of the
                                                                                                         strongly in CPL’s mission that the company has made a charitable donation to CPL and
     difficulties faced by a person
                                                                                                         had a dog named after the company. “CYBER.” goes to work at the Paoli Hospital every day
     with a disability, as well the
                                                                                                         with his puppy home volunteer, who works in the CT scan area and he is loved by all.
     significance of gaining and
     maintaining the ability to                                                                          The company hopes that more people who live with epilepsy will benefit from seizure
     independently perform                                                                               alert dogs. With almost two dozen VNS Therapy patients who also rely on seizure alert
     meaningful occupations on a                                                                         dogs from CPL, chances are high that this wish will come true.
     daily basis.

     The training program at CPL
                                                                                                         BAR MITZVA BRINGS CPL “JOY”
     provided each recipient with                                                                                                                               Matthew has just turned 13, and he is now
     an opportunity to engage in                                                                                                                                a man in more ways than one. Matthew, a
     tasks that they were not able                                                                                                                              home companion partner to Ribar, just
     to perform prior to receiving        You too can help us!
                                                                                                                                                                celebrated his Bar Mitzva. Matthew’s
     their service dog. Although                                                                                                                                family made a large donation in order to
     the first few days of dressing, grooming, and obedience training were a bit rough, I                                                                       name a puppy coming into our program,
     remember the fun times as we walked through Longwood Gardens, The Philadelphia Zoo,                                                                        just for this special occasion. All guests
     and Center City in Philadelphia. All the knowledge that was learned was applied in various                                                                 were asked to submit a name, and
     environments. I observed the recipients and their dogs opening and closing doors, paying                                                                   Matthew selected the name “Joy.” Joy is a
     cashiers, pushing elevator buttons, picking up dropped items from the ground, and several           pup out of our latest litter and we have big plans for this little black lab to spread some
     other amazing feats.                                                                                “mitzva” for CPL. Mitzva is a way to give back, and we know all the CPL dogs do that!

     The tasks and activities I observed were unbelievable, and even more amazing were the
     interactions between the recipients and their service dogs. The staff at CPL seems to               Dog rescued by CPL
     somehow match the perfect dog with the perfect recipient every time.

     Throughout the entire process I saw each individual come to life as they participated in, and
                                                                                                         makes good in Oregon
     gained independence in, various meaningful activities. The best part was that no one went           Sometimes a shelter visit looking for dogs for our
     through it alone, and at one point or another we could all relate to each other.                    program does not help CPL directly, but on a visit
                                                                                                         this past year we found something else! “Philly” was
     Of course, none of this would be possible without the staff and volunteers at CPL. They were
                                                                                                         rescued by Darlene and was donated to Dogs for the
     amazingly encouraging and compassionate to the recipients throughout the entire program
                                                                                                         Deaf. He is currently in training as a hearing dog and
     and it was very obvious that they really do love what they do. Again, I thank all the staff
                                                                                                         doing wonderfully.
     members for the memories and a great learning experience.

     Jacqueline Sanchez
     Occupational Therapy Student, Philadelphia University
                                                                                                              RECIPIENTS SHARE WARM AND FUZZIES
10   You can Make a Difference
     long after you are gone                                                                                  When Nemo is out of his harness, he will lay on his bed and watch Animal Planet with
                                                                                                              me. The other day, CPL was on Animal Planet while we were watching the TV. When he
     Ways to remember Canine Partners For Life in your estate plans                                           heard the familiar voices, he started wiggling from head to toe, and walked over to the
                                                                                                              TV and licked the screen. It was like he was telling me “hey mom, I know those guys.”
     One advantage to giving through your Will is        A RESIDUAL BEQUEST

     the flexibility it offers. Three of the most        “All the residue of my estate, including real
                                                                                                              Dhuey loves to chase tennis balls, and it seemed like we were always losing the balls.
     popular forms bequests can take are:                and personal property, I give and bequeath
                                                                                                              I would get a new supply, and they too would disappear. I couldn’t figure it out until one
                                                         to Canine Partners For Life (a nonprofit
     A PERCENTAGE OF THE ESTATE                                                                               day when he was chasing after a ball. I turned my back for one minute, and when I turned
                                                         organization Federal Tax Identification
     “I give and bequeath to Canine Partners For                                                              around, there was Dhuey depositing the ball into my friends trash can! I realized that if I
                                                         #23-2580658) P.O. Box 170, Cochranville, PA
     Life, (a nonprofit organization Federal Tax                                                              did not pay attention when he was returning with the ball, he would deposit it
     Identification #23-2580658) P.O. Box 170,                                                                somewhere, whether it was in the trash, his water bowl or even the toilet. Sometimes he
     Cochranville, PA 19330 ____ % of my estate”         Please, always consult an estate planning            will put it on a shelf in the house and when I ask where it is, he will point to it.
                                                         attorney when preparing legal documents.
     DESIGNATED PIECE                                    For more information on planned gifts                After I graduated with Fennec, I returned for a visit. His trainer saw that he was lifting his
     OF PERSONAL PROPERTY                                please contact Jennifer Kriesel, Director            leg, and thought he must be showing off, because he always used to squat to relieve
     “I give and bequeath to Canine Partners For         of Development (610) 869–4902 x 16 or                himself. Well, today on our lunch hour, we went out looking for a perfect spot or blade of
     Life (a nonprofit organization Federal Tax          jkriesel@k94life.org.                                grass. He decided that a telephone pole looked good, but when I looked closer, I saw that
     Identification #23-2580658)
                                                                                                              his leg was really high on the pole and that it was propped up against the pole. He was
     P.O. Box 170, Cochranville, PA 19330 $ ____
                                                                                                              actually holding himself up while he was doing his business. Only wish I had a camera!
     (or describe the real or personal property,
     including exact location)”
MAKING A                                                                                                                            Canine Partners For Life needs help in many ways. If a monetary
                                                                                                                                    donation simply isn’t possible, consider volunteering to provide
                                                                                                                                    a home for one our puppies. The folks mentioned below are doing
                                                                                                                                    just that! Our current puppy homes range from private residences,

DIFFERENCE                                                                                                                          to veterinarians, to those living in correctional facilities. It’s fun and it
                                                                                                                                    makes a difference! Below are dogs in the program as of February 16, 2006.

                                    DOGS IN KENNEL                                                                                                PUPPIES IN PUPPY HOMES
DOG             DONOR                      NAMER                       PUPPY HOME                              DOG                DONOR                        NAMER                        PUPPY HOME

Adele           CPL Breeding               Mr. and Mrs. Warren         SCI - Cambridge Springs                 Amélie             S. Kauffman/K. Pauli         Ms. Alyssa Krill             Barbara Robinson
                                                                                                               Annabelle          Dr. Bruce Fellows            Mr. and Mrs. Charles         The Moore Family
April           CPL Breeding               Blaine and Janet Parks      MCIW                                                                                    Humphreys
Ben             Mr. Harold Schutt          Ms. Carlee Zaroff           Angela Jervis/                          Beellee            Gilbert McBride              Mrs. Harold Schutt           Roberta Knauf
                                                                       SCI Graterford
                                                                                                               Boola              Sister Pauline Quinn         Ms. Samantha Lorey           SCI–Albion
Bohemia         CPL Breeding               Mr. Dick Bruno              SCI–Cambridge Springs
                                                                                                               Bridger            CPL Breeding                 Ms. Patricia Johnson         Deborah Danig
Buckley         Mr. Harold Schutt          Mr. /Mrs. Gerret            Midge Leitch
                                                                                                               Caesar             Mary Ann Di Rocco            Mrs. Gloria Paul             The Guy Family
                                           van S. Copeland
                                                                                                               Calvin             Kathleen Whelan              Lower Brandywine             Jospeh and Mary Ellen
Colby           Kimberton Lions Club       PLANCO                      SCI–Muncy
                                                                                                                                                               Presbyterian Church          Wewer
Checkers        CPL Breeding               Downingtown                 The Fertigs
                                                                                                               Charlie            CPL Breeding                 Mrs. Cindy Engle             SCI–Cambridge Springs
                                           Middle School
                                                                                                               Churchill          Mr. Harold Schutt            Mr. Michael Martin           SCI–Graterford
Decker          Mr. Harold Schutt          CPL Staff                   William Bowers
                                                                                                               Clancy             Sister Pauline Quinn         The Olsen Family             SCI–Albion
Elsie           Leslie McDonough           Ms. Robin Dillon            SCI–Graterford
                                                                                                               Cyber              Jessica & Robert Coombes     Cyberonics                   Bernadette Oliver
Finou           Melinda Bohn               Mr. & Mrs. C. Minor         The Combs Family
                                           Barringer                                                           Doxie              Mr. Harold Schutt            Ms. Nancy Hall               SCI–Graterford
Gibson          Mr. Harold Schutt          Avon Grove Lions            SCI–Muncy                               Dutchess           The Vogel Family             Mrs. David Craven            Janie Cramer
Governor        John and Mary Schreck      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel         Margaret White                          Emily              CPL Breeding                 Judy Wicks/                  SCI–Muncy
                                           Lickle                                                                                                              White Dog Café
Grizzly         Mr. Harold Schutt          Mrs. Jane Frank             Denise Hulse                            Freedom            MLF Office Service           Happy Harry's                The Fertig Family
Hoagie          CPL Breeding               Mrs. Tory Diffenderffer     SCI–Graterford                          Grace              Mr. Harold Schutt            Dr. & Mrs. Jack Maxwell      SCI–Albion
Midg            CPL Breeding               The Family of Margaret      MCIW                                    Honeybun           Mr. Harold Schutt            Mrs. Harriet Findlay         The Ortega Family
                                                                                                               Jenna              CPL Breeding                 Ms. Susan Habib              SCI–Cambridge Springs
Poohdini        Karen Jenkins              Mrs. & Mrs. Frank           Mark and Iulia Gamba
                                           Mercurio                                                            Kimber             Julie Tune                   Kimberton Lions Club         Anita and Robert
Raider          Mr. Harold Schutt          CPL Staff                   Cindy Silver
                                                                                                               Lolly              Melanie and Dale Young       Ms. Lolly Clarke             Cynthia and Kyle Smith
Ripley          Kimberton Lions Club       Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd          SCI–Muncy
                                           Reynolds                                                            Livy               Julie Tune                   Mr. and Mrs. Alan Peters MCIW

Smokey          CPL Breeding               Mrs. Elizabeth Moran        The Moore Family                        Luna               CPL Breeding                 Mr. & Mrs. Todd Burkhart SCI–Muncy

Snickers        Mr. Harold Schutt          Ms. Alyce Duffy             Crystal Fertig/                         Maska              CPL Breeding                 Ms. Diana Maxmin             SCI–Muncy
                                                                       Craig Bennett                           Oscar              CPL Breeding                 Ms. Nancy Hall               Margaret White/
Tasha           CPL Breeding               Mr. & Mrs. Phillip          SCI–Graterford                                                                                                       SCI–Graterford
                                           Weymoth, Jr.                                                        Percy              Stacy & Dale Killian         Mr. William Wright           SCI–Albion
Theo            The Albano Family          The Kefin Fertig Family     SCI–Muncy                               Piper              The Curtis Jordan Family     Mrs. Joan Cobb               Jessica LaGrand/William
Tinker          CPL Breeding               Kennett New                 John Atkeison/                                                                                                       and Andrea Bowers
                                           Century Club                Erin Winner                             Pogo               Mr. Harold Schutt            The Fleming                  Deborah Alle/
Tiva            Mr. Harold Schutt          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick        The Snyderman Family                                                                    Foundation Trust             Richard Donham
                                           Darragh                                                             Princess           CPL Breeding                 Taylor Oil Company           SCI–Cambridge Springs
Tunka           CPL Breeding               The Claniel Foundation      MCIW                                    Ruby               CPL Breeding                 Mr. and Mrs.                 SCI–Cambridge Springs
Zeus            Karen Jenkins              Ms. Susan Fontaine          SCI–Graterford                                                                          J. S. Dean, Jr.
                                                                                                               Shiloh             Mr. Harold Schutt            Pocopson Elementary          David and Jennifer
                                DOGS IN BREEDER HOMES
                                                                                                                                                               School                       Kriesel
DOG             DONOR                      NAMER                       BREEDER HOME
                                                                                                               Talley             Mr. Harold Schutt            Dr. & Mrs. Grafton           Leslie and Harry Fisher
Beck            CPL Breeding               Independence                The Combs Family                                                                        Reeves
                                                                                                               Trixie             CPL Breeding                 Philadelphia University Denise Hulse
Cindi           The Fertig Family          The Fertig Family           The Fertig Family
                                                                                                               Velvet             Mr. Harold Schutt            Ms. Susan Fontaine           The Combs Family
Marlee          CPL Breeding               Lebanon Kennel Club         The Fertig Family
                                                                                                               Vinny              Sister Pauline Quinn         Sister Pauline Quinn         MCIW
Tara            The Fertig Family          Ms. Edith Edson             Roberta Knauf
                                                                                                               Wynne              CPL Breeding                 Sylvia and Todd              SCI–Muncy
Reghan Jane     Mr. Harold Schutt          Mr. & Mrs. George           The Fertig Family                                                                       Bachman
                                                                                                               Yungee             CPL Breeding                 Dr. Charles Sung             SCI–Cambridge Springs

Interested in a little                                               DOG                 DONOR
                                                                                                                        DOGS IN HOME COMPANION HOMES
                                                                                                                        NAMER                    PUPPY HOME                       HOME COMPANION HOME

CUDDLE TIME?                                                         Contessa            Mr. Harold Schutt              Mr. and Mrs. Nathan      Tony and Yukiko Savini                                               11

Medical studies have shown that interaction with dogs                Daisy               CPL Breeding                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert      SCI–Cambridge Springs
relives stress and helps boost your immune system. Now
                                                                     Fuzzy               Delaware SPCA                  Mrs. Darlene Sullivan    MCIW
that we have your attention, how would you like to spend
                                                                     Kismet              Leslie Hunt/                   Leslie Hunt/             Roberta Knauf                    Anthony and Sharon Faby
some time cuddling with our dogs in training? We have                                    Companion Animal               Companion Animal
decided to implement a “cuddle room” in the kennel to                Wilbur              Katherine Montaigne            The Goldblatt Family     David and Deborah Parker
help the dogs feel more at home. You can come in the                                                                    DOGS IN DEMONSTRATION TRAINING
morning, get a free cup of coffee, read the paper or a
                                                                     DOG                 DONOR                          NAMER                    PUPPY HOME                       DEMO HOME
magazine or catch up on the news. Come during the day
                                                                     Alex                Joan Fyk                       Unknown                  The Osborne Family               The Guy Family
and watch the soaps or a video, and cuddle with a dog at
                                                                     Sage                CPL Breeding                   Wendy Twing              MCIW                             The Sullivan Family
the same time! Watch your favorite show in the evening,
have some popcorn, and pet and massage a dog while you
relax. Hurry, contact Mary, our volunteer coordinator at
(610) 869–4902 x 12 or e-mail her if you are interested at
What We’re Wishing For…
Being a non-profit often means going without a lot of items or making
do with little things in order to keep the program going. You can help
by contributing to our wish list! Please contact Jennifer at CPL with

                                                                                     CPL Events at a Glance
questions or donations at (610) 869–4902 x 16 or jkriesel@k94life.org.
                                                                                     Please join us for these great events! More information is on our website at
Thank you in advance!
                                                                                     www.k94life.org/events.htm or call us at (610) 869–4902 x 25
      Color copy machine
  •   Color laser printers
  •   Regular laser printers                                                         PAWSAMERICA KENNETT SQUARE, PA
  •   Any sized Vari-Kennels                                                         May 6, 2006 • Upland Country Day School
  •   Postage stamps
  •   4 x 6 and 8 x 10 glossy photo paper packs                                      Other PAWS sites are scheduled, check out our website!
  •   Durable toys for dogs in the kennel
  •   Clipper blades for kennel
                                                                                     CPL BENEFIT NIGHT AT JOES, THE UNCHAIN RESTAURANT
      X-ray machine for Kennel Vet Room
  •   Speakers with jack-inputs                                                      May 18, 2006 • Wilmington, Delaware (Thursday night)
  •   Black Kongs
  •   Vacation donations for our Wine Auction
                                                                                     July 2, 2006 • Wilmington, Delaware (Sunday night)
  •   “Galileo” Doggie Bones
  •   Volunteers for our Wine Auction Committee                                      YAPPY HOURS – COME “PAW”TY WITH US!
  •   Programmable Electronic Speaking Device
  •   Whelping box and special paper                                                 June 22, July 27th, and August 24th • ING DIRECT’s Spaarpot Café Wilmington
  •   Esbilac powdered milk replacer for puppies
  •   Gift certificates to Pet-Edge or other doggie supply catalogs                  SUMMER GRADUATION
  •   Adobe Photoshop software
  •   Treadmill with wide ramp                                                       July 9, 2006 • CPL Facility
  •   Videos and DVDs for the doggie cuddle room
  •   Seamstress to help make dog capes and beds
  •   Large plastic storage boxes
                                                                                     OPEN HOUSE AND COW BINGO
  •   Portable PA System for special events                                          September 9, 2006 • CPL Facility
                                                                                     FALL GRADUATION
         Designate CPL as Your                                                       October 22, 2006 • CPL Facility
           Charity of Choice                                                         HOWL-O-WEEN AT WHISKAZZ AND PAWZZ
      You can help CPL by designating us as your “charity                            October 29, 2006 • Hockessin Corner Shops
      of choice” on the United Way, Combined Federal                                 in Hockessin, Delaware
      Campaign, or America’s Charities pledge forms. It’s
      an easy way to become part of the CPL family of                                9TH ANNUAL UNE CELEBRATION DU VIN
      donors. Just indicate #0418 on Combined Federal                                November 18, 2006 • Wine Auction and Gala,
      Campaign or American Charities pledge forms.                                   Doubletree Hotel, Wilmington, Delaware
      Thank you to everyone that donated this way in
      past years; your support goes a long way!
                                                                                                                                       removed from our mailing list, please call (610) 869–4902, x 10.
                                                                                                                                         If you are receiving duplicate copies or if you would like to be
                                                                                                                                                                                          Melanie Kuhn
                                                                                                                                                                                              Kim Amick
                                                                                                                                                                            SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR
                                                                                                                                                                                      Cathy Dever Hatch
                                                                                                                                                                                         GRANT WRITER
                                                                                                                                                                                        Erik Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                                                        Holly Brownback
                                                                                                                                                            T O P I


                                                                                                                                    (302 ) 791–9491
                                                                                                                                                                                     KENNEL ASSISTANTS
                                                                                                                                    Little Utopia, Inc.


                                                                                                                                    Alyssa Krill/               IT TL                  Cindy Brownback
                                                                                                                                                           Design                     KENNEL MANAGER
                                                                                                                                                                                         Megan Esherick
                                                                         Being so cute really tires you out!                                  William Wright, Esq.                              TRAINER
                                                                                                                                              Wendy Twing
                                                                                                                                                                                              Deb Bauer
                                                                                                                                              Martha Miele
                                                                                                                                              Irving Gerber
                                                                                                                                              Nikki Deptula                                  Mary Fertig
                                                                                                                                              Francine Darragh                   COORDINATOR
                                                                                                                                              Rick Beeman, PhD
                                                                                                                                              Deborah Allen, PhD                            Susann Guy
                                                                                                                                                BOARD MEMBERS                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
                                                                                                                                                Tory Diffenderffer                         Fran Baldwin
                                                                                                                                                          SECRETARY             DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT
                                                                                                                                                     Richard Swift                       Jennifer Kriesel
                                                                                                                                                          TREASURER           DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                                                            Lynn McClintock, Esq.                            Carol Stark
                                                                                                                                                  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                                     Margaretta S. Frederick, PhD                       Darlene Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                          PRESIDENT         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR/FOUNDER
                                                                                                                             Staff                    Current Board of Directors
                                                                                                                             CANINE PARTNERS FOR LIFE
                                                                                                                                           email info@k94life.org / web www.k94life.org
                                                                                                                                              phone (610) 869–4902 / fax (610) 869–9785
                                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 170 Cochranville, PA 19330–0170
      PERMIT NO. 674
   WILMINGTON, DE                                                                                                                         SPRING 2006 NEWSLETTER
       U.S. POSTAGE

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