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                                                                        LSU MUSEUM OF ART NEWS

                                     P A G E
                                                                        P A G E
Opening Jan. 27, Living with         LSU has launched the               After launching our first annual
Art: Modern and Contemporary         fundraising campaign Forever       corporate membership campaign,
African American Art from the        LSU to support the National        LSU MOA is proud to announce that
Alitash Kebede Collection contains   Flagship Agenda. As part of        the first four businesses to initiate
over 70 paintings, prints, and       the National Flagship Agenda       the campaign are Taylor Clark Gallery,
sculptures by African American       for 2010, LSU MOA will bring       JPMorgan Chase, Whole Foods Market
artists, including Romare Bearden,   the collection and its use to a    and Public Systems Associates, Inc.
Elizabeth Catlett, Sam Gilliam,      new level of excellence, with      The LSU MOA annual corporate
Louis Mailou Jones, Jacob            a plan to increase the quality     membership campaign is a wonderful
Lawrence, and Alma Thomas. The       and accessibility of the collec-   way for businesses to support the
members’ reception will be held      tion for the purposes of study,    LSU Capital Campaign, Forever LSU,
on Friday, Jan. 26, at 6:30 pm.      research, and community.           and further the museum’s outreach.
                                                                                                                                                                   LSU MUSEUM OF ART NEWS                           3

                                                                                                tremendous success. We now
                                                                                                have more than $910,000 in
                                                                                                the endowment, and should
                                                                                                reach the $1,000,000 mark by
                                                                                                the middle of 2007— one year
                                                                                                early—thanks to the leadership
                                                                                                and hard work of Susan Lipsey
                                                                                                and Jerry Schwing.
                                                                                                    Our new exhibitions offer a
                                                                                                diverse menu of wonderful
                           new opportunities for the museum as it moves into 2007.
                                                                                                art. Living with Art: Modern

Message                         On July 1, Susan Lipsey began her term as chairwoman of the
                                                                                                & Contemporary African
                                                                                                American Art from the Alitash
                           LSU Museum of Art Advisory Board. Her commitment to
                                                                                                Kebede Collection is a variety of
                           expanding the board’s volunteer efforts is contagious; already she
                                                                                                works by many of the most
                           has launched three new initiatives, which you will read about in
                                                                                                important African American
                           this issue of ArtTalk.
                                                                                                artists from the modern and
                                There are new faces on the LSU MOA staff as well. In August
                                                                                                contemporary periods. Woven
                           we said goodbye to Danelle Augustin, our membership coordi-
                                                                                                Art: Native American Basketry
                           nator, who accepted an internship at the Smithsonian Institution
                                                                                                from the Sharon and Jack Field
                           in Washington, D.C. We also welcomed our new development
                                                                                                Collection is a unique view of
                           officer, Charlotte Nordyke. A long-time Baton Rouge resident,
                                                                                                our Native American culture.
                           Charlotte is an experienced fundraiser and grant writer. She is a
                                                                                                    I want to close by thanking
                           tremendous asset to the museum as it seeks funding for the best
                                                                                                everyone for your support and
                           arts programming in the community. We know everyone will                                                      Whispers from the Stone: The James R. and Ann A. Peltier
                                                                                                generosity. In January I return          Collection of Chinese Jade exhibition opening a success!
                           look forward to meeting and working with her—she is a dynam-
                                                                                                full time as professor in the
                           ic, creative personality with a track record of expanding organi-                                             What an extraordinary evening! Thanks to our donors, Dr. James R.
                                                                                                LSU Manship School of Mass               and Ann A. Peltier, Capital One Bank, and Taylor, Porter,
                           zations, among them Playmakers and Swine Palace.
                                                                                                Communication. My three-                 Brooks & Phillips, LLP, an exquisite collection of Chinese jade capti-
                                Opportunity comes in many forms, and support spaces are                                                  vated all who came. More than 600 people attended this fabulous
                                                                                                plus years here have provided
                           critical to the ongoing operations of the museum. After renting                                               event, which was covered in local, regional, and national press.
                                                                                                an extraordinary experience.
                           the board room for a meeting of the Construction Specification                                                Greeted in the first of eight galleries by the stunning Sakyamuni
                           Institute, Coleman Brown agreed to help us build a kitchen!                                                   Buddha and a fantastic jade pillow in the form of a crouching boy,
                                                                                                Laura F. Lindsay                         visitors then viewed more than 60 intricately carved and beautifully
                           Coordinating the project with local architects and contractors,                                               displayed jade pieces. This outstanding exhibition of works collected
                                                                                                Interim Executive Director
                           Coleman helped provide a beautiful space that supports both our                                               by Dr. and Mrs. Peltier, many of which have been donated to LSU
                           rental activities and our daily staff needs.                                                                  MOA, was guest curated by Helen Delacretaz, curator of decorative
                                                                                                                                         and fine art, The Winnipeg Art. To complement the exhibition,
                                                                                                L E F T : Susan Lipsey (left), LSU MOA
                                Michael Robinson, an LSU Foundation and museum board                                                     Mansur’s provided a wonderful selection of wines and Asian delicacies.
                                                                                                Advisory Board chairwoman, with LSU
                           member, noticed we needed space for our many art reference           Chancellor Sean O’Keefe and Laura
                                                                                                O’Keefe.                                 T O P : (left to right) Helen Delacretaz, guest curator of Whispers from
FRONT COVER :              books. Michael met with his family, and, thanks to the
                                                                                                                                         the Stone, Fran Huber, James R. and Ann A. Peltier, and Dr. Laura
Alma Thomas                                                                                     RIGHT:   Dr. Laura Lindsay and
                           Robinsons’ donation, we now have a fabulous library reference                                                 Lindsay at the members’ preview, celebrating the Peltiers’ personal col-
(American, 1891–1978),                                                                          Charlotte Nordyke (left), the new LSU    lection of impressive jade artwork. Photography: InRegister
Untitled (Red), c. 1978,   wall on the third floor.                                             MOA director for development, pose
acrylic on canvas.                                                                              in front of Ida Rittenberg Kohlmeyer’s   B O T T O M : (left to right) Shelly Miller, Natalie Mault and Crissy Bergeron
                                Our October 20 Endowment Society Party, chaired by Jerry        Pompeian #2, a new accession from
From the collection of                                                                                                                   enjoying an evening of food, friends, and stunning jade carvings at the
Alitash Kebede.            Schwing and hosted by Moo and Martin Svendson, was a                 JPMorgan Chase.                          Whispers from the Stone members’ preview. Photography: InRegister
                                                         LSU MUSEUM OF ART NEWS                5

Living with Art: Modern and                       College in Oregon. She then moved to Los
Contemporary African American Art                 Angeles, to attend graduate school at UCLA.
from the Alitash Kebede Collection                In 1982 Kebede had an opportunity to meet
Organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions,        Skunder Boghossian in Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles, California                           She purchased one of his paintings and thus
Open January 27 through April 22, 2007            started her collection.
Members’ reception: Friday, Jan. 26, 6:30 pm           Kebede had an early sensibility toward
                                                  abstraction and deconstructed imagery and
                                                  this led her to collect Alma Thomas’
The following is an except from A Look            Untitled (Red) (c. 1978) and Garden
Beyond Content: The Collection of Alitash         (c. 1978). Both of Thomas’ paintings are
Kebede, 2002 by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins,         characterized by brief daubs of paint on
Ph.D.                                             painted undersurfaces, sometimes executed
                                                  in broad bands of color with linear elements.
Living With Art: Modern and Contemporary          Works by other artists exhibit this same type
African American Art features works from          of experimentation with materials while also
the collection of Ethiopian-born, Los             focusing on visual illusion and perception,
Angeles-based collector Alitash Kebede. Her       such as in Sam Gilliam’s For Xavier (1990)
collection points to the multiple influences      and Mel Edwards’ C & M Carodolet (1981),
and identities that contribute to the spec-       both of which appear to slice into the spaces
trum of works by African American artists         around them.
while illustrating types of works, such as por-        Portraiture is a staple in art production by
traiture and genre scenes, that have been so      African American artists and a genre appreci-
endearing to many Black viewers and collec-       ated by many people because it allows one to
tors. While embracing those forms, the col-       gaze unnoticed into the lives of strangers and
lection also offers a respite from them by        create narratives based on the fragments of
highlighting other challenging forms that         information revealed by the artist. As we fan-
offer experimentation with non-objective          tasize, we interact with the subject, incorpo-
styles that are appreciated for the manipula-     rating our own baggage and longings into
tion of materials, spatial arrangements,          their stories. Some of the earliest drawings,
deconstructed images, irony, and critical         all created in 1947, are an academic self-por-
juxtapositions.                                   trait by Samella Lewis, a sensitive portrayal
    The success of this personal survey of        entitled Lovers by Charles Alston, and
modern and postmodern art supports the            Charles White’s poignant Woman in Pain
idea of art appreciation through early expo-      (Dolorosa). Later works share the same
sure to art. Kebede was exposed to art in her     romanticism: Elizabeth Catlett’s thoughtful
home, when as a teenager she attended the         Glory (1986), Richmond Barthe’s Spanish
exhibition of Ethiopian-born modern               Mother (1939), the ultra realism of Richard
painter, Skunder Boghossian. During the
                                                  Jacob Lawrence (American, 1917–2000),
1970s Kebede’s intrigue with contemporary
                                                  Harlem Street Scene, 1975, silkscreen.
art led her to minor in studio art at Lindfield   From the collection of Alitash Kebede.
                                                                                                                                                         T O P : Origami
                                                                                                                                                         masters Kao-Hua
                                                                                                                                                         Sze and John Hu
                                                                                                                                                         explain chinese
                                                                                                                                                         paper folding
                                                                                                                                                         during the Origami
                                                                                                                                                         Demonstration on         Hedorah (smog monster) #2/5,
                                                                                                                                                         Sept. 10.                vinyl, 7 x 4 x 6 inches. From the
                                                                                                                                                                                  collection of Warren Schwartz.
                                                                                                                                                         B O T T O M : David      Photography: Natalie Mault
                                                                                                                                                         Porter demonstrates
                                                                                                                                                         Southern Shaolin         design and origin of robots.
                                                                                                                                                         Stick during the Tai     These outrageously colorful fig-
                                                                                                                                                         Chi performance on       ures festooned with spikes,
                                                                                                                                                         Sept. 17.                swords and spring-powered mis-
                                                                                                                                                                                  siles were forms unlike anything
                                                                                                      Current Exhibitions                   stone, providing insight to
                                                                                                                                                                                  seen previously.
                                                                                                                                            Chinese culture and the art of
Wyatt’s 1999 portrait of Kebede’s nephew         textures of nature. In Maren Hassinger’s             Paths to the Press:
                                                                                                                                            jade carving.
                                                                                                      Printmaking and American                                                    Geisha to Diva:
entitled Young Zelek, and Untitled (2001) by     When the Time Came There Were No Leaves                                                                                          The Kimonos of Ichimaru
                                                                                                      Women Artists, 1910-1960              Woven Art: Native American
Kehinde Wiley, the youngest artist in the col-   (1988), which resembles an earthscape, wiry          Organized by the Marianna             Basketry from the Sharon and
                                                                                                                                                                                  Organized and circulated by the
                                                                                                      Kistler Beach Museum of Art,                                                Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
lection. The most engaging portraits are         bristles billow like grasses propelled by                                                  Jack Field Collection Organized
                                                                                                      Kansas State University.                                                    Open May 12, 2007 through
                                                                                                                                            by the LSU Museum of Art. Open
those that also employ a sense of irony, such    nature’s design.                                     Open through Jan. 7, 2007                                                   Aug. 19, 2007
                                                                                                                                            through March 25, 2007
as Emilo Cruz’s Portrait of Alitash (1991)—          While Kebede’s collection is culturally
                                                                                                      Paths to the Press: Printmaking                                             Geisha to Diva: The Kimonos of
                                                                                                                                            Woven Art: Native American
a beautiful rendering of the collector that      specific, her collecting outlook is interna-         and American Women Artists is                                               Ichimaru explores the life and
                                                                                                                                            Basketry from the Sharon and Jack
accentuates an attitude of feminine charm,       tional. Living with Art is an ever-evolving          the first major exhibition to sur-                                          experiences of Geisha/Diva
                                                                                                                                            Field Collection highlights a small
                                                                                                      vey women artists’ contributions                                            Ichimaru, one of the most famous
determination, and resolve.                      experience that grows and is shaped by the                                                 part of the Fields’ collection
                                                                                                      to printmaking in the United                                                geishas of the 20 th century,
                                                                                                                                            assembled over the decades. The
    There are several genre scenes that point    collector’s experiences and personal relation-       States during the first half of the                                         known for her exceptional
                                                                                                                                            exhibition includes more than 30
                                                                                                      20 th century. Paths to the Press                                           singing voice. A magnificent col-
to the artists’ need to document the world       ship with what is collected. This exhibition is                                            woven baskets, olla vessels, water
                                                                                                      features 104 works by 83 female                                             lection of 24 rare kimonos and
                                                                                                                                            jugs, hats and bowls crafted by
around them. Some paintings, such as Lois        therefore an introduction to modern and              artists, including Mary Cassatt,                                            other personal effects once
                                                                                                                                            17 Native American tribes.
Mailou Jones’ Le Camp De Gitanes                 postmodern works by African American                 Louise Nevelson, and Elizabeth                                              belonging to Ichimaru forms the
                                                                                                                                            Careful examination of the vari-
                                                                                                      Catlett.                                                                    heart of this exhibition and
(Burgens, France) (1940) and Palmer              artists, save for Boghossian, the inspiration                                              ous weaving techniques reveals
                                                                                                                                                                                  demonstrates her fashion style
                                                                                                                                            deeper cultural aesthetics, as well
Hayden’s Steps of Baltimore (c. 1940), attest    for the collection. The second phase of her          Whispers from the Stone:                                                    and tastes over
                                                                                                                                            as the expression of a weaver’s
                                                                                                      The James R. and Ann A.                                                     several decades.
to the early realistic narratives in paintings   collecting will be equally as compelling, as                                               artistry. Woven Art examines
                                                                                                      Peltier Collection of Chinese
                                                                                                                                            traditions of basketry through a
that took precedence over design or experi-      Kebede uses her skills to shape a collection         Organized by the LSU Museum of
                                                                                                                                            comparison of tribal styles and
mentation. For Jacob Lawrence, painting          with far-reaching implications on the mod-           Art. Open through Feb. 25, 2007
                                                                                                                                            techniques.                            Thank You
was always design, as exemplified by the col-    ern/postmodern cultural interface of Blacks          Whispers from the Stone: The                                                 LSU MOA Sponsors
                                                                                                                                                                                   August to January 2006
                                                                                                      James R. and Ann A. Peltier
ored shapes in Flight #1 (Walking in the         dispersed across all seven continents. An                                                  Future Exhibitions                     Capital One Bank
                                                                                                      Collection of Chinese Jade show-
Rain) (1967) and Builders Color Drawings         exciting thought, indeed.                            cases the Peltier collection of       Invasion: Japanese Robots
                                                                                                                                                                                   Citadel Broadcasting
                                                                                                      impressive jade artworks from the                                            Community Coffee
12 (1985). He often reworked themes in               The exhibition Living with Art: Modern                                                 from the Collection of Warren          Country Roads
                                                                                                      Qing Dynasty through the eyes of      Schwartz Organized by the LSU
different media making works like                and Contemporary African American Art                                                                                             Dr. James R. and Ann A. Peltier
                                                                                                      a Western connoisseur of Chinese      Museum of Art. Open April 13,          JPMorgan Chase
Confrontation at the Bridge, Harlem Street       from the Alitash Kebede Collection was               culture. Through the curatorship      2007 through Sept. 16, 2007            PF Chang's China Bistro
Scene and The Library, all silk screens from     organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions,           of Helen Delacretaz, curator of                                              Public Systems Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                      decorative and fine art at the        Invasion: Japanese Robots from         Taylor Clark Gallery
the 1970s, available to wider audiences.         Los Angeles, CA.                                     Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the         the Collection of Warren Schwartz      Taylor, Porter, Brooks
    Kebede has amassed a diverse collection                                                           scholarship of Barry Till, curator    showcases a unique collection of         & Phillips, LLP
                                                                                                      of Asian art at the Art Gallery of    Japanese robots made during the        The Advocate
                                                 Maren Hassinger (American, 1947 – ), When the Time
of sculpture, from realistic renderings to                                                            Greater Victoria, the exhibition      peak of these action figures’          The Riverside Reader
                                                 Came There Were No Leaves, 1988, wire rope and
                                                                                                                                            popularity, 1972 to 1982.              Unique Cuisine
abstractions that mimic the movements and        concrete. From the collection of Alitash Kebede.     focuses on how the master carver
                                                                                                                                                                                   Whole Foods Market
                                                                                                      unlocks the form within the raw       Invasion examines the allure,
                                                                                                                                                                                               LSU MUSEUM OF ART NEWS                    9

                              Calendar OF EVENTS
                                                                                                                      Location (unless otherwise stated): LSU MOA, Paula

                                                                                                                      Garvey Manship Floor (fifth), Shaw Center for the
                                                                                                                      Arts. Fee (unless otherwise stated): Free for LSU MOA
                                                                                                                      members, all others free with museum admission.

                                                                               27                                     3
DECEMBER                                education curator, at                         Living with Art:                     Step Demonstration                    speak frankly about racial issues      visitors the unique opportunity to
                                        225.389.7207;                  Modern and                           • Saturday, Feb. 3, 4:00 pm.          while learning from each other         meet and speak directly with practic-

    River Views & Vibes                                                               Contemporary African                 Location: Atrium Plaza, Shaw          about the repercussions of preju-      ing artists about their work.

    • Thursday, Dec. 7, 5:00 –                  Chinese Calligraphy            American Art from the Alitash          Center for the Arts. An African            dice and institutional racism.

    8:00 pm. $5 for LSU MOA                     • Sunday, Jan. 14, 2:00 pm.    Kebede Collection opens                American tradition, “stepping” is                                                        “Royalty” dance

members, $10 for all others. River              Chinese culture considers      • Living with Art opens to the         a form of dance using complex,                    Chinese Kites • Sunday,                troupe performance
Views & Vibes is a fun, business-       calligraphy the highest art form       public, featuring 75 works by 39       synchronized body movements                       Feb. 11, 2:00 pm. $8 for               and instruction • Thursday,
casual event organized by the LSU       and the basis from which all other     of the most important African          that combine elements of military                 LSU MOA members, $14 for        Feb. 22, 6:30 pm. A local dance
MOA and the Baton Rouge                 Chinese art forms evolved.             American artists from the collec-      drills and contemporary jazz and           all others. Location: Charles Phelps   troupe, Royalty, demonstrates a
Symphony. Tour the museum and           Continue to explore Chinese culture    tion of Alitash Kebede                 hip-hop styles. In stepping, the           Manship, Jr. Floor (third), Shaw       unique blend of African, Caribbean
enjoy music by members of the           with the LSU Museum of Art as                                                 body is used as a drum – clapping,         Center for the Arts. Add your own      and hip-hop styles, combining the old

Baton Rouge Symphony.                   Andy Huang and Ms. Zhao Zhihong              MLK Day of Service               slapping hands against various             style and color to traditionally       with the new. The audience will join
                                        demonstrate Chinese calligraphy.             • Sunday, Jan. 28. $3            parts of the body and foot stomp-          crafted Chinese kites! Children        in as Royalty dancers offer guidance

       Chinese Brush Painting           To reserve your spot, contact Lara           discounted admission for         ing produce intricate rhythms for          must be accompanied by an adult.       on basic steps.
       • Sunday, Dec. 10, 2:00 pm.      Gautreau, education curator, at        MLK Day of Service volunteers.         the dance.                                 Pre-registration is required by

       Chinese Brush Painting is        225.389.7207;           On Saturday, January 27, over 250                                                 Friday, Feb. 2. When pre-register-            Contemporary
more than a representation of an

                                                                               volunteers will participate in the         Evening for NPHC                       ing, please specify whether you               Chinese Culture:

object, it is also a symbolic expres-          Artists Up-Close:               annual Dr. Martin Luther King Day          • Saturday, Feb. 3, 5:00 – 7:00        prefer a goldfish, owl or butterfly!          A Panel Discussion
sion. LSU MOA continues to                     Ford Thomas • Thursday,         of Service, sponsored by the LSU           pm. LSU MOA hosts National             Contact Education Curator Lara         • Sunday, Feb. 25, 2:00 pm. While
explore Chinese culture as painters            Jan. 18, 6:30 pm.               Office of Multicultural Affairs. On    Pan-Hellenic Council fraternities          Gautreau at 225.389.7207;              modern technology and the global
Margaret Koai and Sandra                Surrounded by LSU MOA’s fine           Sunday, January 28, to honor their     and sororities, undergraduate and                         market place have seemingly shrunk
Pickering demonstrate Chinese           antique furniture, meet contempo-      commitment to Dr. King’s princi-       graduate members, as our guests                                                   physical distances, human cultures

brush painting, a unique tradition      rary furniture designer and wood-      ples of volunteerism and service,      at the Living with Art exhibition.                Artists Up-Close:               remain vastly separated. LSU MOA
which has existed for millennia.        worker Ford Thomas. A designer         the LSU Museum of Art will offer                                                         Randell Henry • Thursday,       provides a setting for bridging the

                                        for more than 25 years, Thomas’        $3 admission to participants wear-         YWCA’s Dialogue on Race                       Feb. 15, 6:30 pm. Instructor    distance with a panel discussion that

      LSU MOA Museum Store              one-of-a-kind furniture has been       ing their commemorative T-shirts.          • Thursday, Feb. 8, 6:00 – 7:00        of Visual Arts at Southern             we hope yields insight into frequent
      Holiday Trunk Show                displayed in national galleries. He                                               pm. Over the past 11 years,            University, Randell Henry’s paint-     misconceptions of Chinese cultural
      • Friday, Dec. 15, 3:00 -

                                        is recognized for his attention to            Chinese Tea Ceremony            more than 1,000 Baton Rougeans             ings are often expressions of pure     norms. Everyone is invited to attend
5:00 pm. Location: Atrium Plaza,        detail and high-quality finishes.             • Sunday, Jan. 28, 2:00 pm.     have taken part in YWCA’s                  form and color stemming from           this open and frank discussion. LSU
Shaw Center for the Arts. Just in       The Artists Up-Close program                  Ancient China regarded tea      Dialogue on Race series. Everyone is       influences as diverse as early         MOA also welcomes advance ques-
time for the holiday season! Why        gives museum visitors the unique       as one of the seven daily necessi-     invited to be a part of this discus-       African cave paintings and             tions e-mailed to Lara Gautreau,
spend your time running all over        opportunity to meet and speak          ties. Chinese occasions, both casu-    sion that offers a valuable opportu-       German Expressionism. The Artists      education curator at
town looking for that perfect gift?     directly with practicing artists       al and formal, still include tea.      nity for people of diverse cultures to     Up-Close program gives museum
Come join us for the LSU MOA            about their work.                      Margaret Koai will discuss this sta-
Museum Store second annual                                                     ple of Chinese culture as she

Holiday Trunk Show for that one-              Chinese Flutist                  shares the tea ceremony.                 Forever LSU: The Campaign For LSU
of-a-kind gift.J A                            • Sunday, Jan. 21, 2:00 pm.

                                              The Di-zi is a traditional              Gallery Talk: Alitash             Determined to compete on all              for the purposes of study, research   corporate members provide crucial
JANUARY                                 Chinese flute that originated in              Kebede • Sunday, Jan. 28,         levels with the nation’s best public      and community engagement.             support for museum exhibitions,
                                        Asia Minor more than 2,000 years              3:00 pm. What do you get          universities, LSU has launched the        Spearheading LSU MOA’s Forever        educational programs, research

   River Views & Vibes                  ago. Enjoy the exhibition Whispers     when you combine a generous con-         largest, most ambitious fundrais-         LSU Campaign Committee are            and conservation, as well as expan-
   • Thursday, Jan. 4, 5:00 – 8:00      from the Stone as LSU MOA con-         tributor to the arts, her fabulous       ing campaign in school history.           advisory board executive members      sion of the permanent collection.
   pm. $5 for LSU MOA mem-              tinues to explore Chinese culture      collection and personal stories          The strategy supports the National        Susan Lipsey, Linda Bowsher,          LSU MOA is proud to announce
bers, $10 for all others. River         while flutist Lubin Lou’s mastery of   about the artists themselves? An         Flagship Agenda, the plan to              Ashley Fox-Smith, Phillip Juban,      that the first four businesses to
Views & Vibes is a fun, business-       this haunting instrument makes         afternoon you won’t want to              attract and retain the nation’s top       Cornelius Lewis, Laura Lindsay,       take part are Taylor Clark Gallery,
casual event organized by the LSU       your visit a memorable one.            miss! Join us for a gallery talk by      students, faculty and staff and           Nancy Robichaux, Michael              JPMorgan Chase, Whole Foods
MOA and the Baton Rouge                                                        collector Alitash Kebede as she          improve campus infrastructure             Robinson, Jerry Schwing, Sue          Market and Public Systems
Symphony. Tour the museum and

                                               Living with Art                 discusses the art and artists from       and research.                             Turner and Leonard Wyatt.             Associates, Inc. By partnering
enjoy music by members of the                  Members’ Reception              the exhibition Living with Art.                                                    Charlotte Nordyke, museum             with the museum, these compa-
Baton Rouge Symphony.                          • Friday, Jan. 26, 6:30 –                                                Representing LSU MOA on the               development director, serves as       nies help expand access of LSU
                                        8:30 pm. Free for LSU MOA                                                       National Cabinet is Susan Lipsey,         liaison to the LSU Foundation.        MOA’s collections and programs

        Chinese Culinary Arts                                                  FEBRUARY
                                        members. Members, join us for                                                   LSU MOA Advisory Board                                                          to the entire community. This is a
        • Friday, Jan. 12, 7:00 pm.     the preview of Living with Art:                                                 Chairwoman. “I’m so excited               For more information

        $25 for LSU MOA members,                                                  River Views & Vibes •                                                                                                 great opportunity for businesses to
                                        Modern and Contemporary                   Thursday, Feb. 1, 5:00 – 8:00         about the potential of the cam-           about Forever LSU visit               support the LSU Capital Campaign,
$30 for all others. Location:           African American Art from the                                                   paign to enhance the museum’s   
Charles Phelps Manship, Jr. Floor                                                 pm. $5 for LSU MOA mem-                                                                                               Forever LSU, and further the muse-
                                        Alitash Kebede Collection.             bers, $10 for all others. River          stature and move us into a new                                                  um’s outreach. Corporate member-
(third), Shaw Center for the Arts.      Organized by Landau Traveling                                                   level of operation,” said Lipsey. In      Corporate Membership
Enjoy Whispers from the Stone                                                  Views & Vibes is a fun, business-                                                                                        ship levels and benefits are listed
                                        Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA,                                                   support of LSU’s National Flagship        Campaign                              on the membership application at
and then join Chef Casey Levy                                                  casual event organized by the LSU
                                        Living with Art features 75 works      MOA and the Baton Rouge                  Agenda for 2010, LSU MOA will                                                   the end of the newsletter.
from PF Chang’s China Bistro as         by 39 of the most important                                                     work on bringing the museum col-          LSU MOA kicked off its first annual
he discusses the art of Chinese                                                Symphony. Tour the museum and                                                      corporate membership campaign
                                        African American artists from the      enjoy music by members of the            lection and its use to a new level of                                           For more information contact
cuisine, table manners and pro-         collection of Alitash Kebede.                                                   excellence. The museum’s plan             this fall under the leadership of     Charlotte Nordyke, development
vides a delicious meal. To reserve                                             Baton Rouge Symphony.                                                              Brenda Berg, chairwoman of the
                                                                                                                        focuses on steps to increase the                                                director at 225.389.7212;
your spot, contact Lara Gautreu,                                                                                        collection’s quality and accessibility    Membership Committee. Annual
                                                                                                     MOA News

                                                                                                     Endowment Society Exceeds
                                                                                                     Annual Goal Again

                                                                                                     On October 20, members of
                                                                                                     the 2006 LSU Museum of
                                                                                                     Art Endowment Society were
                                                                                                     honored with a gathering at
                                                                                                     the home of Moo and Martin                                                                                          1.
                                                                                                     Svendson. The annual event
                                                                                                     recognizes members for their
                                                                                                     contribution of $1,000 toward
                                                                                                     an endowed fund managed by
                                                                                                     LSU Foundation.

                                                                                                     Guests were greeted in the foyer
                                                                                                     by the Svendsons’, Susan Lipsey,
                                                                                                     and Jerry Schwing and treated to
                                                                                                     a delicious harvest feast, com-
                                                                                                     plete with a roasted pig. Board                                         2.                                          3.
                                                                                                     Chair Susan Lipsey welcomed
                                                                                                     guests and thanked Endowment
                                                                                                                                            1 . Honoree Sue Turner and Bert Turner (center) with hosts Martin and
                                                                                                     Society Chairwoman Jerry
                                                                                                                                            Moo Svendson (back), Board Chair, Susan Lipsey (left) and Committee
                                                                                                     Schwing for her outstanding            Chair, Jerry Schwing (right) at the endowment party.
                                                                                                     leadership. Committee members
                                                                                                     included Brenda Berg, Stephen          2. Presentation of the Sue Turner Award. Sue Turner (left), Juli Juneau
                                                                                                                                            (center), and Susan Lipsey (right).
                                                                                                     Black, Jack Field, Sharon Field,
                                                                                                     Ashley Fox-Smith, Beth Fuller,         3. New Endowment Society members, Richard and Ruth Leibowitz,
                                                                                                     Winnie Gill, Linda Grace, Carol        enjoy the evening.
                                                                                                     Lamar, Kathy McArthur, Hermann
David Hayes Sculptures                           Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the                                                    Committee for the Restoration            She received the Elizabeth
                                                                                                     Moyse, Jr., Bernadine Peters, Gail
                                                 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the                                                      of the of the U.S. Mint; the             McLundie Bolton Award from the
                                                                                                     O’Quin, Gail Pryor, Susan Rolfs,
                                                                                                                                            American Association of                  Louisiana Association of Museums
Recent visitors to LSU MOA no doubt have         National Museum of American Art in                  Gay Town and Margaret Womack.
                                                                                                                                            Museums’ Trustees Committee;             for distinguished service to the
noticed several large, distinctive sculptures    Washington, D.C.                                    The highlight of the evening was       Friends of the Cabildo; Burden           arts and humanities, Lady of the
                                                                                                     the inauguration of the “Sue           Foundation Trustee; the Louisiana        Year, Volunteer Activist,
in and around the Shaw Center for the Arts.          Hayes’ sculptures are created by cutting
                                                                                                     Turner Award for Outstanding           Association of Museums’                  Distinguished Service, Who’s Who
These eight works created by internationally     flat shapes from quarter-inch steel that are        Individual Commitment to the           Executive Committee; and the             and Volunteer for the Year,
known sculptor David Hayes are part of an        welded or bolted together. He starts with           Arts.” Susan Lipsey announced          Louisiana State Museum Board.            among numerous others.
                                                                                                     the honor, which will be present-      She has garnered preservation
exhibition organized by the LSU MOA, the         abstract sketches inspired by nature that are                                              awards from the state of                 The museum extends special
                                                                                                     ed by the museum in Sue Turner’s
                                                 refined into working drawings with various                                                 Louisiana, the Foundation for            thanks to Moo and Martin
museum’s first endeavor to take art out of                                                           honor. Lipsey recognized Turner’s
                                                                                                                                            Historical Louisiana, the Louisiana      Svendson for hosting the party
the museum and into the Shaw Center’s            colors differentiating separate shapes. He          years of contributions to the arts
                                                                                                                                            Landmarks Society and the Baton          and to Portofino Papers and
                                                                                                     locally and nationally, and her
common areas. Hayes’ work will be dis-           often makes cardboard models, shifting and                                                 Rouge Bicentennial Committee.            Laura Boyce for sponsoring the
                                                                                                     visionary leadership of the muse-
played until spring 2008 in the plaza and        changing the pieces until his concept is com-       um. In honor of the occasion,
                                                                                                     Lipsey presented Turner with an
atrium, Rue Albritton (the entrance from         plete. These “maquettes” become the basis                                                    Volunteer Opportunities
                                                                                                     original glass bowl created by
Third Street), and the Charles Phelps            of the final sculptures that are painted in         New Orleans artist Juli Juneau.          Join the Volunteer Support Organization for the LSU MOA and
Manship Jr. Floor (third).                       bold, flat colors.                                                                           provide valuable assistance to the museum staff and the public!
                                                                                                     The new award is aptly named.            Volunteers are trained to work in a range of visitor services functions,
    David Hayes studied under David Smith            His imaginative pieces invite viewers to        Turner’s dedication to the arts is       including special-events hosting, sales at the LSU MOA store, and
and is one of the most prolific modern artists   determine their own interpretations. “It’s          recognized locally, regionally and       public-relations assistance. The museum needs volunteers for
                                                                                                     nationally, and includes a long list     collection management and general administration. The museum’s
working with metal. Hayes’ abstract works        whatever you interpret it to be,” Hayes says        of involvement with premier insti-       education curator also trains docent volunteers to conduct public
are on display in more than 100 collections,     of his work.                                        tutions: the National Trust for          tours of the permanent collection and changing exhibitions.
                                                                                                     Historic Preservation (advisor
including the Museum of Modern Art, the                                                              emeritus); the National Register         Make a difference! Spend your days with us at the museum
                                                 David Hayes (American, 1931– ), Grenouille, 2000.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the                76 x 67 x 69 inches. Photography: Natalie Mault.    Review Board; the Foundation for         as a volunteer. Contact Reneé B. Payton, for more information
                                                                                                     Historical Louisiana; the                at 225.389.7206;
MOA News                                                                                                                                                           Space Rentals
                                                                                                                                                                   Tis’ the Season at LSU MOA,
                                                                                                                                                                   and our space is filling up fast!
                                                                                                                                                                   Thinking about a venue for your
                                                                                                                                                                   holiday party? What a better
                                                                                                                                                                   place to celebrate with friends
                                                                              Baton Rouge since 1964. They              River Views & Vibes                        and family than the Shaw Center
                                                                              have two daughters (Laurie                Great art, great music,                    for the Arts. We have great rental
                                                                              Aronson and Wendy Shiroda)                great wine!                                spaces that can accommodate
                                                                              and three grandchildren.                                                             virtually any size gathering.
                                                                                                                        5:00 – 8:00 pm. First Thursday of
                                                                                                                                                                   Designed to take full advantage
                                                                              Advisory Board adds                       the month: December 7, 2006,
                                                                                                                                                                   of its magnificent location over-
                                                                              Three Members                             January 4, and February 1, 2007.
                                                                                                                                                                   looking the Mississippi River, LSU
                                                                                                                        Location: LSU MOA, Paula
                                                                              Board members welcomed new                                                           MOA offers a unique setting for
                                                                                                                        Garvey Manship Floor (fifth),
                                                                              members Sue Anne Cox, Eugene                                                         special business and social events.
                                                                                                                        Shaw Center for the Arts
                                                                              Groves, and Katherine Ragland to                                                     A number of spaces are available
                                                                              the quarterly meeting on Sept 13.         The best kept secret is out! River         for private events and corporate
                                                                              Cox is chief financial officer of         Views & Vibes, sponsored by                galas. Reneé B. Payton, events
                                                                              Kleinpeter Farm Dairy and formerly        Louisiana Lottery Corp., is off            coordinator, is happy to provide a
                                                                              served on the museum’s Friends            to a successful second season.             tour of the facilities and assist
                                                                              board. Groves is an attorney with         If you haven’t attended this fun,          with planning your distinctive
C.C. Lockwood, Dangerous Afternoon, Lafourche Parish, 2004,
giclée print, collection of the artist.                                       Taylor, Porter, Brooks, and Phillips,     business-casual event, you’re              event. Contact her by telephone
                                                                              LLP, and a member of our                  missing out on exceptional                 or by e-mail: 225.389.7206;
                                                                              Endowment Society. Ragland,               evening of fine art exhibitions, 
Congressman Baker Hosts Reception in
                                                                              part of the July Fourth planning          great music, food and network-
Washington, D. C. for Vanishing Wetlands                                      team, is a partner in the Oliver,         ing. LSU MOA and the Baton
On January 24, 2007 U.S. Rep. Richard Baker and the Louisiana
                                                                              Ragland & Associates Architecture         Rouge Symphony invite every-            MOA Nights
                                                                              Firm.                                     one to bring a friend, tour the
congressional delegation will host a reception at the U.S. Botanic Garden                                                                                       Oct. 6 was a fantastic
                                                                                                                        museum and enjoy a relaxed
in Washington, D.C. for Vanishing Wetlands: Two Views, a traveling            Lipsey Announces                                                                  night for new experi-
                                                                                                                        setting with music provided by
exhibition curated by LSU MOA, which opens to the public at the               New Support Fund                                                                  ences. LSU MOA’s latest
                                                                                                                        symphony members.
Garden on Jan. 22. LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe will join Congressman                                                                                            group of enthusiasts, the
Baker, along with artists C.C. Lockwood and Rhea Gary in welcoming            Board Chairwoman Susan Lipsey             Admission is $5 for LSU MOA             MOAlites, hosted an
alumni and friends to bring attention to this outstanding exhibition that     announced the first contribution          members and $10 for nonmem-             extravaganza based on
highlights the plight of Louisiana wetlands. The exhibition focuses on the    to a new LSU MOA Support Fund             bers. Tickets are available at the      the Chinese moon festi-
historical impact of coastal erosion on the human, plant and animal           at the September Advisory Board           door. For information and group-        val. Led by LSU MOA
ecology of the region. The School of the Coast and Environment, which         meeting. Lipsey initiated the fund        ticket purchases, contact Reneé         Advisory Board member,
provided additional support for the exhibition, will join with the museum     as a way “to recognize or                 B. Payton, events coordinator at        Ashley Fox-Smith and
to present a series of special programs in the Washington area.               remember loved ones and                   225.326.7206;, or         coordinated by Lara
                                                                              friends.” She stated that her con-        contact LeAnn Russo, Museum             Gautreau, education
                                                                              tribution “honored the work of            Store manager at 225.326.7210;          curator, a group of young
Susan Lipsey Leads                      She has been an active member         Interim Executive Director Laura
Museum Board                            of the board of Swine Palace                                                                   professionals planned the party that set the standard for years to come.
                                                                              Lindsay for moving the museum                                                     More than 560 people attended to vote on designer-made jade jewelry,
                                        Productions for six years. From       forward over the last three
Community volunteer Susan               1986-88 she was the first woman
                                                                                                                        River Views & Vibes Sponsors            watch origami demonstrations, be entertained by a Chinese dragon,
Lipsey took over the reigns of                                                years.” Contributions will be                                                     taste Chinese delicacies provided by PF Chang’s China Bistro and Unique
                                        president of the Congregation         deposited with the LSU
the LSU MOA Advisory Board              B’nai Israel board in its 140 year                                                                                      Cuisine, view the Whispers from the Stone exhibition, and enjoy the
after serving two years as the                                                Foundation, and the money will                                                    Irene W. Pennington Rooftop Terrace and Sculpture Garden. We wish to
                                        history, and she currently is serv-   be used at the discretion of the
chairwoman of the LSU MOA               ing a three-year term and co-                                                                                           extend a special thank you to all volunteer and sponsors, especially
Endowment Society. The 24-                                                    director to support the ongoing                                                   Citadel Broadcasting for advertising the event.
                                        chairing the congregation’s 150th     activities of the museum. Dr.
member community is appointed           anniversary celebration set for
by the Chancellor and supports                                                Lindsay thanked Lipsey and com-                                                   Join MOA lites on March 23, 2007 when they launch their next MOA Night!
                                        2008.                                 mented, “I am overwhelmed by
the mission and goals of the
museum. At her first meeting as         An active volunteer for Mary Bird     her gift. The fund will fill a critical
                                                                              need for the museum by allowing              “Discover Baton Rouge” Multi-Attractions Passport
Advisory Board chairwoman, she          Perkins Cancer Center since its
announced three new initiatives:        inception 36 years ago, she is a      the director to have more flexibili-
                                                                              ty in the use of funds to support            LSU MOA has teamed with the Baton Rouge Area            Governor’s Mansion. The Capital Area Driving Tour
an LSU MOA Support Fund for             long-standing board member and
                                                                              a variety of purposes, including             Convention & Visitors Bureau for a new way to           includes the LSU Rural Life Museum, Nottoway
memorial gifts, a stewardship           has held a number of leadership
                                                                              staff development, travel and                “Discover Baton Rouge.” The Discover Baton Rouge        Plantation, the Baton Rouge Zoo and Magnolia
program and a volunteer program.        positions. This fall Susan was
                                                                              fundraising.” Contributions to               Multi-Attractions Passport ticket offers admission to   Mound Plantation. Tickets are available at the LSU
                                        honored as a 2006 YWCA
Lipsey has generously volunteered                                             the fund can be submitted via                four or five attractions included in the packages for   MOA admissions desk or at the LSU MOA Museum
                                        Woman of Achievement Award
her time to support numerous                                                  the enclosed form or by contact-             the discounted price of $25 per package. The            Store at the Shaw Center for the Arts. For more
                                        recipient. A native of New
organizations throughout the                                                  ing Charlotte Nordyke, develop-              Downtown Walking Tour includes LASM, LSU MOA,           information or to buy tickets, call 225.389.7200, or
                                        Orleans, Susan is married to
Greater Baton Rouge community.                                                ment director, at 225.389.7212;              the Old State Capitol, the USS Kidd and the Old         visit the LSU MOA Web site,
                                        Richard Lipsey and has lived in
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Just in time for                                                                                     Annual membership in the LSU Museum of Art provides major support for museum
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      Laura F. Lindsay,
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                                                                                                     the permanent collection.                                                                        Frances R. Huber, Assistant Director
the holiday season!                                                                                  LSU MOA offers individual, family, special donor and corporate memberships.
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