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									cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: GOOD MORNING midseaman: good morning cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ALL OK cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: WE HAVE COMPLETED THE IDEAS FOR THE WEB SITE cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: OUR DESIGNER WILL BE HERE later this morningf cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: once he has dealt with iot I will send you a draft for your approval midseaman: is should be like cummins website www.cummins.com cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok ? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: will all be done quickly midseaman: draft for the design? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: yea cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: our site is already better than cummins cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: trust me midseaman: it have alist of all kind of business in the begining midseaman: then a search bar cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok midseaman: to facilitate finding anything cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: dotn worry cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: it will be good midseaman: and customer supportwhat is the time now there? midseaman: what is the time now cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: time now here you mean in Iuk ? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its 06:45 am in the morning midseaman: you just waked up? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i start work at 5 am each day cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: normal for me midseaman: when do u sleep? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: norammly i go to bed about 10:30 pm cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: get up 04:45 am cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: start work at 5 am cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its normal for me cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: been doing this for 20 years midseaman: do u sleep in midday? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: never cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: normally start 5 am cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: breakfast at 8 am cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ]lunch one hour cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: at 1 pm, cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: finish about 6 pm cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: maybe come back at 8pm for 30 mins cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: this is why my business has been so successful..we put a lot of time in cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: you will see as we progress next year cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i am almost ready to strat the boat project properly

cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i have a meeting with all my colleagues and directors on monday cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: next week cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: so we trigger off the start officially of the boat project cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: soon as web is re launched cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: we will be fine cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i assure you cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i do not do things in half measures cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i am an organiser cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok ? midseaman: ok midseaman: who will do marketing and sales? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: here in uk cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: my calleague dawnan will handle admin cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: paul will handle trouble shooting cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: davif my son cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: technical cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will handle finance cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and you will handle marketing and sales cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will soley look after contract details cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and the finance cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i want you to meet these poeple they are the team cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and ou need cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: to get to know them cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: #soon midseaman: ok midseaman: I need some one with me to contact customers cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: yes cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: paul and dawnan will handle that cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will get them to contact you next week cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: after monday cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: we are in meetings all day monday cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: after then they will eithe rphone you , go on line or e mail you midseaman: haw old is dawnan? midseaman: ok will know later cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: WHY DO YOU ASK PEOPLES AGRES cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ITS NOT IMPRTANT cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: SHE IS 40 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: OK ? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: PAUL IS 41 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: DAVID IS 26 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: I AM 59 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: OK cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ?? midseaman: ok midseaman: that mesure experience some time cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: THEY AHEV GOOD COMMERCIAL AND PEOPLE SKILLS cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: SO WE GET THE MOST OUT OF THE CUSTOMERS midseaman: ok

cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: BUT cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: they will need training cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: in boat skills midseaman: ok I will handle that cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: david already know s quite a lot cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: as soonas cash flow allows he will be coming to Egypt to eet with you cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: meet cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i see a great future in this midseaman: me to cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: like you i want a couple of orders and soon cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: make some cash to finance the project would be good midseaman: I have a customer from australia who wan'ts also a cat midseaman: he didn't give me the email midseaman: I wan't u to call him midseaman: and tell him the price is all inclusive cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: I did midseaman: no cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: is this Dick ? midseaman: another one cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: in australia midseaman: yes cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: if so i spoke to him monday cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: he is fine cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i sent you a copy of his confirming e mail midseaman: I will give u the nomber cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: he will come to cairo in january cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok midseaman: another customer cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i have all his numbers cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: go aheda cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: need midseaman: hes is another man cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: name/phone/fax/e mail addy cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok midseaman: not dick cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: great cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: go ahead midseaman: 6102 99056138 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: his name ? midseaman: colbinpty ltd midseaman: that is the name of the co midseaman: hold cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: k midseaman: Name: 99056138Leave me a message Company: colbin pty ltd Address: 3 phyllis street north curl curl Country: Australia

Phone: 61-02-99056138 Fax: 61-02-99056138 midseaman: no name cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no worries cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: I will call him cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: leave it with me cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will reprt back midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: what time do you start work cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and finish ?? midseaman: I'm on from now till 11pm cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: what time is it with you now midseaman: 9 midseaman: 9.08 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok u are two hours ahead of us cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: one thing cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: we will be closed for soime time over Xmas cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: in common with rest of uk midseaman: i know, haw long? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: however i will use some of that time to push forward on tehe boats cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: well cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: compnay staff finish on december 23rd cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: for 1 week cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will not be here on xmas day or boxing day cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: but will access mails at all times before and after then] cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: we come back to work full time on January 3rd 2006 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: how about you ? midseaman: I don't stop midseaman: do u acces mail throu mobile? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i have purchased a blackberry device cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: do you know about these ? midseaman: do u have mobile alert for mails? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: not needed cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: the blackberry i carry anywhere in world accesses e mails cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: any where any time midseaman: what is blackberry? midseaman: laptop? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no midseaman: palm cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its a portable small device which is a mini computor cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: makes phone calls cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: accesses e mails cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: etc cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: im will send you details in 10 minutes cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: u can buy this in Egypt cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its sold all overthe world

midseaman: i need somthing like this midseaman: does it have keyboard? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: yes it does cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i will send you internet link midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: so you can take a look cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i only got mine monday cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: its an amazing device midseaman: from usa? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: no cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: from vodafone in UK midseaman: is the site going to be the same as the old one? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: the base site is yes cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: but we are addign new lines cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: it will be very professional midseaman: Will you put yachts as products? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: the basic site was only done last january cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and does not need changing cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: but we are adding boats etc cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: and a few other products as well midseaman: where u will put boats? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: including the new turbine generators cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: boast will go in alogical place cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: that is up to the designer]he is the expert midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: did you see the info I sent you on the generators ?? cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: what did you think ? midseaman: I think it should be like cummins, they put in the main page alist of types of business cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: well cummins site probably cost £100,000 cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i dont have that sort of cash to lay with right now cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: but our site will be good and practical cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: cummijns is a multi billion empire cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: not a small company like us ! midseaman: i c cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: we will prgress as well as we can midseaman: if we did this site in egypt it will cost nothing cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i do not borrow money to finance new projects cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: so as the cash flow comes in cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: so we can do more] midseaman: right cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: it has o be self generating midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: I am sure you would agree with that midseaman: i do the same midseaman: i didn't earn any thing yet cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: i know cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: thats is why we willneed some sales in janaury

cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: midseaman: my family is biting midseaman: I did cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: midseaman: but now no job cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: midseaman: I'm free cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: midseaman: ok cdsconsultants@btinternet.com: cdsconsultants@btinternet.com:

but you have a day time job ?? i thought you did ? I can earn ok i need to restart my computor added a new programme give me 5 mins will bne back bye

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