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ESTRADA, both members of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Revolution
Party, based on the provisions of the articles, 122 Section C, First Base, Section V,
paragraph h) of the Constitution of the United Mexican States; 42, Section XII, 46
Section I of the Statute of the Federal District, 10 fraction I, 17 fraction IV, 36
fractions III, IV, V and VII, Section I, 88 and 89 of the Organic Act of the Assembly
Federal District Legislative and 85 fraction I, 86 and 132 of the Internal Rules for the
Government of the Federal District Legislative Assembly, under consideration by this
OF THE CIVIL CODE OF FEDERAL DISTRICT that is motivated and based on the
following: Reason Marriage is a social institution that creates a marriage bond
between its members. This tie is socially recognized, either through legal provisions
or by means of the uses and customs. The marriage establishes between spouses
and in many cases also between their families of origin, a series of obligations and
rights are also set by the law, which vary depending on each company. Similarly, the
marriage legitimizes the filiation of children born or adopted from its members,
according to the rules of the kinship system in place. As an institution extremely
widespread in the world but not universally, the definition of marriage is a matter of
various disciplines. From the point of view of Western law, marriage is a union of two
people which aims to establish a family. On the other hand, in view of the
ethnographic information gathered from various societies, the anthropology of
kinship defines marriage as the union of two or more people who meet socially
defined gender roles, even for gay marriage. The couple, from the anthropological
point of view, is an institution that legitimizes the offspring of unamujer and builds
relationships of alliance between kin groups of them from its members. In most
western countries, marriage is a union between two people with a recognized social,
cultural and legal environment that aims to provide a framework for mutual
protection or protection, if any, of the seed and duties involved and rights. To our
marriage law according to Article 146 of the Civil Code Free Marriage is the union of
two people for community life, where both are seeking respect, equality and mutual
aid. Be held before the Judge of the Civil Registry and with the formalities as required
by this code. The couple have different regimes, matrimonial, matrimonial property
regime of marriage or the legal status that regulates the economic relationship in a
marriage of the spouses to each other and their respect of others. Marriage as a legal
right within the family is a guarantor of rights and obligations between the parties
that join our Civil Code says among the best-known rights and obligations required to
contribute each in turn to the purpose of marriage and succor another, on the other
hand will always be equal rights for spouses and independent of the economic
contribution made within the home support. The parties in marriage have the right
to regulate and resolve by agreement all conducive to household management. Just
as property management and training and education of children. There are various
laws premarital capitulations in family law, are the agreements concluded before or
in the act of marriage, and that is to regulate the property relations between
spouses. The conventions are those agreements marriage celebrated by husbands in
order to regulate their matrimonial union, while the capitulations are characterized
by the time they are held: before or at the time of marriage. Although technically
contracts, the subject of premarital capitulations is strongly determined by the
degree of autonomy that each system recognizes the asuntosmatrimoniales
spouses. Usually only the parties can adhere to any typical matrimonial family law
governs the respective, which can only make slight variations. In this vein we must
understand that marriage as such internal agreements and conventions need to
come to give the parties a guarantee and security on the way to regulate their
existence as late marriage and cohabitation, for its part is the relationship between
two people who have decided not to marry but live together perform similar to
marital, without being united under the marriage bond. Concubinage our legislation
brings rights and obligations, reciprocity, if they live together in a constant and
continuing for a minimum of 2 years, consider that our legal system applicable to the
figure stated in Article 291Ter, concubinage governing all the rights and obligations
attached to the family. The generated between cohabitants cohabitation food rights
and inheritance irrespective of other rights and obligations to recognize the
applicable code and other laws. This proposal aims to bring under this correlated so
different figures that make up the current civil law terms such as marriage records,
marriage requirements, rights and obligations arising from marriage, on divorce,
concubinage , food and family violence. 1 .- It is proposed to amend sections 97 and
98 of Chapter VII of Title IV of the Civil Code, which refers to the Civil Registry and
corresponding to the records of marriage, is to establish a requirement for marriage,
a petition to annex document proving that potential spouses have taken a course of
3 sessions in which they were informed about the rights and duties of marriage, and
ways of resolving disputes arising from the legal act to be concluded in relation to
their legal status of children who think they have, and their heritage, this document
must be issued by the DIF or other institution legally constituted and recognized by
the secretariat of public education. It also proposes that the contracting parties
appended another writing which will have the chapter name FAMILY
partesprecisarán where clearly the way to fulfilling the obligations and rights of the
home and the purpose of marriage and cover everything related to the status of
children born oq go to procreate, as regards this type of goods is not limited
declarative. 2 .- It is proposed to amend Article 146 of Chapter II, TITLE V concerning
the requirements for marriage, this article suggests that is seated within the duration
capitulations marriage family, this exercise will be by agreement of the spouses and
which may not last less than two years, with the above workloads to avoid lawsuits
for divorce since the parties put an end to time to see if your marriage work and if
not is the will of the parties to renew or dissolve the marriage bond. 3 .- It is
proposed to change the name of Chapter III of this title, concerning the rights and
obligations arising from marriage, that of "rights and obligations arising from
Marriage and concubinage" above so that people who enter into a cohabitation with
the same rights and obligations arising from marriage. To this end it is proposed that
the wording of Article 162 and 164 for the purpose of marriage or concubinage
which are having sex voluntary, dignified, respectful, faithful and fair, the domestic
economic contribution and, in this vein it is suggested that within the family
surrenders to clearly specifying for each part will be devoted in marriage or
cohabitation. And also indicate the percentage to cover the dietary needs and food
fund, and in case of divorce or termination of cohabitation is the time which govern
the duties of support. Similarly it will be established in respect of children who claim
to have, in relation to the choice of schools, health, recreation and entertainment
development, active participation of parents with children and the prevention of
eventualities in conflict with their children and require the person or persons who
hold custody and how to live with children. On the above makes clear that exercise
their rights of spouses or partners without limitation and will be no financial
contribution to support limitativa.La home capitulations be established in the family
for this purpose from the beginning of marriage or cohabitation, the parties may
create a fund food intended to cover future eventualities that the parties have, in
order to fulfill its responsibility to maintain that if certain circumstances had not
ability to pay. And in order to align the chapter with the proposed fund is intended to
add in Articles 162, 163, 164, 164BIS, 168, 172 and 173 in front of the word "spouse"
the word "concubine" to acquire the latter the same rights and obligations outlined
in the drafting of the articles proposed to reform. 4 .- It is proposed amend sections
282 and 283 of Chapter XI, relating to divorce, the proposal is to change the wording
of those articles so that since the present demand and only for the duration of the
divorce trial judge shall have the power to order provisional measures concerning: To
identify and ensure the amount of maintenance should be given in case of pregnant
women and children. Appropriate measures to avoid harmful spouses in the
property or the conjugal society, this tenor notation orders of demand in the public
registry of property, without being required to guarantee your registration. Will put
the children in the care of both parents share custody being due, except for normal
risk or healthy development that conclusively proves, children under 7 years will be
under the care of the mother if it is suitable for this person, in this Under the judge
will take into account the views of children and the public prosecutor to issue its
decision. In domestic violence cases the judge may order the output of the violent
spouse is presumed prohibit housing and if near the home, workplace or school, and
to prohibit you approach the victims to the distance the deems appropriate under
the strict warning that repair the damage and injury caused to the victims. As
proposed to amend Article 283 in order to settle within the legislation regarding the
recovery of parental authority only in cases that have been lost when food issues has
met the requirement for one year, the Just as is observed for the recovery of a figure
called custodia.Se implement joint custody, which is defined as the responsibility of
spouses or partners for information on health issues, educational, recreational,
considering it will operate the parents, children view as long as they are not
manipulated and that this was corroborated by expert in psychology. With the above
proposals will ensure that the parties have legal certainty and legal spouses do not
harm the family estate, the healthy development of children, also provide the
aggrieved spouse resulting in an invocation of family violence that the spouse may
violence will not adversely affect physical and mental integrity of the applicant, and
establishing a process for the recovery of parental rights and custody. 5 .- It is
proposed to amend articles and 219Quintus 219Ter Chapter XI relating to
concubinage, which will focus on will be recorded for registration offices in each
delegation policy, as well as one entitled to alimony of concubinage for a period of
six months time to the termination of cohabitation. 6 .- Finally it is proposed to
amend sections 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 308, 309, 311, 311a, 311Ter, 311Quater,
312, 313, 314, 320, 321, 322 and 323 of Chapter II of Title SIXTH benchmark for Food
and Family Violence, this proposal makes a number of editorial amendments to the
articles mentioned above as follows: It is proposed that the spouses are obliged to
provide food until six months after the dissolution of marriage or, if so agreed in the
family surrenders to the case of concubinage in the event that will conclude the
same term. Is not a prerequisite for those unable to give food to adults, the previous
resolution on the ban. Parents are obliged to give food to the children until they get
title of art or profession, for seniors who stay in school will be accountable for their
school activities and behave with respect and gratitude for food with the debtor. The
requirement that the children give parents food, even if the ancestor living in a
building provided particular lack of economic resources, as well as provide food to
the offspring closer in grado.La obligation collateral relatives within the fourth
degree to provide food for handicapped or disabled children. What foods will
increase automatically according to the general minimum wage in the Federal
District, unless the debtor shows that income has not increased. To ensure the rights
of creditors, the judge may apply food alimony based on the debtor's financial
capacity and that there is food refusal of him, he will safeguard the preferential
rights of creditors with respect to mortgage loans, tax or other as creditors, if there
are several debtors shall be called the food all in one procedure. In case of family
violence suspend the obligation to provide food when the creditor has ungrateful
food or if the debtor does not account for their studies or to refrain from living with
your creditor, the unjustified refusal to allow family retreats with minors and the
cause of cessation at six months after the divorce or the end of cohabitation. The
right to be able to agree the payment of food given the option to be part liquid or
some kind of obligation fulfillment. The responsibilities fincar those that aid the
debtor food by changing the ratio of workplace social or fails to comply with the
discount information ordered or required by a judge, and propose that in case the
debtor does not perform food information job change may inform the creditor
immediately to the judge who issued a warrant to continue to meet with the
discount. The initiative to reform the Civil Code already provide complementary local
legislation in some gaps and proposed code provisions that the current legislation
does not cover, providing a guarantee of legality and legal security to the inhabitants
of the Federal District that require performing a procedure laid down in the code,
adhering to due process, which will seek to resolve in the terms of the claims of
stakeholders. For the foregoing reasons and based, it is submitted for consideration
by the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District V Legislature, as follows: ARTICLE
ONE .- fraction IV is added to Article 97 and Section IV reform of Article 98 is added
to a text section 146, amends the name of Chapter III of Title V, are reformed Articles
162, 163.164, 168, 169, 172, 173, 282, 283, 291 Ter, Quintus 291, 301, 302, 303.304,
305, 308, 309, 311, 311 bis, 311 ter, 311 quater, 312, 313, 314, 320, 321, 322, 323,
Civil Code for the Federal District to read as follows: Article 97 .- I-III ... ... IV. Credited
with an authentic document issued by the System for Integral Family Development
(DIF) or other legally constituted institution, who lectured in law and the person is
recognized by the Ministry of Education, who conducted the course in three sessions
in which they are informed about the duties and rights arising from marriage, and
are told how to solve possible disputes arising from this legal act to be concluded,
regarding the legal status of children who plan to have, and their heritage. Article 98
.- ... ... ... I. to III .... IV. Writing containing the form to comply with the burdens of
home and the purpose of marriage, which will have the chapter name Families, and
cover everything concerning the legal status of children born or to be to procreate
and relation to goods, and which will be not limited. V to VIII .... Article 146 .- .... The
duration of marriage is governed by the term Covenant of the spouses in the family
capitulations, which may not be less than two años.CAPÍTULO III RIGHTS AND
OBLIGATIONS OF MARRIAGE AND THE BORN concubinage. Article 162. ... Are
considered late marriage or cohabitation, voluntary sexual relationship, the dignified,
respectful, faithful and equitable economic and domestic input and in this case
pinpoint the capitulations in family who will be devoted to each, indicating the
percentage to cover food needs and food fund, the latter if they see fit, in case of
divorce or termination of cohabitation, express time the duty to govern food, except
in cases provided for in Article 320 of this Code, in case of procreation of children,
the joint election of schools, health, recreation and fun for their development and
the active participation of both parents for their children, prevent possible
eventualities in conflict on children, so you should indicate who or who holds the
custody and the way of living with children, being the former, but not limited
character. Spouses have the right to make free, informed and responsibly the
number and spacing of their children, and used under the terms stipulated by law,
any method of assisted reproduction, for their own offspring. This right shall be
exercised jointly by spouses or partners as appropriate and explicitly. Article
163. Spouses or partners live together in the marital home. It is considered marital
home, the place mutually agreed by the spouses, in which both enjoy their own
authority and the same considerations. The courts, knowingly, may waive the
obligation in one of the spouses or partners, while the other transfers his residence
to a foreign country, unless to do so in public or social service, or set in place to put
risk their health and integrity. Article 164. The spouses contribute financially to the
household, to feed themselves and their children, as well as educating them on the
terms established by law, without prejudice to distribute the load in the form and
proportion to be agreed for this purpose writing in lascapitulaciones family and from
the moment you start the legal relationship, according to its possibilities. In the
absence of such agreement and in case of conflict, the family court judge shall be
fixed according to income or assets they have, which does not exceed fifty percent of
them, but exceptional cases accredited. To the above is not required that you are
physically or mentally incapacitated to work and own property is neither, in which
case the other fully attend to these expenses. It is not considered evidence of failure
to obtain work of a term longer than six months. The rights and obligations arising
from the aforementioned legal relationship will always be the same for both
independent of their economic contribution to the household, spouses and domestic
partners may be from the beginning of their marriage relationship, create a food
fund, if considered, which is intended to cover future eventualities and in order to
fulfill its responsibility to maintain if you did not have the economic capacity. The
food fund is defined as those fixed amounts, percentages or goods agreed by the
spouses or partners, to have the possibility to have a future or when the need arises,
in the case of liquid amounts to be deposited in any bank or any other higher yields
that pays off, and which have previously agreed, may have the same jointly or
judicial authorization in case of conflict. Article 168 .- The spouses or partners at
home will have equal authority and considerations, therefore, resolved by mutual
agreement all conducive to household management, training education and to
managing the assets of the children. In case of disagreement, may attend before the
Judge of the Family. Article 169 .- The spouses or partners may perform any activity
where legal and subject to the provisions of the preceding article. Article 172 .- The
spouses or partners of age have the capacity to manage, hire or dispose of their own
assets and bring an action or oppose the exceptions to them are, but for that
purpose one spouse needs the other's consent , except for acts of administration and
ownership of goods comunes.Artículo 173 .- The spouses or partners have children of
their property management as provided in the preceding article, but will need court
approval to alienate, encumber or mortgage and a legal guardian for your business in
terms of the provisions of Article 643 of this ordinance. Article 282 .- Since filing the
lawsuit and only for the duration of the trial, it will dictate appropriate temporary
measures, in accordance with the following provisions, except that the presentation
is claimed will be the unilateral divorce, the legal situation regarding the assets
acquired and minor children shall be determined in the manner and form that it is: I -
... II .- Identify and ensure the amount of maintenance that the debtor must give
food to the creditor spouse, precautionary measures in case of pregnant woman and
children; III .- Those that are deemed appropriate for spouses not to cause damage in
their respective properties or those of the community property to you. Also, sort, if
there are assets that may belong to both spouses, the notation of the demand in the
Public Registry of Property and Commerce of the Federal District and those places
that are known to have assets, not necessarily require order to ensure their
registration; IV. Putting children in the care of both parents, being due share custody
and guardianship, unless serious danger to their normal and healthy development,
which in due time prove conclusively. And in this case children under seven years
must be looked after by the mother, and when suitable person to hold and promote
and bring the children with the other parent. Failing such agreement, the Family
Court judge, following the procedure established by the respective Code and taking
into account the views of the child, and prosecutors, will decide whatever may,
V. The Family Court judge decide bearing in mind the best interests of the children,
who will be heard, the modalities of the right to visit or live with their parents; VI. In
cases in which family violence invoked, the Family Court judge, ex parte and in
accordance with the facts inthe demand, take the following measures in order to
safeguard the integrity and security of the stakeholders: a) .- Sort the output of the
violent spouse is presumed living the home where the family group, and if forbidden
to approach the home, workplace or school for their children; Under the strict
liability to repair the damage and losses incurred if not credit those complaints
before the competent civil judge, b) .- Prohibit the defendant spouse to approach the
victims to the distance that the judge considers appropriate; VII. Suspending
mandates between spouses have been granted; VIII. Require both spouses to display
it, under oath, an inventory of your assets and rights which are under the community
property system, where appropriate, with an authentic document certifying the title
under which it acquired or possess and exhibit the property surrenders and a project
of partition. During the procedure, collect the information, and others that are
deemed necessary. Article 283 .- The decision to rule in the end, determine the
situation of children, for which the Family Court judge must decide all matters
relating to the rights and duties to parental authority, loss, suspension, limitation or
recovery as appropriate. The recovery of parental rights proceed only in cases of
food issues has been lost, as long as stating that they constantly met this obligation
for one year in a row and duly secured by a year, and the criminal action may take
place only and only once the child has not been given up for adoption. The same is
observed with respect to recovery from custody. For the determination of joint
custody may be taken into account, the will of the parents, the opinion of their
children provided that are not manipulated or aligned by one of them and this is
corroborated by an expert in psychology to descendants or ascendants child
psychiatry, and in case of disagreement, the Family Court judge, will resolve the
leading, serving lascircunstancias, time of coexistence, the distances of all involved,
the type of transport to use, cost, and if he will cover it, that when space-have to
share more or less long. It also means shared custody, responsibility, to educate
themselves, issues, health, educational, recreational, ie the ascending rely equally on
all children to benefit, therefore, those who exercise custody or guardianship must
agree all the time and facilities allow. Schools and health, has the obligation to
provide information requested by parents to their children or guardians. The ruling
set the status of minor children for which shall contain the following provisions: I.
Everything about the rights and duties to parental authority, loss, suspension,
limitation and recovery of this exercise when it is lost for lack food and stating that
they have covered the food for a period of one year in a row, are properly secured,
have not been given up for adoption to the minor children and just be vested in a
single occasion within the subsequent years that have covered food in the same
period, to the custody and parenting obligations and the right of children to live with
both parents; II .- III .- ... ... IV. Security measures, monitoring and psychotherapy to
correct the acts of family violence measures may be suspended or modified in the
terms established by the Code of Correspondent. V. In the case of the most
incompetent, guardianship should be subject to the measures established in this
article for their protection; VI. The other may be necessary to ensure the welfare,
development, protection and the interests of minor children. For the provisions of
this Article, either ex officio or upon request parteinteresada during the procedure,
the Judge shall come with the necessary elements, and must listen to prosecutors,
both parents and children. for a period of six months time to the termination of
cohabitation. Food can not claim he has shown ingratitude, or living in concubinage
or marries. The right granted under this section may be exercised only during the
year following the cessation of cohabitation. Article 301. The obligation to give
support is reciprocal. Which in turn gives you the right to ask for them. Is not
required to provide food to those unable to adults, the previous resolution on the
ban. Article 302 .- The spouses are obliged to provide food until six months after the
dissolution of marriage, except as agreed in the family surrenders. Domestic partners
are required in such terms. Article 303.Parents are required to provide nourishment
for their children, until they get title of art, craft or profession as long as the studies
are consistent with chronological age, the latter for the elderly to stay in school, they
must report on their activities school on a regular basis to conduct themselves with
respect, gratitude, there is a stable coexistence with the debtor, the creditor lacks
food and sufficient income to meet their needs. In the absence or mental disability,
physical or inability of parents and have no assets to dispose of them, the obligation
falls on the other ancestors on both lines which they would be closer in their
contribution levels fairly, does not consider the maintenance obligation lack of
application to work for more than six months. Article 304. Children are obliged to
give parents food. In the absence, or inability of the children, or that they are not
able to locate his whereabouts, they are the descendants nearest in degree,
distributed equally among all food load, even if the ancestor living in a property
owned and provided lacks financial resources. Article 305 .- In the absence or
inability of parents or children, the obligation rests with the brothers of father and
mother or any person who was only a parent and conditions set out in previous
articles. Missing relatives referred to the above provisions are required to provide
food to children, disabled or handicapped, referred to the above provisions,
collateral relatives within the fourth degree. Article 308 .- The food include: I. ...
II. For older children and also for their education expenses and to provide trade, craft
or profession suited to their personal circumstances, according to the assumptions
mentioned in previous articles; III. In relation to people with disabilities or declared
for prohibition, in addition to the foregoing, required to achieve, if possible his
habilitation or rehabilitation and development, and IV. As for older adults who lack
the financial capacity, plus everything you need for geriatric care, food, taking care
that they are provided, integrating the family and giving them a quality of life. Article
309 .- The obligation to fulfill its obligation to provide food, allocating a pension to
the creditor food or integrated into the family, in case of spouses or partners must
still be for a period of six months of the dissolution of marriage or termination of
cohabitation except as provided in the family surrenders or different question have
agreed, in case of dispute for the integration, it is the Family Court judge set the way
the food minister, according to circumstances. Article 311 .- The food must be
provided to the possibilities that should give you and the needs of those who should
receive them. However, if the creditor has a profession, trade or occupation, is an
adult, is not disabled, handicapped, and lack of employment, shall only be entitled
for a period of time of six months, unless otherwise agreed, and will determined by
agreement or statement, the food will be an automatic increase according to the
general minimum wage in Mexico City unless you the same show that their income
did not increase in equal proportion. In this case, the increase in food is actually
conform to the debtor had obtained. These precautions should always be expressed
in the sentence or corresponding agreement. Article 311 Bis .- The minors, persons
with disabilities, subject to state prohibition and the spouse who is engaged in the
home, in the latter case, who have so agreed and failing family recorded in the
surrender or agree after the marriage or cohabitation are presumed to need food. In
case of separation of spouses or partners will apply the rules outlined in previous
articles. Ter Article 311 .- When wages are not verifiable or food debtor's income, the
Family Court judge decide based on the economic and living standards that the
debtor and its creditors have been eating in the past two years, provided and
persists after the same food debtor's economic capacity and there is no debtor's
refusal to provide alimentos.Artículo 311 c .- The maintenance creditors have a prior
right on the income and assets who have the obligation in respect of mortgages, tax,
or as other creditors. Article 312. If there are several that should give food and all
have an opportunity to do so, the judge will divide the amount between them in
proportion to their holdings, calling on the same procedure.Article 313. If anyone has
a chance only, including the amount will be distributed food, and if you just any, he
will fulfill the obligation only, but in these cases without neglecting in the first place
it has generated with his nuclear family. Article 314. The obligation to provide
maintenance does not include providing capital to the children to practice the
profession, art or profession that would have been spent, or between spouses who
have such knowledge and refrain from income used to receive for the care of
children without justification, not an excuse to labor because it is the duty of both
parents to ensure their needs, unless otherwise agreed or court order. Article 320 .-
... I. ... II. ... III. In cases of family violence, ingratitude inferred by the creditor adult
food, against which must be given, or if the first did not realize their regular studies
or fails to live together or not respecting the debtor food; IV . When the need for
food depends on the vicious behavior or lack of application to study in chronological
order according to age and grade level, food of age; VI. For spouses or partners, the
unjustified refusal to allow the coexistence of children with the mother or the father
under the circumstances in which it was decreed custody, while the term for no
fault, when it has settled on a provisional or that final status by the judge of the
familiar and refrains the custodial parent to complete the injunction; VII. It also
causes cessation of food, six months after the dissolution of marriage or termination
of cohabitation; VIII. Other matters stipulated by this Code or other laws. Article
321. The right to receive food is not waived, nor can be traded, but it is agreed the
payment, which may be partly liquid and partly in kind if agreed, education and
health services in case of conflict Judge shall have power to authorize payments are
made directly by the debtor food. The scenarios provided are not limited.Article 322
.- When the food debtor is not present, or refuses to deliver food estándolo that is
required will be responsible for the debts the creditors to meet their contract
demands. But these debts should be commensurate with the economic capacity of
the debtor in relation to food and living standards that has been taken. The Family
Court judge decide on the amount of debt, having regard to the provisions of this
Code. Article 323 .- ... ... People who refuse to obey court orders discount, or assist
the debtor to hide or mimic its assets, or evading compliance with the obligations, or
if change of name or knowledge that serves food required for a company subsidiary,
and refrain from complying with the discount information ordered or required, are
also responsible in the preceding paragraph, without prejudice to other legal
provisions. The food debtor must immediately inform the Judge of Family and
alacreedor feed any change of employment, the corporate name of its new source of
work, it's location and the position or positions they hold, in order to continue to
comply to alimony decreed and not incur any liability. In case of default and the
creditor food such information exists the Family Court will provide the knowledge,
who immediately deliver to offices to continue to make the discount. TRANSITIONAL
ARTICLE ONE: To be published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District and its
dissemination in the Official Journal of the Federation. SECOND: These reforms will
take effect from the day following its publication in the Official Gazette of the
Federal District. THIRD: It repeals all legal and administrative provisions that are
opposed to this decree. For the Group of the Democratic Revolution Party
______________________________ DIP. EUGENIA ROSE LIZBETH
MONTERO. _____________________________ DIP. LUNA LEONEL ESTRADA Federal
District Legislative Assembly, to September 29, 2011

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