A Chronology of the Violent History of Islam by sdfgsg234


									A Chronology of the Violent History of Islam
(From the years 570a.d. to 2006a.d.) Compiled by Jorge Luis Gonzalo

(NOTE: M any Islamic atrocities have not been included in this listing, due to the fact that the number
of atrocities committed by m uslims throughout their history are so numerous it is almost impossible
to list them all.)

Moham m ed the evil self-proclaim ed "prophet" was born

W hile wandering through the desert and after his brain had been baking in the hot Arabian sun for a long
while, Moham m ed is spoken to by dem ons in a cave outside of Mecca who inspire him to slaughter anyone
who refuses to accept their evil teachings, especially Christians and Jews. From this tim e on Moham m ed's
cult called "Islam " begins to grow

After being rejected by the Meccans a sm all band of
Moham m ed's followers flee Mecca and go to the Christian
country of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) where the Christians give them
refuge and treat the strangers with kindness. A deputation sent
by the Meccans dem and their return but the Christians protect
the m uslim s and refuse to surrender them , so the Meccans go
back em pty handed. Meanwhile, Moham m ed and those who
stayed with him are under siege at Mecca. Out of cowardice,
Moham m ed claim s to have received a "divine revelation"
acknowledging the genuineness of the three Meccan goddesses
together with Allah (after he previously declared to the Meccans
that Allah was the only god, which is what started the siege). A
truce is agreed upon, so the Meccans relented and allowed
Moham m ed and his followers freed as well as the return of the
refugees from Abyssinia. Later Moham m ed withdrew the
revelation as com ing from the devil and the verses containing
this revelation were expunged from the Koran. It is not the first
nor last tim e devils had provided Moham m ed with "revelations"
                                                                     Mohammed had violence on his mind
Moham m ed sells children into slaves to purchase weapons and m ercenaries. He proceed to town of Yathrib
(where there were m any Jews). Many in the town are forcibly converted to Moham m ed's teachings and the
town's nam e is changed to Medina. The Islam ic lunar calender begins on July 16, 622 to m ark this tim e

The 53-year-old pedophile Moham m ed m arries an 8 year old girl nam ed Aisha, then he rapes her m ultiple
tim es thereafter (because sane people realize that 9 year olds are not willing sex partners); She becom es his
favorite wife. Moham m ed breaks his agreem ent with the Meccans (from the tribe of Koreish) by overtaking
a caravan on its way back from Syria. He does this during the m onth of Ram adan, a period in which the liar
Moham m ed claim ed previously that Allah forbade fighting during. 1,000 Meccans com e to the aid of the
caravan but are defeated by 300 blood-thirsty, savage m uslim s

Through the use of trenches dug around the city, Moham m ed's arm y at Medina fend off another attack by the
Meccans where he is wounded. Having failed in his attem pt to secure alliance with the Jews of Medina
Moham m ed orders his followers to attack every Jew and seize all Jewish lands. Muslim s no longer face
Jerusalem during prayers but toward Mecca instead where they pray toward a stone idol called the Kaaba
stone. Moham m ed (who was illiterate) has m inions write down his insane and hate-filled rants, claim ing that
they are Allah’s words he is speaking (these inconsistent writings are eventually collected in the Koran)

Moham m ed m akes another truce with the Meccans guaranteeing his followers the right of perform ing
pilgrim ages to Mecca, thus allowing Muslim s to slowly take over the city by allowing their population within the
city to grow

                                                Moham m ed breaks his treaty with the Meccans and leads an
                                                invading arm y into Mecca and easily captures city with aid from
                                                the m any of the Muslim s already there. W ith his own hands he
                                                sm ashes the idols of Mecca. He soon orders an invading
                                                Muslim arm y to fight against Syria to force the inhabitants there
                                                to convert to his teachings

                                                Islam spreads throughout Arabia by m urder, rape, slavery and
                                                forced conversions at the edge of a sword.
 Mohammed told his followers to conquer

After com plaining of a headache Moham m ed dies and goes swiftly to hell. Over his lifetim e he had at least
13 wives, led m ultiple terrorist raids (75 are chronicled in the Hadith), broken num erous treaties, invented
m any false "revelations", forced conversions to his cult, conquered peaceful lands, raped num erous wom en
(3 are chronicled in the Hadith), and m urdered thousands of innocents. His legacy is the establishm ent of a
false religion that has brought centuries of war and death to hundreds of m illions around the world, and has
spiritually destroyed the lives of over a billion Muslim s by leading them to inherit the sam e fate of its founder,
which is eternal dam nation in hell. **NOTE: The m yth that Moham m ed was taken up to heaven from the site
of the Dom e of the Rock in Jerusalem was invented in later centuries so that m uslim s could lay claim to the
Jewish Holy Tem ple site. Muslim s never had control over the land of Israel during Moham m ed's lifetim e

The Muslim s attack Persia

Islam ic hordes conquer Syria, Persia and Egypt, and defeats Heaclius.
Muslim s led by Caliph Om ar I m urder thousands

Islam ic hordes capture Gaza

Muslim s besiege and conquer Jerusalem

Muslim s attack Arm enia

Muslim arm y conquers Caesarea, which had been considered "invincible"
until a Jewish traitor provided the Muslim s with secret inform ation about
the city's defenses which allowed the Islam ic hordes to take the city
                                                                                  Mohammed’s hordes spread
                                                                                   like a plague of locusts
Muslim s destroy the great library at Alexandria containing over 300,000 papyrus scrolls containing wealth of
historic knowledge now forever lost

Persian em pire com pletely destroyed. All are forced to convert to Islam or are m urdered; Islam replaces the
religion of Zoroaster

Tripoli conquered by Islam ic hordes. To spite the Jewish people and their religion, Muslim s begin to build the
Dom e of the Rock m osque upon their m ost holy religious site -the Tem ple m ount at Jerusalem

Byzantine arm y recapture Alexandria

Muslim s conquer Cyrus

The Koran is form ed when Caliph Othm an puts together Moham m ed's teachings (which were literally dictated
to him by devils, which can clearly be seen if one reads the Koran with that understanding) into a 114 chapter

Muslim s destroy Byzantine fleet at Lycia

Moham m ed's nephew Ali is m urdered and the
Sunni-Shiite division begins prim arily over the
question of leadership succession

Muslim arm ies spread throughout Northern

Islam ic conquest spreads to Indus river

Dom e of the Rock in Jerusalem com pleted

Muslim s defeat Justinian II at Sebastopolis,

Muslim s conquer Arm enia                          Muslims built the Dome Of The Rock on Judaism’s holiest
                                                   site to destroy all historical traces of the Jewish religion
Muslim s destroy Carthage
Muslim s conquer Algiers, m urdering m any and forcing others to convert to Islam (Christianity is alm ost fully
exterm inated in Northern Africa)

Islam ic hordes conquer Spain, with the exception of Asturias

Islam ic state established in India (called "Sind"). Seville conquered

Islam ic em pire extends from the Pyranees to China with Dam ascus as the capital

Lisbon is conquered by m uslim s

                Where there were once hanging gardens in Babylon today there is only desert

Muslim s enter Sardinia, attack France

Southern France is decim ated by m uslim arm y through m urder, rape and destruction of property

Invading m uslim s are defeated at Tours/Poitiers (Southern France), their spread into Europe is halted there

Em peror Constantine IV defeat m uslim arm ies in Europe

China loses western Asia to Islam ic hordes

The Islam ic Turkish Em pire founded

Caliph Mahdi institutes an Inquisition (heavy persecution of Jews and Christians)

Muslim m athem atician Muham m ed Ibn Musa writes a book on equations and coins the term "Algebra". This
m arks perhaps the only positive contribution to hum anity by any m uslim . **NOTE: The num ber "zero" actually
originated out of India, and Islam ic architecture is actually a com binational usage of Byzantine and Greek

Crete is conquered. Islam ic rape and plunder spreads

Sicily and Sardinia conquest begins

Marseilles is sacked, Southern Italy is conquered, Byzantine arm y defeated in Battle of Am orion in Asia Minor

Rom e is sacked by Islam ic hordes, Vatican is dam aged, Venetian fleet is destroyed

Malta is conquered by m uslim s

Muslim s take all of Sicily

                                                                      Em peror Basis re-takes Italy from
                                                                      m uslim s

                                                                      Muslim s occupy Garde-Freinet         on
                                                                      coast of Provence

                                                                      Salonika is sacked by m uslim pirates
                                                                      (a.k.a. terrorists)

                                                                      Madrid is re-taken by Kingdom of Leon
                                                                      after Muslim defeat

  Muslims killed Christians by the thousands when they took Egypt

Monastery of Monte Cassino is destroyed by m uslim s

Pisa is sacked by m uslim s
Northwest India is conquered by Islam ic hordes (area is today known as "Pakistan")

Muslim s sack the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

Sardinia is conquered once again by m uslim s

Indian city of Muttra is sacked by Islam ic arm y led by rapist/m urderer Mahm ud of Ghazni

Mahm ud storm s Som nath in Gujarat, India

Pisa re-takes Sardinia from the Muslim s

Turkish m uslim s defeat Byzantine arm y at Manzikert and takes m ost of Asia Minor

El Cid of Spain liberates Valencia from the Muslim s

                                                                        First Crusade begins to respond to
                                                                        the brutal m uslim aggression that
                                                                        was spreading into Christian lands.
                                                                        The Em peror in Constantinople
                                                                        sends word to the Christians of
                                                                        W estern Europe asking them for aid
                                                                        in defense of the ram paging Islam ic
                                                                        hordes that were conquering,
                                                                        m urdering, raping and persecuting
                                                                        Christians throughout Byzantine
                                                                        lands. To rescue the Christians of
                                                                        Eastern Europe and the holy land
                                                                        from brutal Islam ic rule, Pope Urban
                                                                        II decides at the Council of Clerm ont
                                                                        to send arm ies to liberate them

                                                                        Crusaders defeat m uslim s at Antioch
          El Cid knew how to handle Spain’s Muslim problem
Crusaders drive m uslim s out of Jerusalem

Second Crusade, proclaim ed by Pope Eugene, begins in retaliation to Islam ic forces conquering Edessa, one
of the Christian states in the holy land

Second Crusade fails after being crushed by m uslim s in Asia Minor
Em pire of Ghazni is destroyed by the m uslim s
led by the brutal Saladin

Aleppo is taken by the m uslim s, led by Islam ic
arm ies of Saladin

Muslim s led by Saladin defeats crusaders at
Hittin and re-takes Jerusalem for the m uslim s.
Punjab is also conquered by Islam ic hordes

Third Crusade was launched by Richard I of
England in response to re-conquest of
Jerusalem by Islam ic hordes led by the brutal

Fourth crusade begins

Islam ic conquest of Northern India com plete

Crusaders take Constantinople

Fifth Crusade      sent   to   com bat   m uslim
aggression                                                 Saladin showed the infidels no mercy

Sixth Crusade led by Frederick II

Frederick II is crowned "King of Jerusalem " and signs treaty with Egyptian m uslim s.

Muslim s lose Cordoba to Castille

Egyptian m uslim s break treaty and re-conquer Jerusalem

Seventh Crusade led by Louis IX

Louis IX is captured by m uslim s. Islam ic states begin to develop in southeast Asia

Mongolians destroy Baghdad, end the Caliphate rulership
                                                                        M uslim s acquire C arinthia        and
                                                                        Carniola from Hungary

                                                                        Louis IX dies on Eighth Crusade

                                                                        Turkish m uslim s (Ottom an Em pire)
                                                                        sign treaty with Venice, France and
                                                                        Germ any

                                                                        Turkish (Ottom an) m uslim s conquer

                                                                        Byzantines lose last possessions in
                                                                        Asia Minor to the m uslim s
             Everywhere Islam spreads turns to desert

Ottom an m uslim s led by Sultan Bajazet attack Bulgaria

Muslim s conquer Bulgaria

Bajazet's Islam ic hordes defeat Hungarian arm y at Nicopolis

Mongolian arm y led by Tim ur (Tam erlane) conquers westward over Indian and Islam ic-held lands

Mongolian arm y led by Tim ur conquers Islam ic-held Dam ascus and Baghdad

Turkish m uslim s swarm into Albania, oppress the inhabitants through forced conversions, rape and m urder

Tim ur's Mongolian forces defeat Ottom an forces at Ankara, and Sultan Bajazet is taken as prisoner

Jano Hunyada (Janos Hunyadi) of Hungary defeats invading Turkish m uslim s at Nish

Vladislav III of Poland and Hungary is killed by Ottom an m uslim s at the Battle of Varna

Scanderbeg, an Albanian of Serb origin who was 11 years old when the Muslim s took Albania and was taken
to Constantinople as a child to be trained up as a soldier for Islam , revolts against the m uslim s and declares
him self a Christian. He fights against the Islam ic invaders of his hom eland, and also gains independence for
India, Persia and Afghanistan
                                                 Turkish m uslim s capture Constantinople and m urder Em peror
                                                 Constantine XI, m arks the end of the East Rom an (Byzantine)
                                                 Em pire. Constantinople is renam ed "Istanbul". St. Sophia
                                                 Basilica is taken and converted into a m osque

                                                 Muslim s conquer Athens, but they are repelled at Belgrade

                                                 Muslim s sack the Acropolis, historic artifacts stolen or

                                                 Muslim s conquer Serbia

                                                 Scanderberg achieves independence from Islam ic rule for
                                                 Albania and Epirus

                                                 Muslim s conquer Bosnia
 Vlad Tepes Dracul, aka “Vlad the Impaler”
 knew how to deal with Muslim invaders

Turkish m uslim s lay siege to Kruje

Turkish m uslim s conquer Herzegovina

Scanderberg dies, and soon after the Turk m uslim hordes reconquer all of Albania

Muslim s conquer Crim ea, and area around Sea of Azov

Muslim s are finally driven out of Spain

Turkish m uslim s invade Dalm atia and Croatia

Turkish m uslim s spark war with Venice. Venetian fleet is
defeated at Sapienza. Lepanto surrenders to the Sultan

       Vlad understood that the only way to stop future Muslim
      invasions was to intimidate the enemy from coming back
King Henry VII of England declines the Pope's request to lead a crusade against invading Turkish m uslim s.
The Turkish m uslim s proceed to take Durazzo from Venice

Venice abandons Lepanto and signs a peace treaty with the Turkish m uslim s

Europe is left alone when m uslim s war against m uslim s. Selim I, Sultan of Turkey, begins to set out to unite
the Islam ic world under his rulership. He attacks Persia

Sultan Selim I conquers Eastern Anatolia and Kurdistan

Sultan Selim I defeats Egyptian forces near Aleppo and annexes Syria

Turkish m uslim s take Cairo, Jerusalem , and all of Arabia after Mecca surrenders to Selim I

Selim I dies and is succeeded by his son, Sultan Suleim an I "The Magnificent" who sets his eyes on
conquering non-m uslim s

Turkish m uslim s conquer Belgrade, begin to invade Hungary

Suleim an's Turkish m uslim s take Rhodes from Knights of St.

A seven year truce is signed between the Sultan of Islam ic
Turkey and the king of Hungary

Turkish m uslim s break treaty of previous year. Hungarians are
defeated at Battle of Mohacs, King Louis II of Hungary is
m urdered. Muslim s take Buda, and conquer Croatia. Babur
(Zahir-ud-Din Muham m ad), m uslim Ruler of Kabul, invades
m uslim -controlled India and takes possession of Delhi and

Muslim s attack Austria, a siege is laid to Vienna

Turkish m uslim s led by Suleim an I invade Hungary, their attack
on Carinthia and Croatia is repelled
                                                                    Muslims slaughter fellow Muslims in India
Treaty between Venice and Turkish m uslim s signed at Constantinople.
Muslim arm ies of Suleim an I take Buda and annex Hungary, conquer Transylvania

Truce of Adranople between Austria and Turkish m uslim s

Muslim s occupy Moldavia

Turkish m uslim s fail to capture Malta,
but take Tripoli

Ak bar the G reat (Jalal ud-D in
Moham m ed), the Em peror (Mogul) of
India, is called to throne at age 14.
Because he is not a strict m uslim , he
shows m ore tolerance toward Hindus
than his oppressive and brutal
predecessors by appointing them to
political positions and actually listening
to their grievances. He prom ulgates a
new religion called "Din-iIlahi" which is
a com bination of Hindu and Islam ic
beliefs, which Akbar also follows.
However, one of the Islam ic beliefs he
does hold to is the thirst for conquest
                                                       Welcome to the garden spot of Arabia
Spanish fleet is attacked and routed by m uslim s off coast of Tripoli

Em peror Ferdinand I signs eight-year truce with Suleim an I and his m uslim hordes. Rajah of Jaipur subm its
to Akbar the Great

Knights of St. John defend Malta from Islam ic hordes. Spanish troops com e to Malta's aid and m uslim s
abandon siege

Turkish m uslim s break truce of 1562 and attack Hungary

Akbar the Great conquers Chitor

Muslim s sack Nicosia, Cyrus; inhabitants are raped and m urdered. Turkish m uslim s declare war on Venice

Muslim s take Fam agusta, Cyprus and rape and m assacre all its inhabitants. Battle of Lepanto m arks end of
Islam ic naval power in Mediterranean, however m uslim pirates (terrorists) continue to plague European trading
vessels for centuries afterward
Muslim s conquer Tunis from Spain

Akbar the Great conquers Afghanistan

Akbar the Great conquers Orissa

Akbar the Great takes Sind
                                                                   Welcome to Pakistan’s garden spot
Muslim s conquer Raab at Austro-Hungarian border. Akbar the Great's Islam ic hordes conquer Kandahar

Invading m uslim s defeated at Giugevo

Invading m uslim s defeat Im perial arm y at Keresztes in Northern Hungary

Akbar the Great's Islam ic hordes conquer Khandest

Muslim s start a war with the Prussians

Persian m uslim s conquer Tabriz from Ottom an m uslim s

Akbar "the Great" drops dead

Peace treaty signed between Turkish m uslim s and Austria at Zsitva-Turok

Muslim s once again invade Hungary

Poland signs 14-year truce with Turkish m uslim s

Turkish m uslim s break treaty and attack Polish territory. Polish arm y
defeated at Jassy

Persian m uslim s attack Turkish m uslim s, they conquer Baghdad

Turkish m uslim s retake Baghdad from Persian m uslim s
                                                                        Rain isn’t among Allah’s “blessings”
                                                          Turkish m uslim s attack Venitian-held Crete, start
                                                          Turk-Venitian war

                                                          Aurangzeb's reign over India begins and he fiercely
                                                          persecutes the Hindus by im posing heavy taxes on
                                                          them , destroying Hindu tem ples and idols, banning
                                                          all non-m uslim s from public service and im posing
                                                          severe discrim ination against non-m uslim s in trade,
                                                          legal justice and other m atters

       Muslim’s forced Serbians to either convert...

Muslim s invade Transylvania. Em peror Leopold I sends arm y to fend off Islam ic
hordes and pushes them back

Muslim s officially declare war on Holy Rom an Em pire, they invade Transylvania
and Hungary and overrun the fortress of Nove Zam ky in Slovakia

1664                                                                               ...or get the sword
Truce of Vasvar signed after Austrians defeat m uslim s at St. Gotthard on Raab river

Muslim s take over Crete from the Venetians. Muslim rulers in India prohibit Hindu worship

Turkish m uslim s declare war on Poland

Muslim s besiege Vienna but are saved by King Jan Sobieski of Poland and Charles, the Duke of Lorraine.
However, m uslim s continue to control m ost of south-eastern Europe

Turkish Islam ic hordes attack Russian territories, Russia declares war on Turks in response

Muslim s reconquer Belgrade

Muslim s continue attacking Russian lands, beginning of Russo-Turk war

Peter the Great of Russia liberates Asov from m uslim s, takes Kam chatka

Prince Eugene defeats m uslim s at Zenta

Peace treaty of Karlowitz signed by Austria, Russia, Poland and Venice with Turkish m uslim s
Islam ic pirates from the Barbary coast (Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli and Tuni) terrorize European m erchant ships,
stealing cargo and enslaving the sailors and passengers on board. European nations give in to dem ands to
pay ransom s to the Barbary nations in return for unm olested passage of their ships through the Mediterranean

Turkish m uslim s break peace and m ake war on Russia

Peace treaty of Adrianople signed between Russia and Turkish
m uslim s, m uslim s soon continue fighting

Prince Eugene defeats Islam ic hordes. Tem esvar, the last
Islam ic possession in Hungary is liberated from the m uslim s

Muslim s defeated by Prince Eugene at Belgrade

Peace treaty of Passarowitz signed between Holy Rom an
Em pire and Turkish m uslim s, m uslim s continue fighting anyway

Mir Mahm ud conquers Afghanistan and becom es Shah

       Even Islam’s greatest architectural achievement, the Taj
       Mahal, is no more than a mausoleum, a building of death

Shah Mahm ud of Afghanistan becom es insane **(NOTE: However, it is still a m ystery how his lack of sanity
could be differentiated from that of any other m uslim .)**

Alliance m ade between Em pire and Russia to fend off Invading m uslim hordes from Turkey

Muslim s take Mom basa from Portugal

Muslim s fight m uslim s when Turks and Persians fight each other

Turko-Persian war ends, m uslim s once again attack Europeans

Turkish m uslim s m ake war against Russia
Muslim s take Orsova and advance to Belgrade

As Turkish m uslim s approach Belgrade, Em peror Charles VI m akes a
peace treaty with them

Muslim s fight each other as Turko-Persian war continues. **(NOTE: By
strange and m ysterious coincidence, whenever m uslim s are occupied
killing one another for power they are not so focused on killing non-m uslim
                                                                               Islam has always been bloody
The East India Trading Com pany of Britain (established in 1690 as a trading post in Calcutta) began fortifying
its defenses as a result of contending French forces increasing within the province. The m uslim 24-year old
Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Dawlah, becam e furious when he discovered this, but despite all attem pts by East
India Com pany officials to explain their peaceful intentions the Nawab ignored their pleas and offers of "peace
on any term s" and had 50,000 of his m uslim forces seize their factory at Murshidabad and had his arm y m arch
on Calcutta against 500 com pany em ployees, civil servants and British troops. After taking Calcutta, about
146 m en and one young wom an were thrown into the sam e intensely hot cell where there was no water and
little air, and over 120 people suffered and died of the heat while their Muslim captors m ocked them . Only
23 of the original 146 survived. **(NOTE: Som e historians dispute the num ber of people in the cell, but first-
person accounts cite the num ber as 146)**

British soldiers sail from Madras to Calcutta to give aid to East India Com pany, they proceed to take Calcutta
from the m uslim s. British forces set out to dethrone the Nawab, who was now openly being backed by the
French. 3250 British soldiers routed the Nawab's arm y of 50,000 and the Nawab fled to his palace at
Murshidaba where he was killed. The following day the Nawab's decapitated body was paraded through the
streets on an elephant and his head was carried on a pike by its side. The British control Bengal and appoint
British-friendly Mir Ja'far to be the new Nawab

                                                Anti-British m uslim s from neighboring Islam ic provinces join
                                                forces, they attack Bengal and depose Mir Ja'far. They go on
                                                to confront the British arm y protecting the East India Com pany
                                                at Baksar but are repelled. British Influence over Indian sub-
                                                continent begins to grow. **(NOTE: It is likely that all of India
                                                would be Islam ic today if it had not been for the British.)**

                                                Muslim s continue to fight each other. Dam ascus is seized by
                                                troops of Ali Bey
            Blood! Blood! Blood!

Treaty of Constantinople; Turkish m uslim s agree to Russian annexation of Crim ea. Following the exam ple
of the cowardly and weak European nations, the United States Congress appropriates $80,000 as a tribute
to the Barbary nations (Algeria, Morocco, Tripoli, and Tunis) so that Am erican vessels could pass through the
Mediterranean sea unm olested by Islam ic pirates

Algerian m uslim pirates capture two Am erican vessels, enslaving the crews and holding them for a ransom
of $59,496, negotiations for the liberation of the m en were protracted and 11 of them died before a ransom
was m ade in 1795

Turkish m uslim s break treaty, declare war on Russia

Austrians declare war on Turkey in response to years of Turkish m uslim support of Islam ic raids and m urders
against Austrians

Austrians liberate Belgrade from the m uslim s

The W ahhabi Islam ic sect is founded by Ibn Abdul W ahhab

A squadron of m uslim Algerian vessels pass the Strait of Gibraltar unto the Atlantic Ocean and capture 10
Am erican m erchantm en, two years later the U.S. Congress agrees to pay the Islam ic Dey of Algiers a ransom
equivalent to $992,463 in return for the 115 sailors on board, 21 surviving sailors from the capture of Am erican
ship in 1785, and the ship along with its stores and am m unition. The United States also agreed to pay an
annual tribute $21,000 in naval stores, $20,000 for recognition of a U.S. consul in Algiers, $17,000 in presents
and other regular blackm ail paym ents; Sim ilar treaties were later m ade with Tripoli and Tunis

                                                                                  Agha Moham m ed of Persia
                                                                                  seizes      Khurasan   in
                                                                                  Khuzistan, m akes Teheran
                                                                                  his capital

                                                                                  Am erican m erchant ships
                                                                                  were seized by m uslim
                                                                                  Barbary (Morocco, Algiers,
                                                                                  Tripoli and Tunis) pirates, and
                                                                                  A m eric an cre w s w ere
                                                                                  enslaved. The Unites States
                                                                                  governm ent agrees to pay
                                                                                  $18,000 a year in return for a
                                                                                  prom ise that Tripoli-based
                                                                                  corsais would not m olest
                                                                                  A m erican ships, sim ilar
                                                                                  agreem ents were m ade were
                                                                                  m ade with the Islam ic rulers
                                                                                  of Morocco, Algiers and
       Islamic terrorists have been attacking the United States since 1785

Napoleon sets out to conquer the world for France. French arm y defeats Turkish m uslim s at Heliopolis and
advances on Cairo (Napoleon also defeats Austrians at Hochstadt, Honenlinden, Marengo, advances on
Vienna and conquers Italy.)

To prevent French rule over Egypt English troops enter Cairo, which results in French troops leaving Egypt;
Turkish m uslim s im m ediately recover Egypt.

Tripolitan W ar (1st Barbary W ar); Islam ic pirates from Tripoli continue terrorizing Am erican m erchant ships
despite agreem ents m ade with them ; Pacha Yusuf Karam anli of Tripoli increase his blackm ail dem ands on
the United States for allowing m erchant ships travel to Europe unm olested by his pirate ships, dem anding an
im m ediate paym ent of $225,000, plus $25,000 annually. The United States refuses to succum b to the
increasing ransom dem ands, so the Pacha of Tripoli declares war against the United States. The United
States sends naval squadrons into the Mediterranean blockading the Tripoli coast, bom barding shore
fortresses, and engaging in close, bitterly contested gunboat battles. A daring com bined land and sea
operation turn the scales in the United States favor, and the Pasha of Tripoli fearfully signs a treaty with the
Am ericans

                                           Muslim s m assacre other m uslim s (Marm elukes) at Cairo

                                           W ar W ith Algiers (2nd Barbary W ar); After the term ination of the W ar
                                           of 1812 between the United States and England, Algeria decides to
                                           take advantage of what they believe to be a weakened United States
                                           and resum e their pirating activities upon Am erican vessels. The
                                           United States Navy dispatches Com m odores Bainbridge and Steven
                                           Decatur to suppress the pirating; Decatur captures the Algerian
                                           flagship off the coast of Spain and proceeds to the harbor of Algiers,
                                           dem anding that the a treaty be signed abandoning all paym ents of
                                           tribute and ransom s, and the surrender of all Am erican captives, or
                                           else suffer the destruction the Algerian capital and fleet. The Islam ic
                                           Dey of Algiers signs the treaty, and Decatur then proceeds to Tunis
                                           and Tripoli, exacting from their rulers sim ilar treaties. Although
                                           Decatur's expedition brought an end to Barbary attacks on United
                                           States ships, the shipping of other countries continued to be m enaced
                                           by Islam ic pirates until 1830

After President Thomas Jefferson had Islam explained to him he sent the newly-formed U.S. Navy to fight
the Barbary muslims who kidnaped Americans, then told Congress it is best “to repress force with force”

British bom bard Algiers in response to Islam ic terrorist and pirating activities, they force m uslim s there to end
the practice of enslaving Christians

After centuries of brutal Islam ic rule, partial autonom y is granted to Serbs by the Islam ic Turk governm ent
largely because its arm y is stretched thin fighting m any other peoples including fellow m uslim s

"Reign of terror" by Turkish m uslim s against the Greeks, m any Greeks are slaughtered

Turkish fleet captures Greek island of Chios, the m uslim s m assacre and rape its inhabitants. Turkish m uslim s
invade Greece

Turkish m uslim s capture island of Chios and m assacre its inhabitants. Greece proclaim s its independence
and Turkish m uslim s invade Greece. They seize island of Ipsara from Greece, but are defeated at Mitylene.
Egyptian m uslim s conquer Creete

Russian ultim atum to Turkish m uslim s to leave their occupation of Serbia. Russia declares war on Persia

Russia, France and Britain urge Turkish m uslim s to end their war against Greece, but the Sultan rejects their
plea and continues his m urderous plans for conquest. Turkish Muslim s enter Athens, m ass m urders and rape
ensue. By the treaty of London the allies agree to force a truce on the Sultan. Turkish and Egyptian m uslim
fleet is destroyed at Battle of Navarino. Sultan Moham m ed II rejects the allies' offer to m ediate in war with
Greece. Russia defeats Persia and takes Erivan (Arm enia)

Russia declares war on Turkey to drive out m urderous m uslim
arm ies from Greece. Egyptian Muslim s agree to Britain's
dem and to leave Greece alone

Peace of Adrianople ends Russo-Turk war; Turkish m uslim s
acknowledge Greek independence

French troops finally put an end to m uslim piracy in the
Mediterranean by capturing Algeria

Muslim s fight m uslim s when Egyptian m uslim s conquer Syria
from Islam ic Ottom an em pire

Egyptian m uslim s defeat Turkish m uslim s in Syria

Mehem et Ali rules over Egypt and Syria, and founds an             Captain Stephen Decatur, Jr. (1798-1820)
Islam ic dynasty that rules Egypt until 1952                      knew how to handle Muslims who attacked
                                                                     U.S. ships and kidnaped Americans
Afghan m uslim s surrender to British forces, Afghan war ends. Turko-Egyptian conflict ends in signing of the
Protocol des Droits in London

Treaty of Tangier ends Muslim and French war in Morocco

Crim ean war begins; Due to heavy persecution of Christians by m uslim s in the Islam ic Ottom an Em pire the
Czar dem anded that the Orthodox church in the Turkish Em pire be placed under Russian protection, but the
Sultan rebuffs him . Britain and France ally them selves with the Turkish m uslim s because they did not want
a Russian protectorate over Christian holy sites. The British governm ent was divide over the issue of going
to war, and Napoleon III of France (who had personal grievances with the Czar) was looking for a way to
distract the French public from dom estic troubles so they fought to defend the Turk m uslim s after Russia
takes Turkey's Black Sea port of Sinop (Sinope).
The Sardinians joined the allies (Britain, France and Turkey) to fight against Russia. Persia attacks
Afghanistan. Britain and Afghanistan join to fight against Persia, outbreak of British-Persian (Anglo-Persian)

Treaty of Paris ends the Crim ean war. As part of the treaty, the Sultan prom ises to give his Christian subjects
equal treatm ent under the law, and no foreign power was to interfere in the Ottom an Em pire's internal affairs.
However, the Sultan's reform s rem ained little m ore than a statem ent of good intentions as the persecutions
against Christians and other non-m uslim s continue. Muslim Persia occupies Herat.

                                                        Peace of Paris treaty ends Anglo-Persian war, Shah of
                                                        Persia forced to recognize Afghanistan independence.
                                                        British end brutal Islam ic rule in India

                                                        Powers of East India com pany transfers to British

                                                        Civil war breaks out between m uslim s in Afghanistan

                  Islam is child abuse

Revolts break out in Crete against brutality of Islam ic rule

Greece attem pts to liberate Crete with a sm all m ilitary force, but following a Turk ultim atum they agree to
leave. The Suez canal (built by the British) is opened

Britain purchases 176,602 Suez canal shares from Khedive of Egypt, becom e m ajority owner (the investm ent
was to protect its shipping lane to India). Uprisings take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina against brutal
Turkish Islam ic rule, so the Sultan prom ises reform s to m eet their dem ands but the repression continues

Bulgaria attem pts to gain independence from brutal Islam ic Turkish rule, but are m et with cruel and brutal
repression. The brutality of the m ass m urders, rapes and beatings was so horrific that all of Europe was
m oved to indignation against the Ottom an Em pire. The Turkish m uslim s refuse to m ake any concessions of
reform or give Europe any authority over Christian populated areas.

Due to its severe brutality against Christians, Russia declares war against the Ottom an Em pire; Russia
liberates Rum ania and Plevana, Bulgaria from the m uslim s

Russian troops press toward Istanbul and reach site of it. Knowing that they are close to being defeated,
Turkish leaders sue for peace and negotiations were opened. Britain and Austria involve them selves in the
negotiations so as to prevent Russia from receiving any gains of territory. The treaty of Berlin declared that
Bulgaria becom e self-governing, Austria would take Bosnia and Hercegovina under its protection, Serbia and
Rum ania are declared independent states, Greece was given Thessaly and som e of Epirus, and Britain gains
Cyprus under its control. So, of its form er Christian territories, only Eastern Rum ili, Macedonia, Crete and
Arm enia were left under the Sultan's rulership, and he was instructed by the European powers to carry out
reform s in those regions im m ediately.

A British Legion in Kabul, Afghanistan is m assacred by m obs of m uslim fanatics

1880's until end of WWI
Germ any (which had colonial interests in Africa and was looking for an ally to aid them ) sets out to reorganize
the Islam ic Ottom an Em pire's arm y, supplying them with arm s and providing them with m ilitary training

Britain occupies Egypt to protect its financial interest in the Suez Canal

First Arm enian Massacre: Kurdish m uslim s, supported by the Islam ic Turkish governm ent, conducts a
hom icidal policy of ethnic destruction against all Arm enian Christians and system atic m ass m urders are
carried out. Islam ic fanaticism is fostered and em ployed as the instrum ent for the m ass killings, and
conservative estim ates place the slaughter at over 100,000 innocent Arm enians

                                                                                  Christian of Crete revolt
                                                                                  against their brutal Islam ic
                                                                                  rulers and proclaim union
                                                                                  with Greece. The people
                                                                                  gather in large m obs and
                                                                                  m arch against the Ottom an
                                                                                  m uslim s in Thessaly, but the
                                                                                  revolt was quickly brought
                                                                                  down by the Germ an-trained
                                                                                  Islam ic troops, killing m any.
                                                                                  T u rk s declare w ar o n
                                                                                  Greece.          Afterward,
                                                                                  European powers get
                                                                                  involved and press the brutal
                                                                                  Ottom an Em pire to give up
                                                                                  Crete, so the m ilitarily-
                                                                                  weakened Turk m uslim s
                                                                                  relent and Crete becom es a
                                                                                  self-governing nation.
            Turkish and Kurdish Muslims systematically killed over
            100,000 Christians during the first Armenian holocaust

Macedonians revolt against severe repression of the ruling Turkish m uslim s. European powers step in and
press the Ottom an Em pire to place the province of Macedonia under international control

Greeks in Crete revolt against brutal Turkish m uslim rule

Algeciras conference gives France and Spain control of Morocco. All India Moslem league founded by Aga
Khan. Fanatical Islam ic "Young Turk" com m ittee m oves from Geneva to Salonika, gains support am ong
Europeans with false prom ises of liberating Christian lands from Turkish Em pire. A British ultim atum forces
invader Turkish m uslim s to cede Sinai Peninsula to Egyptian m uslim s
Abdul Hafid proclaim ed Sultan of
Morocco, defeats Islam ic rivals
for control at Marrakesh

Sultan Abdul Ham id II of
O ttom an Em pire is deposed by
fanatical m uslim s group "Young
Turks" and succeeded by his
brother Moham m ed V. Sultan
Muham m ed Ali of Persia is
deposed and succeeded by 12-
year-old Ahm ed Shah                Turkish Muslims pose with the piled up bodies of their Armenian victims

Egyptian Prem ier Butros Ghali assassinated by rival m uslim s

Beginning of Turk-Italian war; Italy wants to becom e a colonial power and decides to take advantage of a
weakened Ottom an Em pire. Italian fleet bom bards Tripoli coast (NOTE: first use of aircraft for offensive
warfare); Italy annexes Tripoli and Cyrenaica in decisive defeat of Turkey

Balkan W ar; In response to Islam ic terrorist attacks supported by the Turkish governm ent Montenegro
declares war on Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia m obilize their arm ies. In fear of defeat Turkey asks the
European powers for intervention in Balkan war; arm istice is declared between Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro
and Turkey.

                                             W orld W ar I begins; Islam ic Ottom an Turkish Em pire joins two
                                             m onths in to join Central Powers on the side of Germ any, its
                                             supplier of weapons and arm am ents. Massive oppression
                                             against Arm enian Christians by Kurdish m uslim s and Turkish
                                             governm ent; shops are burned, Arm enian leaders are m urdered

                                             Second Arm enian Massacre: Because of fear that Arm enians
                                             would support Allied powers, approxim ately 1,500,000 Arm enian
                                             Christians are m urdered by Kurdish and Turkish m uslim s
                                             throughout the Ottom an Em pire by governm ent policy

                                             Islam ic Ottom an Em pire is defeated by Allied Powers and is
                                             dissolved, Britain and France gains control over all form er
                                             Ottom an territories. Balfour Declaration on British-controlled
                                             Palestine declaring the intention of establishing a national hom e
                                             for the Jewish people in their historic land of Israel. Muslim s
                                             begin attacking Jews because they are unwilling to accept any
                                             Jewish state because the Islam ic won't allow for it
Armenians were purposely starved to death

W ar between Indian, British and Afghan forces. Syrian Islam ic fanatics attack French forces at Baalbek, Syria
Syria becom es independent
Islam ic nation; Em ir Feisal
becom es first king.

Reza Khan carries out coup
d'etat in Tehran

B r ita in re c o g n ize s th e
independent Kingdom of
Egypt under King Faud I.
League of Nations council
approves British m andate
for division of Palestine, but
Arab congress at Nablus
rejects any attem pt to allow
for the creation of an
independent Jewish state
                                                        The Armenian killing fields

Shah Ahm ed of Persia dethroned; Reza Khan appointed regent

Reza Khan ascends to Persian throne. Islam ic fanatics revolt in Morocco against the French

Islam ic religious fanatics refuse to allow Jews access to Jewish holy sites (W ailing W all) in Jerusalem and
begin attacking Jews in Palestine. Jews in the city are beaten, raped and m urdered

Muslim s once again change the nam e of Constantinople to Istanbul

King Ibn Saud changes nam e of the Kingdom of Arabia to Saudi Arabia

Persia is renam ed Iran

Pogrom s in the land of Israel are carried out by Arab m uslim s, in which 550 innocent Jews are m assacred.
Mobs of m uslim s attack Jews throughout the land in a beating, raping and m urder spree.

In order to appease Jew-hating m uslim s who oppose any Jewish im m igration, British restrict Jewish
im m igration into Palestine to 75,000 over next 5 years. Over first 3 years of W orld W ar II fewer than 19,000
Jews were allowed to enter, m any fleeing Germ an persecution and trying to enter Palestine on boats are
forced to go back to Europe by the British and also Jewish collaborators. Thus, with no where else to go
where they would be accepted, m illions m ore Jews die in the ovens and gas cham bers of Nazi Germ any
during the Holocaust
During W orld W ar II, Bosnian and Croatian m uslim s aid the Nazis in exterm inating approxim ately 1.2 m illion
Serbians, and 90,000 Jews

                                        During W orld W ar II, Chechnyan m uslim s aided the Nazis against the
                                        Soviet Union, so in retaliation Soviet dictator Josef Stalin deports the
                                        entire Chechyn population to Kazakhstan, killing m any

                                        Arab League is founded to oppose the creation of a Jewish state

 Croatian muslims fought alongside
  with Nazis to kill Serbs and Jews

Transjordan becom es an independent state
                                                                       Symbols of evil united:
                                                                 The Swastika and the Sword of Islam
India is proclaim ed independent and is partitioned into two states; India for the Hindus and Pakistan for the
m uslim s. British proposal to divide Palestine is rejected by m uslim s; question is deferred to United Nations
which announces plan of partition.

Mahatm a Gandhi, Indian nationalist and
spiritual leader, is assassinated by m uslim s.
Muslim m obs begin attacking Jews
throughout Palestine; British troops finally
leave (Israel was supposed to becom e an
independent nations decades earlier, but
Britain continually suppressed Jewish
independence in a wasted effort to appease
the radical Jew-hating m uslim s) and Israel
declares its independence on May 14 and
becom es a sovereign nation. Im m ediately
afterward, the arm ies of six Islam ic nations
(Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia,
Lebanon and Iraq) gather on the tiny new
nation's borders. The United States and
Soviet Union both officially recognize the
State of Israel. On May 15 the surrounding
m uslim arm ies attack Israel on all sides in
an attem pt to destroy Israel's existence and
wipe out the Jewish people.                     Muslims were shown just how compatible Islam is with Nazism

Israel defeats the m uslim hordes and win the war for their independence, thus proving that Allah, the Islam ic
god of global war, is a false god. Transjordan conquers the lands west of the Jordan river (historic Judea and
Sam aria) and renam es it the "W est Bank"; Transjordan proceeds to expel all the Jews living in the land from
their hom es, destroy all Jewish places of worship, and desecrate all Jewish holy sites; At the end of the war
600,000 m uslim s who unnecessarily fled Israel in panic becom e refugees in Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon but
are refused from being absorbed into the Islam ic societies of their fellow m uslim s, they are instead used as
a political tool to fom ent m ore hate against Jews in the world. The 160,000 m uslim s who didn't flee rem ain
in Israel without problem . Over 800,000 Jews who lived in m uslim nations becom e refugees after their hom es
are taken away, m ost fleeing to Israel where they are readily accepted by their fellow Jews.

       Writer Mark Twain visited the land of Israel in the mid-1800's, which at that time was controlled
        by the Ottoman Turkish Muslims, and described how it never rained in that desolate place...

                                                    ...but after muslims lost control of the land, the rain
                                                      has returned to Israel again, gardens are growing
                                                                 and trees are being planted

Transjordan now called "Hashem ite Kingdom of Jordan"

King Abdullah of Jordan is assassinated by Islam ic fanatics

Islam ic fanatics riot against British forces in Egypt

Royalist coup d'etat in Islam ic nation of Persia

Colonel Nasser seizes power in Egypt, becom es Prem ier and Head of State. Algerian m uslim s attack and
kill French people living in Algeria and any m uslim s who collaborate with them , in an attem pt to take over the
Jordanian Muslim s attack and raid Israel, the Jordanian border increases after taking Israeli land

Egypt blockades the Gulf of Aquaba to prevent shipping from reaching the Israeli port of Eilat, and Egyptian
troops attack southern Israel. Israeli forces fight back in defense, advancing on Egypt and taking Gaza and
the Sinai peninsula. Under United Nations pressure, a truce is settled and Israel surrenders all newly won
land back to Egypt

After Soviet Union leader Josef Stalin's death, Chechnyan m uslim s are allowed to return to their hom eland
for first tim e since 1944

Egypt and Sudan join to form the United Arab Republic with Nasser as President

March 26: Thousands of French and fellow m uslim s are attacked and m urdered in Algerian streets during the
m assacre of the Rue D'Isly. Form al fighting in Algeria soon ends when French leader Charles De Gaulle
surrenders to the Islam ic m ob, and gives them control of an independent Algerian m uslim state. Algerian
m uslim s using their French citizenship begin to im m igrate (invade) into Europe by the thousands.

                     French bodies lined the streets in Algeria after the Rue D’Isly massacre

United Arab Republic, Syria and Iraq agree to union

Muslim terrorist attacks ensue in Cypress; United
Nations peace-keeping force takes over in Cypress;
Islam ic Turkish planes attack Cypress. Yasser
Arafat takes over the leadership of the Islam ic anti-
Israel terrorist group "Al Fatah". PLO (Palestinian
Liberation Organization) terrorist organization is
form ed by Egyptian m uslim s in Cairo, Egypt.

                                                         Muslims raped and murdered this 7-year-old French girl
Revolution by m uslim s in Algeria, President Ben Bella deposed

Israeli and Jordanian forces fight battle in Hebron area

Six-Day war;           Arm ies from all
surrounding Islam ic nations begin to
gather on the borders of Israel, and
I s la m ic le a d e r s a r e o p e n l y
proclaim ing their intention to destroy
the State of Israel, saying they will
"finish Hitler's job" and exterm inate
all the Jews. Israel launches attacks
against these gathering arm ies
before they can reach full strength
and defeats Egyptian, Syrian and
Jordanian arm ies in six days, proving
once again that Allah (Islam ic god of
global war) is a false god. Israel's
territorial gains include all land west
of the Jordan river, including all of
Jerusalem from Jordan, The Sinai
and G aza from Egypt, and the
Golan Heights from Syria.
                                             Israeli troops take Jerusalem during the six-day war, but leave the job
                                               unfinished by not destroying Islam’s symbol of hate against Jews.

                                                                  Sirhan Sirhan, a Muslim with ties to terrorist
                                                                  Yasser Arafat, assassinates United States
                                                                  Presidential candidate Senator Robert Kennedy

                                                                  Al Fatah leader Yassir Arafat (who is an Egyptian
                                                                  by birth) is nam ed head of the terrorist PLO
                                                                  (Palestinian Liberation Organization) organization,
                                                                  headquartered in Jordan. Terrorist attacks in
                                                                  Israel continue

                                                                  Muslim terrorists hijack 3 com m ercial jets bound
                                                                  for New York City from Europe. Egypt and Israel
                                                                  agree to a cease-fire.
          It was a muslim who murdered American
           Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy

India-Pakistan war: Civil war breaks out in East Pakistan, Muslim s from East Pakistan attack India, and India
and Pakistan go to war for 13 days. Muslim s slaughter m uslim s, and at the end of the war the East Pakistan
province breaks away and becom es independent Islam ic nation of Bangladesh. Muslim s in Algeria seize
control of all French oil and gas interest. Moroccan King Hassan II survives a coup attem pt. Islam ic Sudan's
Major General Jafir Muham m ad Nim eri is deposed in a coup, but 3 days later is restored to power by loyalists.
Syria and Jordan have m ilitary clashes along their shared border. Egyptian m uslim s break cease fire and
shoot at Israeli troops stationed
along the Suez Canal. Delegates
representing 18 Islam ic countries
m eet in Cairo, Egypt to discuss
plans for coordinating m ilitary and
e c o n o m ic s tr a te g y fo r th e
destruction of Israel

During the Olym pics, Islam ic PLO-
sent terrorists to kill the Israel
Olym pic athletes in Munich, W est
Germ any. Two were killed outright
and 9 others Israeli athletes were
taken hostage; All the hostages are
m urdered during rescue attem pt by
W est Germ an Police. The terrorists
are eventually killed except for 3 that
were caught alive. Muslim s hijack a
W est Germ an airliner over Turkey
holding the passengers hostage, and                  A muslim terrorist in Munich looks outside
are able to obtain the release of the                 to see if there are any more Jews to kill
3 terrorists held in the m urder of the
Israeli athletes.

Yom Kippur war; During holiest Jewish holiday of the year, Egypt and Syria launch a sneak attack against
Israel intending to wipe out its existence. Israel defeats the swarm ing Islam ic hordes despite heavy losses.
Once again, the Islam ic god Allah is proven to be a false god. Islam ic oil-producing nations em bargo
shipm ents to the United States, W estern Europe and Japan because of their support for Israel during Islam ic
invasion of Israel, price of oil is driven up drastically; Energy crisis is caused in industrial world. Muslim
terrorists hijack Lufthansa jetliners at Rom e after killing an Italian policem an and 30 people aboard a Pan
Am erican jetliner. The plane is taken to Athens where another hostage is shot, and then the plane is taken
to Kuwait where the rem aining hostages are released.

Greek-led Cypriot rebels overthrow brutal Islam ic governm ent, Turkish m uslim forces invade island and
savagely gain control over m uch of C ypress by slaughtering m any civilians; A United Nations cease fire is
negotiated with Turkey, but Islam ic Turkey continues to deploy troops into Cypress. Nine oil-producing Islam ic
nations agree to lift the oil em bargo against the United States, with the exception of Lybia and Syria. Syrian
forces attack Israel from across the Israeli-Lebanon border. In Mallot, Israel, PLO (Palestinian Liberation
Organization) terrorists occupy a school building and m urder 24 children, wounding 60 others. Islam ic
delegates from all 20 m em bers of the Arab League officially recognize PLO terrorist group as the "sole
legitim ate representative of the Palestinian people.” They concoct a plan to destroy Israel in stages through
feigning peace and signing treaties that will ultim ately weaken Israel.

                                          In America, charismatic black leaders
                                          corrupted many into converting to Islam
Muslim rebels fight against governm ent troops in Ethiopia. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is assassinated by his
nephew, Prince Faisal, who is beheaded in retaliation. New king is Kalid, brother of Faisal. Muslim s start
attacking Christians in Beirut, Lebanon; a cabinet of prom inent Christians and m uslim leaders is form ed in
Lebanon to halt the fighting. 8 Islam ic Al Fatah terrorists occupy the Savoy hotel in Tel Aviv, where 11 Israelis
are killed and 11 m ore are wounded. President Mujibur Rahm an of Bangladesh is assassinated as the
Bangladesh m ilitary takes control of the governm ent. Four anti-Israeli m uslim s invade the Egyptian em bassy
in Madrid, dem anding that Egypt renounce a recent agreem ent m ade with Israel (regarding the Sinai
peninsula). Six Islam ic anti-Israeli terrorists invade an OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
m eeting, taking at least 60 hostages, and killing 3 others. Forty Islam ic nations m eeting in Saudi Arabi vote
to expel Israel from the United Nations but are not successful in doing so; Islam ic nations lead the way in
getting the United Nations general assem bly to adopt an anti-Jewish
resolution defining Zionism (the m ovem ent for a national Jewish
hom eland) as "a form of racism and racial discrim ination"; The vote
was 72 to 35, with 32 abstentions and 3 absent delegations. The
increasingly anti-Israeli United Nations invites the PLO terrorist
organization to participate in Middle East talks. After United States
President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissenger give
their approval to a proposed invasion by Indonesia against East Tim or,
Islam ic Indonesian forces invade East Tim or and seize Dili, the capital
of Portugese East Tim or; Over 300,000 m ostly Christian Tim orans are
slaughtered, and thousands of wom en, children, and m en were raped
by Indonesian m uslim s and then m urdered.
                                                                                Yasser Arafat is the biggest
                                                                              murderer of Jews since Hitler
Lebanon's parliam ent elects Christian leader Elias Sarkis as President. Syrian, "Palestinian" and Lebanese
m uslim s attack Christians around the country and take control over Beirut, Tripoli and Sarda as well as the
highways between the cities. A political agreem ent is m ade, ending the nine-m onth civil war in Lebanon, but
civil war once again erupts. 2000 Syrian troops enter Lebanon and occupy it, ending the civil war. United
States Am bassador to Lebanon, his econom ic counselor and their chauffeur are kidnaped by PLO terrorists
and m urdered in Beirut. Islam ic terrorists hijack an Air France jet to Uganda (led by the brutal Islam ic
Ugandan dictator Idi Am in Daddah) where they are held hostage by Ugandan troops and Islam ic terrorists.
Israeli com m andos land at the Ugandan airport and free 103 Israeli hostages

Pakistan's arm y overthrows the governm ent and im poses m artial law. Som ali-backed m uslim guerillas
continue fighting to take over Ethiopia. In Mogadishu, Som alia, W est Germ an com m andos free 86 hostages
being held by m uslim s who hijacked a Lufthansa airliner 5 days earlier. For 38 hours, 134 hostages are held
in 3 buildings in W ashington D.C. by m em bers of the Hanafi m uslim sect

A m ilitary junta seizes power in Afghanistan. Arab League brings end to fighting in Lebanon, m uslim s take
control of country. United States President Jim m y Carter brokers a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt,
Egyptian dictator Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli Prim e Minister Manachem Begin sign treaty in W ashington D.C.;
Israel agrees to surrender Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt and Egypt agrees to allow Israeli ships usage of Suez
Canal. Islam ic Shiite religious leader Ayatollah Ruholla Khom eini instigates violence in Iran, calls for the
violent overthrow of Shah. Islam ic fanatics ram page through streets of Tehran, Shah Moham m ed Riza
Pahlavi of Iran im poses m artial law in Iran to halt violence, m ore than 4000 Iranians are kills by Islam ic
fanatics. A m ilitary coup headed by Lt. General Abdul Qadir ousts governm ent of Afghanistan, Marxist
Afghans backed by the Soviet Union proclaim intentions to take governm ent. PLO terrorists hijack a jetliner
at the Larnaca (Cyprus) airport, seize bus on highway between Haifa and Tel Aviv and 37 Israelis are killed.
Israeli forces invade Lebanon, destroy PLO terrorist bases and withdraw, turning over strip of southern
Lebanon to Lebanese Christian forces. A coup in m uslim Yem en ousts leadership. A m ilitary coup takes
place in m uslim Mauritania, Col. Moustapha Ould Moham ed Salek deposes Moktar Ould Daddah. Muslim
Ugandan troops invade Tanzania occupying territory west of Lake Victoria. Tanzanian forces and Ugandan
rebels oust Islam ic Ugandan dictator Idi Am in from power (he flees to Saudi Arabia). The Grand Mosque in
Mecca, Saudi Arabia is seized by m ore than 700 Islam ic fanatics. Hundreds of m uslim fanatics storm the U.S.
Em bassy in Islam abad Pakistan, killing 2 Am ericans and 2 Pakistani clerks, hold 90 Am erican hostages in
a vault for several hours. 2000 m uslim fanatics storm the U.S. Em bassy in Tripoli, Lybia.

Shiite m uslim s led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khom eini overthrow the
Shah and violently take over the Iranian governm ent, they capture 53
Am erican hostages (1 is earlier released due to illness [m ultiple
sclerosis]) from the United States em bassy in Tehran (and hold them
                                                   for over a year)
                                                   a n d        m a k e
                                                   demands           of
                                                   m illions of dollars
                                                   from the United
                                                   States for their
                                                   release.        U.S.
                                                   President Jim m y
                                                   carter im potently
                                                   re s p o n d s w ith
                                                   only an em bargo on Iran, Europe responds with lim ited
                                                   trading sanctions. After som e m onths, Carter sends a
                                                   team of 8 com m andos to rescue the hostages in a failed
                                                   attem pt, thus confirm ing Jim m y Carter's incom petence and
                                                   im potence in dealing with any foreign threats
       Iranian muslims terrorized American
          hostages for more than a year

Soviet Union invades Afghanistan with 50,000 troops, occupy country

President Hafizullah Am in of Afghanistan is ousted from power and executed. In response to PLO terrorist
attacks on Israel orchestrated from bases in Lebanon, Israeli force raid the bases. Military coup by Turkish
forces ousts the Islam ic governm ent, dissolves parliam ent and suspends the constitution. Iran leader
Ayatollah Khom eini calls for Shiite m uslim s to rise up in Iraq and topple the Iraqi governm ent; Iran supports
Islam ic Kurds with arm s in northern Iraq to topple Iraqi governm ent. Iraq's Sunni m uslim leader Saddam
Hussein responds with harsh repressions against the Kurds and Shiite agitators, then invades Iran and seizes
som e Iranian territory sparking Iran-Iraq war; Iraq soon abdicates all the lands it took and sues for peace with
Iran, but Ayatollah Khom eini vows to fight on and destroy the Sunni m uslim sect's rulership over Iraq and
replace it with a Shiite theocracy, so Iran takes the lands again. Shah Moham m ed Riza Pahlavi of Iran dies
in exile.

                                      52 Am erican hostages are released by Islam ic fanatics in Iran after
                                      Jim m y Carter agrees to give 8 billion Am erican dollars to Iran. New
                                      President Ronald Reagan takes office the very next day and prom ises
                                      "swift and effective retribution" for the Islam ic attacks against U.S.
                                      governm ent em ployees, but he does nothing. U.S. agrees to give
                                      m ilitary and econom ic aid to strengthen Pakistani defenses against a
                                      serious threat from the Soviet Union. Egyptian dictator Anwar el-Sadat
                                      is assassinated by Islam ic fanatics for having previously signed a peace
                                      treaty with Israel. Pope John Paul II survives an assassination attem pt
Ayatollah Khomeini & Yasser Arafat
 after he is shot by a Turkish m uslim in Rom e’s St. Peter’s square. Israeli fighter jets destroy a nuclear reactor
at Osirak, Iraq that was constructed to build atom ic bom bs that would have been used to attack Israel. The
United Nations condem ns Israel for the self-defensive attack. **(NOTE: T he nuclear reactor was nam ed
Tam m uz 17, which was the historic date of the destruction of Israel's ancient tem ple, overtly indicating what
the intent of the reactor was.)**

After years of PLO orchestrated terrorist
attacks across Israel's northern border, Israel
responds by invading Lebanon and driving out
the PLO terrorists with aid from Lebanese
Christian m ilitiam en.     To secure Israel's
northern borders Israel occupies southern
Lebanon (about a 3rd of the country). After
years of m urders, rapes and heavy
persecution by the m uslim s, non-m uslim
Lebanese in Israeli-occupied Lebanon strike
back in retaliation killing about 460 Islam ic
thugs; The United Nations calls it a
"m assacre", and uses this event as an
opportunity to criticize Israel for not protecting
the Islam ic terrorists who were attacked
                                                           It was a Muslim who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981

A bom b planted by m uslim s destroys the United States em bassy in Beirut, killing 60 people. Syria tries to oust
Yasser Arafat from PLO leadership and take over the terrorist group, and he is expelled from Syria. Yasser
Arafat leaves Tripoli, Lebanon after a six-week siege by Syrian-backed PLO dissidents. President Ronald
Reagan sends United States m arines to Lebanon as a peace-keeping force. A truck loaded with TNT is
driven by Islam ic fanatics into the U.S. m arine headquarters at Beirut airport, exploding and destroying the
building, killing over 240 Am ericans. Another blast kills 58 m em bers of a French peace-keeping force. In
response to Syrian attacks on United States reconnaissance aircraft, U.S. planes bom b Syrian targets in
Lebanon, 2 U.S. aircraft are shot down. W ith Libyan aid, m uslim rebels in Chad oust governm ent troops from
Oasis of Faya-Largeau

Ronald Reagan withdraws m arine contingent from Lebanon in m ilitary disaster for the United States. Syria
refuses to rem ove its troops from Lebanon, and appoint pro-Syrian Sunni m uslim Rashid Karam i as new
Prim e Minister of Lebanon. Islam ic Lebanese arm y m oves in to take over Christian East Beirut. An Islam ic
suicide truck bom bing of the U.S. Em bassy annex outside East Beirut, Lebanon leaves 14 dead. France and
Libya announce an agreem ent to Libyan troop withdrawal from Chad, however, Libyan troops continued to
rem ain with the full knowledge of French President Francois Mitterand. The truth is the French were unwilling
to fight in defense of Chad from the Libyan Islam ic invaders. The Islam ic Mujahdin in Afghanistan begin
receiving m ilitary and logistical assistance from the United States and other nations to com bat the Soviet
Union's forces

Islam ic PLO terrorists, ordered by head terrorist Yasser Arafat, hijack the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and
hold its passengers hostage, m urdering one handicapped wheel-chair bound Am erican. Sudan dictator Jaafar
al-Nim eri of Sudan is ousted in a m ilitary coup. Nigerian dictator Moham m ed Buhari is ousted in a m ilitary
coup. Ugandan dictator Milton Obote is ousted in a m ilitary coup. Lebanese Shiite terrorists hijack a TW A
jetliner, killing an Am erican m arine. Islam ic terrorists bom b an Air-India jet in m id-flight over the Atlantic, killing
329 passengers. Israel withdraws its troops from Lebanon. Israel frees 1,150 PLO Islam ic terrorists in
exchange for 3 Israeli hostages
A m assacre of rivals by Islam ic South Yem en dictator Nasser Muham m ad sets off fierce fighting that leaves
thousands dead. Libya fires m issiles at United States planes flying over international waters in the Gulf of
Sidra, U.S. responds by launching attacks on Libyan naval vessels and a m issile base. Muslim s bom b a W est
Berlin disco where Am erican soldiers frequent, killing 3. Muslim s attack a synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey
during Sabbath services, m urdering over 20 Jews. Muslim s attack and hijack num erous jetliners, blowing up
2 in m id-air and throwing a hand grenade in another, hundreds are killed in all. Under President Ronald
Reagan, the United States governm ent secretly sends m ilitary equipm ent to its enem y, terrorist-supporting
Iran, in exchange for m oney and the release of hostages being held by Shiite m uslim s in Lebanon; President
Reagan concedes "m istakes were m ade"

                                         W ave of violence and terrorist attacks by m uslim s living within
                                         Israel's borders against Jews and Israeli security forces, called an
                                         "Intifada" (Uprising). In the Persian Gulf, an Iraqi m issile attack on
                                         the U.S. warship Stark kills 37 sailors. Saudi Arabian police clash
                                         with Iranian Shiite pilgrim s in Mecca, leaving 400 people dead.
                                         Iranian vessels attack U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf, U.S. responds
                                         with helicopter attacks against Iranian vessels and destroys two
                                         Iranian offshore platform s being used as a base for gunboats.
  Iranian Muslims give the Nazi salute

Soviet Union and United States sign Geneva Accords calling for Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, but
radical Islam ic Mujahdin do not take part in nor do they accept the accord. Libyan-backed Islam ic terrorists
blow up a Pan Am erican jetliner (Pan Am flight 103) over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 passengers on
board and another 11 on the ground.

Islam ic terrorists, backed by the Pakistani governm ent, try to break away Indian province of Jam m u-Kashm ir
into a separate Islam ic state, and begin attack Hindus throughout the province. Islam ic nation Iraq invades
and seizes the Islam ic nation of Kuwait in order to conquer its oil fields; Iraqi soldiers engage in a wave of
plundering, m urders and rapes of Kuwaitis; Iraqi troops begin to build up along the Saudi Arabian border; To
prevent Iraq from invading Saudi Arabia, President George H. Bush begins sending Am erican troops to Saudi
Arabia and he threatens Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein that the United States will retaliate if Iraqi troops do
not return back to Iraq

                             G ulf W ar I ("Operation Desert Storm "); United States President George H.
                             Bush's ultim atum to Iraq to withdraw its occupation of Kuwait is ignored, so
                             Am erican jets begin attacking Iraqi forces; Iraqi forces are defeated in a swift and
                             decisive victory by the United States m ilitary and Kuwait is liberated by Am erican
                             troops **(NOTE: First war ever to be televised on Live television and seen by
                             m illions around the world as events occurred.)**
 Saddam Hussein & Arafat

Since the break-up of Yugoslavia, a form er Soviet satellite nation, Albanian and Bosnian m uslim terrorists
backed by Iran, Syria and international Islam ic terrorist organizations (including Al Queda) attack and m ass
m urder Serbian Christians all across the Balkans, slaughtering thousands over the decade

The radical Islam ic Muhahdin takeover Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and declare Afghanistan an Islam ic
state. In Algeria, Muslim radicals begin fighting the governm ent to take over the country
On February 26th, on the second anniversary of the ending of the Gulf W ar against Iraq, a large bom b m ade
up of com pressed hydrogen gas, 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of home-m ade fertilizer-based explosive Urea Nitrate,
TNT, and cyanide gas (which was intended to poison thousands in the area, but burned up in the explosion)
is driven in a rented van into the parking lot beneath one of the m ain towers of the W orld Trade Center
buildings in New York City and explodes; Six people are killed in the explosion and m ore than 1,000 people
are injured, however, thousands m ore were spared because the buildings did not topple in the blast as was
intended; United States officials lied to the Am erican public by claim ing the bom bers were Islam ic
fundam entalists which had no ties to any State, but the Key figure responsible (Ram zi Yousef) was a
Pakistani (who was captured in Pakistan in 1995) with direct ties to Al-Qaeda and allegedly Iraqi Intelligence,
two others arrested were Iraqis (one was an Iraqi governm ent em ployee), 2 were Egyptians with ties to
Egyptian Intelligence and som e "Palestinian" m uslim s, one of which had m ade dozens of phone calls to Iraq
prior to the attack. Under pressure from United States President Bill Clinton, Israel agrees to allow Islam ic
("Palestinian") self-rule in the historic Jewish lands of Judea and Sam aria (known as "W est Bank" [of Jordan
river]) and the Gaza Strip, which would be governed by the PLO run by head terrorist Yasser Arafat. Ignorant
fools saw this as a hopeful sign for a future peace between Jews and Muslim s, however, m uslim s saw this
as an opportunity to destroy Israel from
within its borders, and piece by piece; The
num ber of terrorist attacks by m uslim s
against Jews in Israel increases sharply.
The terrorist PLO is now known as the
"Palestinian Authority" terrorist organization.
A group of elite United States soldiers sent
into Mogadishu, Som alia as part of a United
Nations peacekeeping operation to halt a
m an-caused fam ine, were sent on a m ission
against Islam ic warlord Moham ed Farrah
Aidid (who was purposely starving people by
preventing them food) but were swarm ed by
thousands of insane m uslim fanatics
dragging the bodies of som e of the dead
soldiers through the streets, desecrating the
bodies and celebrating like savages; The
United States soon after pulls its troops out
of Som alia                                        Muslims murdered these Serbs then mutilated their bodies

Russian troops invade Islam ic Chechnya. The radical Islam ic group, Taliban, is form ed in Afghanistan. Israel
signs a peace treaty with Jordan, Israel agrees to surrender a 106 m ile strip of borderland with Jordan along
the Arava Valley, 132 square m iles are handed over in all. The Palestinian Authority begins to radically shape
the educational system of Muslim children in PA-controlled areas of Israel; Muslim children are taught a strict
form of Islam in every grade, and that the destruction of Israel, Jews and Christians is their ultim ate goal and
m artyrdom in the fight against them will gain for them a heavenly paradise in the after-life, thereby the PA is
raising up future generations of Islam ic terrorists; Terrorist attacks by m uslim s continue in Israel, the death
toll m ounts

April 19th, The Murah Federal Building in Oklahom a City U.S. was destroyed with a truck bom b, killing 168
people, m ostly federal workers: 2 Am ericans were arrested in the attack, but the Clinton adm inistration
covered up their clear ties to Islam ic terrorists, to instead lay sole blam e upon "right-wing" groups. In Sudan,
an Islam ic-caused civil war continues to rage on where m uslim s from the north terrorize and raid Christian
villages in the south; thousands of Christians are enslaved, raped, beaten, tortured and m ass m urdered by
m uslim s. Hundreds of thousands of blacks are currently enslaved by m uslim s on the African continent,
nam ely in countries such as Mauritania, Algeria, Libya and Sudan. Egyptian sheik Om ar Abdel-Rahm an is
convicted, along with other Muslim conspirators, of a conspiracy to blow up the United Nations building, along
with other landm arks in New York City. United States President Bill Clinton continues to pressure Israel to
m ake concessions to the PA (Palestinian Authority), even though PA leader Yasser Arafat continues to m ake
speeches showing he has no intention to ever m ake any peace with Israel, such as one he m ade in Gaza
saying "W e will go on with the jihad, along jihad, a difficult jihad, and exhausting jihad, m artyrs, battles. But
this is the path of victory, the path of jihad, not just for the Palestinian people, but for the entire Arab nation."

                                                                        Serbians were
                                                                          treated the
                                                                            same by
                                                                       Muslims in 1992
                                                                         (left) as they
                                                                         were in 1942

  “When you encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made
               a great slaughter among them” -Koran 47:4
                                            Algerian Muslims
                                            followed what the
                                            Koran says, and
                                            beheaded these
                                            French “infidels”

                                                      Afghan Muslims also
                                                      behead their victims

                                                                                Iraqi Muslims follow their Koran

     Indonesian Muslims follow the Koran
                                                        African Muslims also
                                                           follow their Koran
                     Pakistani Muslims
                     show they read
                     their Korans

                                              Filipino Muslims
                                              obey their Koran

Under the Khasavyurt Peace accords, Russia withdraws its troops from Chechnya. The radical Islam ic
Taliban take over Afghanistan, m aking it an even m ore despotic theocracy than it had been already. Islam ic
Sharia law is im posed; Taliban shuts down schools for girls and wom en are expelled from their jobs, all m en
are ordered to grow 5-inch beards or face im prisonm ent, soldiers force Muslim s into m osques for prayers,
m usic and dancing are banned, watching television becom es a crim e, and all wom en are forced to wear
repressive burqas (head-to-toe covering with only narrow slits exposing the eyes). Taliban begins to form
close ties with Al-Qaeda terrorist group, led by Osam a bin-Laden. In Saudi Arabia, Muslim s are responsible
for a powerful truck bom b explosion outside an apartm ent com plex (Khobar Towers) housing United States
Arm y and Air Force troops, leaving 23 Am ericans dead and m ore than 340 wounded; united States President
Bill Clinton vows revenge for the m urderous attack, but proceeds to do nothing. A TW A jetliner (flight 800)
bound for Paris from New York City blows up in m id-air just off the Long Island coast, killing all 229
passengers on board. Terrorist attacks by m uslim s continue to plague Israel, the terrorist attacks are
supported by groups like Ham as, Hezbollah, Al-Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (form erly the PLO), am ong
others; These terrorist groups have the financial
backing of several Islam ic nations, including Iran,
Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Russia agrees to
sell nuclear technology to Iran. United States
President Bill Clinton continues to pressure Israel
to m ake concessions to the PA terrorists, even
after PA leader Yassir Arafat continues to m ake
speeches saying "W e shall not, at any cost, accept
the Jewish plan to continue their occupation of
Jerusalem ."
                                                        Killing Jews is the preferred hobby for Muslims
In Algeria, there is a sharp escalation in violence between Islam ic radicals and the Algerian governm ent; On
August 28, in Sidi Rais, Algeria, Islam ic radicals carrying rifles, swords, axes or knives ram page through the
town slaughtering 511 other Muslim s; The m ob m ethodically worked their way through the town, throwing
babies from rooftops, beating, raping and m urdering everyone in their site. A school bus is am bushed by
Islam ic radicals, killing 16 children and the bus driver; About 120,000 people have been killed in violent
clashes since fighting began in Algeria in 1992

On August 7th, the United States em bassies in Kenya and Tanzania are both bom bed on sam e day, killing
258 people and injuring m ore than 5,000. The bom bings were conducted by the radical Islam ic Al-Qaeda
terrorist network, led by wealthy Saudi Arabian religious leader Osam a bin-Laden. Radical Islam ic terrorists
groups ("Laskar Jihad" and "Muslim Jihad") ram page through Christian towns in Indonesia causing horrific
destruction in their path, killing hundreds, causing forced conversions to Islam , raping wom en and destroying
thousands of hom es; The Islam ic Indonesian governm ent does nothing to protect Christians in Indonesia so
they are forced to fend for them selves, m any flee. 23 Hindus are m assacred in W and Ham a, India by
Pakistani-backed Islam ic radicals trying to break away the Indian province of Jam m u-Kashm ir; m ore than
15,000 people have been killed since Muslim s began the fighting in

  “All we are breaking is stones,” said one Afghani Muslim when they blew up an ancient Buddhist statue.

                                    First, Muslims destroy all traces of other
                                   religions in the land, then claim they were
                                           never there in the first place
In a m ove to appease Islam ic nations, United States President Bill Clinton sends Am erican and NATO forces
to the Balkans to attack and bom b Serbian forces trying to defend them selves from m uslim aggressors. To
justify the attack, the Clinton adm inistration invents stories accusing the Serbs of the things the m uslim s were
actually attem pting to do, such as "ethnic cleansing" (trying to exterm inate a people), and inventing stories
of m ass graves (of which none were found containing m uslim s, but som e were found containing Serbs who
were killed by m uslim s). Chechnyan Islam ic forces led by m uslim warlords (who are being supported by
International terrorist organizations and nations, Including Osam a Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda) launch invasions
on neighboring Dagestan, and launch brutal terrorist attacks against Russia, killing m ore than 300 people in
Moscow and other cities; Chechyn m uslim s hijack a jetliner in Cyprus; The Islam ic council, Shura of
Dagestan, openly call for a "jihad" (holy war) against Russia and all non-m uslim s; Dagestani m uslim s com bat
Russian troops; To put a stop to the Islam ic terrorist attacks by Chechnyan m uslim s, Russia invades
Chechnya. The airline pilot of Egyptair Flight 990 purposely crashes the plane into the Atlantic Ocean, killing
all 217 on board including m any Am ericans; the flight recorder showed that as the m uslim pilot crashed the
plane he continually repeated the chant "I rely on Allah."

       President Bill Clinton sent American troops to aid Islamic terrorists against the stunned Serbs

Yem eni terrorists of the Islam ic Al-Qaeda
terrorist network, launch a sm all boat loaded with
explosives at the United States ship USS Cole in
Aden harbor, Yem en; 17 people are killed, and
39 m ore are injured in the attack; The attacks
were conducted with the aid of people in the
Yem eni governm ent but Clinton adm inistration
does not hold Yem en responsible; United States
President Bill Clinton responds by launching a
m issile attack at som e Al-Qaeda terrorist bases
in Afghanistan. Governm ent-backed Islam ic
radicals attack Christians in Indonesia, m ore than
4,000 hom es are destroyed and over 200
Christians are killed, others are tortured and
forced to convert to Islam , m any
wom en are raped. August 3rd,
in Kashm ir, India, Islam ic
guerrillas backed by Pakistan
snuck in am ong a group of
Hindu pilgrim s attending a Hindu
shrine and fired guns into the
crowd killing over 35 people; by

 Muslims show their love for killing non-muslims
 outweighs any care they have for their children
 when suicide bombings become commonplace
the end of the day 101 people were left dead and hundreds were left injured. United States President Bill
Clinton continues to pressure Israel to give m ore concessions to the terrorist m uslim s of the PA (Palestinian
Authority), Israel agrees to surrender another 6.1 percent of the historical Jewish lands of Judea/Sam aria
(com m only known as the "W est Bank"). Septem ber, Yasser Arafat breaks a truce with Israel and inspires
m uslim s throughout the land to com m it acts of violence against Jews in what is called a "second intifada" (the
visit by Israeli politician [Likud party leader] Ariel Sharon at the Jewish tem ple site in Jerusalem is used as a
propaganda tool by the PA); Islam ic PA (Palestinian Authority) troops (which were arm ed by Israel) begin
shooting at Israeli troops and citizens sparking a radical increase in violence by m uslim s in Israel; Mobs of
m uslim s begin attacking and m urdering Jewish troops and citizens with guns, rocks, knives and Molotov
cocktails; m uslim s desecrate Jewish holy sites in Israel, including the Tom b of Joseph. A wave of terrorist
attacks is sparked in Israel, killing hundreds. Delegations from Iraq and Yem en call for a "jihad" (Islam ic holy
war) against Israel

On February 12th, Iran sum m ons a
sum m it m eeting of Islam ic terrorist
groups that is held in Beirut, Lebanon,
including the terrorist groups Osam a Bin-
Laden's Al-Qaeda, Ham as, Islam ic
Jihad, and Hezbollah, as well as
representatives from several Islam ic
terrorist-supporting nations, including
Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan,
Yem en, Qatar, Sudan and Algeria; The
sum m it concludes with all parties
agreeing that Israel and the United
States are their greatest enem ies, and      The greatest attack on American soil was carried out by Muslims
they shall all unify their efforts and pool
together their resources to destroy them both. On Septem ber 11th, four passenger jetliners are hijacked in
the United States by m uslim s from the Al-Qaeda terrorist network; 2 jetliners crash into each of the 2 m ain
towers of the W orld Trade Center buildings in New York City. One crashes into the Pentagon (United States
m ilitary headquarters) in W ashington D.C., and another which was headed toward the W hite House in
W ashington D.C. crashes into a Pennsylvania field after passengers fail in their attem pt to re-take the plane
from the hijackers, all passengers on board are killed. Other planes which contained hijackers did not have
the opportunity to hijack because the United States im m ediately declared a National Em ergency and had all
other planes grounded, and all incom ing flights redirected, not allowing any m ore flights to enter Am erican air
space; About 3,000 people were killed in the com bined attacks after the two m ain towers of the W orld Trade
Center collapse before all rem aining survivors could be evacuated from area; All around the world, m uslim s
watching the attacks on live television
celebrated in joyful glee the deaths of
thousands of non-m uslim s, m aking the head of
Al-Qaeda, Osam a Bin-Laden (the planner of the
attacks), an Islam ic hero; Osam a Bin-Laden
adm its responsibility for the attacks on Islam ic
Television; Later, m uslim s (and Socialist Jew-
haters) invented and prom oted a lie accusing
Israel of conducting the attacks against the
United States, yet in a gross contradiction they
continued to praise Osam a Bin-Laden as a
m uslim hero for having conducting the attacks;
Most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia,
and m uch of the funding for the attacks were
discovered to have com e from Saudi Arabia, yet
United States President George W . Bush (who
has financial ties to the Saudi Arabian Royal         While millions of Americans were mourning their dead
fam ily) denies any Saudi Arabian involvem ent        Muslims all over the world were dancing in the streets
in the attacks; President Bush declares a "W ar on Terror" and sends Am erican troops to fight in Afghanistan,
the headquarters of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, which was being protected by the Taliban governm ent
controlling that country; The United States defeats the Taliban and conquers Afghanistan, the Al-Qaeda
International terrorist network is seriously dam aged. W aves of terrorist attacks continue throughout Israel,
hundreds of Jews are killed by m uslim s in various car-bom bings and suicide-bom bings in public places, like
m arkets, public buses, restaurants, and schools, am ong other places. Albanian and Kosovo Muslim s in the
Balkans cause waves of terrorist attacks against Serb Christians and non-m uslim s, by blowing up buses,
shooting into crowds, am ong other m ethods, killing m any
                                                                                            “Freedom of
                                                                                            speech? -HA!”

                                                                                                 in Islamic
                                                                                                 lands are not
                                                                                                 safe to report
                                                                                                 the truth
                                 Osama Bin Laden became a
                                 hero to Muslims everywhere

The United States sends m ilitary aid to the Philippines to help them com bat Islam ic terrorists ("Abu Sayyaf"
terrorist group) who are m urdering and kidnaping Christians and other non-m uslim s throughout the Philippine
islands. An Indonesian m uslim terrorist bom bs a Bali nightclub, m urdering 202 m ostly foreign tourists,
including Australians and Am ericans; During the bom ber's trial, he laughed and shouted "Allah Akbar!" (Allah
is great) as each of the nam es of the victim s is read aloud in court. 763 people are held hostage in a Moscow
theater by Chechnyan Islam ic radicals who are arm ed with explosives; In rescue attem pt, Russians launch
a com m ando raid on theater using opium -derived gas to disable hostage-takers, which kills 129 hostages,
plus 50 of the terrorists. A bom b planted in a Russian parade by Chechnyan m uslim terrorists kills at least
41 people, including 17 children. Chechnyan m uslim s continue to launch waves of terrorist attacks (including
suicide bom bings) against Russians. W aves of Palestinian Authority inspired terrorist attacks by m uslim s
continue throughout Israel, killing hundreds of Jews

Gulf W ar II; The United States' "W ar on Terror" continues against Iraq, after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein
refuses to com ply to the agreem ent m ade after the first Gulf W ar ended, which forced Iraq to disclose all
locations of its weapons of m ass destruction. Instead, Iraqi officials m isdirected inspectors and Iraqi anti-
aircraft continued to shoot at Am erican jets flying over Iraq; The United States overrun Iraqi forces in a swift
victory and take over control of the country; Saddam Hussein's brutal sons are killed in a fire-fight with
Am erican troops and ex-dictator Saddam Hussein is found by Am erican troops m onths afterward hiding in
a hole in the ground on a sm all farm along the T igris river. Terrorist attacks by m uslim s against Israelis
continue; The United States President George W . Bush continues the short-sighted and failed policy begun
by Bill Clinton to pressure Israel into surrendering land to radical Islam ic terrorists for the shallow prom ise of
peace with them ; Bush calls for the creation of a "Palestinian State", which would be headed by Islam ic
terrorists who openly consider both Israel and the United States as enem ies to Islam ; The United Nations, and
President Bush and m em bers of his adm inistration, repeatedly and openly criticize Israel in all its self-
defensive efforts to com bat Islam ic terrorism , including the building of a wall to partition pre-1967 Israel from
PA (Palestinian Authority) controlled lands of Judea and Sam aria ("W est Bank"). Decem ber: A fem ale
Chechyn m uslim suicide bom ber m urders 5 Russians outside a hotel adjacent to Red Square.

Hundreds of Am erican soldiers are killed over the year during occupation of Iraq by Islam ic terrorists inspired
by Iranian Shiite Muslim religious leaders. The num ber of total Am erican soldiers killed in the war and
occupation of Iraq tops 1000. February: 41 Russians were slaughtered in a Muslim terrorist bom bing in a
Moscow subway station during rush hour. March 11: M oroccan m uslim s set num erous bom bs on various
com m uter trains in Madrid, Spain, four trains sim ultaneously explode killing over 200 people, and injuring over
1,600. May 9: Chechnyan m uslim s m urder Chechnyan President Kadyrov in a bom b explosion that killed 32
                                                                         people and injured 50. August 24: 2
                                                                         planes leaving Moscow sim ultaneously
                                                                         explode over Russia, destroyed by
                                                                         fem ale Chechyn m uslim suicide
                                                                         bom bers on board, m urdering 90
                                                                         passengers and crew. August 31: In
                                                                         M oscow, a fem ale Chechyn m uslim
                                                                         suicide bom ber blows herself up at a
                                                                         Metro station killing 10 and injuring
    Russian schoolchildren will not receive any mercy from Muslims       m any. In Israel, suicide bom bings
                                                                         on 2 buses kill 16 Jewish people in
Beersheva; thousands of jubilant m uslim s flood the streets in PLO -occupied Jewish land to celebrate the
m urders, shouting "Hitler yah chabib!" [Hitler, O Beloved one"] "You knew how to deal with the Jews!".
Septem ber: Over 500 people are m urdered (at least 156 were children) by 30
Islam ic terrorists (20 Chechyn m uslim s, and 10 Arab m uslim s) after taking a
public school hostage in North Ossetian section of Russia. Intending all along
to m urder all of the hostages they held the hostages for 3 days in the school
gym nasium in over 100 degrees of tem perature without food or water and cruelly
m ocked their torm ent during the ordeal, as they continued to plant bom bs
throughout the school. Several of the young girls were raped by the terrorists.
W hen one of the suicide bom bers accidentally blew herself up Russian soldiers
storm ed the school as the rest of the m uslim s exploded bom bs and m achine
gunned children in the back as they tried to escape. The hom osexual PLO
terrorist Yasser Arafat dies of the sexually-transm itted disease AIDS in a French
hospital.                                                                           Murdered Russian children

                                               The terrorist Abu Mazen takes over as new PLO Terrorist leader
                                               and openly vows to destroy Israel, as world leaders call Mazen a
                                               "m oderate" and beg him for peace. On July 7th, m uslim s set
                                               bom bs throughout the London subway system . Som e do not
                                               explode, but 3 of the bom bs do explode in the subway, and 1
                                               explodes on a double-decker bus on the streets above, 54 people
                                               are killed and over 300 are injured, m ost of them seriously. Jihad
                                               continues in m any African countries where their population is
                                               large enough to carry out violence against the rest of the non-
                                               m uslim population, including countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia,
    Spain isn’t safe from Islamic terror...    Chad and Nigeria. More than 10,000 Christians have been killed
                                               since 1999 in Nigeria and nearly 1,000 hom es and churches
have been burned down by Muslim radicals. Sept.14: Over 88 people are killed by a bom b set by radicals at
a resort for foreign tourists in Egypt. Israel surrenders the Gaza strip over to the PLO terrorist organization,
the m om ent Jews are forced by Israeli soldiers to leave their hom es m uslim s swarm the form erly Jewish-held
areas and loot and destroy all of the facilities that were given to them , as well as burn down every synagogue.
O ctober: 26 people are killed an m ore than 100 people are injured during a bom bing on a Bali beach
frequented by foreign tourists. Novem ber: for weeks thousands of m uslim im m igrants start an organized
uprising in France and begin rioting in Paris and its
surrounding suburbs. Innocent people are attacked in
the streets, policem en are assaulted, cars and buildings
are burned. Violent crim es are com m itted uncontested
by French authorities, and the violence soon spreads to
300 towns all over France, and in other parts of Europe
-including Germ any. Pakistani-sponsored Islam ic
terrorists plant four large bom bs in the Indian capital of
New Delhi which kill 61 Hindus. In Jordan, approxim ately
60 people are killed by bom bs set off by Iraqi Muslim
terrorists.                                                                   ...neither is England
The terrorist group Ham as wins m ajority of "Palestinian"
Parliam ent seats with over 70% of the vote; days of rioting
ensue in Gaza. Millions of m uslim s around the world riot
in the streets of various nations chanting "Death to the
Christians!" incited by Islam ic leaders over a sim ple
cartoon depicting Moham m ed as a terrorist that was
published in a Danish newspaper m onths previous.
Machete-arm ed Muslim s attack worshipers in three Coptic
churches in Alexandria, Egypt. In April -Dozens of people
are killed in various bom bings by Muslim s at Egyptian
resorts. T he resorts were at the tim e filled with Coptic
Christians celebrating the Easter holiday. In July - In
Mum bai (Bom bay), India eight bom bs set by Pakistani
m uslim s explode on trains and at stations during a 15-
m inute span at rush hour, killing at least 200 people and
wounding at least 700. Conflict breaks out in Southern
Ethiopia after Som ali-backed Muslim s declare that all of
Ethiopia m ust subm it to Islam ic law.                      200 more hum an sacrifices offered to Allah

Mohammed’s legacy...


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