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									                          Snake River Chapter
                                     Monthly Newsletter
                                            August 2003

        In This Issue                                           Monthly Chapter Meeting

    Upcoming Meetings                    Meeting Date & Place: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at the MK Plaza
    Upcoming Technical Sessions
                                          Call to Order: 11:30 am
    New Technical Session
                                          Membership: Currently 90 members
    Carpooling to the Snake River
     Conference in Ontario.
                                          Financials: Checking - $1,793.57
    Snake River Occupational                         Savings - $11,325.55
     Safety & Health Conference

    Technical Session: ANSI Z87.1                                  Upcoming Meetings
     2003 Revision
                                           Board Meeting:
    Idaho Governor’s Conference
                                            Friday, Sept 5th, 2003
    Emergency Preparedness Pointer         11:00 am - 1:00 pm
     - ACCEM                                MK Plaza Cafeteria
    Steel Erection Training
                                           Monthly Chapter Meeting:
    Advertisements & Information on        Tuesday, Sept 16, 2003
     Placing Ads
                                            7:00 am – 8:30 am
    Job Openings                           MK Plaza

 Newsletter Distribution
                                                             Upcoming Technical Sessions
You can receive your newsletter via
Email by contacting Michelle McMullen
at: mmcmullen@cableone.net                September: TBD
                                          October:   Safety Curriculums - Dave Walton, Embry-Riddle
    SRC Board Members                     November: TBD

Steve Manning - President                               New Technical Session Coordinator
                                          Cory Pence the Safety Coordinator for the City of Boise has graciously
Michelle Steeler – Vice-President         volunteered to coordinate speakers for our monthly technical sessions. If
                                          you have any ideas of topics or know of anyone who might make a good
Michelle McMullen – Secretary
                                          technical speaker, please contact Cory Pence at cpence@cityofboise.org.

Louise Auchampach - Treasurer                     Carpool for Snake River Conference in Ontario
                                          There has been interest voiced in possibly carpooling to the Snake River
Dan Roberts – Past-President              Conference in Ontario on September 18th. If you are interested in either
Dancroberts38@msn.com                     riding or driving, please contact: Steve Manning or Michelle McMullen
                                          before the chapter meeting on September 16th.
Ernie Harper - Delegate
                                                           Steve Manning: mannings@idhw.state.id.us
ernisc@mindspring.com                                     Michelle McMullen: mmcmullen@cableone.net

                                        AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                            Snake River Occupational Safety &
                                            Health Conference
                                            September 18, 2003  Earn 0.8 CEUs
                                            Four Rivers Cultural Center  Ontario, Oregon
                                            Don’t miss this training opportunity!
                                            The Snake River Conference Program is geared to address safety and
                                            health issues of Eastern Oregon, Southwest Idaho and Southeast
                                            Washington. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to network with
                                            other Safety Professionals and earn valuable continuing education

                                           Program Sessions
                                -   Please circle the sessions you plan to attend –

          Track One                             Track Two                             Track Three
  The New OSHA 300 Log by            IH for the Non-IH & Current Mold         Hearing Conservation Programs
   Lynda Glaspey, Region 10           Issues by Dr. Harry Beaulieu, CSP,     and Training, New Regulations by
           OSHA                                      CIH                                Bret Stoker
                                                                                       (8-11:45 a.m.)
        (8-11:45 a.m.)                         (8-11:45 a.m.)

    Exit Route Requirements,         Practical Ergonomic Applications by       Preventing Contagious Diseases in
   Emergency Action and Fire                 Earnest Harper, CSP            the Workplace by Lori Heple, RN
     Prevention Plans by Bill                                                          (1-4:45 p.m.)
                                               (1-4:45 p.m.)
       Bankhead, OSHA
         (1-4:45 p.m.)
                         Morning and afternoon break refreshments are provided.
                   Just $75 for an entire day of educational and networking opportunities!

                                    Conference Registration
Please complete following information, circle the sessions you will be attending above, and return with
payment to: Linda Simmons, TVCC, 650 College Blvd, Ontario, OR 97914, phone: (541) 882-8822.
Check (preferred) or Purchase Order must accompany registration. Please make checks out to ASSE.




SSN________________________or Birthdate_____________________

How did you first hear about this conference (please check one)
 Postcard Mailing This Flyer Newspaper Radio Organization Newsletter_________________
 Other________________________
                                         Cost: $75 per registrant
                         Please make you own copy of this flyer for your records

                                AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
    Technical Session: ANSI X87.1 2003                              Idaho Governor’s Conference
                 Revision                                                   March, 2004

August’s technical session was presented by our             Dennis Kochniuk, Craters of the Moon Chapter
Chapter President, Steve Manning with the Idaho             advised that the Chapter has a four day agenda
Department of Health and Welfare. Steve participated        outlined for the conference. They are in need of
in a conference call on August 18th regarding the ANSI      speaker volunteers for some of the topics they have
Z87.1 2003 Revision that went into affect on August         lined up as well as some topics that are open at this
19th.                                                       point.

                                                            On Monday and Tuesday they will be holding the
                                                            OSHA 10 Hour for Construction and General Industry
                                                            courses. Courses on Hazwoper and radiation safety
                                                            officer recertification are also scheduled.

                                                            Wednesday and Thursday’s courses will include: First
                                                            aid and Defib. course, safety & emergency planning,
                                                            industrial hygiene topics, contractor safety, mining,
                                                            farming, and occupational safety.

                                                            On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, emergency services will
                                                            hold their own tracks at the university.

                                                            Dennis advised he will be sending a more detailed list of
Steve briefly discussed the major changes to the            the four day agenda and which courses he needs
updated standard. Two of the most significant changes       volunteers for.
affecting all protectors is the designation of a “Basic
Impact” protector and a “High Impact” protector.            Emergency Preparedness Pointer – ACCEM
Qualification tests to classify a protector as one or the
other have been developed. Consistent with this             Ada City-County Emergency Management recently
differentiation, marking has been revised to all            published their August Newsletter on the topic on
identification of the protector as “Basic Impact” or        “Thunderstorms and Lighting”. This newsletter contains
“High Impact”.                                              tips and information regarding actions to take before,
                                                            during and after a thunderstorm, as well as how to
Significant changes have been made to Section 6 of the      estimate the distance from a thunderstorm. If you are
Standard. Safety professionals will want to pay             interested in this topic, you can visit there website at
particular attention to Section 6.2, Hazard Assessment,     www.accem.org, or contact Mary Barlow-Brusse at
for protector selection. Marking reqirements for eye        mbrusse@accem.org, 208-377-6645.
and face protectors was also significantly revised in
multiple sections. Section 14, Testing Methods also
went through significant changes in impact resistance,
marking requirements, the drop ball test, and
relationship to hazard assessment.

At the presentation, Steve handed out a copy of the
Presentation Paper, a Protective Devices Selection Chart,
and a copy of the slides used in his presentation. If you
would like further information, please contact Steve at

                                  AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
  Steel Erection Training by AGC and OSHA                                        Advertisements

OSHA has recently revised the steel erection standard, and
in order to educate contractors on the revisions, the Susan
Harwood Grant was given to AGC for the development and
delivery of steel erection training. These free seminars are
open to all contractors. The participants will receive an 8-
hr training session, in a classroom setting, by
knowledgeable safety instructors.

                                                               A variety of industries such as construction, healthcare,
The training seminars will review:                             manufacturing and many others receive this newsletter
     Implications related to design, controlling              every month. By advertising in this newsletter, you can
         contractor issues, hoisting, and fall protection      increase your company’s exposure and sales.
     Concrete testing and the relationship between            For a minimal cost of *$25.00 per month, you can place a
         general contractors, steel erectors and concrete      ¼ page ad for your company in the Chapter newsletter.
         contractors                                           All advertisements will appear after the chapter
     Review of design issues affecting scheduling and         information section and before the job opportunities
         cost                                                  section of the newsletter. Discounts are given based on
     The complex requirements of placing and loading          the duration of your advertisement: 10% discount for
         of joists and restrictions for access on joists be    advertising for a quarter, 15% discount for 6 months, and
         erectors                                              20% discount for a year. ASSE members get an
                                                               additional 5% discount. In order to be included in the
     The allowance for decking in a Control Decking
                                                               newsletter, payment is required by the 10th of the month,
                                                               or the advertisement will not be published until the
                                                               following month.
The training will be given on two separate dates from
8:00am to 5:00pm on September 25th and 26th. You can
                                                               For more information or to place your advertisement,
register for the one of the two sessions on-line at
                                                               please contact: Louise Auchampach. Phone: 208 938-
WWW.AGC.ORG/SETRAINING or contact Bob Kohnke
                                                               6010 Fax: 208-938-6017
at 208-941-6818 for additional information or a registration
                                                               E-Mail: safetyhealthsolu@qwest.net
                                                               The board members of the Snake River Chapter of ASSE have
                                                               the right to refuse any advertisement which they deem
                                                               inappropriate. The Snake River Chapter also does not support
                                                               or endorse any service or product that is advertised in the
                                      AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS

                                                                                   Job Openings
                                                                                  P.S. Associates, Inc.
              Job Openings Cont.                                          Job Openings Cont.
P.S. Associates, Inc.                                                         P.S. Associates, Inc

Safety Engineer for this truck parts manufacturer           Senior Environmental Engineer at a Fortune 500
located in the Southeast. This position reports directly    chemical manufacturing company in the midwest. The
to the General Manager who reports to the Director of       ideal candidate should have 2-5 years experience, a BS
Manufacturing. There are approximately 350                  degree in Environmental Science or related, strong AIR
employees (non-union facility) at the plant and this        experience and come from a manufacturing/process
position will handle all safety and environmental issues    industry.
at the plant. All permitting (environmental) is provided
by an outside consultant. This is a Title V facility. The            PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK
ideal candidate should have 4+ years safety and
environmental experience in a manufacturing setting         Our client offers an outstanding team oriented work
and a BS degree in safety, environmental or related.        environment and excellent opportunities for
                                                            professional growth. If you are interested in pursuing
Safety Engineer for this major biotechnology                this opportunity, please email your resume and salary
company located in the Midatlantic. This person will        history to:
(1) review and assist in planning new engineering
projects, as well as changes in physical facilities         Bethany Brevard Harned, Principal EHS Recruiting
systems and equipment, (2) develop EH&S standards           Specialist, Professional Outlook, Inc.
for use in the development of functional specifications     381 Garden Avenue
and design criteria for engineering projects, (3) assist    Holland, MI 49424
with property loss control and other risk management        888.667.9366
activities, (4) assist in performing eh&s audits, (5)       Bethany@professionaloutlook.com
investigate and document health, safety and
environmental related incidents, (6) assist with site       Please visit our web site for a current list of positions
support of eh&s function for MD facilities (7) assist       available www.professionaloutlook.com
with OSHA, EPA, local government and DOT required              (Please note all fees paid by Client Company)
compliance programs. The ideal candidate will have 5-
10 years safety experience (including some equipment        Title: EHS Supervisor
safety experience), strong project management and           Years Exp.: 3-7 years
computer skills and a BS or MS in and Engineering           Location: Texas
Science. Domestic and international travel is 10-15%.       Safety or related degree, desire ASP/CSP
                                                            certification. Required experience: OSHA and EPA
Safety Engineer for this Defense Contractor based in        regulations, behavioral-based safety, safety training,
Southern California. The ideal candidate should have        accident reduction, machine guarding, ergonomics,
3+ years of safety experience in manufacturing to           agency interaction, environmental reporting, air-
include Process Safety and Process Hazard Analysis          waste-water issues, etc. Fortune 500 company.
experience, energetic materials (Propellants and/or
explosives) experience, and a BS in Engineering or          Title: EHS Professional
                                                            Years Exp.: 5+
Health and Safety Supervisor for this 200                   Location: Cleveland Metro
                                                            4-year degree in environmental, safety or related
employee chemical mfg located in Northern NJ.               with a minimum of 5 years of experience in and
This position reports to the Environmental/Safety           EHS role within a manufacturing facility.
Manager and has 1 direct report (part-time nurse).          Leadership abilities are highly desirable. Successful
The ideal candidate should have approximately 4+            candidate will have hands-on experience with plant
years experience in safety (25% of the job                  safety program development and implementation,
responsibility will be environmental) with some of          training, workers compensation claims management,
that experience out of the chemical environment.            as well as, environmental reporting and waste
BS safety, environmental or related.                        management. Cleveland area candidates desired!
                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
              Job Openings Cont.                                         Job Openings Cont.
            PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK                                       PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK

Title: Senior Safety Specialist                            Title: Senior Safety Coordinator
Years Exp.: 2-5+                                           Years Exp.: 6+
Location: East Central WI                                  Location: Louisiana
BS in Safety, Engineering or relates. MS is a plus.        Must have BA/BS degree, CSP strongly desired, with
Ideally candidate will possess a minimum of 3 years of     at least 6 years of hands-on experience, some out of a
hands-on EHS experience in a manufacturing                 chemical related industry. Experience should include
environment. Must have strong ergonomics knowledge         knowledge of OSHA regulations, safety training, PSM,
and familiarity with NIOSH. Will also have key skills      incident investigation, lockout/tagout, and maintaining
and expertise in safety training, accident investigation   compliance. Will supervise plant nurse and security
and corrective action, workers compensation claims         guards, supervisory skills a must. Will work with
management and monthly safety reviews and reporting.       another safety professional in developing a pro-active
Prefer additional experience with implementing safety      safety program for a Fortune 500 company.
related capitol projects, evaluating claims, lost work
days, etc. and recommending improvements.                  Title: EHS Manager
                                                           Years Exp.: 5+
Title: EHS Manager
Years Exp.: 5-10yrs
                                                           Location: Pennsylvania
                                                           BS Safety degree from an accredited school (IUP,
Location: Arkansas
                                                           Murray, WVU, Slippery, etc) with CSP/CIH. Will be
Our client, a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm is            responsible for EHS compliance (safety emphasis) for
seeking an EHS Manager for three plants in                 a medium size manufacturing facility. Must have
Arkansas. Skills required: hands-on, in-plant EHS          proven track record with behavior based safety
experience from manufacturing, EHS program                 systems, reducing accidents, as well as take a proactive
development and improvement, interacting with              approach to safety issues. This position reports to the
regulatory agencies, reducing recordables and              Plant Manager. *Relocation package will be provided
accident rates, safety training, hazardous waste           if necessary.
reduction, solid waste and air issues, machine
guarding, etc. This position is promotable to other        Title: EHS Manager
locations within this organization.
                                                           Years Exp.: 5+
                                                           Location: California
Title: US Division, IH Manager (CIH)                       BS Safety degree from an accredited school (IUP,
Years Exp.: (3)5+                                          Murray, WVU, Slippery, etc) with CSP/CIH. Will
Location: West Coast                                       be responsible for EHS compliance (safety
BA/BS IH, Industrial Health & Safety, or directly          emphasis) for (3) local manufacturing facilities.
related with CIH (or certifiable), 3+ years of hands-      Must have proven track record with behavior based
on IH experience in a manufacturing environment            safety systems, reducing accidents, as well as
required. Must be knowledgeable in OSHA, NIOSH             experience with CAL-OSHA & SCAQMD
& ACHIG regulations and sampling techniques.               regulations. This position reports to the Plant
Must have a pro-active approach to IH with strong          Manager. *Relocation package will be provided if
interpersonal & analytical skills that can                 necessary.
systematically identify potential health hazards and
develop/implement corrective actions to eliminate
the possibility of worker illness.

                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
              Job Openings Cont.                                         Job Openings Cont.
            PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK                                       PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK

Title: Safety Manager                                      monthly bonus. Candidates currently living in NJ or
Years Exp.: 5+                                             originally from NJ are encouraged to apply.
Location: W. Michigan                                      Relocation package provided.
BS Safety, Env Sci or directly related with (5) years of
in-plant, hands-on safety experience with exposure to      Title: Safety Manager
environmental in a manufacturing facility required.        Years Exp.: 10+
Must be results oriented, with experience managing         Location: Chicago suburbs
safety programs, change management, and proven track       Must have safety related degree with at least 10
record in implementing pro-active safety initiatives.      years of hands-on safety experience out of heavy
Relocation package provided.                               manufacturing. Must be a well-rounded safety
                                                           professional whose skills should include training,
Title: Health & Safety Director                            knowledge of OSHA/ISO standards, maintaining
Years Exp.: 10+                                            compliance, accident reduction, coordinating &
Location: Midwest                                          monitoring workers compensation issues, and
Excellent opportunity to join a progressive                developing policies & procedures. No relocation
organization with high standards and regard for            assistance provided at this time.
health and safety. Successful candidates will possess
a minimum of a 4-year degree in chemical                   Title: Plant H&S Manager
engineering or safety with 10+ years of health and         Years Exp.: 3-7+
safety experience in a chemical process industry.          Location: central states
Experience with, PSM, audits, risk assessment, loss        Successful candidates will possess 3-7+ years of safety
control, corrective action, program development and        and health program execution experience. Prior Health
implementation for multiple facilities is required.        and Safety responsibilities in the chemical process
                                                           industry is preferred. Will also consider experience
Title: Safety Supervisor                                   gained through in-plant consulting to the chemical
Years Exp.: 7-10                                           process industry or start-up of health and safety in
                                                           manufacturing facilities. Solid expertise in areas of
Location: California
                                                           PSM, risk assessment, program implementation and
BS/MS Safety Management, Safety Engineering,
                                                           corrective action is needed. Our client offers
Chemical Engineering or Loss Control degree with
                                                           opportunities for growth and development in
5-10 years of safety, process safety and root cause
                                                           challenging and progressive work environments.
analysis systems required. MSHA experience is a
                                                           Candidates with ties to the central states are
plus but not necessary. Will provide safety
                                                           encouraged to apply.
compliance support for a (100) employee facility,
which includes injury/risk reduction efforts, hazard
assessments. Relocation package provided.

Title: Safety Manager
Years Exp.: 5+
Location: New Jersey
BS/MS Safety or IH with CSP and/or CIH,
including a minimum of 5+ years of safety
management/loss     prevention     experience    in
manufacturing. Must have proven experience in
leading a proactive safety program in a
manufacturing facility, with experience in
ISO18001. *Excellent compensation & benefits
package which includes base salary plus generous
                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Snake River Chapter
PO Box 45878
Boise, ID 83711


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